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Why Not Celebrate the Creator as Well as the Creation During Earth Week?

“Down to Earth,” by Barbara Taormina in the April 17th Newburyport Current informs readers that there will be a 10-day celebration of the planet.
Let’s face it, isn’t Earth Day (Week?) just a fancy name for spring cleaning? 
Most people out there cleaning up the outdoors on their property and in other parts of Newburyport could care less about making some sort of event out of it.  They just want to get the work done.
Speaking of events, I was intrigued to see that as part of the Earth Week celebration students from the Edward Molin School took a field trip to Mark Richey’s wind turbine.  Would I be dreaming to think that somewhere in the pre or post field trip experience the impressionable youngsters would hear an evenhanded presentation of why the wind turbine is considered marvelous by some and a monstrosity by others? 
I also noticed from the agenda of events that the salespeople for global warming would be hawking their wares.  Anyone that assures you that global warming is a fact is a liar.  Global warming is a theory.  Twenty-four inches of snow in Denver on April 17th is a fact and to some, who expect us to take them seriously, a sure sign of global warming. 
Maybe the environmentalists, who are pushing so hard to make an event out of something normal, should move on to something else.  Why not celebrate the creator of the earth? 
Could the Earth Week organizers open up their event schedule for a time of praise and prayer to earth’s creator?   We could sing songs of praise to the creator and spend time praying that God would make us wise as we manage the earth he has given us.
Celebrating the creator of the earth can be an uplifting event.  I was at Immaculate Conception on Friday night and heard the music of the Boston Community Choir. They were singing gospel music and it was lively – ask anyone who was there. 
They were singing about someone greater than the earth.  They were singing about someone who, “In the beginning created the heavens and the earth.” 
Genesis Chapter One is a great source of information on earth’s creation.  It would be a terrific chapter to read as part of the Earth Week celebrations.

( This letter-to-the-editor appeared in the Newburyport Current on April 24, 2009 and the Newburyport Daily News on April 27, 2009. )

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