Obama Wins the Prize

Wins the 2009 Nobel Peace prize

Wins the 2009 Nobel Peace prize

An area National Football League fan would have perspective on President Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize.

How, you ask?  Try to picture The Five Norwegians (AKA – Nobel Peace Prize committee members) being in the New England Patriots locker room before a New England Patriots game.  The visitors listen as Coach Bill Belichick goes over strategy for the game and hear his pep talk at the end.  They watch the staff and players, and see and hear how confident they become as the coach’s words echo throughout the locker room.  They see the team leave for the field all seemingly convinced that they will succeed.

The Five Norwegians observe all this and conclude that instead of playing the game the team should give Coach Belichick the game ball right now.  His words were clearly inspiring and those on the team were sure to win the game as a result. 

Ridiculous!  Who gives out the game ball before the game is played?  The pre-game talk may lead to success, but who is to know until the game is actually played whether the coach’s words led to a victory.

The Five Norwegians thought that Obama had accomplished enough in his first two weeks as President to deserve the prize.  They obviously relied heavily on Obama’s pre-election rhetoric when making their choice.  Did they have anything beyond words to go on?

In another NFL connection, think about the red hanky each coach gets for an NFL game.  If something does not seem right during the game, the coach tosses the red hanky onto the field and this leads to the referees looking at a video replay and attempting to make necessary corrections.

Imagine that each of us gets a red hanky. If something goes on that we do not think is right, we can toss that red hanky into the air as a way of showing our disapproval.

Now imagine that the announcement is made that President Obama is the winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.  Would it be accurate to suggest that: (1) most of us would be reaching for the red hanky and (2) the resulting color display would put an end to “The Hunt for Red October?”

Two other questions – Is the current buying frenzy of scrapers the result of; (1) the sudden need some folks have to remove Obama/Biden stickers from their vehicles or (2) the realization that a severe winter is fast approaching and not global warming, as Al Gore and the easily led seem to believe.

( Appeared in the Newburyport Current on October 16, 2009  and the Newburyport Daily News on October 20,2009 )

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