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Bridgton Academy edges Central Maine 3-2

Hilts Housen-Berglind and Mohamedamin Nur battle
Carmine DiPietrantonio

(North Bridgton ME) “We exchanged some words at halftime,” recalled Bridgton Academy soccer coach Jim Hopkins.

They worked.

The Wolverines upgraded their play noticeably in the second half and defeated Central Maine, 3-2, this afternoon.

Carmine DiPietrantonio headed home the game winner twenty-four minutes into the second half.

“I kept making runs at the net hoping that their goalie would make a mistake,” said Carmine.

When Zach Pacheco sent a direct kick high toward the net from the left, Carmine’s golden chance was about to arrive.

“He put in a great ball,” said Carmine of Zach’s direct kick.

Zach Pacheco’s direct kick reaches GK Dido Lumu

“It went through the goalie’s hands and onto my head,” recalled Carmine.

Carmine DiPietrantonio (12) heads the ball in for a score

“We always talk about getting numbers in the box and this time it paid off,” said Coach Hopkins.

Mohamed Abdikadir scores CM’s first goal

That BA goal was the only one scored in the second half.  Based on the way the Wolverines were playing, however, it was huge.

In the first half, both teams found space to operate in.  In the second half, the Mustangs (2-3) struggled to put passes together and make runs.

“I’m happy with our fight in the second half,” said Coach Hopkins post-game. “We pressured them and had two or three players near the ball.”

“Our guys played pretty well for about sixty minutes,” said CM coach Bryan Wallace.

Unfortunately, today’s game was ninety minutes long!

Central Maine was able to force Bridgton Academy (2-2-1) into costly mistakes in the first half with their pressure.

Baden McLaughlin (8) set up by Muntasir Ahmed for first goal

“We did pretty well on the press early on,” said Coach Wallace.  “Both of our goals came that way.”

Mustangs Mohamed Abdikadir and Mohmed Matan turned intercepted passes into first-half scores.

Bridgton Academy’s Muntasir Ahmed led his team’s response to the Mustangs’ goals with great setups for teammates Baden McLaughlin and Zach Pacheco.

“Baden, Zach, and Muntasir have had three great games in a row,” said Coach Hopkins.

“I was able to get around their wideback on those goals,” recalled Muntasir, “and make a good run.  I saw Baden and Zach.  I just kicked it in their direction and prayed.”

Mohmed Matan had CM’s second goal

Biggest save of the game was by Bridgton Academy goalie Alex Bachman 12 ½ minutes into the first half.

Two minutes earlier, Alex’s turnover had led to Central Maine’s second goal and a 2-1 lead for the visitors.

When CM’s Suab Nur broke in clean on Alex he had multiple scoring options.  Somehow Alex was able to get in front of the shot Suab took and gave no rebound.

A goal there and Central Maine has a 3-1 lead halfway through the first half.  Instead, a one-goal game continued until Zach Pacheco converted Muntisir Ahmed’s crossing pass to tie the score.

The best soccer games are the ones in which the officials are seldom involved.  Unfortunately, the officials had plenty to deal with over the final twenty minutes of this game. The rough play from both sides led to whistles, cards, and ejections.

Cards and ejections low-lighted the final twenty minutes of the game

“We let out emotions get the better of us,” said Coach Wallace.  “Physically we’ve shown that we can hang with some teams but mentally we’re not there yet”

“No way we wanted guys sent off,” said Coach Hopkins.  “Our discipline could have been better.”

Nice weather day with plenty of sunshine. 

Carmine DiPietrantonio: “We pressed them and moved the ball as a team.  We did everything we do in practice.”

The two teams are in different leagues, so this game doesn’t impact their league standings.  The CM website listed it as an “exhibition game.”

Central Maine Community College is in Auburn, Maine.

Alex Bachman and Garrett Smith each covered a half in goal for the Wolverines.  Dido Lumu went the distance in the Mustangs net.

(All the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Baden McLaughlin scored a goal for Bridgton Academy
Chris Kourtelidis and Abdilahi Abdi
Garrett Smith makes a save for BA
Ben Sykes gets a facial from Abdibaari Hersi
Zach Pacheco (10) and Muntasir Ahmed after BA’s second goal
Suab Nur
Muntasir Ahmed – two assists
First-half pressure on Dido Lumu
Alex Bachman robs Suab Nur in the first half
Michael Darasz
Baden McLaughlin (8) and Muntasir Ahmed after first BA goal
Saleh Brahim

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UMaine Fort Kent shuts out Bridgton Academy 6-0

Adil Iggoute (2 goals, 1 assist) in open space
Hannes Milan (30) and Brady Cormier (14)

(Bridgton ME) “They are the best team in the state, I think.”

“They” being the UMaine Fort Kent Bengals.

And who would argue with the assessment given by Bridgton Academy coach Jim Hopkins.

The Bengals (5-0-2) were masters at possessing the ball in their, 6-0, shutout this afternoon at BA.

“We moved the ball nicely,” said Coach Oniqueky Samuels.  “Our tactical awareness was very good.”

Adil Iggoute and Hannes Milan each had two goals for the visitors.

Romario Plunkett (23) set up for a goal

The Bengals erupted for five goals in the first thirty minutes and then were content to pass, pass, and pass some more.

FK goalie Pedro Ivaskoski was an integral part of their passing strategy.

“They hold each other accountable to keeping the ball,” said Coach Hopkins.

No doubt Fort Kent could have added more goals in the second half, but they settled for just one in the closing seconds.

“We can be effective in a lot of different ways,” said Coach Samuels.  “We worked on how well we can possess the ball.”

Coach Oniqueky Samuels

“Their coach did a good job of not running up the score,” added Coach Hopkins.

The Bengals hardly went past midfield for almost the entire second half, yet they possessed the ball most of the time. 

“It gave us practice in playing the ball in smaller areas,” said Coach Samuels.

“We always want to display good sportsmanship,” added Coach Samuels.  “We respect our opponents and appreciate the chance to play.  We can work on our game in many different ways.”

Adil Iggoute scored twice in the first ten minutes.

Adil Iggoute in on BA’s Alex Bachman

Forty seconds into the game, Adil drove a grounder by BA goalie Alex Bachman after a shot from the left.

Ten minutes later, Ted Fleuriscat’s corner kick was headed in by Adil from the middle of the box.

A Bridgton trip gave the Bengals a direct kick.  Marcell Holness blasted the free shot from the left into the right corner.

In another five minutes, Adil set up Romario Plunkett beautifully for a left-footed shot.

Nate Needle (16) chases a loose ball

So after eighteen minutes the deficit was already, 4-0.

“We just didn’t compete today,” said Coach Hopkins.

Before the half ended, Hannes Milan converted a turnover in the BA backfield into the Bengal’s fifth goal of the first half.

That fifth goal seemed to trigger a new approach by the visitors for the rest of the game.  They no longer tried to finish.  Instead, they were content to keep possession without threatening to score.

The Bengals did score (Hannes Milan) in the closing seconds of the game, but I strongly suspect that the shot on goal deviated significantly from FK’s second-half script.

Marcell Holness (7) scored on a direct kick

Coach Samuels: “We have forty players on the team, and they are from thirteen different countries.  On a regular year we play teams from Canada.  We’re always looking for games.  It’s good for the boys to travel.”

The Bengals were planning to travel to Vermont for an afternoon game with St. Michael’s tomorrow.

Coach Hopkins: “I wish I had been a neutral here today, I would have enjoyed watching them play.  We played them in the spring last year and competed and lost, 4-0.  Every single one of their players knows how to play.  They’re smart and they train a lot. We’ve been together for three weeks.”

Adil Iggoute

Adil Iggoute: “I am majoring in business management.  I hope to become a digital nomad and work remotely while traveling around the world.”

Nice weather and a terrific field to play on.

May try to cover BA’s soccer game at home on September 20th.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Hannes Milan (30) scores late in the game
Ben Sykes
Ornel Djomo
Goalie Pedro Ivaskoski
Jan Linz
Maxon Brochu (20)
Hannes Milan converts a first-half turnover
Muntasir Ahmed
Baden McLaughlin (8)
Goalie Pedro Ivaskoski up for a save
Bengals direct kick finds the BA net
Ted Fleuriscat and Adil Iggoute after the second goal
Ted Fleuriscat (11) looks to pass
Jahreed Murray (4) and Carmine DiPietrantonio (12)
Elvis Gomez (22), Nicolas Cortes (8), and Adil Iggoute (20) after first goal

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