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Matt Irwin: Under Siege in Amesbury

Matt Irwin under point-blank attack from Brandon Middleton of Triton at the Graf Rink.

Matt Irwin under point-blank attack from Brandon Middleton of Triton at the Graf Rink.

Amesbury has not been a very good hockey team in recent memory.  However, when their best player is the goalie, you figure it could be a whole lot worse.  The team won just twice this season.

I went after the junior goalie (Matt Irwin) of the Amesbury hockey team to get his perspective in an interview at AHS on April 8th.

I found Matt to be quiet and relaxed.  It seemed to me to be the perfect temperament for someone facing almost a shot a minute in every game. He used the word, “cool,” any number of times. 

I asked him about how he became a goalie and he amused me by saying that as a young kid he was “attracted to the equipment.” 

His skills seemed to take off after he started working out with a goalie coach named Rob Day in Exeter after his freshman year.  I am learning that the better the athlete the more likely it is that he/she is getting instruction away from the area schools. 

I also learned from Matt that he does not like sports that interfere with his daytime activities.  That was why he moved away from baseball and lacrosse.  Hockey is an early morning and/or evening sport.

He is in the National Honor Society although after our interview he was heading off to serve a detention.  I was led to believe that it was a “two-minute minor.”

His mom, Laurie, told me in an email that being the mother of the goalie makes game watching a little difficult. 

Matt’s coach (Pete Cignetti) praised him as a leader on and off the ice.  Matt has been the team’s MVP these past two seasons.

(The actual article that I wrote for The Town Common will appear in their outlets on April 22nd.  After that happens, I will transfer the article to this blog.)

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