WordPress Blog Problem with Apostrophe in Caption for Picture

Ryan O'Connor - 13 K's and game-winning hit

Every now and then I find the solution to something.  Kind of like the blind squirrel and the acorn!

I use pictures in almost every blog entry.  A couple of days ago I put in a picture of a baseball pitcher named, “Ryan O’Connor.” 

When I looked at the posting, I noticed that there was a little block where the apostrophe should be.  That block had to go so I resigned myself to posting his name as, “OConnor.” 

I did a Google search a while later and found someone who had had a similar problem.  Their solution, however, seemed so bizarre that I didn’t even try it at first.

Later, I caved in and tried their suggestion……..and it worked.  You go into the HTML and where the apostrophe is supposed to be you put  & #39 ;   You wouldn’t have any spaces between the & the #39 or the ;

So for mine it went like this – O & #39 ; Connor 

Give it a try.  It does actually work!

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