John Bolton Belongs at the UN

I wish that Mr. Precht had thrown that, “John Kerry, for all his fine qualities,” partial line into the beginning of his, “Blunt? Try dishonest,” article in last week’s Bridgton News.  If he’d done that then the readers would have known that the author dislikes the President and so naturally has no use for any Presidential appointee.

“John Bolton is questioned by several of the most important intelligence services of the United States for venting his fury on some honest officials who had the decency to oppose his depraved and untenable lies.”   Sounds a bit like what Mr. Precht had to say in his article about John Bolton, doesn’t it?  But it wasn’t.  It was ranted by that wonderful human being Fidel Castro on April 29th.  Being on the same side as the guy running “Paradise Island” would make me contemplate reconsideration!

I was reading about that “tirade” Mr. Bolton was accused of having.  Apparently Mr. Bolton has a low voice and was not even accused of raising his voice.  What he did was stand up and put his hands on his hips.  Wow, that’s real threatening!

John Bolton has some strong opinions about countries like; Cuba, North Korea, Syria, and Iran.  Like a lot of us he doesn’t trust them.  He wants to keep a close eye on them.  And what better place to do that than in the UN where their representatives would be on hand with him?  So he confronts them on occasion.  Where’s the problem?

The Democrats lost the 2004 presidential election because millions of people didn’t trust them with our national security and for their irrational obstructing.  Mr. Precht’s attitude concerning Mr. Bolton would appear to indicate that like a lot of other Democrats he apparently hasn’t learned from John Kerry’s embarrassing defeat.

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