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Brookline tops Newton North 2-1 in 2nd OT

Brookline gets the win in second overtime
Brookline team with trophy

(Lynn MA) He wasn’t where he was supposed to be……and the Brookline Warriors boys’ soccer team can be thankful for that.

Brookline (#9 seed) won the Division 1 title yesterday at Manning Field in Lynn, 2-1, in the second overtime over Newton North (#3 seed).

Both teams are from the Bay State Conference.

Brookline, with the victory, notches its first boys’ soccer title.

Isaac Hoffess put a knee to an incoming ball from Julian Gravereaux to end the game in the final two minutes of the second overtime.

Toby Prabhu-Schlosser

The tense struggle, however, might never have reached OT if not for Brookline senior Toby Prabhu-Schlosser.

Toby is part of the Brookline defense, not offense.  He plays back.  He protects. But with a one-goal deficit and a season on the line, Toby felt a need to be elsewhere.

“Normally, I stay back but there wasn’t much time left,” said Toby afterwards.  “It was kind of an impulse on my end.”

Toby became an extra body in the box area and, as it turned out, was one more body than the Tigers’ defense could account for.

“My left wing (Rafael Matta) played me in the middle,” recalled Toby. “I didn’t feel a man on my back, so I turned toward the goal.  I saw the top corner open, and I just went for it.”

Matty Gillen (17) on the run

Toby hit the open top corner and, with 6:48 left in regulation, Brookline was even (1-1) with Newton North.

“I don’t think I was supposed to be there, but Coach (Beaulieu-Jones) wasn’t mad about it,” added Toby with a laugh.

I detected no madness from Coach Beaulieu-Jones post-game: “Toby has been really defensive this year.  That was probably the first real shot he’s taken this year.  It was a missile into the far corner.”

Action in the box

In every previous post-season game, the Warriors (14-3-6) had won by only one goal each time.  They were used to the tight finishes.

Brookline entered today’s title game with a scoreless tie and a 2-1 win against Newton North this season.

“We came back in the regular season when they (Newton North) scored with eight minutes left,” recalled Warriors’ goalie Max Kuriyel afterwards.  “We knew we could do it.”

Marc Hiranandani and GK Max Kuriyel

The Warriors needed a comeback after Rialto Janeiro put the Tigers up, 1-0, sixteen minutes into the second half.

Rialto and teammate Marc Hiranandani generated pressure in the Brookline end on numerous occasions.

The only breakthrough, however, was Rialto’s second-half tally.

“(Will) Rooney put a shot on and I deflected it,” said GK Max Kuriyel.  “The ball came off the post and Rialto got it by me.  It was a rebound and nothing I could do.”

Rialto Janeiro (7) gives Newton North the lead in the second half

Max did lunge for a save attempt, but the ball was past him.

The Tigers’ lead held up until Toby Prabhu-Schlosser evened things seventeen minutes later.

Both teams threatened in the first fifteen-minute overtime.  Will Rooney had the best chance and did everything but score in that first OT on a shot from the left from close in.

There were corner kicks and free kicks in both overtimes that could have led to an ending in this one, but they didn’t.

Isaac Heffess had the game winner

Recalling the game winner, Issac Heffess said, “Julian (Gravereaux) had the ball.  I knew he had good technique, so I started making a run toward the goal.  The ball came to me, and I kneed it over the keeper.”

There was actually no time for Isaac to do anything but knee the ball.  “I was in very close when I got the ball.  He (the keeper) came out and I think was a little bit hesitant so I had a chance to get a knee on it……..and it bounced in.”

“It was crazy,” added Isaac.  “It still hasn’t settled in that we’ve won.  It feels great.”

“Isaac has been a humble star for us,” said Coach Beaulieu-Jones.  “All he needs is a moment.”

Oscar Kulkarni splits defenders Matty Gillen (17) and Emiliano Gisholt (8)

“Once Isaac got in there, I knew he was going to finish,” said Max Kuriyel.

Isaac is committed to UNH next year.

Max Kuriyel: “I really started to focus after their goal and the saves started coming.  I knew that I had to do it for my boys in the back line.  They’ve played so well all season.”

Coach Beaulieu-Jones: “We’ve played each other several times.  We suspected that those games might be a preview of the state title game.  Newton North transitions faster than any team in the state.  That makes them extremely dangerous. Every time we played them has been tight. Either team could have won today.”

Isaac Heffess and Andrew Nielsen

The weather was cold but not too cold.

Terrific crowd.  I have been to Manning Field many times and I don’t recall a crowd this size.  Lots of students with plenty of chanting and enthusiasm.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Brookline captains with trophy
Action in front of the Brookline goal
Will Rooney (10) has a corner to shoot at
Emiliano Gisholt and Eamon Boshell
Newton North celebrates goal
Toby Prabhu-Schlosser (10) celebrates his goal
Evan Guttell (7) and Akash Sahadevan (11)
Emiliano Gisholt

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Newton North’s Tony Oliveiro gets OT game winner versus Concord-Carlisle in D1 semis

Newton North Tigers celebrate Division 1 semifinal win over Concord-Carlisle
Rialto Janairo (7) and Kaden Lewis (27)

(Lynn MA) “I don’t know what I’m feeling right now.”

“Everything’s going through my head.”

Newton North senior Tony Oliveiro had just scored the game winner in the Division 1 state semifinals on Wednesday night.

The overtime winner at Fraser Field in Lynn sends the Tigers (16-2-4) to the finals on Saturday at the same place.

The opponent for the #3 seed will be a familiar Bay State Conference opponent…..Brookline.

The Warriors (13-3-5) have a win and a tie against Newton North this season.  Should be a good one.

Tony Oliveiro’s goal broke the scoreless tie 3+ minutes into the first overtime.

“You knew that someone was going to rise to the occasion,” said NN coach Roy Dow afterwards.  “I was glad it was someone on our team and not theirs.”

Concord-Carlisle (11-5-5) was the #18 seed and the underdog throughout their four tournament matches. But thanks, in part, to a magical run by Patriots’ goalie Ben Wasserman, had stayed alive.

Some of that magic continued in this game early in the second half.  Rialto Janairo had a clean look and launched a hard shot.  Ben was leaning left, but at the last split-second stuck out his right foot to deflect Rialto’s shot.

Concord-Carlisle GK Ben Wasserman sticks out right foot for a big save

“Tonight he (Ben Wasserman) saved a for-sure goal,” said teammate Carl Headges afterwards.

Tigers’ goalie Henry Baker had six saves.  Most of them were in the first half.

“The ball was sitting in their end most of the overtime,” recalled Henry.  “I didn’t have much to do, and that was good for me.”

Soccer is a team game and Tony Oliveiro was quick to point that out in my brief interview with him afterwards: “What a ride.  What a team.  What a team.  I’m so proud of this team.”

The throw-in by junior Matty Gillen on the game winner was where it needed to be.

“We were trying to exploit some space that they gave us,” said Coach Dow.  “We were finally able to do it.”

Tony Oliveiro established position on his defender to receive the bouncing throw-in.

Instead of trying to settle the ball, Tony opted to flip the ball up (and over) the defender.

Tony Oliveiro flips the ball over the defender

That maneuver worked. Tony found space and the ball behind the defender with GK Ben Wasserman ahead.

Tony Oliveiro finds space and gets off a shot

Tony got off a quick shot to Ben’s left that also went by another defender guarding the goal.

Tony Oliveiro’s shots goes into the left corner

When Tony’s shot went into the left corner the reactions were different to the extreme.

The effect of the game winner sets in on both sides
Newton North GK Henry Baker makes save

“I just saw the ball bouncing in,” said Newton North goalie Henry Baker.  “It struck Tony’s foot and I was waiting for the ball to hit the back of the net.  When it did, I started running down all the way to the corner.”

“I was a little bit behind the ball,” recalled Carl Headges.  “I did see it pretty well.  He (Tony Oliveiro) had a good touch.  It was an impressive goal.”

“He’s got some abilities,” added Coach Dow of Tony Oliveiro, “and it came through in a big moment in a big way.”

Tony Oliveiro had missed the three previous Newton North tournament games because of a concussion. He did not play the entire game tonight…..and that may have helped him at the end.

Carl Headges

“We were picking and choosing moments to give guys rest,” said Coach Dow.

Carl Headges regarding the tough loss: “We’ve got to keep our heads high.  We weren’t an over-matched team.  It certainly wasn’t the goalie’s fault.  It’s a team effort.  Ben (Wasserman) has been so big for us.”

The weather was cold but not too cold.

Rialto Janairo, Will Rooney, Danilo Talisayon, and Tony Oliveiro, were Bay State Conference All-Stars.  Will Rooney was the league MVP.

Both schools had student fans in the seats providing plenty of cheering and chanting.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Theo Hofman
Danilo Talisayon (6) and Brady Poor (13)
Action on a corner kick
Akash Sahadevan (11) and Ash Niemann (10)
Emiliano Gisholt (8) and Desmond Simon (20)
Liam Harrinton (9)
Danilo Talisayon (6) and Desmond Simon (20)
Theo Hofman
Ash Niemann CC and Will Rooney NN
Daniel Jaffe set to head
Danilo Talisayon
Andrew Nielsen

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