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Tom McLaughlin 10-24-09I happen to enjoy Tom McLaughlin’s weekly column in The Bridgton News.  Wow, that’s a novelty, or at least it seems so based on the regular letters-to-the-editor the BN lists.

When I read what his critics have to say I cannot help but wonder if these folks aren’t also the same ones regularly preaching “tolerance.”  Maybe their “tolerance” is only for those they agree with.

President Obama seems to have a similar problem.  He doesn’t like Fox News.  Why?  I think it’s because Fox News raises aggravating questions and presents information that puts the current administration in a bad light.

Tom doesn’t hesitate to do the same.  In the October 22nd edition, he belittled the Harvard educations of Al Gore and Barack Obama. That’s not what folks want to read if they’re convinced that a Harvard education exempts a person from scrutiny from the rest of us.  

Some call Tom’s writings, “right wing rants,” minus any explanation or knowledge of what that might mean.  They’re a bit like the elementary school student who hears a word on the bus, drops it into the family conversation at supper, and wonders why his mom returns with a bar of soap. 

Some of Tom’s critics in the BN readership do know what they’re writing about, so reasoned opinions differing from Tom’s are found very regularly among the letters-to-the-editor.  Thus to suggest that the BN is one-sided means that the critic either doesn’t read the letters-to-the-editor or else doesn’t know what a left wing point of view sounds like.

Tom McLaughlin is entitled to his opinion and thankfully the BN provides him with a weekly forum to do just that. 

On another note, I’m not at all surprised that the BN receives awards for their photos – they are excellent. 

I am also pleased to see that the BN is developing an online website that will enable folks from afar to keep up-to-date on Bridgton and its surrounding towns.  Keep up the good work!

( Sent as a letter-to-the-editor to The Bridgton News )

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