Triton Regional High School Seniors Discuss Sports

(Triton Regional High School seniors Amanda Desjardins and Kyle Devenish)

Kyle Devenish grew up playing whatever sport was going on in the neighborhood at the time.  Soccer was especially big,” he recalled.  “I was always part of youth leagues in elementary and middle school.”

On the other hand, Amanda Desjardins ended up playing field hockey and lacrosse by chance.  “An indoor field hockey league needed an extra player so out of the blue I joined as an 8th grader and it became my favorite sport,” said Amanda.  “I got into lacrosse because my mum told me when I was a freshman to pick a spring sport and I chose lacrosse.”

Amanda played four years of field hockey and lacrosse.  For Kyle it was four years of soccer, basketball, and track.

Kyle admitted that sports forced structure on him that helped academically.  “I managed my time better in season.  I would do all of my homework in school, if possible, in studies because I knew that my time would be limited after a practice or a game.  When I was in between seasons, I sometimes put the schoolwork off figuring that I would get the it done at home.  That didn’t always work out.”

Amanda found the in school studies valuable as well.  “It is tough to find time at home after night or away games.  The hardest time I had academically was my freshman year.  We had projects with partners and because of my sports schedule it was difficult to get together with a partner.”

Kyle credits his mother for helping him organize his practice/game sports schedule.  “My mum has a big calendar on the wall which is color coded.  My things are in green.  My brother Shawn (sophomore) does football and track and his sports events are on there in a different color.”

Both seniors said that they made use of the school assignment book.  They also mentioned that they have cell phones with calendars. 

Kyle will be going to UNH and expects to study civil or environmental engineering.  “I hope to become a professional engineer.”

Amanda, also attending UNH, is looking to get a degree in medical laboratory science.  “I could start out doing volunteer work in city hospitals before moving into paid employment.”

Amanda realizes that athletics will be a lot different for her in college.  “I won’t be trying out for any of the teams there.  I do expect to go to the gym a lot and I plan to stay with running.  I may try club sports.  I will definitely miss the structure of high school sports.”

Kyle’s athletic career may continue at UNH.  The skilled triple jumper could perform for the Wildcats in track.  “(Triton track) Coach Colbert is going to contact the UNH coach.  I have signed up with the NCAA clearinghouse.” 

Even if Kyle doesn’t make the track team, he plans to take part in soccer and basketball intramurals.  “I’d go crazy if I sat around too much.”

(Prepared for The Town Common and likely to appear in that weekly publication in late June or early July.)

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