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Portland Sea Dogs Excite Sold-Out Hadlock

Christian Koss slides home safely
Alex Binelas homered twice

(Portland) It was a happy Sunday at Hadlock.

Yes, the Sea Dogs won in last-inning, dramatic style but that was only part of it.

The park was busy with folks.  There was a buzz in every part of the place.

The Sea Dogs pulled out a 12-11 win against the AA Yankees.

I guess, that alone would make a Yankees’ disliker, like myself happy.

The best part may have been that the young Yanks grabbed the lead in the top of the ninth only to have the young Red Sox take it back.

Christian Koss at bat

The crowd got my attention. People were excited to be there and were enjoying themselves on a warm Sunday afternoon. 

The Sea Dogs management always has fun going on, but on this afternoon just being there was enough.

In the pre-game, one young man got to hand slap the players on both teams.

My biggest takeaway was a special needs young man taking on the National Anthem.  He gave it a shot and pulled it off.  It didn’t have quality, but it had heart and that put a lump in my throat.

I had hoped for a look at young Ceddanne Rafaela, but he was in Los Angeles taking part in the Futures Game.  I’m guessing that the Yankees’ top prospect (Anthony Volpe) was also there.

I saw Anthony at a New Hampshire/Somerset game earlier this year.

There was plenty of action on the field.  There were baserunners galore and several home runs.

Alex Binelas congratulated by Manager Chad Epperson

Young Alex Binelas (#17 Red Sox prospect) whacked two homers.  Alex moved up to AA in late June.  This was certainly his best game so far.

Impressed with Christian Koss.  He has the numbers to be Portland’s MVP to date. Today he homered and was aggressive on the bases.

Portland’s David Hamilton leads the Eastern League in steals with forty. 

I was on the edge of the Portland dugout and so when he was picking up his glove at the start of the game I said to him, “Steal, steal, steal!” He smiled.

David Hamilton steals second base in the first inning

David then went off to his position in the field but when he came back in, he led off with a hit and then immediately stole second.  From my location I had pretty good photographer’s positioning to catch that action.

When the inning ended, David again came by for his glove.  Again, I told him to steal.  He looked at me and said, “I already gave you one.”

David did steal second (again), and this time with no throw.  Later, he would steal home.  Wish I’d gotten that shot!

I did get Christian Voss sliding into home.

Christian Koss reaches for second base

A player I was looking for was Max Burt.  Max attended St. John’s (Danvers).  When I saw the Somerset team in NH, Max didn’t play.  However, the day before today’s game Max had hit two home runs.  Today, he collected a couple of hits.

St. John’s Prep’s Max Burt had two hits against Portland

One thing that Max did in the field that was unique was, just before a pitch was made, he would jump in the air.  I’m not sure what advantage there is to it, but he did it just before every pitch.

Max Burt gets ready

The Eastern League schedule is interesting.  Teams now play six-game series with each opponent.  What this means for Portland is that their next two series are away, so they won’t be at Hadlock until August 2nd versus Erie.

August works the other way for the Sea Dogs because most of the month they will be at Hadlock.

The weather was interesting.  There was sun, clouds, and a little bit of rain.  Welcome to New England!

Continued thanks to Chris Cameron for making my visits possible.  Hadlock Field is a great place to be.

Ricardo Cubillan

Chad Bell retrieves a loose ball in the infield

Alex Binelas

Christian Koss congratulated in the Portland dugout after his home run

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Portland falls to New Hampshire 6-2

19-year-old Orelvis Martinez
Hayden Juenger went three innings and struck out seven

(Portland ME) The Portland Sea Dogs have pitching.

But on this afternoon, the New Hampshire Fisher Cats had better pitching and won the game 6-2 at Hadlock Field.

Hayden Juenger and Paxton Schultz combined to shut out the Sea Dogs for seven innings and struck out twelve of them.

Kole Cottam drove in the Portland runs in the bottom of the ninth inning.

This was Portland’s third game of the season and the first one for me. 

There are always comings-and-goings at the minor league level.  The guessing game over at what level players will be placed gets some answers in the early days of the season. 

Brandon Walter

My search at minor league games is usually about prospects.  I do my homework and intentionally attempt to photograph prospects on the rise.  It started for me when 19-year-old Bryce Harper came to Hadlock with the Harrisburg Senators.

Today the prime target was Orelvis Martinez of New Hampshire.  Orelvis is a 19-year-old shortstop who is highly regarded by the Toronto Blue Jays.  Orelvis stranded five runners today but his future is bright especially being where he is at his young age.

Portland started Brandon Walter who is #9 in the Red Sox system.  Brandon was voted the top minor league pitcher for Boston last year.  He is already twenty-five so I would suspect that he won’t last too long in AA.

David Hamilton dives back

Brandon was very effective this afternoon.  The lefty went five innings allowing just one hit and struck out seven.

Another impressive newcomer (so far) for Portland is David Hamilton.  The Sea Dogs’ shortstop is very fast and a valid threat to steal every time he gets on base.  David had two steals today. He came into the Red Sox system as part of the Hunter Renfro trade with Milwaukee.

Another ranked prospect (#27) that I saw was Portland’s third baseman Christian Koss. 

Good crowd today at Hadlock enjoying the sun with temperatures in the mid-50s.  April in Portland is not always that nice!

My day was made at Hadlock with the return of the Slugger/kid race.  Missed that all last year.  I’m a fan of Slugger’s and always pulling for him in the race.  I have faith that he’ll get that first W and I’ll be there to picture it.

Today was not Slugger’s day.  He seemed sluggish and I’m sure for good reason.  The inning before they had him out there dancing, black-flipping, and doing a split.  That is NOT how you get ready for a race around the bases. His legs were shot as a result.  He appeared worn out. 

Slugger does a back flip

I didn’t think his challenger was that fast.  He was steady, though, and that was all it took to win this afternoon. 

Slugger’s challenger wins by plenty

The Big Guy also has course-direction issues.  Today he rounded second, heading for first, but instead of cutting the corner at second he went by way of Falmouth!  No wonder he wasn’t in sight when the challenger crossed home.

Slugger takes a very wide turn

But hope springs eternal.  There will be other opportunities and with a few minor adjustments, things could have a happy ending.

Slugger gracious in defeat
Glittering backpack

I saw one of the New Hampshire players come onto the field carrying a glittering backpack.  I was told that it is a tradition of sorts for the youngest player to carry such a thing.  Now you know.

Plenty of kids at Hadlock today.  It is a terrific place to bring them.  The price is right and there’s plenty going on to catch their attention.

Thanks to media director Chris Cameron for arranging my visit.

(The pictures will enlarge.)

Hudson Potts 1B
David Hamilton SS
Wil Dalton LF
Cameron Cannon and Brandon Howlett
Katie Krall – Development Coach
Christian Koss 3B
Portland turns two
Brandon Walter and Kole Cottam

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