Bill Belichick Thrown For Loss

What’s with Coach Bill Belichick?

Bill Belichick

Along with the rest of Patriots Nation, I was shocked by this video taping fiasco.  What an embarrassment for a franchise that had earned a lofty reputation throughout the country for three Super Bowl wins in the last six years.

Now we’re left to wonder if violating NFL rules had something to do with the team’s successes. 

I keep thinking that the gains for the Patriots from video taping the defensive signals of an opponent from the sidelines are minimal.  The fact that the practice violates the NFL rulebook makes it even less appealing you would think. 

However, not to Coach Belichick.  The taping took place in the first game of this season and the NFL stepped in.  The punishment – $750,000 & a first round draft pick – seemed way out of line for the violation to me.  NFL management, however, may have been punishing the coach’s arrogance as much as the deed itself.

The New York Daily News reported on September 16th that you could go into some electronic web sites and purchase binoculars that have built-in video capabilities.  If the Patriots were that eager to pick up their opponent’s defensive signals why not park someone in the first row of the stands and have them use that perfectly legal equipment?

I believe that someday we will learn what Coach Belichick’s motivation was and how long the practice had been going on.  I can guarantee you that the information will not come from the coach himself.  The Songo River Queen is more responsive than he is!  Some insider will spill the beans for a price and then we will all know.

But the damage has been done and the team we admire will be described hereafter as “cheaters” and every victory past and present labeled, “tainted.”

( Appeared in the Bridgton News – September 16, 2007 )

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