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What Voting For Barack Obama May Have Meant


There are racists, ageists, sexists, haters, and myopias among us.

Are you one, some,or all of them?

Did the color of Barack Obama’s skin have anything at all to do with your vote for him?  If it did, to even the smallest degree, then you are a racist.  You discriminate when it comes to skin color.

Did you vote against John McCain because he is 72?  If you did, then you’re an ageist.  You discriminate when it comes to age.

Did you turn down Sarah Palin in the general election because she’s a woman?  If it was a factor, in any way, then you’re a sexist.  You discriminate when it comes to gender.

Did your anger against George Bush factor into your vote for Barack Obama?  If it did, then you’re a hater.  You could still, however, be a member of the anti-hate committee in this area because they take the illogical stance that they have the right to hate you if you disagree with them.  (If you don’t believe me, try practicing your First Amendment rights in a public square holding up a sign opposing same-sex marriage.)

Did you vote for Barack Obama because he has more experience than John McCain does?  If you did, then you suffer from myopia.  Your vision is so limited that you can’t discern fact from fiction. 

I do not assume that the presidency of Barack Obama will be without problems.  Therefore, when those problems begin there will be those of us out here who will criticize the new president.  Will that be the cue for friends of the president to label us as racists, ageists, sexists, haters, or myopic?  I hope not because some of Barack’s apologists are already wearing those labels deservedly.

(Appeared as a letter-to-the-editor on November 17th in the Newburyport Daily News.)

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