What’s in this blog?

“Miscellanea” means, “written work collected together,” and that is what this blog is………….. I have gotten into the habit of covering events I attend with pictures and commentary ………..I have enjoyed writing for many years.  A good part of my life (39 years as a teacher) has been spent correcting written work……….. I write at my leisure although my time to write has been lessened considerably because I have taken a part-time job as a driving instructor………….I make a serious attempt to be factually accurate as well as Godly in every blog entry.

25 responses to “What’s in this blog?

  1. Anonymous

    #16 rules

  2. ekg57

    Thank you so much for the great coverage of the IHS basketball game.

  3. Joe Dominick

    Thank You for your coverage of the Danvers/Saugus game

  4. Anonymous

    Peter, enjoy your local sports coverage immensely (the stories and the pictures). Always look for your link in the comments section of the Salem News articles online.

    I live in Danvers and follow the Prep and DHS athletics, and your supplemental coverage provides a terrific recap of many of the events that I’ve attended in person with my kids. In addition, when I happen to miss a game, I know i can get the scoop from your blog.

    Thanks so much for sharing your talent and passion with us here on the North Shore, it is greatly appreciated.

    Kevin O’Donnell

  5. Anonymous

    Great job covering the Ipswich Girls Varsity Basketball vs Georgetown! Loved the pictures. Enjoyed seeing you there – been too long. I look forward to following your blog…..
    All the best,
    Jane Spellman

  6. Hi Peter, it was so nice to finally meet you tonight at Newburyport HS. It is always nice to put a face with a name. As I told you tonight, I enjoy your work (both the written and the visual) immensely. Check out the Links page at mascogb.com. Welcome to our “family”. I hope to see you courtside again real soon. If you ever need any information, please do not hesitate to contact me. I don’t have all of the girls high school basketball information, but I will do my darnedest to find out what you need. Keep up the good work.
    Andy Tapparo

  7. Anonymous

    Thank you for your photos and game recaps. The photo of James Foye at the line in Thursday ‘s game is almost an exact replica of a photo from last year’s Newburyport vs HW game…the tie score was 47 then.

  8. Todd Hartman

    Greatly appreciate the coverage of the Triton Softball games, for I am unable to attend many due to work schedule. This blog means alot to parents that cant attend

  9. Anonymous

    Thank you for your great coverage/by-lines of NBPT softball. The girls work hard and it is wonderful that they get acknowledgement of that commitment. It helps to keep them motivated!

  10. Emily Merrill

    I have enjoyed reading about Amesbury softball over the past 4 years. Your honest and fair reporting is refreshing. I have a great collection of articles and pictures for the scrapbook. Thank you.

  11. Alice Stuckey Michel

    Thanks for the coverage and close up pics of the HW v Newburyport game….I wish you would contact the HW Chronicle and take over for a certain reporter who is Negative, NOT factual and puts in pictures from 3 years ago. We are grateful for solid reporting when we read it!!!

  12. Dan Feeney

    I couldn’t have said it better myself! (Kevin O’Donnell is much more eloquent than I…) Great job Peter, it was nice to read about you, your blog and your interests too!

  13. Chris Garvin

    I happened upon this site while looking for the Bridgton 4 on the Fourth results and really enjoyed your coverage of the race. The research you did to add a bit of color to the results is evident and, quite frankly, far exceeds what is typically done by newspaper writers in their write-ups of events like this. Please know that your work is appreciated!

  14. Excellent review of the Lakes Region/York girls soccer match. If you don’t mind my asking, what is your connection to the team? I was just looking to find out the score of the game and found a link to your blog on the York HS web site. A very pleasant surprise! Thank you. -JK

  15. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for covering the Bethel HS Girls Soccer game against Newtown on 9/16/14. Bethel does not have a local paper and its nice to see the athletes get some recognition for their efforts!

  16. Mike Rosenblatt

    Thanks for the coverage of the Lincoln Sudbury HS games in the post-season tournament. You are insightful and always in the right spot to capture key images of the game.

  17. Bob

    Great coverage guys. Nice to see High School Basketball getting your special coverage. THANK YOU!!

  18. Hi – I hope that you can soon post photos from that double overtime Pentucket/Masco Boys Basketball game. It sure was an exciting game!

  19. Should have noted that winner was Pentucket!

  20. Bill Tinsley

    Thanks for sharing your coverage on the Cal Ripkin u10 New England championship. Brookfield CT is proud of our Barracudas!

  21. Just looking at your blog again as it was, today, that I gave a second thought to Ryan Woumn. Your article on the Lynn English vs St John’s Prep game came up and it was a good one.

  22. Think I might have read a good PA vs Concord high school football game on your blog in the past.

  23. Good article on PA vs Concord in the championship game. And making up for the grammar error on the last post: I believe that Seimou Smith, the impressive WR from Concord, is now planning on pursuing a career in rugby.

    Manny Latimore: I sent an email to Mark Duda at Lackawaanna College after Latimore may have matriculated, but he responded with a ……….. Who?

    Ndi and Sudieh and Gaudet……….. I think they are in college or were, but no loud roars athletically.

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