John Tierney Still Wrong on Iraq

John Tierney

We learned in the Salem News September 11th (“Tierney challenges general’s update on Iraq”) that our Congressman John Tierney is unhappy with the report given by General David Petraeus regarding Iraq.  If the report of General Petraeus was predictable then Mr. Tierney’s reaction was predictable as well.

To offset the positive progress report Mr. Tierney feebly attempted to belittle the message.  It didn’t work. General Petraeus comes across as John Roberts did in the Supreme Court hearings and so straw-grasping verbal assaults on either of them make the assaulters look like the nonstop partisans they really are.  Osama Bin Laden in his recent appearance on CNN (Caveman News Network) was better at making his point.

Mr. Tierney seems to think that it is possible to support the troops but not the mission.  I strongly believe that he cannot have it both ways.  His reaction to General Petraeus’s report and his other attempts to undermine our efforts in Iraq ultimately raise the risks our troops face there.  Pull out in a hurry?  The enemy sees a light at the end of the tunnel and has more reason to continue.  The purpose of this war is to destroy the will of the terrorists.  They need to become convinced that their disruptions in Iraq and elsewhere accomplish little.  A well-arranged combination of leadership, manpower, and willpower can get this done.

I also worry that Mr. Tierney has a huge blind spot regarding the aftermath of our withdrawal from Vietnam.  We betrayed the people that supported us there and we emboldened evil folks elsewhere with that betrayal.  Ignorant of that history Mr. Tierney dangerously wishes for our country to betray yet another area of the world and appears unconcerned about the near-certain consequences.

His approach is unfortunate and dangerous.  Was he elected for life?

( Appeared in the Salem Evening News – September 15, 2007 )

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