Ipswich Girls Soccer Drops Penalty Kicks Toughie to Shawsheen Tech

Ipswich goal scored by 2 11-10-09

Two overtimes didn’t settle it, nor did the first five penalty kicks.  The 6th penalty kick gave the Shawsheen Tech Rams the Division 3 North tournament victory in girls soccer after their keeper made a save and the Ipswich keeper wasn’t as fortunate.

It goes down as a 2-1 quarter finals loss for the Tigers and a tough exit.  Shawsheen goes on to play Greater Lowell, a team according to the Lowell Sun, that they have already defeated three times.  The winner gets Georgetown in the North final.  The Royals absolutely crushed #1 seed Matignon 9-1 today (November 11th) at Lynn.

WHINER ALERT: I know what the MIAA letters stand for but at Shawsheen I’m thinking it could have meant – Missing In Action Again!

What actually does a school get for being part of that organization?  This was a tournament game, wasn’t it?  Missing as far as I could tell were; (1) player programs, (2) player introductions, (3) the national anthem, and (4) some sort of score clock.

Oh, and the Shawsheen field doesn’t have any lights.  You start a game at 2PM around here, when the sun sets before 4:30 PM, you weren’t planning for much extended play.  Why not 1PM??

And where was the news coverage?  Why do Ipswich folks subscribe to the Salem Evening News?  Wow, next day they had a boxscore!  Ipswich Chronicle – Where’s your game story?  Waiting until Friday?

Anyhow, I stood at the Shawsheen end through two halves and the first overtime and took pictures.  Devoid of a program, all I have are pictures of the part I stayed for.  Thanks to Ipswich AD Tom Gallagher for helping me sort out the names and numbers.

Here is my list of pictures;
Stephanie Sutherby dribbling toward the net,
Corner kick action in the first half shows Mary Krathwohl above the crowd,
Ipswich #5 – Lydia Earley
Ipswich #’s 3 and 21 – Grace Gardner and Bryn Golesworthy
Ipswich #24 – Courtney Long
Ipswich #21 – Bryn Golesworthy
Shot sailing over Hannah O’Flynn and the crossbar,
Bridget Fay near the goal.