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Newburyport uses Pentucket turnovers to gain 21-13 victory

Senior Myles Maloof (9) followed some excellent blocking to get two Newburyport TDs

Thomas Murphy (10) intercepts a pass intended for Jake Etter

(Newburyport MA) You can’t always get away with things in a football game.

And that was certainly the case for Pentucket on Friday night as they were done in by three turnovers.

The costly result of the three miscues was a 21-13 loss to Newburyport in a Cape Ann League matchup and an extension of a losing streak that has now reached four.

The Sachems (1-5) led 13-7 entering the fourth quarter but the Clippers (3-2) tied things one minute into the final frame.

The visitors followed with a forgettable possession that included a holding penalty (Liam Murray), a sack (Connor Smith), and an interception by junior Thomas Murphy.

Set up on the Pentucket 36 with 7 ½ minutes to go, Newburyport ran senior Myles Maloof right on one play and left on the next.  On the first play, Myles was untouched thirty-six yards into the end zone.  On the second play, Myles was untouched for the two-point conversion.  NBPT led 21-13.

Untouched runs always direct your attention to terrific blocking and there was plenty of that for Newburyport with the outcome in the balance.

Nathan McGrail (2) had eight catches and two Sachem scores

The Sachems had 7:29 left to catch up.  They ended up with two possessions. During this game’s hectic ending, quarterback Gus Flaherty had first-down passes to wide receiver Nathan McGrail in both possessions.  Nathan’s catches brought Pentucket to the Clippers 32-yard-line where both drives ended.

In the first of those Pentucket possessions, a sack by NHS senior Eben Mulvey was the killer.  The next possession?  A game-deciding interception by Myles Maloof that turned out to be the last play of the contest.

Truly an exciting game at a terrific stadium with fine weather to boot for a mid-October night game.

Nathan McGrail encounters Connor Smith

I referenced the costly mistakes of Pentucket.  There were others they made that weren’t costly but could have been.  The Sachems had fumbles in the first and second quarters that were recovered (Gus Flahery, Brian Wilbur).  Later, a low snap by center Jack Mitchell on an extra point attempt threw off the timing of Daniels Lathum and his kick went wide right.

The missed EP didn’t hurt because the Clippers missed on their EP attempt after their second touchdown.

The Sachems had serious trouble, especially in the second half, stopping Myles Maloof.  Clever ball-handling by QB Owen Bradbury was a factor.  (I found myself visually chasing the wrong runner on several occasions.)  I have included pictures to show the kind of blocking Myles had in front of him.

Ethan Dore left the game early with a leg injury

A leg injury sent two-way Sachems starter Ethan Dore to the sidelines on Newburyport’s second possession of the game.

Give credit to the Sachems because despite all these handicaps they gave the Clippers plenty of trouble.

Pentucket was able to run the ball (Brandon Wilbur) and pass it during the first half.  The second half?  The Clippers took away the run.  That left the Sachems one dimensional and easier to defend.  The Clippers single coverage gave way to zone coverage in the end game and interceptions resulted.

Nathan McGrail (8 catches/132 yards) and Jake Etter (7 catches/68 yards) were favorite targets of QB Gus Flaherty.

Nathan McGrail got behind the Newburyport secondary twice for touchdowns

Nathan torched the NBPT secondary twice for scores.  Both times the Clippers deep defenders appeared to underestimate the arm strength of Gus Flaherty (17-for-24 217 yards) and were beaten deep.  Later when Newburyport’s zone coverage was in place, there was no getting beaten deep.  Extra defenders downfield in the pass-receiving areas led to the two crucial late-game interceptions.

Connor Smith excelled on offense and defense for the home team.  With good height and instincts, he provided constant problems for Pentucket.

Just wondering: If coaches can manage defenses without having a player come to the sidelines and report back in, why can’t they do it on offense?  I think of that when a team needs to move quickly because they are trailing, but instead the trailing team waits while the seconds run off for the quarterback to go to the sidelines and then back to the huddle.

Brandon Wilbur (21) tries to excape Noah Van Schalkwyk (20)

How to drive your coach crazy.  Late in the game, Newburyport had the lead and the ball.  Pentucket was burning it timeouts hoping for another series of downs.  Newburyport quarterback Owen Bradbury looked to be running an option but at the last second decided to pass into the flat.  The ball was dropped and the clock STOPPED with 59 seconds left instead of running and running until a 4th down punt was attempted quite a few seconds later.

Pentucket had won four of the last five meeting with Newburyport.

Both teams were defeated badly by Masco.  Lynnfield also took down Newburyport by a big score (32-0).  Pentucket has the Pioneers ahead on their schedule.

The lights and the setting at the stadium were excellent.

Wide receiver Nathan McGrail showed the ability to jump over defenders.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Nathan McGrail

QB Owen Bradbury pitches to Myles Maloof

Brandon Wilbur (21) looks for running room

Jake Etter (left) interferes with Owen Bradbury

Leaping catch by Nathan McGrail in front of Noah Van Schalkwyk

Nathan McGrail (2) finishes his 2nd TD

Donte Harmon (15) tries the right side

Myles Maloof (9) finds the end zone

Action at midfield

Gus Flaherty (7) was 17-for-24 with two touchdown passes

Myles Maloof behind excellent blocking

Myles Maloof (9) outruns Jake Etter for six

Myles Maloof (9) heads for the end zone

Myles Maloof (9) ends the game with an interception






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Abu Kebede Diriba wins 2017 Yankee Homecoming 10-miler in Newburyport

Abu Kebede Diriba

Apryl Sabadosa won the women’s 10-mile title. Notice the lack of footwear.

I know, it’s been days since the races, but I was there and have some commentary and pictures to share.

The races?  The Newburyport Yankee Homecoming 5K and 10 mile.

Those races started ten minutes apart on Tuesday night.

I think I have given coverage five times.  I did not do last year’s

My strategy is to set myself up at the one-mile mark (Cushing Museum) and get a good look at both races there.  I have learned that the leaders lead early and late-run surges don’t happen.  The good runners have a fast pace that they maintain for the whole race.

So, I see both races into one mile of their race.  Then I get to Newburyport High School to catch the end of the 10-mile race.  Can’t get back fast enough for the end of the 5K but I’m quite sure that within my pictures from the one-mile location I will have most of the top finishers in the 5K.

Speaking of pictures, I was happy with the ones at the one-mile mark but those at the finish were disappointing.  The sun at NHS was right in my face so I tried to adjust the speed and ended up way too slow.  Runners and slow camera speed are a bad combo.

If I were titling this story I might try: “While the Pat’s away the mice will play.”  I thought it would apply nicely to the 5K race.

5K lead pack at one mile. Sam Coppola (2659) will win. Sam Acquaviva (6) will be second. Will Coogan (2555) will finish 3rd.

Why?  “Pat” Fullerton has won that race four straight years with impressive times.  No sign of him this year so the race wasn’t for second place this time around.  Somebody different would get the win.

Pentucket graduate Sam Coppola took advantage of the situation.  Sam finished a distant 8th in 2016 but this time he chopped forty-six seconds off his time.  With all of those ahead of him in the 2016 race missing, Sam got himself a nice win.

Abu Kebede Diriba, like Sam, was the only returnee from the top eight in the 10-mile race.  Abu wasted little time taking this race over.  He had a 20-yard lead at the one-mile mark and gave back some of that spread by race’s end but he could well have been coasting in the late stages.  Abu (connected to the West Side Running Club in NYC) was second in 2016.  He was over a minute slower this time around but the competition probably had a play in it.

The best closing race was for second among the 10-mile women.  Salome Kosgei held off Liz Ryan but just barely.

Apryl Sabodosa at one mile

Speaking of “barely,” you couldn’t help but notice the footwear of 10-mile winner April Sabadosa……it didn’t exist.  The 33-year old from Westfield (MA) ran the race WITHOUT footwear!  She claimed, according to the Newburyport Daily News, that running shoeless feels comfortable and natural.  Maybe on the beach but ten miles?  However, it worked for Apryl as she finished 25th overall.

Jaclyn Solimine killed the women’s field in the 5K winning that relatively short race by 1:25. Jaclyn is from Haverhill and recently graduated from UMass Lowell.  Jaclyn was 15th overall in the 5K.

Jason Ayr was 2nd in the 10-mile and Eric Ashe 3rd.  Jason is a UMass grad who finished 29th in the last Boston Marathon.  Eric is a BU graduate.

Ryan Place was 4th in the 10-mile.  He graduated from Allegheny College and was an All-American there.  He was 26th in the 2017 Boston Marathon.

Race for 2nd in the 10-miler. Jason Ayr (70) will get second. Eric Ashe (56) gets 3rd. Ryan Place 1544) 4th and AJ Ernst (2448) 5th

AJ Ernst (5th in 10-mile) is the North Shore running phenom from Marblehead (MA) who just finished his sophomore year at Virginia.  He led the Magicians to state track titles his senior year.

The next three ten-mile finishers (Robert Espinoza, Dan Smith, Nicolai Naranjo) all run for the Western Mass Distance Project.  WMDP placed five in the top ten finishers.  Jason Ayr (2nd) and Kevin Quadrozzi (10th) are part of the same organization.

Alexander Arslan (9th) is a Running Brand specialist at Mizuno USA in Syracuse.

The 2nd place finisher in the women’s 5K was Salome Kosgei.  Salome came to the US from Kenya in 2004 thanks to a scholarship from Iona College in New York.

Liz Ryan who finished 3rd for the second straight year graduated from Brown in 2013.  She trained for six months in Panama.

Newburyporter Sam Acquaviva got second in the 5K.  The Clipper senior-to-be can easily be expected to dominate the 2017-18 Cape Ann League in cross country, as well as indoor and outdoor track.

I hope I have this right: The 3rd place 5K finisher was Will Coogan of Exeter.  Will was on the Phillips Exeter JV squad this year.  The 15-year-old may have had the race of his young life.

Bekah Broe was second to Apryl Sabadosa in the 10-mile.  Bekah, from Newton (MA), is an assistant product manager with New Balance.

Sarah Hjelmstad of Wilmington (MA) followed Bekah.  Sarah runs with the Wilmington Sole Sisters.

Complete race results

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

5K finishers

Jason Ayr (70) and Eric Ashe (56)

Dan Smith

Alexander Arslan

Nicolai Naranjo

Kevin Quadrozzi

Salome Kosgei and Liz Ryan battle for 2nd

Robert Espinoza

Abu Kebede Diriba about to win 2017 Yankee Homecoming 10-mile race

Jaclyn Solimine won the women’s 5K

Bekah Broe (2nd in 5K)

Sarah Hjelmstad (847) 3rd in 5K

Salome Kosgei (2nd in 10 mile)

Liz Ryan (3rd 10 miles)






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Bryana Michitson records 500th strikeout in 13-4 Haverhill win over Newburyport

Ashley Moore stole two bases, hit a home run, and make a nice catch in rightfield

Bryana Michitson and catcher Andrea Albano celebrate the last out

(Newburyport MA) Senior Bryana Michitson recorded her 500th strikeout as Haverhill defeated Newburyport, 13-4, on a sunny morning/afternoon at Pepe Field on Monday.

Bryana (Assumption commit) also had a home run in the Hillies 5th inning.  She limited the Clippers to three singles.

Newburyport (0-4) fell behind by three runs early but were able to keep the deficit there until a 12-batter, 7-run Haverhill 6th inning settled this one.

The Hillies (2-2) had a tough loss to Merrimack Valley Conference rival Central Catholic on Saturday, after the visiting Raiders rallied for nine runs in the last two innings to win, 14-12.

No rallies in today’s game.  Bryana saw to that striking out thirteen including two in every inning except the sixth.

That sixth inning looked promising for the Clippers.  After a dropped fly ball (Lindsay Joubert CF) and a single (Meghan Winn), there was a single by Jade Carpenter.  Bases loaded?  Not today.  Meghan overran second and Kerri McLaughlin’s throw to SS Molly McGonagle produced an out at second.  Newburyport ended up getting just one run out of an inning that could have started with the bases loaded and no outs.

Sophomore Ashley Moore paced Haverhill with three hits (including a home run in the 7-run sixth inning), and three RBI.  Ashley also stole two bases and made a nice running catch in the Newburyport 5th.

Meghan Winn tries to avoid the tag of Molly McGonagle

Sophomore Jadynne Hill scored three runs and drove in two runs for the Hillies.

Newburyport’s most productive inning was the third.  Catcher’s interference and a Haverhill infield error turned into a run with an infield hit by Anne Siemasko.  Later in that same inning Meghan Winn walked and the ball eluded Haverhill catcher Andrea Albano.  Paige Gouldthorpe alertly came home and teammate Anne Siemasko followed when Andrea’s throw got past pitcher Bryana Michitson.

Haverhill collected four hits in a row (Lindsay Joubert, Andrea Albano, Jadynne Hill, Bryana Mitchitson) before Ashley Moore’s homer in the decisive sixth inning.

Today’s win was Bryana’s 34th.  Quite a career and still counting.  There have been four no-hitters so far and a perfect game.  Most strikeouts in a game?  Last year she had nineteen versus North Andover.

Coach Kara Milillo (3rd year) has also been a big story at Haverhill.  She has definitely turned a team that was 29-67 around making the post-season last year for the first time in six years.

Newburyport pitcher Paige Gouldthorpe chases a ball that deflected off her in the first inning

It has been a struggle for Newburyport.  They have lost 12 of their last 13 games going back into last season.  Playing two MVC teams (North Andover, Haverhill) back-to-back is a tough way to turn things around.  Ahead is the Cape Ann League schedule and I would expect the Clippers to start putting W’s together.

Weather was remarkable for April.

This game actually started ten minutes early.  Glad I decided to be ½ hour early!

Haverhill – 3-0-2-0-1-7-0 = 13

Newburyport – 0-0-3-0-0-1-0 = 4

(All pictures will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

(Retweeting this story is the best way I know of to get this story to those who would enjoy it.)

Bryana Michitson – 505 strikeouts and 34 wins

Loose ball near second base

Baserunners Andrea Albano and Jadynne Hill on the move in the first inning

Anne Siemasko had a hit, an RBI, and scored a run

CF Anne Siemasko on the run for a fly ball

Bryana Michitson circles the bases

Ashley Moore slides home safely

Molly McGonagle scored a run and drove in two runs

Jadynne Hill beats throw home

Ashley Moore makes a nice catch

Mikayla Sargent steals 2B

Ashley Moore rounds 3B after homer

Ball goes off the glove of CF Lindsay Joubert

Jessica Meehan





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Autumn West and Julie Freitas lead Pentucket to opening win

Autumn West scores the first Pentucket run as Paige Gouldthorpe applies the late tag.

Pitcher Julie Freitas and Caitlin Kutcher after Newburyport’s final out

(Newburyport MA) The Pentucket/Newburyport softball matchup once again did not deviate from its usual pattern.

The Sachems (1-0), for the third straight time, carried a tight game into the late innings and came away with a win.

This time the final was 3-2 on a gorgeous Monday afternoon at Pepe Field in Pioneer Park in Cape Ann League action.

Junior Autumn West the hitting star for Pentucket.  The Sachems third baseman collected half of their six hits, scored their first run, and drove in what turned out to be the game winner.

Junior Julie (“Bug” to some) Freitas got the win for Pentucket striking out six including Mandy Linehan with two-on, and two out, in the bottom of the 7th.

Neither team hit the ball very hard.  There were no extra-base hits.

Junior Paige Gouldthorpe was the tough-luck loser for Newburyport (0-1).  Paige struck out Sachems in every inning and ended with 12 K’s.

Seeing-eye, dribblers through the NHS infield by Autumn West and Madi Codair in the first inning turned into two runs later in the inning.  Autumn slid home on a wild pitch and Madi scored on Gina D’Agostino’s fielder’s choice.

Madi Codair saves a run.

Fiona Hill saved runs with her catch in the 6th.

Those two Pentucket runs held up until the 5th and 6th.  The Clippers scored twice but stranded five baserunners in those two frames.  The key to limiting Newburyport to just two runs?  Terrific catches by 2B Madi Codair (5th) and CF Fiona Hill (6th).  In both instances the catches were made just above the ground.  Fiona’s catch was with the bases loaded.  If that ball had gotten past her the Clippers probably would have added three runs.  Crucial catches by both players!

Catrina Madden tallied the winning run with aggressive baserunning in the final inning

Aggressive base-running by sophomore Catrina Madden set up Pentucket’s game winner in the seventh inning.  Catrina singled, stole second after a strikeout, and reached third on a passed ball.  Autumn West’s opposite-field grounder over first easily scored Catrina with the Sachems third run.

In the Clippers 7th, pinchrunner Meghan Rogers reached second with two outs.  Olivia Salvatore ripped a single to left but it was hit so hard, and Pentucket LF Taylor Fitzpatrick got the ball back in so fast, that Meghan was held a third.  Julie Freitas then ended this one by striking out Mandy Linehan.

Good game.  Close game.  Entertaining game.

The weather (70’s) for April 10th was remarkable.

Sophomore Mikayla Vincent made several nice plays in left for the Clippers while Taylor Fitzpatrick did the same in the same position for Pentucket.

Pentucket was 13-8 last year while Newburyport was 7-13.

Last year in Newburyport’s opener at Pentucket, Mo Quinn drove in two runs in the bottom of the 7th for an 8-7 Sachems win.  Later when the teams met in May in Newburyport, Madi Codair had a 2-run double in the 9th inning that led to a 3-1 Pentucket victory.

The Clippers stranded eleven baserunners including eight in the final four innings.  Clutch pitching by Julie Freitas and star-in-the-book catches by Madi Codair and Fiona Hill gave Pentucket the W.

(The pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

NHS captains Caitlin Clarke, Jade Carpenter, and Mandy Linehan

Madi Codair throws to first

Grounder gets past NHS shortstop Jade Carpenter in the first

Meghan Winn throws to first

Infield hit

Taylor Fitzpatrick makes a catch in left

Taylor Fitzpatrick runs down a potential gapper.

Autumn West flashes a smile after driving in the eventual game winner in the 7th

Madi Codair tosses to first

Julie Freitas pitches

Paige Gouldthorpe had 12 strikeouts

LF Mikayla Vincnet snares a liner. The sophomore also drove in a NHS run

Catrina Madden reaches third in the 7th inning

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Newburyport big in closing minutes to get D3 North quarterfinals win over Triton 59-57

Brendan Powers' go-ahead basket with 1:04 left on a pass from Robbie Shay (on the right)

Brendan Powers’ go-ahead basket with 1:04 left on a pass from Robbie Shay (on the right)

Dylan Shute takes the last shot of the game.

Dylan Shute sets to take the last shot of the game.

(Newburyport MA) This one went right down to the last possession.

#2 Newburyport survived #7 Triton’s last-second shot attempt and won a D3 North quarterfinals game, 59-57, before a standing-room crowd that got their money’s worth on Saturday afternoon.

Triton (15-8) trailed by as many as eleven (34-23) early in the second half but rallied in the final quarter to lead by five (49-44), and later six (55-49), with 2 ½ minutes left in the game.

Newburyport (19-3) had two wins over Triton this season and turned things up at both ends to keep their season going.

Casey McLaren - 21 points for Newburyport

Casey McLaren – 21 points for Newburyport

Casey McLaren (21 points) put up a personal run of points (two layups and a triple) to give the home team the lead, 56-55, while Triton missed a pair of shots and had a 10-second call go against them.

Triton’s Jack McCarthy (24 points) was sent to the line with 1:22 left and fearlessly canned both attempts to put Triton back on top by a point, 57-56.

Anybody’s game for sure.

During Newburyport’s next possession, Robbie Shay made the pass of the game, from right to left, getting teammate Brendan Powers a layup with a minute left.

That last minute that followed could well be a haunting memory for the Vikings.  Triton had three chances for answering points.

Twice the Vikings turned the ball over on bad passes before Casey McLaren made one-of-two free throws giving Newburyport a 2-point advantage.

In Triton’s final possession, with seconds left, Dylan Shute who was probably the 4th option for the shot, was forced into taking it and missed as the game ended.

Casey McLaren forces Will Parsons to pass on the last possession

Casey McLaren forces Will Parsons to pass on the last possession

Credit the Clippers’ defense on that final possession.  Anyone paying attention had to assume a game-on-the-line shot for Triton would come from Will Parsons (24 points) or Jack McCarthy (22 points).  The NHS defense prevented it.

First Robbie Shay closed any lane Jack McCarthy, who had eight inside baskets, could take to the hoop.  Then Casey McLaren got up close enough to Will Parsons so that the talented junior couldn’t launch a long one (he had already made five 3’s).

Because of the NHS defense, and short clock (eight seconds), Jack and Will ended up passing instead of shooting.  Dylan Shute was forced into the last shot (runner on the baseline), with Cam MacRae defending, which rolled off the rim.

The celebrating then began for the Clippers.  They move on to the semi-finals against #6 Bedford during this coming week.

Triton absorbed the loss but certainly played very well in such a tense event.

The game certainly started badly for the Vikings when their “spark” Liam Spillane picked up two fouls in the first minute and had a lengthy sit on the bench.

Jack McCarthy (22 points) scored eight inside baskets

Jack McCarthy (22 points) scored eight inside baskets

Jack McCarthy and Will Parsons had awesome games and proved more than capable of carrying the scoring load.

The Clippers had eight different players put up points.  In a 2-point win every basket was crucial.

Big afternoon for sophomore Casey McLaren.  He clearly has both-ends-of-the-court skills.  Casey made shots inside and out and was a tireless defender. He was the prime defender on Will Parsons and kept him scoreless over the last 5 ½ minutes.

I kept waiting for junior Colin Brennan to catch fire for Triton.  In the games I’ve seen, there have been times when the sharp-shooter has nailed consecutive 3-pointers.  Not today.

Sophomore Jack Tummino handled the ball nicely for Triton off the Vikings bench.

This game had its share of scoring streaks.

Newburyport put nine straight together to go from a 13-9 deficit to an 18-13 lead with 6 ½ minutes left in the second half.

Triton's Liam Spillane takes an early seat

Triton’s Liam Spillane takes an early seat

Later Newburyport put eight straight together to increase a 26-23 lead to 34-23 early in the second half.

The Vikings ran eleven unanswered points together turning a 44-38 deficit to a 49-44 advantage with 5:25 left in the game.

Newburyport followed with a run of five and Triton answered with a run of six: 55-49 with 2 ½ minutes left in the last quarter.

Casey McLaren followed with his killer collection of seven in a row in the next minute to give the Clippers the lead.

As I said earlier, there was plenty for both teams/fans to get excited about.

The Newburyport/Triton staffs was on hand to make sure things went well and things did go well.

Triton box

Newburyport box

(All pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Casey McLaren at the line, in front of the Newburyport student section, with 11.4 seconds left

Casey McLaren at the line, in front of the Newburyport student section, with 11.7 seconds left

Robbie Shay guards Will Parsons

Robbie Shay guards Will Parsons

Colin Brennan

Colin Brennan

Loose ball

Loose ball

Casey McLaren and Will Parsons battle

Casey McLaren and Will Parsons battle

Brendan Powers in for two

Brendan Powers in for two

Will Parsons draws a charge on Cam MacRae

Will Parsons draws a charge on Cam MacRae

Robbie Shay in the lane

Robbie Shay in the lane

Nick Rogers on the move

Nick Rogers on the move

Brendan Powers tries to turn the corner on Jack McCarthy

Brendan Powers tries to turn the corner on Jack McCarthy







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Newburyport drubs Lynn Tech 70-36 in D3 North First Round

Casey McLaren (18 points) had good looks most of the night.

Casey McLaren (18 points) had good looks most of the night.

Nick Rogers (14 points) guarded by Dantai Robertson

Nick Rogers (14 points) guarded by Dantai Robertson

(Newburyport MA) Disappointing performance by Lynn Tech.

#2 Newburyport trounced #15 LT, 70-36, on Monday night in First Round action in the Division 3 North tournament.

The Clippers (18-3) scored the first eleven points of the game before the Tigers (7-14) finally made a basket (John Marino) six minutes into the first quarter.

The second quarter followed suit.  Newburyport started it with a 14-1 run as the game reached the embarrassing level (30-5) with 3:40 to go until halftime.

The Clippers were very impressive all over the court.

The Tigers (winners of four straight coming in) tried to zone the Clippers but instead of shutting down the inside there were opening galore to the basket.  Newburyport made sixteen layups in the game.

I saw the Newburyport game against Lynnfield and Casey McLaren struggled early but ended up with double figures.  No struggles early this time for the talented sophomore.  Shots from all levels seemed available and, versus Lynn Tech, Casey led all scorers with eighteen points.

LT coach Stevie Patrick had Marcus Taylor denying the ball to Casey in the second half but by then the game was well out of hand.

Noah Van Schalkwyk in the lane for Newburyport

Noah Van Schalkwyk in the lane for Newburyport

In Lynn Tech’s disastrous first quarter the Newburyport man-to-man defense forced seven turnovers.

The Clippers usually take and make many three’s during a game but versus Lynn Tech the inside chances ruled the day.  The Tigers had as many 3’s (four) as the Clippers did.

LT had three brutal scoring droughts.  I have already referenced two of them.  Here’s the third: in the final 6 ½ minutes of the game, Lynn Tech was held scoreless while Newburyport collected thirteen points.

Put those three droughts together and during sections of this game Lynn Tech was outscored, 38 to 1!

Belmin Berilo paced the Tigers with eight points.

Lynn Tech won the Commonwealth Athletic Conference Small division.

Good crowd of Newburyport enthusiasts in the house.  Forget just being the sixth-man.  Before the game, they turned into some type of choral group as they performed the National Anthem.

Newburyport box

Lynn Tech box

(All pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Casey McLaren shoots as Pentucket watches

Casey McLaren shoots as Pentucket watches

Casey McLaren up for a rebound

Casey McLaren up for a rebound

George Coryell in the open floor

George Coryell in the open floor

Battle for a rebound

Battle for a rebound

Belmin Berilo was LT's top scorer

Belmin Berilo was LT’s top scorer

Casey McLaren in the open court

Casey McLaren in the open court

Nick Rogers shoots from in front of the NHS student section

Nick Rogers shoots from in front of the NHS student section

Robbie Shay

Robbie Shay

Cam MacRae shoots from in close

Cam MacRae shoots from in close

Brendan Powers hits the deck

Brendan Powers hits the deck

Senior Aquemini Gaston and coach Stevie Patrick

Senior Aquemini Gaston and coach Stevie Patrick



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Newburyport stuns Lynnfield 67-55

Billy Arseneault (16 points) tries to get past Cam MacRae (14 points)

Billy Arseneault (16 points) tries to get past Cam MacRae (14 points)

Casey McLaren (18 points) eyes the hoop

Casey McLaren (18 points) eyes the hoop

(Newburyport MA) Newburyport turned in an impressive win on Senior Night as they took down Lynnfield, 67-55.

The Pioneers (15-2) had a twelve-game winning streak snapped.

The Clippers (14-3) took the lead in the first two minutes and never gave it back.

The Pioneers went down by thirteen (34-21) three minutes into the second half but battled back to within three points (39-36) in the final two minutes of the third quarter.

Nick Rogers (18 points) ends the third quarter with a three

Nick Rogers (18 points) ends the third quarter with a three. (Ball is above the scoreboard)

Nick Rogers (18 points) pushed the NHS lead back to nine (47-38) with a pair of three’s.

Cam MacRae and Zack Shone (14 points)

Cam MacRae and Zack Shone (14 points)

Later, Cam MacRae (14 points) strung five points in a row to boost the advantage to double digits (57-44) with 3:35 to go and sealed Lynnfield’s fate.

Lynnfield hadn’t lost since December (non-league Melrose) but were in trouble early versus Newburyport because top scorer Louis Ellis was a foul magnet.  Two minutes into this game he had two fouls.  LHS coach Scott McKenzie had to bench him for the rest of the quarter.  Two minutes into the second quarter Louis picked up his third foul.  Again, he was benched for the rest of the quarter.

Did it affect Lynnfield?  For sure!  The Pioneers tallied just eighteen points TOTAL in the first half.  Louis played only four of the sixteen minutes.

Over a year ago, in the MIAA tournament, Louis collected a career-high thirty-four points against Newburyport to help oust the Clippers from the post-season.

What I’m trying to tell you is that when Louis Ellis is on the bench for twelve minutes of the sixteen-minute first half, and then is held to two points in the second half, Lynnfield is in trouble.

Brendan Powers gets off a shot in the lane

Brendan Powers gets off a shot in the lane

Credit Newburyport for much of the Lynnfield trouble. They constantly took the ball to the basket.

After halftime, Louis Ellis was back on the court but another starter, Dan Jameson, wasn’t.  He was sick.

And then there was the Lynnfield foul shooting.  A very unfortunate six-for-eighteen.  I swear that I saw the Pioneers’ terrific point guard (Billy Arseneault) put a free throw in off the backboard.  Things didn’t make sense for Lynnfield on this night.

Again, credit Newburyport for taking advantage despite a dreadful first half shooting-wise of their own.  Casey McLaren ended up with eighteen points but fourteen of them came in the second half after an apparent lid was removed that gave him trouble in the first half.

Casey McLaren (18 points) takes the last shot of the first half

Casey McLaren (18 points) takes the last shot of the first half

Despite tough shooting the Clippers had a 23-15 halftime lead.

Consecutive three’s starting the second half, by Casey McLaren and Nick Rogers from in front of the NHS bench, put the visitors down by eleven (29-18).

The best moments for Lynnfield were in an 11-2 run later in the 3rd quarter that included several spin moves down the lane by Billy Arseneault (16 points).  That collection of good offense narrowed the NHS advantage to three (39-36) with plenty of game left.

Nick Rogers ended that third quarter with a three and added another one (he had four in the game) early in the final quarter.  LHS fell back away from one-possession territory and never got that close again.

Lynnfield had defeated Newburyport 67-48 on December 23rd.  The Pioneers raced off to a 20-5 first quarter lead.  Billy Arseneault had twenty points in that game.

Newburyport made seven of its eight triples in the second half.

Good crowd with many there to honor the Clippers seven seniors.

Luis Ellis - Long night for a talented player

Louis Ellis – Long night for a talented player

Both teams used zones and man-to-man’s.

There were plenty of drives to the basket and attempted three’s.

Newburyport has now won fourteen of the last fifteen games.

In contrast to the Pioneers’ weak free throw shooting, Newburyport cashed thirteen of sixteen FT attempts.

Both teams are in Division 3.  No doubt both teams will have home games in the MIAA tournament.  There is also the possibility that they will meet for the 3rd time this season in the tourney.

Lynnfield box

Newburyport box

(All pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Robbie Shay

Robbie Shay

Louis Ellis

Louis Ellis

Dan Jameson tries to shoot over Casey McLaren

Dan Jameson tries to shoot over Casey McLaren

Nick Roger's step-back three gives Newburyport a 37-25 lead

Nick Roger’s step-back three gives Newburyport a 37-25 lead

Newburyport was thirteen for sixteen from the foul line

Newburyport was thirteen for sixteen from the foul line

Zack Shone (14 points)

Zack Shone (14 points)

Bryant Dana in the lane

Bryant Dana in the lane

Tussle on the floor

Tussle on the floor






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