Ipswich Shakes Off Rust to Defeat Triton 46-36

Jen Rock (#32) and Hannah O’Flynn both felt the effects of a long layoff and exams.

Jessica Canning (#30) led all scorers with twelve points. Shown here with Brigid O’Flynn.

(Byfield) Where was the “viewer discretion” note on the program?  Shouldn’t we have been warned?

One team (Triton) hadn’t played for eight days and had just finished exams.  The other team (Ipswich) hadn’t played for two weeks and is now taking exams.

Let’s just say that both Ipswich and Triton were rusty.

Ipswich (4-1 league games/ 8-2 overall) came away with the win, 46-36, on Tuesday night at Triton.  That’s five straight for the Tigers.

Triton (1-4 league games/ 5-6 overall) had won two straight before the loss.

Three minutes into this one you had to wonder if Ipswich realized that they should be tired and rusty.  They made four of their first five shots, including three 3’s, and bolted ahead 11-4.

Shannon McFayden, Nyra Constant, and Rae Davis hit the long ones and Brigid O’Flynn nailed a jumper for Ipswich.

Triton never completely recovered from the quick Tiger getaway.  The nearest they got after that was 24-20 on a Jen Rock layup in the first minute of the second half.  Ipswich responded with a game-winning eight point run to boost their lead to 32-20.

A couple of the Tiger baskets in the deciding run were on second-chance shots by Julia Davis and Nyra Constant.  Shannon McFayden contributed her second three and Brigit O’Flynn made a free throw.

Rae Davis (#22) makes a free throw for Ipswich.

Speaking of free throws, they were an adventure for Ipswich (6-for-18) all night.

The “adventure” for Triton was the 3-point shot as they connected just twice in seventeen attempts.  The Tigers made their first three and then cooled off to one-for-nine.

The Tigers had makeable shots most of the game but their frequent turnovers (21) limited scoring runs.  Triton, on the other hand, took better care of the ball (11 turnovers) but made only twelve of sixty shots (20%).

Jessica Canning led all scorers with twelve points including a late three off the backboard.

CAL All-Stars Jen Rock and Hannah O’Flynn each had eleven and were not nearly as effective as they usually are.  Hannah seemed most influenced by the layoff and exams.  How normal is it for the Dartmouth-bound senior to miss five of eight free throws and put up at least three air balls in other shooting attempts?

It looked to me as if more people were interested in the Wilmington/Triton wrestling match down the hall than in the basketball game.

Shannon McFayden (10 points) and Hannah O’Flynn (11 points) led Ipswich scorers.

Trying to keep track of any basketball game can be challenging.  Ipswich adds to the challenge when the two O’Flynn sisters wear “33” and “34.”  And then you have the three Davis sisters with “12,” “22,” and “32.”  I wonder if any scorekeepers have been victimized by the similarities of those numbers?

(I collect my own stats and take my own pictures.  I draw my own conclusions.  Any miscues are unintentional.)

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