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Governor’s Academy Routs Belmont Hill School 41-14 in Football to Finish Regular Season Undefeated

Undefeated Governors Academy celebrates win over Belmont Hill School.

First-year coach Jim OLeary with Tate Jozokos

(Byfield) Junior Tate Jozokos scored three touchdowns and passed for another as Governor’s Academy finished their ISL regular season unbeaten with a 41-14 rout over previously unbeaten Belmont Hill on Saturday afternoon.

The Seniors Day crowd had plenty to cheer about as their Govs dominated both sides of the ball.

The only Gov blemishes were a secondary lapse late in the first half that gave the Hillies their first TD, and late-game action, involving reserves, that produced the visitors second score.  Beyond that, the Govs were very impressive.

Their running game was geared inside behind the running of junior Eli Morrissey (127 yards – 2 TDs).  At 5’8”-175, Eli did a pretty good imitation of the Patriots Danny Woodhead in a sea of much larger linemen.

Eli Morrissey (2 TDs) gets blocks from Peter Hines (53) and John Dresser (55).

Belmont Hill entered the game allowing just 6.3 points per game.  Those stats blew up in this one as Govs wore them down with their ground game and were never once denied in the red zone.

The Govs second score, early in the second period (10:53), showed how much trouble the Hillies defense was in.  Down 7-0, BH closed in to stop the run and left their secondary in man-to-man coverage.  Tate faked to Eli and gained plenty of time to find 6’5” Frank Barba flying down the middle of the field with defender 5’9” Alfredo Barros in coverage.  A well-thrown pass and Frank was in for a 41-yard touchdown.

Tate Jozokos finishes the regular season with thirteen touchdowns rushing and ten passing in an undefeated eight-game schedule.  Does the ISL have an MVP??

And the season isn’t over.  The Govs will play again next weekend in one of the NESCAP bowl games.

The Hillies (7-1) may also make one of those bowl games as well.  It would be a fitting end for retiring BH coach Kevin Fleming.  He has already led teams to eight bowl games in his 20+ years of coaching.

The Govs were 4-4 last season.  This is their first ISL title since 2004.

Frank Barba (88) gets past Alfredo Barros (13) for 2nd quarter TD.

Governor’s Academy involved Sammy Davis in some offensive trickery and let’s just say that there’s some work to be done.  One was on an extra points attempt (handoff problem) and the other a second pass attempt after catching a pass (thrown out-of-bounds).

GA did run a very effective end around to Frank Barba for a two-point conversion in the third period.

The Govs led, 19-7, at halftime.  They put up three more scores in 1 ½ periods in the second half for a, 41-7, advantage and allowed reserves to finish off the afternoon.

I was impressed with the discipline of the Governor’s offense.  Tate would get a play from Coach O’Leary and take it to the huddle.  The team would come to the line of scrimmage and wait in formation.  Then Coach O’Leary would tell Tate to change the play or tell him to go ahead with the play already called.  It was obvious that the GA coach was reading the defense when he kept a play or changed it.  While this was going on, the offense didn’t false start which was impressive to me.

(I collect my own information and take my own pictures.  I own any mistakes.)  Clicking on pictures enlarges them.

Kirk Ryder (4)

Frank Barba heads for extra points

Lucas Bombardier (28)

Bug Carper (8)

BH quarterback Conor Murphy

Eli Morrissey

BH coach Kevin Fleming

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Governor’s Academy Football Remains Undefeated With 29-10 Win Over Milton Academy

Tate Jozokos (13) follows Eli Morrissey (34) to the end zone on the last play of the first half.

Kirk Ryder rocks Mustang QB Anthony Scurto (4) in the red zone in the 4th quarter

(Byfield)  Governor’s Academy continues undefeated (7-0) downing Milton Academy, 29-10, on a breezy afternoon at GA.

And likewise, Belmont Hill is also undefeated with their, 42-15, rout of Lawrence Academy.

That should make next Saturday’s, regular-season-ending, 1PM matchup between the Govs and the Hillies into the biggest game in this 2011 Independent School League season.  There is something called the NEPSAC bowl after the regular season is over!

Governor’s had great success running the ball, getting all four touchdowns that way.   The big problem for Milton Academy (3-4) was that there wasn’t one back they could key on.

The biggest play of the game was probably the last play of the first half.  It was a play that never should have happened.

The visiting Mustangs trailed only, 8-3, and had the ball at their own 18-yard-line with a minute left in the half.  They were deep in their own territory.  Probably should have been a good time to run off some clock.  But the Mustangs were throwing passes.

None were intercepted but the passes stopped the clock and gave GA time for a play from the Mustang 35.  Quarterback Tate Jozokos swept left and used Eli Morrissey’s block to score as the halftime horn sounded.  GA left with a 14-3 halftime lead.

Drew Jacobs (32) finds the end zone early in the third period.

The Mustang’s last minute fiasco loomed large when they drove 71 yards with the opening kickoff in the second half into the end zone finished off with Drew Jacobs eleven yard run.  Justin Yoon’s kick closed things to 14-10.

Next possession Tate Jozokos was picked by Jack Conway to set MA up at their own 40 early in the third quarter.  You started to think that maybe Milton Academy (3-4) could pull off a major upset.

Not on this day.  The Mustangs final three possessions ended in turnover, red zone squander, and turnover.  The Gov’s, meanwhile, put up two touchdowns and extra points, and ran out the clock on their last possession.

Kirk Ryder was prominent in two of those Mustang stops.  He recovered Drew Jacobs fumble after Eli Morrissey’s tackle forced the loose ball.  Later Kirk put a serious hit on Mustang QB Anthony Scurto on a failed fourth down play at the Gov’s nine just as he was releasing a pass.

Sammy Davis converted a 4th-and-3 late in the third quarter.  Tate Jozokos (three touchdowns/one 2-point conversion) finished the drive with a one yard push up the middle. GA led, 21-10, as the third period ended.

Sammy Davis gets past Sean Sylva (37) and Vaughn Holliday (35) for 7-yard TD in the 4th quarter.

After Milton Academy’s red zone squander in the fourth period, the Govs put together a 91-yard march featuring a 26-yard run by Tate Jozokos and a bizarre 24-yard run by Sammy Davis.  I say “bizarre” because Sammy fumbled the pitch that was supposed to send him left, picked up the fumble and ran right for the yards.  He had the speed to get away with the change of direction.  Sammy went the final seven yards on a sweep left.  Tate scrambled for the 2-point conversion.

Jesse Gwozdz intercepted Anthony Scurto on the Mustangs’ last possession.

Milton Academy got on the board first on freshman Justin Yoon’s 35-yard field goal.  That leg could land him on a D1 college roster four years from now.

Eli Morrissey took the next kickoff all the way to the Mustang 13.  The Govs looked ready to roll into the end zone but Otis Handy picked off Tate Jozokos’ pass at the one.

Eli Morrissey (34) during long first period kickoff return.

On the first play after the interception the Mustangs tried to fake a handoff and have QB Anthony Scurto follow.  The play was way too slow in getting started and Anthony was dropped in the end zone for a safety.

Things stayed 3-2 until late in the second period.  A couple of long runs by Eli Morrissey and Austin Smith set Tate up for a one-yard scoring plunge with one minute until halftime.  This brings us back to MA’s questionable strategy during the final minute of the first half.

The Gov’s tried an end around (Frank Barba) after one touchdown and a fake kick (Colin Smith) on another.  The polish wasn’t on either one of those attempts!

This was my first look at the Governor’s.  They certainly have a running game to be feared especially to the outside.  I also liked the fact that many of the best blocks I saw were thrown by backs.  If I were Belmont Hill, however, I would be wanting to force Governor’s to throw the ball – Tate threw two interceptions.

The Gov’s were very solid on defense.  Bug Carper, Tucker Oniskey, and Kirk Ryder spent a lot of time in the Mustang backfield.  Kirk’s QB hurry on 4th down in the red zone was significant.  If the Mustangs had scored they would have trailed just, 21-17, with most of the final quarter left.

Belmont Hill (7-0) versus Governor’s Academy (7-0) on November 12th (Saturday) at 1PM in Byfield.

(I take my own pictures and draw my own conclusions.  Mistakes are unintentional.)  If you click on any of the pictures they will enlarge to normal size.

Tate Jozokos

Otis Handy

Kirk Ryder

Colin Smith

Anthony Scurto

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