Barrett Barnes homer and Tommy Wilson pitching get Binghamton past Portland 3-1

Brett Netzer slides as Jason Krizan takes throw

Barrett Barnes had the big hit for Binghamton (2-run homer)

(Portland ME) Barrett Barnes took Bryan Mata deep (2-run homer) in the first inning and those runs held up as Binghamton defeated Portland, 3-1, on Sunday afternoon at Hadlock Field.

The Sea Dogs have Eastern League leaders in hitting (CJ Chatham) and homers (Bobby Dalbec) but it didn’t matter as the Rumble Ponies still won four-of-five from Portland.

Plenty of entertainment at Hadlock today with princesses and pirates getting special attention.

I like to try to get pictures of Red Sox players who are likely to move on to Pawtucket before the season is over.  CJ and Bobby are in that category.

CJ Chatham at shortstop this afternoon

When they started using CJ at second recently, instead of short, I suspected that Pawtucket/Boston could be in his future this season.

Both Bobby and CJ were drafted in 2016 by Boston.

I got my first look at Boston’s #22 prospect, Jarren Duran.  Noted for his speed, I hoped he would try to steal. Didn’t happen.

Binghamton has ten of the New York Mets top thirty prospects on their roster.  That is a lot!

#1 prospect Andres Gimenez (shortstop) was not in the lineup but was in the dugout. That was all I needed.

Plenty of sunshine with a brief interlude of rain late in the game.

Slugger continued his losing streak.  He got himself matched up with a young, gifted speedster and was in trouble from the get-go.  Slugger does not have a manager to tell him that wearing a sword while running has danger written all over it.  He tried it anyhow and was lucky that he didn’t impale himself.

Slugger decides to run in costume wearing a sword

Winner eyes the competition as he heads for third.

Winner floats into third base

Winner hits the plate

Tommy Wilson notched first Double A win today

Very impressed with Binghamton starter Tommy Wilson.  He held the Sea Dogs to just two hits during his six innings of pitching and ended up with his first Double A victory.

Thanks to Chris Cameron for arranging my visit.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Relaxing in the dugout

Brett Netzer

Andres Gimenez

Jarren Duran bats

Andres Gimenez and Luis Carpio

Baserunner Brett Netzer

Umpire Taka Matsuda and Portland manager Joe Oliver appear to be singing a duet

CJ Chatham in the air as Sam Haggerty slides in

Jarren Duran leaves Sea Dogs dugout

Brett Netzer checks positioning notes

Bryan Mata started for Portland

CJ Chatham leaves the Portland dugout

Konner Wade signs

Bobby Dalbec at 3B

CJ Chatham and Brett Netzer tangle at second base

David Thompson

Miss Maine was in the house

Bobby Dalbec leaves the dugout

Andres Gimenez looks out from the Binghamton dugout

CJ Chatham heads in from the clubhouse

Quinn Brodey bats




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Rookie Alex Mowatt wins Race #1 in Bandit Triple Crown series at Oxford Plains Speedway

Alex Mowatt wins the first of three races in the Bandit Triple Crown series

Alex with trophy

(Oxford ME)  Rookie Alex Mowatt won the first race in the 2019 Bandit Triple Crown series on Sunday night at Oxford Plains Speedway.

The second, of three races, in this series will be held on September 15th at OPS.

Alex, of Norway, ran away and hid in his heat and then did the same thing in the 25-lap feature.

“I got off to a great start and Dustin (Salley) had trouble with his car,” Alex explained afterwards.  (Dustin is the points leader among the Bandits and has won numerous races this season.)

The way Alex’s car was moving on this evening, however, I’m not sure Dustin would have stayed with him even if his car had worked well.

Chad Wills (Oxford) took second and Dustin, despite his gear trouble, was third.

What certainly helped Alex was the combination of a small field (12 cars?) and no cautions.  Alex never had to weave through traffic, and he didn’t have to chance his lead with a restart.

It was clearly his day.

After one lap Alex (11) had control of his heat and later the feature.

Highlight of his racing career?  “This was nice, but the racing highlight so far for me was the first race I won here earlier in the season,” said the 20-year-old from Norway.

Dustin Salley (18) and Chad Wills (54) battled for second place

I tried to figure out the way things go at the speedway.  Sorting out drivers and cars was a challenge.  No up-to-date rosters anywhere to be found in the press box certainly didn’t help.

Dustin Salley (3rd) with Alex after the race

I had planned to interview several drivers afterwards.  That fell through because the inspection of the cars after the race seemed to last at least an hour.  That left me little time to find the other drivers.

But it was my first time trying to cover a race where I interviewed participants, and I enjoyed being there.  I am creating my own Bandits’ roster and I will know better what to expect next time.

I expect to be at OPS for the 250 late in August.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Alex with the victory flag

Alex’s car

Nick Ogden (9) leads Dustin Salley in heat

Chad Wills (54), Dustin Salley (18), and Travis Verrill (24)

Eddie MacDonald’s car

Alex finishes

Alex ahead of Dean Jordan (55) and Greg Sessions (91) in his heat

Alex alone on the corner






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Dominic Sclafani wins the 17th Harrison 5K Run by the Lake

Start of Harrison’s Run by the Lake

Dominic Sclafani finishes nearly two minutes ahead of everyone else

Dominic Sclafani near the finish

Natasha Leighton led the female finishers

(Harrison ME) Dominic Sclafani, of Harrison, won the 17th Harrison 5K Run by the Lake for the third straight year on Saturday morning.

The Wheaton College (Norton MA) sophomore runs cross country there and easily bested the field today winning by over two minutes.

“It was just a workout,” he told me afterwards.  “I raced two days ago (Bridgton 4 on the Fourth) and didn’t want to push it.  I wanted to run a 5:20-5:30 pace per mile.”

Dominic finished in 16:48 and ran 5:25 miles.

Natasha Leighton, an experienced runner from Bridgton, led the women.  She finished tenth overall (21:28).

“This was the first time I’ve done this race,” she said. “It’s actually hillier than I expected.  I usually do a 4th of July race but couldn’t so I decided to do this one instead.”

As I stated above, Dominic cruised in uncontested.  The race for second?  About as exciting as it could be!  David Krall entered the final forty-yard (?) stretch on Lincoln Street with a ten-yard lead over Cameron Gilmore.  Didn’t look as if there was enough race left for Cameron to catch Dave, but he did.  Trust me, Dave didn’t slow down.  It was about Cameron closing with a rush.

Plenty of heat around even for the 9AM morning start.  Yesterday was in the 90’s.

This race has (always?) been run during Harrison’s Old Home Days Week in the past.  Surprising (to me) OHD was called off……no carnival, no parade etc..  I thought that the 5K might suffer the same fate but saw it listed in the Bridgton News with day and time changes.  It was formerly on Wednesdays starting at 7PM.

The changes certainly impacted the turnout.  There were only sixty-four finishers and none from any of the nearby camps.  Maybe next year?

Dominic: “I think I’ll run the race in Lovell (July 20th) but that would be my last one before I get back to school on August 17th.  I have changed my major (formerly bio/chem) to physics/chemistry.  I was always more interested in physics than I was in biology.  I have increased my mileage since the summer started and it has helped taper my asthma a little bit.”

Natasha: “Marathons are kind of my thing.  I have done twenty-four of them.  I like to do 5K’s because it helps with my speed and leg turnover.  I plan to do the Baystate Marathon in Lowell (MA) in October and the Boston Marathon in April.  I have lived in Bridgton for five years and work at the Bridgton Hospital.”

Race results

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Natasha Leighton finishes 10th

Natasha Leighton pre-race

Race underway

Bear Brooks – 4th

David Brooks – 5th

Bo Brooks (85) – 7th and Erik Martin (144) – 6th

Daniel Brabender – 8th

Noah Currier – 9th




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Ryan Smith wins the 43rd Bridgton 4 on the Fourth

Start of the Bridgton 4 on the Fourth

Ryan Smith (2019) takes first in the 2019 Bridgton 4 on the Fourth

Ryan Smith and second-place finisher Moninda Marube

(Bridgton ME) How did they know?

Racing bibs are handed out randomly for the Bridgton 4 on the Fourth, aren’t they?

Then how did this year’s winner (Ryan Smith) end up with “2019?”

But that’s what happened as Ryan won the 43rd edition of the Bridgton 4th… 2019.

Ryan (20:16), from Farmington, left the start in a hurry and won easily.

“I took the lead from the front,” Ryan (24) told me afterwards.  “There were people behind me for probably the first 1 ½ miles.  I heard footsteps.  After that I kind of pulled away on the hills.”

Dom Sclafani, who came in 7th, was one of those chasing Ryan early.  “I was with the leader for the first half mile.  Then he picked it up a lot.”

That fast start cost Dom later: “My first mile was well under five minutes.  I went too fast early.  I was looking for 5:10 and I ran 4:55.”

Winner Mary Pardi with race director Bill Graham

Mary Pardi (24:36) had an easy time of it in the women’s division.  “I am in really good shape,” the 49-year-old said. “I had the lead from the start.  I knew that I needed to stay strong in the second mile because it’s all uphill.  The third mile is tough, and the fourth mile is beautiful.  My final mile was 5:52.”

Amanda Dearborn (26:10) from Chicago finished second.

Last year’s winner, Moninda Marube, from Auburn (ME) came across second.

Moninda (20:53) had run against Ryan Smith before: “He’s a young guy, full of energy.”

“I did not try to run with him,” Moninda said. “I had a race plan and that is what I stuck with.  I did not necessarily come here to win.  I came here to reach a target preparing for the Maine Marathon.”

Moninda (41) has won the Bridgton 4th four times.  “I love racing this race,” he smiled.  “I love the people.  This race is as well run as any I race in.”

“It’s my birthday,” he laughed.  “What better place to celebrate it?”

Tim Poitras (5th)

Tim Poitras (Dracut MA) crossed fifth and came about as close as you want to get to not even getting into the race.  “I got the last number (2057),” he said smiling.  “I found out about the race Tuesday.  It was 7:55PM and the entries closed at 8PM.  I quickly signed up and got the confirmation at 7:59!”

Tim (graduate of UMass Lowell in 2018)) said that he had always been in the area on the 4th but never had run the race.

“This is definitely not an easy course,” Tim (21:40) said.  “It is well organized, and everyone seems to be having a great time.”

Nick Brown (21:20) from Madison (NH) took third edging Adam Goode (21:24) of Topsham (ME).

Nick runs cross country at UNH and will be a senior.

Adam went to UMaine and is the cross-country coach at Bangor High School.  Adam (35) spent four terms as a state representative for a section of Bangor.

Silas Eastman (11th)

Former winner Silas Eastman (24) was in the field.  Silas (24) finished 11th.

“I think it’s my 17th year in a row being in this race,” the Colby graduate told me.  “I love coming here.  They said that there were people from every state here today.  It’s fun to run with that many people.”

Lack of conditioning has caught up to Silas.  “I’m doing a lot less training.  Once I got out of college and away from the structure, life got in the way.”

Silas: “Right now I’m working on a crop farm in Fryeburg.  I am also an assistant coach with the Fryeburg Academy ski team in the winter.  I am working toward starting my own furniture-making business.”

Ryan: “I went to Goshen College (northern Indiana) and graduated two years ago.  I’ve done the LL Bean two years in a row (he won both times) and decided to try something different this year.  I ran a marathon twelve days ago and wasn’t sure where I’d be today condition-wise.  I am planning to run the Beach to Beacon.  I am an operations coordinator at a pellet mill in Strong, Maine.  I do some accounting and a little bit of everything there.”

Mary Pardi at the start

Mary: “I’m guessing that I’ve done this race five times and finished in the top five each time.  It was either this race or the LL Bean 10K.  This is a little bit shorter but they’re both hard races.  I’ve been home with my kids for a long time.  I manage some property that we have.  I love the small-town feel of the Bridgton race.”

Tim: “I have a busy schedule of running ahead.  I am also looking for a job in the environmental sciences.  I am planning to do the Yankee Homecoming race in Newburyport (MA) the end of the month.”

Bill Graham was the race director and did a terrific job.

Race results

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Tim Poitras, Nick Brown, Moninda Marube, Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith breaks through the finish banner

Ryan Smith waits for his award

Ryan Smith right after the race

Nick Brown (3rd) and Adam Goode (4th)

Moninda Marube close to the finish

Moninda Marube finishes

Wearing/Carrying the colors

Runner carrying his running shoes

Bowman Schneider (Camp Owatonna)

Women finishers; Amanda Dearborn (2nd), Laura Pulito (3rd), and Maia Vinhateiro (4th)

Emily Dexter of Belmont (MA)

Dominic Sclafani (7th)

Anthem singer






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Manchester-Essex wins first Division 4 title 5-2 over Tahanto

Dylan Wilson catches the final out

Hornets celebrate

Hornets behind the banner

Jimmy Railsback and Harry Painter

(Lowell MA) Manchester-Essex seniors filled the big moments for the Hornets this afternoon leading the team to its first baseball state title, 5-2, over Tahanto at LeLacheur Park.

“The seniors have absolutely led this season from beginning to end,” said ME coach BJ Weed afterwards as he dried off from a post-game dousing.

Seniors Luke Leavitt (2 hits, 2 runs, 1 RBI), Harry Painter (3 hits, 1 run, 2 RBI), and Dylan Wilson (2 hits, 2 RBI) supplied the firepower in ME’s five runs.

Dylan also came on to protect the Hornets’ 5-2 lead over the final two innings.

“I was lucky enough to come in and close the game,” said Dylan.  “We were up 5-2.  I was just trying to pump the zone with a good defense behind me.  Just throw strikes and let my defense work.”

Dylan Wilson pitched the final two innings for ME

Some might dispute Dylan’s “let the defense work” line during the final inning.  Why? There were two popups in the last inning and Dylan was all over both of them.  The game-clinching out was a popup that Dylan caught in the righthand batter’s box.

“I knew coming in that I wanted to get the last out,” Dylan said smiling afterwards.  “I saw that last popup and said to myself, ‘I’m not letting anyone else get this.’”

Tahanto, from Boylston, had a very young team.  They started three freshmen and an eighth grader (catcher Andrew Brown).

The Stags tied the score (1-1) in the first and only trailed 3-2 after three innings.

The fourth inning was decisive.  The Hornets (20-5) pushed across two runs and had the pitching the rest of the way to make that 5-2 lead stand up.

Sophomore Will Levendusky led off the fourth inning with a bunt single.  Later, with two outs, Luke Leavitt doubled to right scoring Will.  Harry Painter (3 hits) followed with a double over Matt St. Denis (LF) to bring Luke home with the 5th ME run.

Freshman Kellen Heney pitched 4 2/3 innings

Freshman Kellen Heney pitched the first 4 2/3 innings for the Hornets.  The Stags (17-7) threatened to get runs back against Kellen in their half of the fifth with two on, two out.  But Coach Weed summoned Vaughn O’Leary and the freshman struck out Derek Arcand to end the inning.

Another chance for Tahanto in the 6th but again with two on, and two out, the Hornets got yet another strikeout (Ryan Walton), this time from Dylan Wilson, to frustrate the Central champs.

Freshman Trevor Grady doubled in the 7th with two outs but Dylan Wilson reeled in the last out.

Manchester-Essex got a run in the first inning.  Harry Painter doubled, went to 2B on a wild pitch, and scored on Dylan Wilson’s single to right.

Adam Fuller scores as catcher Mike Quill reaches to tag

Tahanto got that run back in their half of the first.  Adam Fuller walked, stole second, and was driven in by Ethan Sauriol (3 hits) with a two-out single to left.

Two runs for ME in the third.  Will Janowicz (bunt single) and Luke Leavitt (walk) led off the inning.  Harry Painter singled and the throw home allowed Will to score and Luke to get to third.  Dylan Wilson’s single brought Luke home.

Taranto receives their trophy

Tahanto coach Neil Greewald: “It wasn’t our best game for sure.  Hats off to Manchester-Essex.  They out-pitched us, out-hit us, and played better defense.”

Mike Quill (catcher): “It was incredible to win this.  Everyone has worked hard all year and it has paid off. Kellen (Heney) is a young kid with composure.”

Bennett O’Leary (shortstop): “All year long people doubted us because we got eliminated in the first round of the playoffs last year.  We used it to motivate us.  We had one goal this entire season and that was to win the state championship and we did it.”

Luke Leavitt (Southern Maine commit): “We put it together this whole post-season.  We were never losing.  We never found out what it was like to be chasing.  I told the younger guys yesterday, ‘There’s no better feeling than to win something like this with your best friends.’”

Luke Leavitt

Franklin Wood (reserve): “It was amazing.  So much fun to be a part of this.  It was great to see us keep battling the whole game and having our captains lead us through was awesome.  Usually a Catholic school wins D4.  It was good to see a public school do it.”

Harry Painter (UMass Lowell commit): This will be my home field for the next four years.  It’s beautiful.  I can’t wait.  We worked hard; early mornings, late nights.  It all paid off.  Every one of my hits came off a fast ball.  I tried to stay off the curve balls as much as I could.  I wanted to get into good counts and drive the ball.  At UMass Lowell I’m thinking of studying sports physical therapy.  I learned a lot when I had surgery on my arm.”

Coach Weed: “This is almost like a dream to me.  I can’t say enough about this team.  I am almost speechless.  We’ve had the goal to win a championship since we started five years ago.  We started Harry (Painter) slowly this year because of his injury last year.  He got better every outing and he hit .544.”

Dylan Wilson: “I will be going to UMass Amherst to study Biology.”

Tahanto was the #7 seed in the Central.  They are in the Midland Wachusett League.

Matt St. Denis

In 2017, the Stags were 22-1 losing in the state semi-finals that season.

Today’s game was the first state final Taranto has been in since 1993.

Manchester-Essex won ten straight including five in the tournament.

Harry Painter was the Player-of-the-Year in the Cape Ann League.  Harry, Bennett O’Leary, and Dylan Wilson were on the CAL First Team.  Luke Leavitt and Mike Quill made the CAL second team.  Coach Weed was Coach-of-the-Year.

Beautiful weather for today’s noon start.

Busy twenty-four hours for Hornets’ fans.  The girls lacrosse team was in the state finals last night.

Disappointed that the MIAA had no programs for a game of this importance.

Manchester-Essex box

Tahanto box

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Bennett O’Leary (SS) gets the force at 2B as Adam Fuller approaches

The celebrating begins

Dylan Wilson (3B) makes a nice running catch in the first inning

Dylan Wilson batting

Ethan Sauriol (2B) awaits the throw as Will Janowicz slides

Jimmy Railsback caught in a rundown

Justin Wolfe

Lars Arnsten (2B) reaches for a throw

Vaughn O’Leary

Will Janowicz scores the 2nd ME run on a wild throw in the 3rd inning

Will Levendusky cools off Coach Weed

Lars Arnsten

Luke Leavitt tagged out at 3B by Rob Salerno

Trophy pose

Trophy raised






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Medway reaches D3 state final with 5-1 win over Bishop Fenwick

Nick Sheehan scores the Mustangs 5th run.

Justin Pratt gave up one run on four hits in five strong innings

(Lowell MA) Bishop Fenwick fell behind in their first four Division 3 tournament games……..and rallied to win.

That routine didn’t pan out against Medway Wednesday night at Alumni Stadium in the D3 state semi-finals and the Crusaders (18-8) were ousted, 5-1.

The Mustangs (17-6) will chase their first ever baseball title Saturday against Taconic.

Medway’s pitching (Justin Pratt & Eli Joyce-Vorce) kept BF’s normally loud bats very quiet.  The Crusaders came in averaging 10+ hits per game.  They had five tonight against the team from the Tri-Valley League.

“We’ve seen it all year,” said Medway coach Mike Coppinger afterwards, “it’s tough trying to get a bunch of hits in a row against us.”

“Pitching was great today,” said catcher Trent Flood.  “Justin (Pratt) came in, hit his spots and threw strikes.  Eli (Joyce-Vorce) came in and shut them down for two innings.”

Trent Flood had a hit, an RBI, and scored a run

The Mustangs put three, 2-out runs together in the first inning off BF starter Christian Loescher.

Trent Flood doubled over Angelo McCullough (LF) to score Sam DiPillo.  Later, Justin Pratt’s half-swing brought Matt Kaplan and Trent home.

“It wasn’t the best piece I’ve had but I’ll take the runs,”  said Justin with a smile post-game.

Angelo McCullough doubled leading off the Fenwick first, but the Mustangs escaped without being scored on.  3B Greg Assad got in front of a line drive for one out and shortstop Nick Sheehan handled a final-out grounder.

The team from the Catholic Central League got a run in the 4th inning.  Senior Trey DeLoury singled, took second on a wild pitch, and was sacrificed to third (Ethan Belt).  Cory Bright’s double over CF Troy Newman’s head brought the run across.

The previous tourney script for Bishop Fenwick was for the bats to go from there and create some late-inning magic.  But the Mustangs had too much pitching.

Medway ace Eli Joyce-Vorce warmed up in the 4th and was likely coming into the game if there was trouble in the 5th.  But Justin retired BF in order in the 5th.

Eli Joyce-Vorce pitched the final two innings

Eli finally did come on to start the sixth.

“I get them off-balance,” he told me afterwards, “and get ground balls.  We’ve got a great defense.”

Eli orchestrated three straight ground outs in the 6th.

The Mustangs cushioned their lead with two runs in the seventh inning.  Troy Newman singled to lead off.  Nick Sheehan’s fly to left was misjudged by junior Jake Murphy putting two runners in scoring position.  Because the Crusaders pulled their infield in, Matt Peterson’s blooper over short added two runs instead of being an out.  Medway now led, 5-1.

Fenwick got a runner (Scott Emerson) on second with two outs in the seventh but Harrison Brickett’s grounder ended things for the Crusaders.

Trey DeLoury came on for BF in the 4th and at one point struck out four straight Mustangs.

Medway finished with eight hits.  Tri-Valley Defensive Player-of-the-Year Nick Sheehan had two hits and started a double play.

Catcher Keegan O’Connor under a popup

BF Coach Russ Steeves: “We ran out of innings today.  They were the better team.  It was good hitting against good pitching.  The sidearm kid (Eli Joyce-Vorce) came in and obviously he’s very good.

Justin Pratt: “To win this is crazy.  It’s a great feeling.  I was just trying to hit my spots and keep it low.  Eli’s great.  We can use him whenever we want.  This is our first state final.  We’re going to be so pumped.”

Trent Flood: “Our pitching staff is lights out.  I love to catch them.  If we get runs our pitching will win the game.  What makes Eli so tough to hit is his arm angle.  I hit against him like five times and it’s the weirdest things I’ve seen.  You want to jump on it when it comes out of his hand.”

Eli Joyce-Vorce: “It’s pretty crazy to be heading to the championship game.  We hadn’t even won a sectional before.  Everyone has stepped up.  I will be attending Temple University in the fall.  No baseball there.  I’ll play club.”

With Eli only being used for two innings against Bishop Fenwick you could expect that Taconic, in the state title game, will see quite a few innings of him.

Bishop Fenwick won a state title in 2004.

Trey DeLoury struck out four straight Mustangs

The Crusaders had seven players hitting at least .300.

Medway has only given up a total of two runs in the five tournament games they’ve played.  That’s pitching and defense!

BF had won twelve straight before today’s loss.

Medway box

Bishop Fenwick box

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Cory Bright and Nick Sheehan

Nick Sheehan (SS)

Double over CF Troy Newman

Scott Emerson (one hit)

Eli Joyce-Vorce (2 innings, 1 hit)

Ethan Belt (Clark commit)

Jake Murphy (LF) dives in the seventh inning

Justin Pratt (1 hit, 2 RBI)

Keegan O’Connor

Matt Peterson (1 hit, 2 RBI)

Nick Sheehan (SS) starts a double play







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Brewer wins 2nd straight Class B title 7-1 over York

Brewer – 2019 Class B champions

Libby Hewes – no strikeouts but 14 ground-ball outs

(Standish ME) No strikeouts required!

Brewer defeated York, 7-1, to get a second straight Class B championship on Saturday afternoon at St. Joseph’s.

While Brewer pitcher Libby Hewes didn’t strike out any of the York hitters, she did induce fourteen ground-ball outs and that worked nicely for the defensively flawless Witches.

“We try to keep the ball low and outside,” said winning coach Skip Estes afterwards.

The Witches were also extremely efficient with two outs.  They collected one run in the first, two in the second, and three in the fourth inning when only a single out would have ended each of those innings.

The three runs in the 4th came off the bat of junior Kenzie Dore. Her line-drive homer over the CF fence put York down, 6-0.

“They had nobody on, and two strikes,” recalled York coach Kevin Giannino.  “Then it was base hit, base hit, and then she (Kenzie Dore) hit the clincher.”

The Wildcats (16-4) would get a run back in the 6th when Abby Orso went deep for a solo homer (her 12th) over the left-field fence.

Pitch inside against Kenzie Dore

The Witches (18-2) got that run back in the top of the 7th.  Singles by Becca Gideon and Kathryn Austin were followed by an error (3B Hannah Gennaro) scoring Becca.

Brewer had twelve hits off York pitcher Abby Orso.  “Our AD (David Utterback) calls this team, ‘Skip’s buzzsaw’ because these kids can hit 1-9.”  On this afternoon 1-8 had hits against a very good pitcher.

The Wildcats totaled only five hits against Libby Hewes never having more than one baserunner in any inning.

“Our main goal was to score first and it happened,” explained catcher Jordan Goodrich. “Then our defense backed it up.”

Libby Hewes appreciated the early runs: “It was definitely a better feeling this year having those safety runs going into the late innings.  Our goal was to get up first.  If we didn’t get home team, we were going to get our bats going early.”

Shortstop Kenzie Dore throws to first

York coach Kevin Giannino was surprised that his team didn’t get more hits: “We didn’t strike out.  We just hit so many right at them.  Brewer is a very strong team.”

Libby Hewes (2 hits) singled in the first and took second on a wild pitch.  With two outs, Becca Gideon singled past third driving across Libby.

The Witches started the second inning with two singles (Olivia & Mia Cattan).

Key play: Sarah Wood bunted right along the third-base line.  3B Hannah Gennano let the ball roll hoping it would go foul.  It didn’t and when she picked it up, Olivia was safely into third.  This loaded the bases with no outs.

Abby Orso – eight strikeouts and a home run

Abby Orso (8 strikeouts) K’d Janessa Bishop and Jordan Goodrich but disaster struck on the second strikeout.  The ball bounced away from catcher Kayla Dredge and Olivia was able to sneak into home (without sliding) giving Brewer their second run.

Mia moved to third when her sister scored and came home on a wild pitch.

That put York behind 3-0.  On this afternoon, that 3-run deficit was huge, even after two innings.

Jordan Goodrich, Libby Hewes, Becca Gideon, and Kathryn Austin each had two hits for Brewer.

CF Becca Gideon came close to making a diving catch in the third inning.

Jordan Goodrich: “Libby was super consistent the whole game and didn’t let up.  We worked a lot on defense the last two days because we were a little shaky in our last game.”

Libby Hewes: “Insane is the feeling that we have after winning this for the second time.  Everything was working for me today.  I am going to Husson in the fall hopefully to play softball.”

Coach Skip Estes: “Libby doesn’t get a lot of press because she doesn’t have huge strikeout numbers.  She pitches to contact, and we have a good defense.”

Kenzie Dore – three-run homer in the fourth inning

Coach Estes regarding Kenzie Dore: “She’s a once-in-a-lifetime player. Her defense and hitting are both good.”

Coach Estes on his seniors: “I have coached this group of seniors since they were in junior high and summer league.  I knew back then that they were special.”

For the second year in a row I did not sit in the press box.  Instead, I located in a centerfield “monster” seat.  Great view with plenty of room.

Beautiful June day (70s) with a nice breeze.

Brewer box

York box

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Mia Cattan takes a throw at first

Olivia Cattan (RF) and Becca Gideon (CF) avoid a collision

Abby Orso rounds the bases

Becca Gideon (11) heads home with an unearned run in the 7th

Becca Gideon (CF) dives for a fly ball

Olivia Cattan gets third

Olivia Cattan slips in behind Kayla Dredge and Abby Orso

Celebrating begins

Gold Glove

Olivia Cattan (RF) catches the final out

York lineup

Helping hand

Kenzie Dore rounds the bases








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