Tim Tebow: I love the guy!

Let me start by saying I’m not a Denver Bronco fan.  My loyalties are with the New England Patriots, with a side interest in the Dallas Cowboys.

When the Patriots play the Broncos, I’m rooting for the Patriots.  That’s not going to change.

I will admit that my admiration for the young Denver quarterback gets stronger the more I read about him.

He is a Christian believer and not ashamed of it.  I doubt he’d be the guy quick-gazing around a restaurant before he bowed his head and prayed thanking God for his food.

The 24-year-old has rapidly become a spiritual role model to many and for good reason……he practices what he says.

Even as a senior on the Florida Gators he had folks thinking about him.  Remember that Super Bowl ad that wasn’t allowed?  My recall is that in the ad his pregnant mother explains that she was counseled to abort unborn Tim but refused.

Good thing that ad was dropped. Wouldn’t you prefer ads about drinking etc.. instead of a “dangerous” ad about preserving unborn life?  But I digress!

Poor Tim couldn’t help but be pro-life.  As he reasoned it, if his mother had taken the advice of doctors, after she became sick on a missions trip to the Philippines, she would have aborted him.  Okay, I digressed some more!

Another thing that I have liked about this guy is how he has handled the question of his life priorities.  His listing order goes something like this: (1) pleasing God, (2) pleasing family, and (3) pleasing the Denver Broncos. There is no mention of the Denver Broncos in the Bible but the order of the first two is Biblical.

We now live in a culture overrun with people, who if asked to present a similar priority list, might never find a place for God no matter how long the list was.

When Tim puts God at the top, where He belongs, it offends the godless in our midst.  As long as Tim was a benchwarmer in Denver, as he was early their struggling season, some could explain his lack of playing time with his confused priorities.  Now that Denver has remarkably recovered winning seven of eight with Tim at quarterback, it has become very difficult to blame Tim’s priorities as being his downfall.

So a currently successful Tim Tebow/Denver Broncos leaves the secularists on the sideline waiting for him/them to fall apart.

We unfortunately live in a culture in desperate search for earthly heroes we can trust in.  I can guarantee you that blind trust is very dangerous.  Everyone messes up.  Even Tim has, and will in the future.  Sadly, some of Tim’s fans have already reached the “groupie” level and are likely to be turned off somewhere in the future by something they learn about him.  (I figure that some of these fickle folks will be turned off immediately after the Patriots defeat Denver on Sunday!)

My admiration for Tim Tebow is based on his trust in God and his willingness to go all-in as he lives out that faith in his high-profile life.  If his future has him struggling on the field and/or off the field, he still belongs among us folks who love God and also strive to live out that faith in our world.

I consider Tim Tebow a Christian brother of mine. We share a faith in which we recognize that God blesses us in so many ways.  We also share a faith in which we know that our mistakes are ultimately relation-breakers with God and need to be righted with him and those involved.  We also share a faith in which God promises to comfort His people in the struggling times.

What a God we have, don’t we Tim!  Go Pats!

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