Iraq Improves, Surveillance a Necessity

I read Michael Cook’s letter-to-the-editor (“Bogged down in Iraq, under surveillance in U.S. – October 8th) with both interest and disbelief.

I can always count on Mr. Cook to reveal a wide assortment of illusions that the Far Left wants the rest of us to believe.

He would have us believe that the war is a disaster – “quagmire” is his term.  No mention is made of the recent optimistic report from General Petraeus.  No hint that a world without Saddam Hussein is a better place for a whole lot of people. 

This part was expected.  The disbelief part kicked in when Mr. Cook suggested that he and his political associates are the real supporters of the military not the President.  That’s laughable.

These people fool no one with their opportunistic interest in patriotism, least of all the military itself.  A survey taken in 2004 among active duty personnel showed Bush favored over Kerry 73-18 per cent.  I wonder what the poll results today would be with the same group if Hillary/Obama/Edwards were matched against Bush.  Mr. Cook might not want to know.

The desire for peace by Mr. Cook and his friends is admirable.  The problem is the price they’re willing to pay to achieve it.  They are not willing to fight for peace. To them Pearl Harbor happened because of a misunderstanding with Japan.  To them 9-11 was our fault.  They never seem to want to accept the idea that evil exists and that we have options as to where and when we will deal with it so that peace can result. 

Mr. Cook finds fault with the way we are fighting the terrorists.  What he doesn’t mention is that if it were up to him and his friends we would flee the Middle East entirely.  He has no concern whatsoever for what such an exit would cause to happen in the Middle East.  That our early withdrawal from Vietnam was a travesty for our friends in and around that country appears to be unimportant to him.

Another source of disbelief for me was Mr. Cook’s suggestion that our government goes too far in gathering information about people traveling overseas.  Oblivious to evil, Mr. Cook cannot comprehend the necessity of such action.  I’ll bet he has complete trust in the millions of illegals in this country as well.

Mr. Cook closes by saying that, “soon I’ll be back in the rain forest.”  I think that a better place for him might be the desert.  There he could resume burying his head in the sand.  Those periodic burials have apparently caused him to have missed the lessons of history and prevented him from having any sense of the real world the rest of us live in.

( Appeared in the Newburyport Daily News – October 15, 2007 )

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