Rush to Rush’s Defense

Rush Limbaugh - Riles up Newburyport Current writer

Rush Limbaugh - Riles up Newburyport Current writer

No question the man gets under people’s skin.  I’m writing about Rush Limbaugh.

Mr. John Burciaga in the Newburyport Current (“Rush to Judgment” – January 30th)) took the bait and set out in his article to convince us that Rush is a “bad joke,” an embarrassment to his family, a “demagogue,” and a lot like a despicable priest named Father Coughlin. 

Other than that John is crazy about Rush and listens regularly from noon to three each weekday afternoon!  Probably not, on any of that!

I think what set John off was finding Rush’s recent quote, “I hope he fails.” Unconcerned about the context the quote came in, John, like numerous other Lefties, concluded that Rush wanted the country to fail. 

“I hope he fails,” and, “I hope the country fails,” are not the same thing. However, if “he” refers to some sort of king that folks have the audacity to hope can solve everything, then I can see the problem.  Would an Obama bumper sticker indicate people of that ditto-head mentality?

John must know that millions of people don’t want President Obama’s programs to become a reality.  They want him to fail when he attempts to get them through Congress.  That is what, “I hope he fails,” is all about.  I’m surprised he couldn’t figure it out.

John suggests that Rush will fade away during the Obama administration but he’s mistaken, in my opinion.  On the air since 1988, Rush has thrived (20 million listeners) whether Democrats or Republicans are in power. 

President Obama has unintentionally done nearly everything possible to build Rush’s audience after less than a month in power.  Talk radio audience stimulators are served up on a daily basis.  Who isn’t thinking about tax returns now and who isn’t aware that the president has nominated, and defended later, an assortment of tax cheats?

Here is a quote from Rush in the New York Post on the, “I-hope-he-fails,” furor:  “Remember, the Left needs a villain, a demon, to advance their agenda.  They cannot win a single argument in the arena of ideas, so they have to try to destroy the credibility and reputation of the person they feel most threatened by.  In that sense, I guess I have taken the place of President Bush.”

Maybe next time John will enter that “arena of ideas,” and come to Obama’s defense.  I would like to read his defense of Obama’s inclusion of known tax cheats in his administration.

(Prepared as a letter-to-the-editor of the Newburyport Current.)

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