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Taxes Are Good??

Paying taxes is good, according to John Burciaga, because it keeps us from becoming evil rich people.

You talk about a hard sell.  I hope that the Newburyport Current editors did not force John Burciaga to write an article advising us that taxation is a good thing.

Whatever the incentive, he made a run at it last week with “The Taxation Myth.” 

I recall back in the day when people would come to our door trying to sell encyclopedia sets and vacuum cleaners.  That was not easy to do but the items being sold made sense to some of us and we became buyers.  But selling taxation as a good thing?  How do you talk anyone into buying that?

John tries it using the “logic” that without taxation there would be rich people….and this is bad.  And even worse, the rich people might not want to associate with those who are not as rich as they are.  He cites those snobs, who built mansions in Newport (RI), and would not associate with those of lesser wealth.  A heavy dose of taxation would have righted that social injustice if John had his way.

What John cannot come to grips with is that most of us can manage our money better than the government can.  When we hear, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you,” we expect the worst.  John, on the other hand, is delighted.

I think that most Americans are willing to help others.  They will do it without being forced to especially in situations they are informed about.  But if you take money from folks and they learn of it being used unwisely, the taker has a quick two strikes against him. 

I wonder what the taxpayers in Boston think about the idea (described in the Boston Herald) of pouring millions of dollars into the worst schools in the city at the expense of the rest of the schools.  Shouldn’t those who perform well be getting the rewards?  I wonder if John is fearful of successful students getting even further ahead academically.

John’s friend from Hawaii (or wherever?) in the White House has clearly demonstrated a lack of financial sense.  Why would anyone want him using our money?  John might have used Barack’s money management for some sort of reservation about giving the government too much money but the lefty in him would not allow it. 

Maybe in a future article John could explain why the rich people these days (John Kerry?) seem to be on the public payroll and why he wants to give them more money to waste!

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I Voted for Barack Obama

Barrack Obama

I am writing to congratulate myself for voting for Barack Obama and being part of his 28-vote victory in Newburyport in the Democrat primary.

My vote was not based on Mr. Obama’s skin color because I’m not a racist.  I do admit,however, that I do not watch BET (Black Entertainment Television) or support the United Negro College Fund because they’re racist.

My vote was not based on Barack’s middle name, “Hussein.” That middle name is part of his Moslem background.  If I let his background factor into my vote, I would be a racist and I’m not.  However, if I learned that his hand was going to be on the Koran instead of the Bible when he was sworn in to the presidency I would vote against him.  That’s not being racist. That is believing that the Bible, not the Koran, contains the truths that I want my leader to pledge allegiance to.

My vote was not based on Barack being against the war in Iraq.  Barack was in the State Senate, not the US Senate, when the vote for that war took place.  If he had been confronted with the same evidence that President Bush and Hillary Clinton were confronted with he would have voted to go ahead with the war. 

My vote was not based on Barack’s belief that abortion should be available in all nine months of pregnancy.  I am opposed to abortion and consider the slaughter of unborn children to be a horrific tragedy.

My vote is not based on Barack’s willingness to put an end to some of the tax cuts that have been enacted during the current administration.  I defy anyone to explain to me how sending me out into the buying world with less money is going to help the economy. 

My vote is not based on Barack’s talk of unifying the country.  I believe that his idea of “unity” is for me to change my previously held positions and switch to his.  I have a right to my opinion even if it disagrees with his opinion.  Labeling opinions that are different from his, “divisive,” is a step toward trying to shut off constructive dialogue. 

My vote is not based on the endorsements of Senator Kerry and Senator Kennedy.  Those two are the punch lines of jokes in any comic setting.  Kerry was offered $1 million to clear up the controversy surrounding his service in the Vietnam War.  He proved that either he didn’t need the money or he couldn’t clear his name by taking no action.  Kennedy looked out his ocean-side window and decided that his view was more important than a wind energy program that would lower electricity rates on the Cape.

So why did I vote for Barack Obama?  Quite simply it was a vote against Hillary Clinton. 

At a dinner party recently, I heard someone say that they were voting for Hillary because, “she was the only one that they could trust.”  You’re right, it stunned me too!  If past performance means anything, Hillary is the one that can’t be trusted.

Let me make a prediction: Barack Obama is going to get the Democrat nomination but during the trip to also-rans, the Clintons are going to tear that party apart.  It gives me pleasure to think that I may have had a hand in that process in a voting booth at the Brown School.

( Appeared in both the Newburyport Current and the Newburyport Daily News on February 15, 2008. )

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Surprising Behavior by Senator John Kerry and Michael Cook

What is this world coming to? 

Is it possible that prolific letter writer Michael Cook wrote an entire entry for last week’s Newburyport Current (“Culture of celebrity is all about marketing”) without including “President Bush” and an unflattering adjective in the same sentence?

Is it also possible that our Senator Kerry called former president Bill Clinton a “liar” last Friday?

It is not only possible but also true in both cases.  I found both occurrences refreshing.

I will admit that I generally only read Michael’s entries until the word “Bush” shows up.  After that, the Far Left talking points start and my interest vanishes.  I’m not crazy about President Bush, especially on immigration, but he is not the cause of all the evil in the world. 

In this article, which I was able to read in its entirety, Michael opined on a topic that my wife and I have discussed more than a few times: “Why do some of the lightweights of our society get paid so much money?”  Like us, Michael wonders why those who really make a difference in society struggle to get by. 

Michael credits this unfairness to the fact that the successful are getting assistance from publicists while the rest of us are not.  We may be doing great things but no one is notifying the media of it or setting up contacts that will lead to financial rewards.  I absolutely agree.

I do think we have to remember that we live in a culture that is willing to pay dearly to be entertained.  Those offering the entertainment know this.  When ticket prices go up people are outraged.  However, they do have two choices – pay or stay home.  Most choose to pay and that just emboldens those offering the entertainment.

Michael thinks that the sordid lifestyles of many of the celebrities will eventually lessen our interest in following them and/or paying to see them perform.  I hope he’s right but after flipping through the TV channels and seeing previews of coming attractions, I think that those providing the entertainment totally disagree with Michael on this point.   The faces and thoughts of fools are constantly before us today and most likely will be there tomorrow. 

When the Super Bowl is over and they start interviewing the participants you can bet that more than a few players will be an embarrassment to watch………but we’ll watch just to see if they embarrass themselves.  Of course, if they’re celebrating Patriots players we’ll bear with it and the networks know that.

John Kerry 

The other pleasant surprise I referred to was Kerry calling Clinton a liar.   It wasn’t breaking news that the Clintons are often free and easy with the truth it was just that Senator Kerry showed some moxie and went after the Clintons.   Kerry’s endorsement of Obama early this month didn’t cause much of a stir. I, in fact, thought that Kerry’s endorsement might do Obama more harm than good since Senator Kerry is about as popular as those dogs that leave their calling cards down on the Merrimac River boardwalk are. 

It aggravated many Obama supporters that because Kerry delayed his endorsement he fumbled a chance to help Obama in the neighboring New Hampshire primary.  A number of national media types, much to his embarrassment, noted Kerry’s poor timing. 

The media criticism stirred Senator Kerry into action.  He made sure that he wasn’t late in having an impact in Massachusetts on Super Tuesday (February 5th).  This time around he not only told the truth about the former President but also reinforced his support for Senator Obama.  Hillary currently has a 30+ point lead in the polls in Massachusetts.  However, with Governor Patrick, along with Kerry and now Senator Kennedy backing Obama it could get a lot closer come primary day. 

So, thank you Michael Cook and John Kerry for pleasantly surprising me.

(Submitted to the Newburyport Current on January 29th as a letter to the editor. )

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Senator John Kerry Won’t Release Records

Are you expecting Senator John Kerry to release unaltered copies of his service and medical records?  Santa entering your house via your chimney has a better chance of happening.

Big money Boone Pickens has given Senator Kerry yet another opportunity to clear the fog concerning the discrepancies surrounding the senator’s service in Vietnam by offering a $1 million gift if he can do it.  Kerry says he’s willing and able.  So far so good but now Mr. Pickens is requiring, among other things, that Senator Kerry release unaltered copies of his service and military records.  Trust me, that won’t happen.

Why?  If those records somehow exonerated Senator Kerry, he would have released them during the presidential campaign of 2004 when the Swift Boat Veterans first start attacking him with ads.  The Swift Boaters believed then, and still think now, that the records will prove their contention that Senator Kerry lied about what he experienced in Vietnam and will confirm that he should never have received some of the medals awarded to him.

I believe that if John Kerry had just gotten the medals, whether rightly or wrongly, and then returned to the United States and lived quietly ever after he wouldn’t have riled up the folks he served with in Vietnam.  However, to come back and talk about atrocities that he had apparently witnessed and go on to insist that his superiors knew what was going on and did nothing, really stirred up some that he had served with.  To many he was, and still is, just as evil as Jane Fonda is when it comes to the Vietnam War aftermath.

When John Kerry decided to run for President a golden opportunity for revenge presented itself to the Swift Boaters.  Through organization and significant financing, Senator Kerry’s military career began to come under attack through a series of advertisements. 

The Swift Boaters produced evidence, and eyewitnesses agreed that two of Senator Kerry’s three Purple Hearts shouldn’t have been given to him.  They also raised serious doubts about the Bronze Star he was awarded. 

If you look at the information that the Swift Boaters offer about those two questionable Purple Hearts you have to wonder if the senator wasn’t trying out for the part of Ensign Chuck Parker in McHale’s Navy. 

In one episode, that ends with a Purple Heart, the senator fires a grenade launcher and ends up with shrapnel in his own arm.  Later a doctor pulls out the shrapnel with tweezers and puts on a band-aid.

In another Purple Heart episode, the senator tosses a grenade onto a pile of rice. The resulting explosion sends out shrapnel, which makes unpleasant acquaintances with his left buttocks and right arm.  Now injured he earns a Bronze Star by taking part in a rescue after first abandoning others who had been thrown overboard from a nearby swift boat. 

If people were tossing around this sort of information about your military career, wouldn’t you want to prove that they’re wrong as quickly as possible?  Not our senator.  He writes his own version and has a few eyewitnesses as well.
John Kerry knows what is in his military and service records.  He has disparaged the eyewitness accounts against him and can thus expect the Swift Boaters to treat his eyewitness accounts the same way. 

What must he do to clear this whole thing up?  It seems obvious to me. 

Will he do it?  Not if it contains damaging (embarrassing) information. 

What will most likely happen?  He’ll offer “proof” that can’t be substantiated and insist that he’s proven his point.

(Appeared in Newburyport Daily News on December 6, 2007)

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Henry Precht Strikes (out?) Again

Thank you, Bridgton News, for continuing to run Henry Precht’s articles.  He’s entitled to his opinions and since your paper provides plenty of room for responses it’s a nice venue for give-and-take.

His latest (“Selective Numbering – August 10th) was one in which he looked around and realized that most folks do not agree with him on Israel.  He couldn’t seem to even find Democrats to join him in his anti-Israel position.

Cheer up Henry in time the Democrats may shift to your point-of-view.  If the leader of the Democrat Party (John Fibs Kerry) can switch from supporting the Iraq War to not supporting it, then maybe the same thing will happen with Israel.

You must have been joking when you suggested that the Israeli soldiers were kidnapped by Hamas and Hezbollah to protest Israeli occupation.  Israel didn’t occupy the land when the kidnapping happened.  It was just another case of terrorists being terrorists.

That business that you mentioned about women and children being killed doesn’t fool anyone that knows how the terrorists operate.  They use women and children as shields.  The terrorists store equipment in private homes.  They also launch rockets into Israeli civilian areas all the time.

I agree with you that Hezbollah has a right to live in Lebanon.  What they don’t have a right to is having an organized militia in southern Lebanon.  Even the United Nations agrees with that.  The Lebanese government did not prevent Hezbollah from getting control of southern Lebanon.  Maybe next time around they’ll do a better job.

Your complaint about Israel over-responding to the terrorist threat hints that you don’t care if Israel gets wiped out.  When Israel goes to war it’s never a first quarter/second quarter/third quarter/fourth quarter event.  It’s sudden death overtime!  If they lose it’s time to test the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

This is not the time, Henry, to be an appeaser of the forces of evil.  It didn’t work in the 1930’s with the Germans and it won’t work now with the Islamic terrorists. Israel is a democracy and should not be living in fear from terrorists.  We must support them whether we’re Democrats or Republicans

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John Bolton Belongs at the UN

I wish that Mr. Precht had thrown that, “John Kerry, for all his fine qualities,” partial line into the beginning of his, “Blunt? Try dishonest,” article in last week’s Bridgton News.  If he’d done that then the readers would have known that the author dislikes the President and so naturally has no use for any Presidential appointee.

“John Bolton is questioned by several of the most important intelligence services of the United States for venting his fury on some honest officials who had the decency to oppose his depraved and untenable lies.”   Sounds a bit like what Mr. Precht had to say in his article about John Bolton, doesn’t it?  But it wasn’t.  It was ranted by that wonderful human being Fidel Castro on April 29th.  Being on the same side as the guy running “Paradise Island” would make me contemplate reconsideration!

I was reading about that “tirade” Mr. Bolton was accused of having.  Apparently Mr. Bolton has a low voice and was not even accused of raising his voice.  What he did was stand up and put his hands on his hips.  Wow, that’s real threatening!

John Bolton has some strong opinions about countries like; Cuba, North Korea, Syria, and Iran.  Like a lot of us he doesn’t trust them.  He wants to keep a close eye on them.  And what better place to do that than in the UN where their representatives would be on hand with him?  So he confronts them on occasion.  Where’s the problem?

The Democrats lost the 2004 presidential election because millions of people didn’t trust them with our national security and for their irrational obstructing.  Mr. Precht’s attitude concerning Mr. Bolton would appear to indicate that like a lot of other Democrats he apparently hasn’t learned from John Kerry’s embarrassing defeat.

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