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Lemming Left Still Follows Obama

Ideologue-In-Chief drives away support

How optimistic of Michael Cook to write the column entitled, “Obama not lame duck…not yet,” in the Newburyport Current after Ted Kennedy’s seat moved across the aisle. 

Relax Michael, Newburyport did not vote for Scott Brown.  In fact, Mike Capuano was the preference of the area Dem leadership not Martha Coakley and their support for her was very mellow.

Actually, Martha should have won statewide.  Forget her underwhelming approach to campaigning; this is, after all, Massachusetts.  She lost because the formerly magic letter beside her name on the ballot was a “D.” 

And that “D” joined her at the hip with the current administration.  Martha didn’t have the willingness or sense to run away from the current administration and the voters made her pay for that foolishness.

How can you describe Scott Brown’s campaign as “a tad disingenuous,” without any explanation? 

You mentioned chuckling over writers referring to Obama’s dreadful poll numbers.  Thanks for giving me a chuckle by stating that, “President Obama remains the most respected politician in America today.”  Since you cite no polls for such an unlikely statement, I’ll assume that you made it up.

You said that Obama “receives high marks from most Americans on national security issues.”  Again, no source cited, so again dubious conclusions pass as fact.  Those high marks could have been for his having an opinion on issues.  I’m not so sure that folks familiar with Fort Hood or the attempted airline bombing are giving him high marks for national security results. 

Michael, how can you blame health care reform opponents for stopping it.  Your Democrat friends have the numbers in Congress without including anyone else.  So why can’t they get it done?  Simple.  Their indescribable attempt at health care reform cannot even get full Democrat support.  Weren’t those bribes to Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson a sure sign of the bill’s impossible-to-sell provisions? 

Next time there’s a tea party in Massachusetts you ought to show up to get a clearer view of what they’re up to.  I went to one on the Boston Common and noted two themes – (1) government spending is out of control and, (2) Barney Frank had a major part in the collapse of the housing market.  What is your problem with either?

Of course, there are extremists in any movement.  Denouncing tea partiers, because of the work of a few of them, is like suggesting that the Democrat Party is evil because bomber Bill Ayers is on board. 

Thank you for conceding that, “the Dems will still likely lose some seats in November.”  Under the best of situations that usually happens.  Brace yourself, Michael, because things will be much worse seat-wise if Obama lets his ideologue nature get the best of him.  The voters in three states have tried to get his attention.

Let me make a prediction: If Obama does not change his approach shortly, he will lose the support of every moderate Democrat in Congress.  And those Democrats will have to start taking action against Obama very soon or they will be hung with their support for him in November and risk suffering Martha Coakley’s fate. 

I wonder what could happen to Congressman John Tierney if an opponent could chain him to supporting President Obama’s agenda.  Is there another Scott Brown in the Sixth District?

( This letter-to-the-editor appeared in the Newburyport Current in the February 5th edition. )

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Mike Capuano Brings US Senate Seat Campaign to Newburyport

Mike Capuano 11-1-09

Mike Capuano talks to Democrat supporters in Newburyport

Mike Capuano was in Newburyport this Sunday AM (at the Caffe Di Siena) to seek and solidify support for his bid for the Massachusetts US Senate.  He’s trying to win the Senate seat that belonged to Ted Kennedy.

First, he needs to win the Democrat primary on December 8th and opponent Attorney General Martha Coakley may have a lot to say about that.  She is well ahead in the polls so far.  The actual election will be on January 19th and the Democrat primary winner will almost certainly be our next US Senator.

I attended, not to solidify Mike’s support, but rather to see what he looked like and what he had to say.  There was also talk of an open mike and questions being fielded.  It was amusing for me to try to anticipate what questions I might have for someone as unashamedly liberal as Mr. Capuano. 

Mike has been in the US House since 1998 representing the “Harvard” district.  Talk about a haven for liberal elites!

Amesbury’s mayor (Ted Kezer) and the area state rep (Mike Costello) introduced him. 

The candidate explained that he had experience at numerous levels of government and that this separated him from the other US Senate aspirants.  He talked of the benefits of being a Washington insider. 

He said that he fully supported the public option in the Healthcare bill.  He said that not only was he reading the bill but also making sure, he understood it as he went along.  That second part would separate him from other reps, he claimed.

He bragged about being opposed to the Iraq War and added that we should pull our troops out of Afghanistan.  He claimed that there were only about 100 Al Qaeda terrorists around and that they were moving into various countries.  I wondered if he cared what the Taliban would do in Afghanistan after we left.

I concluded that he was keen on interventionist policies at home but not abroad.  He seemed very convinced that government had the answers to this country’s domestic issues.  A person, like Mike, who has never had a non-government job, could easily think this. 

I wanted to tell him that according to actual polls, a higher percentage of people believe in UFOs than approve of the job Congress is doing.  Folks want less government not more. 

He talked about his early years in politics as mayor of Somerville and how he had wanted to be available to make sure that he could help his constituents in any way.  He mentioned getting an unplowed street plowed after he had received a late phone call.  I wanted to ask him, “Since you have swallowed Al Gore’s global warming fantasies, wouldn’t hot air likely be a bigger threat than snow?”

I came away thinking that the nanny staters in his seventh Congressional district could easily elect someone with Mike Capuano’s views forever.  Taking those views statewide might not work so well.  His views do not differ one degree from Teddy’s but he clearly lacks the notoriety that carried Senator Kennedy into power and kept him there. 

I believe that the wave that rolled Obama and numerous liberals into office has now hit the shore.  The country has seen what those pleasantly presented sound bites look like in real life and many don’t like what they’ve seen.  A stimulus plan that takes money from one group and gives it to another is on thin ice.  A group that punishes folks who choose not to carry health insurance is out of control. 

I guess I should be thrilled that Mike Capuano shook my hand.  I guess I should also be thrilled to have been in a room with so many of the Democrat big shots of this area.  Alas, I did not get the “Chris Matthews thrill” up or down the leg over either of those. 

The Democrats are in trouble nationally.  President Obama has figured this out and now is shifting from having all the sound-bite answers, to searching for real-life answers. By shifting away from his original message, the President alienates the likes of Mike Capuano and his supporters. 

Can Mike run successfully by running against Obama’s most recent waverings?  I’m guessing he tries and loses the primary to Martha Coakley on December 8th as a result.

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I Voted for Barack Obama

Barrack Obama

I am writing to congratulate myself for voting for Barack Obama and being part of his 28-vote victory in Newburyport in the Democrat primary.

My vote was not based on Mr. Obama’s skin color because I’m not a racist.  I do admit,however, that I do not watch BET (Black Entertainment Television) or support the United Negro College Fund because they’re racist.

My vote was not based on Barack’s middle name, “Hussein.” That middle name is part of his Moslem background.  If I let his background factor into my vote, I would be a racist and I’m not.  However, if I learned that his hand was going to be on the Koran instead of the Bible when he was sworn in to the presidency I would vote against him.  That’s not being racist. That is believing that the Bible, not the Koran, contains the truths that I want my leader to pledge allegiance to.

My vote was not based on Barack being against the war in Iraq.  Barack was in the State Senate, not the US Senate, when the vote for that war took place.  If he had been confronted with the same evidence that President Bush and Hillary Clinton were confronted with he would have voted to go ahead with the war. 

My vote was not based on Barack’s belief that abortion should be available in all nine months of pregnancy.  I am opposed to abortion and consider the slaughter of unborn children to be a horrific tragedy.

My vote is not based on Barack’s willingness to put an end to some of the tax cuts that have been enacted during the current administration.  I defy anyone to explain to me how sending me out into the buying world with less money is going to help the economy. 

My vote is not based on Barack’s talk of unifying the country.  I believe that his idea of “unity” is for me to change my previously held positions and switch to his.  I have a right to my opinion even if it disagrees with his opinion.  Labeling opinions that are different from his, “divisive,” is a step toward trying to shut off constructive dialogue. 

My vote is not based on the endorsements of Senator Kerry and Senator Kennedy.  Those two are the punch lines of jokes in any comic setting.  Kerry was offered $1 million to clear up the controversy surrounding his service in the Vietnam War.  He proved that either he didn’t need the money or he couldn’t clear his name by taking no action.  Kennedy looked out his ocean-side window and decided that his view was more important than a wind energy program that would lower electricity rates on the Cape.

So why did I vote for Barack Obama?  Quite simply it was a vote against Hillary Clinton. 

At a dinner party recently, I heard someone say that they were voting for Hillary because, “she was the only one that they could trust.”  You’re right, it stunned me too!  If past performance means anything, Hillary is the one that can’t be trusted.

Let me make a prediction: Barack Obama is going to get the Democrat nomination but during the trip to also-rans, the Clintons are going to tear that party apart.  It gives me pleasure to think that I may have had a hand in that process in a voting booth at the Brown School.

( Appeared in both the Newburyport Current and the Newburyport Daily News on February 15, 2008. )

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Surprising Behavior by Senator John Kerry and Michael Cook

What is this world coming to? 

Is it possible that prolific letter writer Michael Cook wrote an entire entry for last week’s Newburyport Current (“Culture of celebrity is all about marketing”) without including “President Bush” and an unflattering adjective in the same sentence?

Is it also possible that our Senator Kerry called former president Bill Clinton a “liar” last Friday?

It is not only possible but also true in both cases.  I found both occurrences refreshing.

I will admit that I generally only read Michael’s entries until the word “Bush” shows up.  After that, the Far Left talking points start and my interest vanishes.  I’m not crazy about President Bush, especially on immigration, but he is not the cause of all the evil in the world. 

In this article, which I was able to read in its entirety, Michael opined on a topic that my wife and I have discussed more than a few times: “Why do some of the lightweights of our society get paid so much money?”  Like us, Michael wonders why those who really make a difference in society struggle to get by. 

Michael credits this unfairness to the fact that the successful are getting assistance from publicists while the rest of us are not.  We may be doing great things but no one is notifying the media of it or setting up contacts that will lead to financial rewards.  I absolutely agree.

I do think we have to remember that we live in a culture that is willing to pay dearly to be entertained.  Those offering the entertainment know this.  When ticket prices go up people are outraged.  However, they do have two choices – pay or stay home.  Most choose to pay and that just emboldens those offering the entertainment.

Michael thinks that the sordid lifestyles of many of the celebrities will eventually lessen our interest in following them and/or paying to see them perform.  I hope he’s right but after flipping through the TV channels and seeing previews of coming attractions, I think that those providing the entertainment totally disagree with Michael on this point.   The faces and thoughts of fools are constantly before us today and most likely will be there tomorrow. 

When the Super Bowl is over and they start interviewing the participants you can bet that more than a few players will be an embarrassment to watch………but we’ll watch just to see if they embarrass themselves.  Of course, if they’re celebrating Patriots players we’ll bear with it and the networks know that.

John Kerry 

The other pleasant surprise I referred to was Kerry calling Clinton a liar.   It wasn’t breaking news that the Clintons are often free and easy with the truth it was just that Senator Kerry showed some moxie and went after the Clintons.   Kerry’s endorsement of Obama early this month didn’t cause much of a stir. I, in fact, thought that Kerry’s endorsement might do Obama more harm than good since Senator Kerry is about as popular as those dogs that leave their calling cards down on the Merrimac River boardwalk are. 

It aggravated many Obama supporters that because Kerry delayed his endorsement he fumbled a chance to help Obama in the neighboring New Hampshire primary.  A number of national media types, much to his embarrassment, noted Kerry’s poor timing. 

The media criticism stirred Senator Kerry into action.  He made sure that he wasn’t late in having an impact in Massachusetts on Super Tuesday (February 5th).  This time around he not only told the truth about the former President but also reinforced his support for Senator Obama.  Hillary currently has a 30+ point lead in the polls in Massachusetts.  However, with Governor Patrick, along with Kerry and now Senator Kennedy backing Obama it could get a lot closer come primary day. 

So, thank you Michael Cook and John Kerry for pleasantly surprising me.

(Submitted to the Newburyport Current on January 29th as a letter to the editor. )

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Extend the school day? Only if………………..

When an editorial starts with, “It should be obvious…” you would expect that the conclusion drawn thereafter would be exactly that.  Not in the case of The Newburyport Current editorial ( “More time, better scores” ) put forth on December 6th.

The editor’s contention is that putting students and teachers in classrooms longer will “obviously” produce better results.  Says who?

The editor relies on the statistical findings of an organization called Massachusetts 2020 to prove the point.  Would it help to know that Massachusetts 2020 is heavily committed to the idea of adding days and hours to the school experience?  They’re about as reliable a source regarding extra hours/days in the classroom as Planned Parenthood is on whether abortion is a good idea.

The Massachusetts Department of Education apparently will release their findings regarding extended school time next month.  They could well come to the same conclusion as Massachusetts 2020 but at least they wouldn’t have an agenda going into the research.

The only certainty in extending school time is that it will cost more.  Of course with the Chairman of the US Senate Education Committee (our own Ted Kennedy) leading the way, asking for more money comes easy.  He wants $50 million a year, which will increase to $150 million a year by 2012, to train teachers to help schools redesign academic content for extended time.  What a waste!  Don’t these people ever get tired of throwing our money at problems? 

Those advocating the extended day seem to assume that the teachers and students are performing efficiently during the regular school day we now have.  If we just add time they’ll do even better.  We can’t make that assumption.

I believe that school system leaders know exactly why their schools perform poorly on state tests.  They will not tell you specifically but I will attempt it.

First, some students are not too bright and no matter how long the school’s best teacher spends with them they will not shine on a state test.  A student could well be pleasant, hard working, and a genuine nice kid but it will not matter.  In the real world, the underachiever is called out but not in schools. They hide them by releasing group results. The extended-hours folks think that more time in school will make academically challenged students do better.  Very unlikely.

Second, there are teachers who don’t know how to teach.  If students at a certain grade level do poorly on a section of the state test it is easy for a school system to figure out what teacher was supposed to teach that skill or material.  I’m guessing that a high-quality administrator could sort this out and insist that the teacher improve.  The extended-hours folks think that students will somehow benefit by spending more time with an underachieving teacher.  Very unlikely.

Do you get the sense that schools spend most of their time trying to help underachieving students do better?  That’s because they do.   But what about the rest of the students?

I think that US schools should try to compete with the schools in the rest of the world.  What holds the US back is that in many schools classes are mixed with achievers and underachievers.  The schools’ top students are hurt by this arrangement. 

What would happen if only the best students and teachers were given a longer school day?  You combine the ability to learn with the ability to teach and all kinds of good things could happen.  No need to redesign anything.  Just put your two strongest elements together. 

I am very much in favor of extended school time for the top achieving students and teachers.  Extending school for everyone else will never be worth the effort and money involved.

(Appeared in the Newburyport Current on December 21, 2007)

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Teaching Moments in Minnesota

There are lessons to be learned from the recent happenings in Minnesota.  Let me go through a couple of them.

First, we have this ongoing furor over repairing the 1A bridge over the Parker River in Newbury.  Was the bridge calamity in Minnesota not shown on local TV? 

The bridge in Newbury needs repair.  The best time to repair a bridge is before it collapses not the way it worked out in Minnesota.  Inconvenient?  You bet, but how about considering the flipside, could you? 

I read of the appeals to various politicians to stop the process and wonder why any of the politicians bother to listen to any of this nonsense.  It sure wouldn’t look too hot on a politician’s resume to say that he/she stopped, or tried to stop, the repair of a bridge that badly needed repair.

The idea that the bridge would be kept open while they work on major repairs is laughable.  It is somewhat like asking for major surgery while insisting that you will continue jogging while the surgery is taking place.  Close the bridge down completely so that the work can be done without interruption.

Soon we’ll be hearing from folks insisting that the bridge be repaired quickly.  Patience they don’t have.  We’re talking about a potentially life-saving operation and these people will want it done fast.  Try that one on your doctor before he performs open-heart surgery. 

The work on the bridge should begin as soon as possible and be allowed to take as long as necessary.

Also in Minnesota we had an unfortunate lesson learned at Minneapolis Airport by Idaho Senator Larry Craig.  This pathetic Republican tried to strike up a sexual relationship with a complete male stranger in a bathroom there. 

The stranger happened to be working for the police department and arrested the Senator.  The Senator hoped that a quick admission of guilt would put an end to his problems but it didn’t go that way.  Soon there were denials which failed miserably especially since a tape with the Senator’s confession was handy to repute the denials.

The lesson that Senator Craig should have learned in Minnesota was that he was representing the wrong state and in the wrong political party.  If he had only been from Massachusetts the idea of resignation wouldn’t even have been an option.  He could have trusted the voters of this state to let him continue no matter what he did. 

After all this state voted to let Democrat Ted Kennedy continue in the Senate even after he fled the scene of an accident that turned fatal because of his negligence.  After all this state also let Democrat Barney Frank continue in the House of Representatives after he was picked up for allowing a male hooker to run a prostitution ring out of his apartment.  Frank’s conduct was so deplorable that even the Boston Globe abandoned him but not the voters of this state.

It’s one thing for voters to lack good sense but people living near a dangerous bridge should know better.

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