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Ipswich Wins Penalty Kicks Thriller Over Lynnfield to Reach D3 North Finals

Bryn Golesworthy blasts first goal for Ipswich. Later the Tiger sophomore would tally the game winner in the 9th round of penalty kicks.

(Lynn) Tough last 24 hours for Lynnfield soccer, as both of their very good high school soccer teams exited the state tournament via the excruciating penalty kicks route.

First the boys lost to Rockport on Wednesday night at Manchester as they were closed out in the 4th round of the penalty kicks.  Late yesterday (Thursday) afternoon, the Pioneer girls reached the dreaded penalty kick game-settler and lost in the ninth round to Ipswich at Manning Field.

I witnessed both games and admit that I didn’t realize totally how the penalty kick part worked.  Now I do, and that makes the Division 3 North semifinal girls soccer game between Ipswich and Lynnfield a true classic.

The penalty kicks go for five rounds unless one team earlier than five rounds gets an advantage that can’t be overcome.  That “unless” part is what happened to the Lynnfield boys.  When Keady Segel of Rockport hit his penalty shot in the 4th round it gave Rockport a 3-1 advantage.  When Keady then followed that up with a save in the bottom of the 4th on the next Lynnfield shooter, the game was over.

Bryn Golesworthy (#4) and Tiger goalie Hannah O’Flynn celebrate the game winner.

In the girls game the score was tied 2-2 after five rounds.  Talk about tense.  DiCesare Allegra had given Lynnfield a 2-1 lead in the top of the 5th round.  The game would have ended if Tiger Samantha Brown hadn’t scored in the bottom of the 5th round.  But she did and then the game entered the “next goal wins” stage.  Seven shots were taken and every one of them was a potential game winner!  You talk about a pressure builder!  Bryn Golesworthy finally hit the winner and put Ipswich in the Division 3 North finals with Weston (#1 seed ) back at Manning Field on Saturday afternoon (1PM).

Manning Field was a windy place when the game started and I thought Ipswich had the better of the play with the wind.  In a game with few clean looks Bryn Golesworthy got one in the first half and Ipswich had a 1-0 lead on her goal assisted by Hannah Weagle.

The wind lessened in the second half but Lynnfield didn’t need any help.  They started to descend on the Ipswich end regularly forcing the Tigers to make numerous clearings.  Lauren McCarthy evened things for Lynnfield out of a scramble to the right of the Ipswich goal.

Brittany Hunt (19) tracked down by Courtney Long (24) and Grace Gardner (3).

The rest of the half and through the two overtimes I give Lynnfield the edge.  They had more finesse, meaning they could put several passes together.  However, their passes didn’t lead to clear shots at the Ipswich goal thanks to a Tiger defense led by tireless Courtney Brown.  There was a soccer ball or two in dangerous spots but no one from Lynnfield could get a clear shot.  Ipswich made a few runs but with CAL All-Leaguer Hannah Weagle being closely watched there was little offense to be seen on their part.

That led to this match being settled by penalty kicks.  Years from now folks, recalling this game, will remember Bryn Golesworthy’s goals, and Hannah O’Flynn’s saves (7-of-9 penalty kicks).  Hopefully, also included in the memories will be Samantha Brown’s successful penalty kick in the bottom of the 5th round.  A miss by Samantha and Ipswich loses.

I have to complement the setup at the Manning Field facility in Lynn.  Just beautiful.  Here’s a place that: is clean, has seating, has bathrooms, has a turf field, has a working scoreboard, has a speaker system, has locker rooms, has food/drink, has team rosters, and has parking.

(All of this information is unofficial.  I hope that gives me a pass on spelling errors and misinformation.)

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Ipswich/Essex Summer Bus Shuttle Is a Bargain

Pricey place to visit on summer weekends - bus shuttle is a financial alternative.

Pricey place to visit on summer weekends - bus shuttle is a financial alternative.

Crane Beach is no secret in the summer.  Pick a hot weekend day from June 20th – September 7th  to visit that beach and you’ll join a vehicle caravan on Argilla Road in Ipswich.

$22 later you have a parking place, if there are any available. 

The high price and the possibility of not even being able to get on the beach would suggest that other ways to get to Crane’s should be considered by non-residents (Ipswich residents get in on a sticker.).

One of the under-known alternatives is the Ipswich/Essex Explorer.  This is a weekend/holiday bus shuttle that ties in with the commuter rail service from Boston. 

I spoke with Bill Nelson (manager of the Visitor’s Center in Ipswich) about the bus service.  “It is one of those things that not too many people know about but should,” he said.

There is no question that the price is right – $5.  The way it works is that when the train from Boston arrives in Ipswich during weekends and holidays between June 20th and September 7th, a Cape Ann Transportation Bus is there waiting.

The 35-seat bus, with room for beach paraphernalia, has a schedule that not only includes Crane Beach, but also Russell Orchard, and sites in Essex such as Woodman’s, just to mention some of its stops. 

The bus doesn’t stay at these sites.  It drops off passengers at the site of their choice.  Obviously, it is important to know when the bus is scheduled to return.

The Crane Beach part of the trip is especially attractive.  The $5 paid at the Ipswich train station gets you onto Crane Beach.  But what if the parking lot is full and cars are being detoured back at Northgate Road?  Not a problem. The shuttle bus is still allowed to drive in and discharge passengers.

There are first-time visitors who arrive in Ipswich via train and think that they will walk to Crane Beach the same way they walk from the Manchester train station to Singing Beach.  “Crane Beach is six miles from the train station,” explained Bill Nelson, “and a taxi will cost close to $25.  This all makes the bus shuttle very appealing.”

The Ipswich/Essex Explorer bus shuttle is in its fourth year.  “It came about as part of a CMAQ (Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality) grant,” Bob Ryan recalled.  “The idea was to promote less car use by providing travel alternatives for groups of people, many coming out from Boston.” 

Bob added that, “We’ve been running a similar service in Rockport since 1994.”

Bill Nelson explained that some people drive their cars to the Ipswich station and wait for the bus.  “There is no fee to park in the Ipswich lot because the town owns it.  Other people drive toward Crane Beach, find out it is full, and then come back to the station and wait for the bus.”

A check of the MBTA website shows when the commuter trains arrive in Ipswich from Boston from June 20th – September 7th on holidays and weekends.  Whenever that train arrives in Ipswich from Boston, the bus shuttle will be there. 

Bill told me that any questions about the shuttle service can be answered at the Ipswich Visitor’s Center.  “After Memorial Day we are open seven days a week from 9-5.”  Their phone number is (978-356-8540).

Bob Ryan was very positive about Ipswich/Essex shuttle.  He did, however, mention one very significant concern.  “We don’t know what the state will do about the transportation deficit,” he said.  “One of the suggestions is to eliminate the commuter rail on the weekends.  Obviously, if that happens the Ipswich/Essex Explorer bus shuttle won’t be operating.”

The next fiscal year starts on July 1st so decisions about the commuter rail service will be made soon.  Many potential summertime Ipswich/Essex tourists are hoping that a bargain like the bus shuttle continues to operate when state budget matters are settled.

( Appeared in The Town Common on May 20th )

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