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Mulching in the skateboard park at Nock…..brilliant?

Couldn’t agree with Mike Cronan’s letter in the Newburyport Daily News more.

The reactions of local authorities to the coronavirus are head scratchers.

Mulching in the skateboard park near Nock was an embarrassing piece of government overreach. It got Newburyport some “great” press!

According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Covid-19 Dashboard for May 4th, ZERO teenagers have died from the coronavirus. Confining/Restricting teenagers is based then on what supporting health statistics? Destroying three months of schooling and activities for teenagers over these obvious numbers doesn’t make sense.

How about taking local action based on these statistics instead: The average age of the Massachusetts fatalities is 82, and 95% of the fatalities were seventy and over. How would closing schools and confining teenagers fix those stats? How has confining folks in nursing homes and healthcare facilities helped those stats?

The healthy and productive, as well as kids of all ages, have played along passively for far too long. The numbers do not support the treatment those groups have been enduring. Time for them to press the “had enough” button and at least question the actions of local officials.

(Sent this to the Newburyport Daily News on May 6, 2020)


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Letter to the Newburyport Daily News editor (April 16, 2020)

Things are tough at the Newburyport Daily News according to today’s front page.

Potential advertising revenue is drying up in the current climate.

No longer unaffected by coronavirus, the NDN is now better aware of the financial impacts many in this area already know.

Ending the shutdown safely/quickly would certainly be in the paper’s best interests. What could they do? Publish stories that create momentum toward a quick/safe reopening.

Today’s edition had a front-page article titled, “Gov: state seeing ‘the surge’ of cases.” Within that article, Governor Baker is quoted saying, “…we are pretty well-positioned to deal with this.” The title suggests that there’s trouble coming, not as it might have suggested, that we’re ready for it.

We need hope. We need to read that we’re making progress toward a quick/safe ending. Create some momentum in that direction, please.



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Letter to the editor of the Newburyport Daily News

I am a subscriber to the online edition of the Newburyport Daily News.

I write to commend Mac Cerullo’s efforts on the NDN sports page. He’s kept things mostly local and that’s where most of our current attention is located. Through the Q’s & A’s with area high school athletes we are learning how they are coping in our current crisis. I’m saddened by the serious disruptions these kids are experiencing but optimistic because of the drive they show to hang in there and make the most of it.

The rest of the paper? Obviously, there are fewer pages. Why is it shrinking?  Explaining how things are really going at the NDN might make for an excellent editorial.

My advice to those running the NDN is to concentrate locally. It is my conclusion that the more stories you include from outside sources, the more obvious your political biases show.

I loved the simplicity of Lisa Anderson’s attack on the President in a letter-to-the-editor, but will tomorrow’s edition include an attack of some sort on Joe Biden?  Can’t wait to find out.

Mac Cerullo has tapped into a good, reader-worthy local theme. Will the rest of the writers at the NDN follow suit?


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Newburyport’s “Greatest” Woman Driver?

I saw the title in the letters to the editor in the March 6 issue of the Newburyport Daily News and prepared myself for some explosive reading.

The title?  “Seeking information about ‘World’s Greatest Woman Driver’ “

I felt let down when I learned in the article that a woman from London (Deborah Cherry) was actually searching for information about another woman (Fay Taylour) who drove in car races quite a while ago.

I was expecting, based on the title, that some gentleman from the area would pour out some negative references to some of the driving habits of women he had observed on the streets of Newburyport.  I guess it was the “greatest” part that sent me down the wrong road.

I was anticipating some mention of a woman at a traffic light in town using her mirror to rearrange her facial appearance.  When the light changed, she failed to notice and instead continued with her cosmetic surgery.  How thoughtful of someone woman driverto honk their horn in appreciation of her improved looks!

I was also guessing that the young mother with the cell phone on the ear in one hand, steering wheel in the other, young kid in the backseat, and dog further back might appear in the letter.  When the light changed, around the corner she went with a one-hand turn, no directional, and little interest in the rate of speed.  There was no way that she was paying sufficient attention to driving.  Dangerous?  You bet.

Not so long ago describing someone as a, “woman driver,” referred to a person who was uncertain or cautious behind the wheel and usually that “someone” was a woman.  Not anymore!  There’s not a whole lot of caution and uncertainty around anymore by anyone. 

Many men are too aggressive behind the wheel and many women are too distracted.  My concern level regarding bad driving has not reached my fear of the possibility of Hillary or Obama being President but it is getting there. 

(This was sent as a letter-to-the-editor of The Newburyport Daily News on 3-11-08.)

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I Voted for Barack Obama

Barrack Obama

I am writing to congratulate myself for voting for Barack Obama and being part of his 28-vote victory in Newburyport in the Democrat primary.

My vote was not based on Mr. Obama’s skin color because I’m not a racist.  I do admit,however, that I do not watch BET (Black Entertainment Television) or support the United Negro College Fund because they’re racist.

My vote was not based on Barack’s middle name, “Hussein.” That middle name is part of his Moslem background.  If I let his background factor into my vote, I would be a racist and I’m not.  However, if I learned that his hand was going to be on the Koran instead of the Bible when he was sworn in to the presidency I would vote against him.  That’s not being racist. That is believing that the Bible, not the Koran, contains the truths that I want my leader to pledge allegiance to.

My vote was not based on Barack being against the war in Iraq.  Barack was in the State Senate, not the US Senate, when the vote for that war took place.  If he had been confronted with the same evidence that President Bush and Hillary Clinton were confronted with he would have voted to go ahead with the war. 

My vote was not based on Barack’s belief that abortion should be available in all nine months of pregnancy.  I am opposed to abortion and consider the slaughter of unborn children to be a horrific tragedy.

My vote is not based on Barack’s willingness to put an end to some of the tax cuts that have been enacted during the current administration.  I defy anyone to explain to me how sending me out into the buying world with less money is going to help the economy. 

My vote is not based on Barack’s talk of unifying the country.  I believe that his idea of “unity” is for me to change my previously held positions and switch to his.  I have a right to my opinion even if it disagrees with his opinion.  Labeling opinions that are different from his, “divisive,” is a step toward trying to shut off constructive dialogue. 

My vote is not based on the endorsements of Senator Kerry and Senator Kennedy.  Those two are the punch lines of jokes in any comic setting.  Kerry was offered $1 million to clear up the controversy surrounding his service in the Vietnam War.  He proved that either he didn’t need the money or he couldn’t clear his name by taking no action.  Kennedy looked out his ocean-side window and decided that his view was more important than a wind energy program that would lower electricity rates on the Cape.

So why did I vote for Barack Obama?  Quite simply it was a vote against Hillary Clinton. 

At a dinner party recently, I heard someone say that they were voting for Hillary because, “she was the only one that they could trust.”  You’re right, it stunned me too!  If past performance means anything, Hillary is the one that can’t be trusted.

Let me make a prediction: Barack Obama is going to get the Democrat nomination but during the trip to also-rans, the Clintons are going to tear that party apart.  It gives me pleasure to think that I may have had a hand in that process in a voting booth at the Brown School.

( Appeared in both the Newburyport Current and the Newburyport Daily News on February 15, 2008. )

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Mike Costello is not the Legislator of the Year

When I saw the headline, “Costello wins bar’s top honor,”  in the November 2nd issue of The Newburyport Daily News I thought that something special had happened at one of Newburyport’s drinking establishment. 

Not so.  The article under the title, by Stephen Tait, was about our state representative Mike Costello being honored as the Legislator of the Year by the Massachusetts Bar Association.

I’m glad that someone thought that Mr. Costello was an honorable legislator because I certainly don’t.  He fell out of my favor with his pathetic performance in the marriage amendment fiasco.

Those with memory problems may have already forgotten that 170,000 petitioners in this state requested permission from the state legislature to find out if the voters of Massachusetts believe that marriage is only between a man and a woman.  These petitioners were not asking the state legislature to decide anything about marriage.  All they wanted was for the voters of this state to have the opportunity to give their take on this issue. 

Remember that this wasn’t the effort of a few sorry malcontents but of 170,000 people.  The sheer numbers didn’t faze Mr. Costello and his legislature friends.  When it came time for the legislature to decide if the general populace would have a say in defining marriage they defiantly slammed the door.  Shameful.

An appropriate lawyer joke comes to mind: How many lawyers does it take to change a light bulb?  None, they’d rather keep their clients in the dark.

Simply put, the Massachusetts Legislature got its chance to vote on the marriage issue but the rest of us were left in the dark thanks to award-winning Mr. Costello.  You should be able to see what distain these folks have for the rest of us even if you are opposed to man/woman marriage.

In the Newburyport Daily News story, Mr. Costello suggests that he is willing to take unpopular stands.  He has that right.  He would also be right if he suggested that his stands are predictable. 

I guess, on the other hand, that my stands are predictable as well.  I think that the majority in this state believe that gay marriage is an unfortunate arrangement and that this would be confirmed in a statewide vote.  I believe that more time should be spent in protecting the unborn than in protecting the abortionists.  I believe that more time should be spent protecting the rights of victims rather than the rights of criminals. 

Mr. Costello doesn’t agree with me and that’s not likely to change.  Then why was he quoted in the article as saying that in his five years in office he has always fought “to make sure people get a fair shake?” 

Some of us out here are still waiting for our “fair shake,” Mr. Legislator of the Year. 

( Appeared in the Newburyport Daily News – November 9, 2007 )

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