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Bernie Sanders for President

I am officially today endorsing Bernie Sanders for President.

Bernie and I go back a longggggggg way together.  He, in fact, is only eighteen days older than I am.

One thing that 74 year-old’s would like is some respect.  How often do we hear things like, “Dad, what were you thinking?,” and/or “Grandpa, what are you doing?”  I know that when Bernie becomes President he’ll get that deserved respect.

Another thing about Bernie is that he is fascinated with weather and I share his interest.  Worrying about the weather is what we oldsters do.  Are all doctor’s appointments intentionally scheduled on rainy or snow days?  Bernie has promised to fix the weather and that will surely help us get where we have to get.

I am with Bernie in his attitude about foreign affairs: Let them take care of themselves.  Our memories of the rest of the world are highlighted by the Titanic and Pearl Harbor.  We just can’t let those bad things happen to us again.

Bernie learned a lot living all these years in Vermont.  The best thing he learned was how to lead.  You deal with cows and sheep and you have to know how to get them to where you want them.  How do you do it? You give them what they want, which is food.  Bernie has carried that insight over into politics.  You want people to follow you, offer them what they want.  Offer free education and free this and that.  Bernie figured out that what worked with cows and sheep will work just as well with room temperature IQ’s.

I am glad that the campaign has gotten Bernie away from Vermont and DC.  Some of the places the campaign has taken him are new to him.  He supposedly asked an aide if the land out West was stilled claimed by the Spanish.

You will notice that Bernie wears a button on his wardrobe with his first and last name on it.  It doesn’t just say, “Bernie.”  When you get our age it is nice to have a handy reference just in case the old memory takes a sudden stumble.

Those of you who have read so far are surely suspecting that the calendar date and this entry are certainly connected……and they most definitely are!

I continue to wonder if the burn I feel has something to do with Bernie Sanders or are my hemorrhoids acting up again?


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