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Pumping Blame

Where should the blame go for Newburyport's high gasoline prices?

“President Obama rose in approval ratings following the raid which killed bin Laden at his hideout in Pakistan after years of intelligence gathering.  The terrorist was brought to justice thanks to waterboarding, wiretapping, and targeted assassination.  It’s funny how the one time President Obama should have blamed something on George W. Bush, he didn’t.”  Argus Hamilton

We are a generation of blamers.  In fact, we do it so routinely that we are experts on what causes our problems.

I would love to take that “blame game” to any Newburyport gas station and ask customers to place blame for the high gas prices.

We’re all getting impacted by the price hikes on gasoline.  I took my truck in to buy gas recently.  The tank was half empty when I went in and my wallet was half empty when I went out!

I’m trying to imagine the financial toll on local schools districts as they add in transportation costs for those gas-guzzling school buses at the high gas prices we now have.  How about Triton with students in distant Salisbury?  Are they headed for four-day school weeks at longer hours to save on travel costs?

On April 6th in Langhorne (PA), the President was asked by someone in the crowd if there was anything he could do about the high gas prices.  His answer was that increasing oil production was neither a short-term nor a long-term solution.  He added that the answer to the problem was more efficient cars, especially electric cars.  He advised the questioner that if his car got low gas mileage he should trade it in.

Let’s get this straight.  High gas prices are the problem and I’m asking for help.  The President’s advice ignores my plight and suggests I spend money, I’m short of, on another vehicle.  The vehicle he’d like me to drive costs way beyond my current means.  Someone here is detached from reality!

Gasoline prices in the US have risen noticeably and in my opinion the President has a lot to do with it.

(1) He has gotten us into trouble in the Middle East where much of the oil we get is produced.  His “leadership from behind,” as one of his advisors called it, has been embarrassing.  He has encouraged regime change in areas where those who will take over idolize the departed bin Laden.  He has made getting present and future oil from this region difficult and costly.

(2) He has spent us into immeasurable debt causing the value of the dollar and our savings to decline.  It now costs a lot more of our dollars to buy what we need, including gas.

(3) He has restricted the production of oil off our coasts.  His apologists cite environmental reasons but why was he interested in investing with Brazil in drilling off their shores?

After last year’s BP disaster caution made sense for future drilling.  However, that was a year ago and the studies and recommendations that were to be released are long overdue.

According to a recent CNN poll, 69% of Americans now favor increased offshore drilling.  Folks want something done and the President is again leading from behind.

A bill was passed on May 6th by the House of Representatives called HR 1230 (Restarting American Offshore Leasing Now Act).  As the title suggests, the bill forces the administration to move ahead toward offshore drilling.

The bill passed, 266-149.  Most Republicans supported it as well as thirty-three Democrats.

Unfortunately, our representative (John Tierney) chose to vote against it.  Our elected official appears oblivious to the reasons I gave for the high oil prices and instead wants investigations to see if individuals could be manipulating the price of oil upward.  Meanwhile the gas prices are high and threatening to go higher.

Next time you’re at the pumps, remember the connection the current President and our US Rep have to the high price you end up paying.  Blame them.  They deserve it.

(This article appeared in the May 20th edition of the Newburyport Current.)

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Guilt By Association Covers Both Sides of the Aisle

Congressman John Tierney - Are we to believe that he had no knowledge of his wife's part in an illegal gambling operation run by her brothers?

I hope John Burciaga can swim.  Why?  He keeps going off the deep end.

Arizona in the crosshairs,” in the January 14th issue of The Newburyport Current is yet another of his misguided, conclusion-jumping endeavors.

Wait until John reads the New York Times article entitled, “Looking Behind the Mug-Shot Grin,” in their January 15th issue.   The NY Times reporters reveal that, brace yourself John, Tucson shooter Jared Loughner was a Bush-hater. 

The theme of John’s article is to tie Arizona Governor Brewer, Arizona Senator Kyle, and Sarah Palin to what happened in Tucson.  But if the shooter was indeed a Bush hater then, using John Burciaga’s normal logic, we’d have to transfer the blame instead to those who have never stopped blaming Bush for everything. 

John regularly uses guilt-by-association in his articles.  Someone does something, and even without solid proof he’ll connect them to something else.  Sarah Palin puts crosshairs on a map and so because of it someone like Jared Loughner rushes off and shoots people.  Far fetched, don’t you think?

I also take issue with John describing Arizona Governor Jan Brewer as being, “homely.”  That’s an unfair call as well as a dubious way to make a point.  If I tell a reader that every time I see Barack Obama give a speech his ears seem to fill the room, am I being persuasive? 

I’m hoping that in a future article John will do a guilt-by-association story surrounding the recently sentenced Patrice Tierney.  Our US Congressman’s wife, according to published reports, has a father, son, and two brothers involved in illegal gambling. 

Their illegal gambling operation shifted to Antigua in 2003 after one of Patrice’s brothers was convicted in the US of tax evasion and money laundering. 

Patrice managed the US bank account used by her out-of-the-country brothers from 2003-09 before getting charged by the feds.  The feds said that she had lied to the IRS about the source of the nearly $7 million that flowed into that bank account.  Her excuse for her behavior was that she was just trying to help her brother’s family in the US and was, “willfully blind,” as to how the money sent her way was earned.

Meanwhile, anyone trying to connect Congressman John Tierney to his wife’s illegal activities has been confronted with the Sergeant Shultz trifecta – “I see nothing! I hear nothing! I know nothing!”  Remarkably, it would seem, the crooked background of Patrice’s family and the fact that she managed an account for them while they’re on the lam in Antigua, failed to get the Congressman’s attention, over a seven year period, about any possible improprieties.

Does it look like a stretch to you to use that guilt-by-association approach on John Tierney?  However, can anyone out there recall a Democrat ever being subjected to such scrutiny from Mr. Burciaga?

(This article appeared in the January 21st issue of The Newburyport Current.)

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Lemming Left Still Follows Obama

Ideologue-In-Chief drives away support

How optimistic of Michael Cook to write the column entitled, “Obama not lame duck…not yet,” in the Newburyport Current after Ted Kennedy’s seat moved across the aisle. 

Relax Michael, Newburyport did not vote for Scott Brown.  In fact, Mike Capuano was the preference of the area Dem leadership not Martha Coakley and their support for her was very mellow.

Actually, Martha should have won statewide.  Forget her underwhelming approach to campaigning; this is, after all, Massachusetts.  She lost because the formerly magic letter beside her name on the ballot was a “D.” 

And that “D” joined her at the hip with the current administration.  Martha didn’t have the willingness or sense to run away from the current administration and the voters made her pay for that foolishness.

How can you describe Scott Brown’s campaign as “a tad disingenuous,” without any explanation? 

You mentioned chuckling over writers referring to Obama’s dreadful poll numbers.  Thanks for giving me a chuckle by stating that, “President Obama remains the most respected politician in America today.”  Since you cite no polls for such an unlikely statement, I’ll assume that you made it up.

You said that Obama “receives high marks from most Americans on national security issues.”  Again, no source cited, so again dubious conclusions pass as fact.  Those high marks could have been for his having an opinion on issues.  I’m not so sure that folks familiar with Fort Hood or the attempted airline bombing are giving him high marks for national security results. 

Michael, how can you blame health care reform opponents for stopping it.  Your Democrat friends have the numbers in Congress without including anyone else.  So why can’t they get it done?  Simple.  Their indescribable attempt at health care reform cannot even get full Democrat support.  Weren’t those bribes to Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson a sure sign of the bill’s impossible-to-sell provisions? 

Next time there’s a tea party in Massachusetts you ought to show up to get a clearer view of what they’re up to.  I went to one on the Boston Common and noted two themes – (1) government spending is out of control and, (2) Barney Frank had a major part in the collapse of the housing market.  What is your problem with either?

Of course, there are extremists in any movement.  Denouncing tea partiers, because of the work of a few of them, is like suggesting that the Democrat Party is evil because bomber Bill Ayers is on board. 

Thank you for conceding that, “the Dems will still likely lose some seats in November.”  Under the best of situations that usually happens.  Brace yourself, Michael, because things will be much worse seat-wise if Obama lets his ideologue nature get the best of him.  The voters in three states have tried to get his attention.

Let me make a prediction: If Obama does not change his approach shortly, he will lose the support of every moderate Democrat in Congress.  And those Democrats will have to start taking action against Obama very soon or they will be hung with their support for him in November and risk suffering Martha Coakley’s fate. 

I wonder what could happen to Congressman John Tierney if an opponent could chain him to supporting President Obama’s agenda.  Is there another Scott Brown in the Sixth District?

( This letter-to-the-editor appeared in the Newburyport Current in the February 5th edition. )

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Hear, See, Speak No Evil of President Obama

Criticism offends his defenders

Criticism offends his defenders

I guess the point of the Newburyport Current’s editorial, “Another anti-Obama overreaction,” and John Burciaga’s, “Goodbye to town hall meetings from hell,” is that those of us in disagreement with Mr. Obama are fair game for any cheap shot that comes to mind.

The editorial “only” describes us as, “hysterical,”  while Mr. Burciaga chooses; “politically unwashed, naïve, reliant on bloggers of low mentality, nonreaders, yahoos, clingers to idiocy like a crucifix, rejecters of Jesus Christ, and thugs.”

I think that what escapes these writers is that Barack Obama received only 53% of the popular vote in the past election.  So even back in November (2008) 47% of the voters did not want Barack Obama to be the President. 

Bringing things up-to-date, the September 12th daily Presidential Tracking Poll by Rasmussen has, “33% strongly approving of the way Barack Obama is performing in his role as President.”

Both written pieces seem to assume that the President won by a landslide and is still held in high regard.  The facts indicate otherwise.  53% bought into Barack Obama’s campaign rhetoric but far less are still on board as the reality of implementing his ideas kicks in. 

Mr. Burciaga’s cheap shots made perfect sense to the winners early on but now they sound like they belong to an extreme lefty who is not paying attention to what has gone on since Barack Obama took over.

A person strongly approved by only 33% of the voting public should have expected some opposition when he tried to get the schoolchildren of the voters to consider: (1) What they could do to help the president, and (2) What is President Obama inspiring you to do.  For the President even to think that such questions are appropriate reminds me of Brian’s line in The Breakfast Club – “Claire, you’re so full of yourself.”

It interested me that GHW Bush addressed the nation’s schoolchildren in 1991.  His efforts were not received any better than Obama’s were.  If the Current editorial had stated that the Democrats’ negative reactions to President Bush were, “anti-Bush overreactions,” I would have conceded that the editorial was evenhanded…….but it did not happen.

Mr. Burciaga writes as one who is tolerant of only those who agree with him.  I wonder if he realizes that it was Obama’s ideas that turned some of the town hall meetings into sideshows not the elected officials attempting to defend them.  Congressman John Tierney was very wise to defend Obama’s ideas from long distance rather than from before a live audience. 

Looking ahead, I wonder how Mr. Burciaga will handle the compromises that the increasingly unpopular President will have to make to salvage any of his increasingly unpopular plans. 

Nonetheless, one thing remains certain, no matter what Barack Obama says or does, Mr. Burciaga will be available to demean all critics in The Newburyport Current.

( Appeared as a letter-to-the-editor in The Newburyport Current on September 18, 2009. )

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John Tierney Still Wrong on Iraq

John Tierney

We learned in the Salem News September 11th (“Tierney challenges general’s update on Iraq”) that our Congressman John Tierney is unhappy with the report given by General David Petraeus regarding Iraq.  If the report of General Petraeus was predictable then Mr. Tierney’s reaction was predictable as well.

To offset the positive progress report Mr. Tierney feebly attempted to belittle the message.  It didn’t work. General Petraeus comes across as John Roberts did in the Supreme Court hearings and so straw-grasping verbal assaults on either of them make the assaulters look like the nonstop partisans they really are.  Osama Bin Laden in his recent appearance on CNN (Caveman News Network) was better at making his point.

Mr. Tierney seems to think that it is possible to support the troops but not the mission.  I strongly believe that he cannot have it both ways.  His reaction to General Petraeus’s report and his other attempts to undermine our efforts in Iraq ultimately raise the risks our troops face there.  Pull out in a hurry?  The enemy sees a light at the end of the tunnel and has more reason to continue.  The purpose of this war is to destroy the will of the terrorists.  They need to become convinced that their disruptions in Iraq and elsewhere accomplish little.  A well-arranged combination of leadership, manpower, and willpower can get this done.

I also worry that Mr. Tierney has a huge blind spot regarding the aftermath of our withdrawal from Vietnam.  We betrayed the people that supported us there and we emboldened evil folks elsewhere with that betrayal.  Ignorant of that history Mr. Tierney dangerously wishes for our country to betray yet another area of the world and appears unconcerned about the near-certain consequences.

His approach is unfortunate and dangerous.  Was he elected for life?

( Appeared in the Salem Evening News – September 15, 2007 )

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