Hurting During Christmas?

Do you suffer from Christmas-time blues?  You are not alone.

I can think of many occasions in my own life where, despite being surrounded by family and gifts, I have felt terribly lonely. 

I believe that I now have a better idea of why this has happened to me.

The problems for me revolved around two issues: (1) being frustrated because of not being able to connect the trappings of Christmas to The Event, and (2) not remembering the significance of The Event.

I have always struggled with the commercialism of Christmas.  I have never been comfortable with many of the trappings that have been grafted to The Event.  To me most of those trappings, although attractive in and of themselves, have little if any relationship to The Event.  In fact, they distract me from it.  In the past, I have spent way too much time being bothered by the Christmas trappings. 

I have not always elevated The Event to the level it deserves.  It is not that I am unfamiliar with the details of The Event or even its significance.  It is just that I have not taken the deliberate steps during Christmas to reflect on the significance of The Event.  When I do that reflecting I cannot help but be overwhelmed with thankfulness for what God started on that day. 

God sent His Son to earth.  He did not have to.  He loved His creation enough to do it.  While here, Jesus showed us, and told us, how to live.  He also cleared up any mistaken notion that we might have about our being able to earn the right to spend our lives after death with Him.  He declared that we were all sinners and unworthy of spending eternity with Him.  Near the end of His time on earth, He voluntarily died for our sins.  By recognizing that I am a sinner and repenting of my sins, I put myself in a position to receive His gift of dying for my sins.  When I repent and accept His gift, He comes to live in my life. 

And where did this all start?  The Event! 

How could I not be thankful and be in a celebratory mode?  Thank You, God!

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