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Tyler Wade (27 points) Leads Georgetown 72-60 Past North Shore Tech

Tyler Wade (27 points) defended by Jazz Sanchez (16 points)

Mark McCarthy breaks away with Angel Sanquintin in pursuit.

(Georgetown) All kinds of offense on display as Georgetown defeated North Shore Tech (Essex Aggie), 72-60, in nonleague action on Thursday night at GHS.

The final margin is very misleading because with 2 ½ minutes left this was a 3-point game (58-55) with no certainty of the outcome.  The undersized Bulldogs (2-4) from Middleton hung around thanks to nine 3’s.

Tyler Wade (27 points) is the one they were talking about afterwards and rightly so.  He dazzled in the second half collecting twenty-one of those points.  He stole off the Bulldog backcourt several times and was off for layups.

Tyler was particularly impressive in the third quarter with fifteen points.  He closed that quarter out with a spin to the basket in the last second.  Would he answer to “T-Wade?”

Christian Gesualdi (3) squirms through Bulldog defenders

My stats found a second hero for the victorious Royals – Angel Sanquintin.  The box score only has the junior for fourteen points but eight of them came in the final quarter.

With the Bulldogs well within range of victory (58-55) with 2 ½ minutes left, Angel put on an unanswered show from all the scoring stations over the next minute to seal this one for the home team.  He started with a layup and quickly followed it with a three on a pass from T-Wade and then made two free throws.  The result of Angel’s scoring was that with 1 ½ minutes left the Bulldogs were down ten (65-55) and they weren’t coming back.

Jazz Sanchez had sixteen to lead North Shore Tech, including four 3’s.  Jordan Mendez (13), Mark McCarthy (11) and Ryan Fanning (10) were also in double figures for the Bulldogs.

If the strategy of North Shore Tech was to score from long range, the strategy of Georgetown was to take the ball to the basket.  The disparity, as a result, in free throws was 35 for the Royals and 8 for the Bulldogs.  It certainly helped keep NST around in the game that the Royals missed SIXTEEN of those free throws including a number of one-and-one’s.

I don’t recall that T-Wade played at all in the second quarter.  I thought at the time that perhaps he was sick or injured.  What he was, as it turned out in the second half, was rested.

Bulldogs inbound in front of Royal fans

The Georgetown student section was well organized and entertaining.  They can be counted on to show little mercy to opposing teams and players.  They were clever enough in this one to have the Bulldog coaches and players smiling. The chant of “Groom your horses,” caught my ear.  There was a reference to “fertilizer” in the first half that might have topped that one.

Johnny Spears (now of Pingree) was in the crowd.  There will probably be games ahead when GHS coach Mike Rowinski will wish that Johnny was still wearing the Royal blue.

Georgetown box score

North Shore Tech box score

(All of the pictures above and below enlarge if you click on them.)

Tyler Wade

Yordany Sanchez

Tyler Wade breaks loose after steal.

Mark McCarthy (25) and Christian Gesualdi (3)

Johnny Spears

Jazz Sanchez

Ben Warren (12) breaks

Pat Bjork

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