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Danvers reaches Division 4 North finals (again) after defeating Whittier 69-51

whda A11 Eric Martin defended by Ryan Grant

Nick Bates (19 points) goes for the block against Justin Reyes (22 points)

Nick Bates (19 points) goes for the block against Justin Reyes (22 points)

Justin Reyes soars for two over Nick McKenna

Justin Reyes soars for two over Nick McKenna

(Byfield)  Another convincing win for Danvers as they defeat Whittier, 69-51, in the Division 3 North semifinals at Triton on Tuesday night.

The Falcons will face the winner of the Wayland/North Reading game at the Tsongas Center on Saturday for the D3 North championship.

Last year in the North semifinals, the Falcons rallied from a ten-point deficit in the final 1:28 to shock Wayland.  That would surely be an interesting rematch in the North finals this time around.

Danvers (21-3) led from wire-to-wire against Whittier (20-3).  Their attack was well-organized and productive.

The Falcons took on the outside what the Wildcat defense gave them and it was plenty.

When the Wildcats tried to protect the inside from the penetrating attempts of Eric Martin, choice outside goodies turned up for Nick Bates, Nick McKenna, and Vinny Clifford.

Danny Connors (13 points) inside for two

Danny Connors (13 points) inside for two

When the fifth starter (Dan Connors) had solo coverage near the hoop the Falcons would find him.

With good-look outside shots appearing regularly, Danvers was able to put together consecutive runs of points in each of the first three quarters.  The trio of runs doomed Whittier.

Whittier was two dimensional (Ryan Grant and Justin Reyes) and despite getting forty-two points between them, they were mostly of the highly-contested, low-percentage variety.  Thus the Wildcats could never put more than two baskets together in a row while the outcome was still in question.

The first Danvers’ run (five points) came right away – Danny Connors putback of a rebound and a Nick Bates three.  This segment put the Falcons in front, 5-0.

Nick McKenna (13 points) defended by Ryan Grant (20 points)

Nick McKenna (13 points) defended by Ryan Grant (20 points)

The Danvers lead after a quarter was 15-11.

The Wildcats were only down four (19-15) after a Ryan Grant (20 points) layup.  Then the second Falcon run (eleven points) happened.  Vinny Clifford (14 points) started it with a jump shot.  Nick Bates (19 points) added a three (his second) before Nick McKenna (17 points) made a jumper in the lane and two free throws.  The last two points were by Nick Bates on an assisted layup from Eric Martin.

This run sent Whittier to a fifteen-point deficit (30-15) with 1:47 left in the second quarter.  The Wildcats closed to nine (33-24) as Justin Reyes (22 points) nailed a buzzer-beater off the backboard to end the first half.

Whittier started the second half with a Justin Reyes free throw but then came Falcon Run #3 (fourteen points) and this one took the outcome mystery out of this game.

Vinny Clifford (14 points) fires a three over Nathan Frongillo

Vinny Clifford (14 points) fires a three over Nathan Frongillo

Remarkably, four different Danvers’ players (Vinny Clifford, Nick McKenna, Nick Bates, and Danny Connors) hit three’s in this segment.  Danny’s was an old-fashioned three and he followed those points with a layup.

The four 3-point baskets were all assisted – three by Eric Martin and one by Nick Bates.  It was terrific basketball to watch………..if you were wearing Danvers blue.

Those 2 ½ minutes of pure Danvers offense elevated their spread to twenty-two (47-25) with thirteen minutes of basketball left.  The Wildcats would “win” the rest of the game, 26-22, but the cows had left the barn.

Clearly there was a contrasting style of play between the teams.  Whittier was all about Justin Reyes or Ryan Grant (20 points) creating openings for themselves.  Justin’s quickness and Ryan’s dribbling enabled them to do just that on occasion.  Most of the Whittier turnovers (they had eighteen by my count) came from trying to set up teammates.

Danvers, on the other hand,  ran organized offense with plenty of passes and movement.  Eric Martin had the ball to start almost every possession and his ability to set up teammates was excellent as shown at the start of the second half.  Whittier coach Tom Sipsey ran a number of defenders at Eric but with little effect.  Danvers had only three turnovers when this game was still competitive.

The Triton gym was packed with plenty of support for both teams.  The chanting was above board after the, “You’re all ugly,” attempt was squelched.

Eric Martin passes

Eric Martin passes

Danvers made eight three’s in the game while Whittier had four.

Danvers state-final opponent (St. Joe’s of Pittsfield) from 2012 is still alive in the West.

Justin Reyes and Ryan Grant were co-MVP’s in the Commonwealth Conference this year.

Vinny Clifford had four 3’s in the second half.  He had seven 3’s last game against Minutemen in the quarterfinals.

Danvers Boxscore

Whittier Boxscore

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Justin Reyes gets inside

Justin Reyes gets inside

Ryan Grant goes baseline

Ryan Grant goes baseline

Ryan Grant, Eric Martin, Danny Connors

Ryan Grant, Eric Martin, Danny Connors

Nick McKenna (13 points)

Nick McKenna (13 points)

Justin Reyes fouls out

Justin Reyes fouls out

Eric Martin defended by Ryan Grant

Eric Martin defended by Ryan Grant

Andrew Wells

Andrew Wells

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Whittier rallies to defeat Ipswich, 20-18, in overtime football

Wildcat Jesus Sanchez (4) sweeps to the corner for the game-winning, two-point conversion

Henry Sacco scores a nine-yard touchdown for Ipswich in the second quarter.

(Haverhill) If you’re looking for a game with plusses and minuses for both teams, this was the one.

However, in the end it was Whittier coming away with the biggest plus defeating Ipswich in overtime, 20-18, on a lovely Saturday morning/afternoon in Haverhill.

Both teams had been trounced in their openers (Ipswich lost to Pingree 34-7.…Whittier was belted by Stoneham 34-6) and have never played each other before.

Ipswich (0-2) came in with experience (fifteen seniors) while Whittier (1-1) had a roster loaded with underclass athletes.

Ipswich was excellent in the first half getting a 12-0 halftime advantage.  Whittier had those two touchdowns back midway through the final quarter and nearly won the game in the last second.  A blocked field goal attempt on the final play of regulation sent this one to OT.

In overtime a team gets four downs from the 10 yard line.  New this year is that if a team scores, they must go for a two-point conversion.

In their overtime series, Ipswich ran Derek Chamberlain off right tackle three straight times.  He reached the two yard line on the first, scored on the second, and was stopped short by Jake McCartney on the two-point conversion try.  This put Ipswich up 18-12.

Justin Reyes catches a TD pass from Connor Bradley in overtime

In OT, Whittier fumbled the first snap and fortunately (for them) senior Sam King made the recovery.  Next play QB Connor Bradley lofted a “jump ball” pass to leaper Justin Reyes over two defenders to tie the score.

On the game-deciding extra point, sophomore Jesus Sanchez swept right into the corner to win the game for Whittier.  (Whittier had tried that same play after their first score in the third quarter and it had been stopped cold.)

Ipswich tallied on two straight possessions in the second quarter.  Wingback Henry Sacco finished a 71-yard drive with a score from fifteen yards out for the first touchdown.  Derek Chamberlain (eighty-six yards in fourteen carries) ended a 55-yard drive from nine yards rushing over right tackle to give Ipswich a 12-0 advantage.

Watching the two Tiger extra-point attempts I recalled a quote from Ipswich Coach Ted Flaherty in the Ipswich Chronicle – “We do some unusual things on special teams.”  No sign of a center anywhere in either attempt.  On one try the ball went back to reserve QB Eddie Flaherty and the other to QB Kyle Blomster.  Both wanted to pass but a block and a sack ruined the attempts at trickery.

In that first half Whittier spent most of the time on defense.  On offense they had a couple of first downs and never seriously threatened to score.  They did try a couple of “jump ball” passes to Justin Reyes and Jaylin Deveau but couldn’t connect.

Ipswich failed to capitalize on their first possession in the third quarter and in my opinion this was the turning point in the game.

During that possession the Tigers had a long run (40+ yards) by Derek Chamberlain called back on a hold (Chris McCormack).  The Tigers recovered from that setback when Kyle Barber broke loose for 23 yards and Wildcat Brandon Lyons added fifteen yards for a hit out of bounds.

Ipswich was now first and ten from the Whittier 17.  They would reach the ten before getting a delay of game penalty and seeing Kyle Blomster’s 4th down pass sail over the head of Nate Glaster.

Jaylin Deveau (behind 83) finishes an 85-yard TD run in the third quarter

Turning point?  You bet as Whittier took over and on the first play Jaylin Deveau cut through the line on the right and headed down the sidelines for an electrifying 85-yard score with 2:59 left in the third quarter.  The extra point rush attempt by Jesus Sanchez failed but the momentum had swung to the Wildcats.

Next possession, early in the final quarter, Ipswich had Whittier pinned back at midfield with a 4th-and-16. However, defensive back Nate Glaster got caught watching the quarterback (Connor Bradley) as Brandon Lyons raced ten yards behind him.  Connor’s pass was on target and Brandon scored easily to tie the score with 6:28 left.

Nate Glaster (hands raised) block extra point attempt

Ralph Francesconi’s kick attempt was blocked by Nate Glaster to keep the score tied at 12.

On their next possession, Tiger Kyle Barber tried (unsuccessfully) to pass instead of punt on fourth down and Whittier was able to take over on their own 46 with four minutes left.

They would get down to the Tiger five before a big defensive play by Andy Connor pushed the Wildcats back to the ten.  Ralph Francesconi’s game-winning field goal attempt from there was blocked as time ran out.

Ipswich hosts Triton on Friday night (7PM) while Whittier will travel to Georgetown on Saturday afternoon (1PM).

Connor Bradley (eight of fourteen passes -142 yards) and Brandon Lyons connected on a touchdown pass in the Stoneham loss in the Whittier opener.

The acoustics at Whittier were excellent and the booming voice of Wildcat coach Kevin Bradley was hard to miss.  His best material was directed at the officials – “Every time we have you it’s flag city.”  He did seem to talk the officials out of a pass interference call in the final quarter.

My GPS is good but when the bridge across from West Newbury to Haverhill is closed things got interesting.  I ended up taking a side trip almost to Building 19 to get across the Merrimac River.

(All of the pictures above and below enlarge significantly if you click on them.)

Kyle Blomster hands off to Kyle Barber as Ben ONeil (63) leads the blocking

Jake McCartney (3) stops Derek Chamberlain (40) in two-point overtime try

Nate Glaster nearly scores over Doug Angus

Doug Angus tackles Nate Glaster

Derek Chamberlain (14 carries – 86 yards) breaks loose

Brandon Lyons beats Nate Glaster for a Wildcat TD

Derek Chamberlain scores in overtime

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Whittier Tech (7-0) still undefeated after 62-57 win over Pentucket in boys basketball

Justin Reyes (26 points)

Will Angelini (26 points)

(Haverhill) Undefeated Whittier Tech (7-0) broke away from Pentucket (3-3) in the final three minutes and defeated the Sachems, 62-57, in a nonleague game at Whittier.

Pentucket lost despite having a nine-point lead in the first half and getting big numbers from Will Angelini (26 points) and Corey McNamara (21 points).

The remarkable thing about Will’s points is that he didn’t score any during the last 1 ½ quarters thanks to a concentrated Wildcat defense.  With Will under control, Whittier’s scoring duo of Justin Reyes (26 points) and Ryan Grant (15 points) took over.  Between them, the two juniors tallied seventeen of Whittier’s points in their final game-winning run (23-10) over the last twelve minutes.

I saw Ryan Grant last year when Pentucket won, 63-52.  He’s a clever dribbler always looking for his shot or a chance to penetrate.  He put seven points together and took the Wildcats from a 49-46 deficit late in the 3rd period to 53-53 tie 2 ½ minutes into the final quarter.  His two free throws, three minutes later, gave Whittier the lead for good, 57-55.

Justin Reyes (6-3), kept the ball away from the dangerous Will Angelini over the final 1 ½ quarters, converted two rebounds, and took a steal in for a 3-point play down the stretch.  The slender lefty put back three other rebounds successfully earlier in the game.

Corey McNamara (21 points) drives while the two coaches (Tom Sipsey & Leo Parent) watch

The Sachems became one-dimensional (Corey McNamara) late in the game.  And it seemed that every time Corey had the ball he had multiple defenders flying at him.   He put up nine points late but it just wasn’t enough to hold off the Wildcats.

Trailing, 61-57, with a minute left, the Sachems had at least three shot attempts to get closer before Justin Reyes got a rebound, was fouled, and scored the final point of the game.

Good crowd on hand to watch the unusual girl/boy double-header.  The Pentucket girls won a close one in the first game.

The Whittier staff recovered nicely after having no rosters available at game time to provide them at halftime.

To say that Will Angelini (6-6) had it going in the first half is an understatement.  The Wildcats were unable to defend his fall-away jumper in the lane area.  The senior collected twenty points in a remarkable half of basketball.

Whittier Tech box score

Pentucket box score  (Corey McNamara should total 21 points)

(The pictures above and below all enlarge if clicked on.)

Ryan Grant breaks with Parker Kelly pursuing

Justin Reyes drives on Tim Freirmuth (20) and Will Angelini

Will Angelini triple-teamed

Corey McNamara launches 3

Will Angelini (51) looks to block

Gio Gomez in Sachem traffic

Justin Reyes elevates

Ryan Grant (15 points)

Noel Dragon drives

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