Henry Precht Strikes (out?) Again

Thank you, Bridgton News, for continuing to run Henry Precht’s articles.  He’s entitled to his opinions and since your paper provides plenty of room for responses it’s a nice venue for give-and-take.

His latest (“Selective Numbering – August 10th) was one in which he looked around and realized that most folks do not agree with him on Israel.  He couldn’t seem to even find Democrats to join him in his anti-Israel position.

Cheer up Henry in time the Democrats may shift to your point-of-view.  If the leader of the Democrat Party (John Fibs Kerry) can switch from supporting the Iraq War to not supporting it, then maybe the same thing will happen with Israel.

You must have been joking when you suggested that the Israeli soldiers were kidnapped by Hamas and Hezbollah to protest Israeli occupation.  Israel didn’t occupy the land when the kidnapping happened.  It was just another case of terrorists being terrorists.

That business that you mentioned about women and children being killed doesn’t fool anyone that knows how the terrorists operate.  They use women and children as shields.  The terrorists store equipment in private homes.  They also launch rockets into Israeli civilian areas all the time.

I agree with you that Hezbollah has a right to live in Lebanon.  What they don’t have a right to is having an organized militia in southern Lebanon.  Even the United Nations agrees with that.  The Lebanese government did not prevent Hezbollah from getting control of southern Lebanon.  Maybe next time around they’ll do a better job.

Your complaint about Israel over-responding to the terrorist threat hints that you don’t care if Israel gets wiped out.  When Israel goes to war it’s never a first quarter/second quarter/third quarter/fourth quarter event.  It’s sudden death overtime!  If they lose it’s time to test the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

This is not the time, Henry, to be an appeaser of the forces of evil.  It didn’t work in the 1930’s with the Germans and it won’t work now with the Islamic terrorists. Israel is a democracy and should not be living in fear from terrorists.  We must support them whether we’re Democrats or Republicans

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