WordPress: How to create an underlined link to an article within a post

(I am putting this together because of my own frustrations in trying to figure out this process on my own.  I did countless Google searches as well as looking through the WordPress FAQ and came away empty.  My tech mentor in Maine talked me through it successfully.)

Find an article that you want to use in your blog.

Click on the link url to highlight it.

Right click on the highlighted link url and choose COPY.

Go into your blog and select WRITE.

Write your post.  Within the post, highlight the word(s) that you want your readers to click on to get to the article.

Click on the chain symbol (10th symbol from the left).

Paste the article url into LINK URL.  Leave TARGET, TITLE, and CLASS alone.


The word(s) you highlighted in the text should now be underlined and a different color than the rest of the text.

Your underlined word(s) will not open until you have PUBLISHED the post.

When the post is published, you can go into your blog and click on the underlined word(s) and the article will show up in SNAP SHOTS.  If you click on the url at the top of the SNAP SHOTS box your article will appear in readable size.

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