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Scoreless Second Quarter Dooms Hamilton-Wenham vs Newburyport 56-40

(Newburyport) The Hamilton-Wenham girls had their second disastrous second quarter of the week and took another loss as a result.  This time it was Newburyport taking advantage getting a 56-40 win on Friday night at Newburyport.

You have to wonder what has gotten into the Generals in second periods this week.  Pentucket generated a 27-1 second quarter on their way to a 62-12 rout earlier this week on Tuesday.  On this night, the Clippers pitched a 16-0 shutout to turn a competitive game (16-13 at the end of the first quarter) into a runaway 32-13 halftime spread.

The Clippers were extremely patient on offense throughout, despite twenty turnovers, and abandoned long-range shots for a significant number of high-percentage shots (24/59-40.6%) closer to the basket.  Sophomore Beth Castantini (21) and senior Sam Baribeault (13) were on the scoring end of many of the interior passes.  Both girls can get to the basket.

It is no understatement to describe HW as two-dimensional.  Senior Simone Prioli (16) and freshman Cassie Fibbe (20) took almost all the shots for HW and scored all but four of the team’s points.  When NHS coach Neil Reardon kept yelling, “Find the shooters,” you knew by game’s end who he was talking about, and HW for its part, did little to discourage the two-dimensional offense perception.  I saw very few assists.

The gory details for the Generans in that nightmarish quarter were six turnovers, 0-for-11 from the floor, and 0-for-3 from the line.  Delete that quarter from the totals and HW leads 40-39.

Both teams had lost three of their last four games coming in.  Newburyport is now 5-4 in league play and 8-8 overall.  HW drops to 1-6 in the league and 4-8 overall.

You never like to see players get hurt but HW had players hurt in both halves.  Sophie Prince and Caitlyn Tobyne both had to be helped off the court after suffering painful leg injuries.

Lindsey Tomasz (#13) and Bailey Grinnell

Lindsey Tomasz tallied just one basket but had several assists as the point guard for Newburyport. Successful teams need distributors and Lindsey (full scholarship to D1 James Madison for softball) performed that role well.  When I watched her last season, she was much more intent on scoring points.

When the half was ready to start, the only person on the HW bench was Coach Jim Burfoot.  Someone nearby me suggested that maybe the team had decided, after their shutout second period, to forego the second half.  That person was wrong and HW had a good second half.

(All stats are unofficial.)

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