Will Phoebe Prince’s Death Wake Up the Parents and Grandparents of Teenagers??

Phoebe Prince ended her life on January 14, 2010 in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

The investigation into Phoebe Prince’s death in South Hadley (MA) should be a wake-up call to parents and grandparents of teenagers.  It was to me.

I started thinking about what the kids in my life have to fall back on when family, friends, and school become troubled, and in Phoebe’s case, when they all get troubled at the same time. 

I refused to buy the, “It can’t happen to my kid,” folly and ignore the issue.  This line of thinking would be like living on low-lying land on Plum Island (MA) and choosing to believe that you will always be safe during storms.

“We get along well with our kids.”  “They have lots of friends.”  “They’re doing well in school.”  Among those nine kids indicted in South Hadley, there are surely relatives who said those same things before Phoebe arrived in the summer of 2009.  Who could have imagined that an apparently minor thing like one young girl moving into town could lead, in months, to everything coming unglued for a group of teenagers? 

Family, friends, and school are wonderful things but not worth putting our ultimate trust in.  Each comes with an uncertainty similar to that experienced by the realistic, low-lying homeowners on Plum Island. 

I trust God when it comes to my ultimate security. You and your family ought to consider doing the same thing if you have not already.

As I understand it, Phoebe had no one to turn to.  She did not know that God loved her.  If she had, she could have felt secure in Him despite all the trouble with family, friends, and school. She would have known that God cared for her even if she believed that no one else did. That knowledge may have prevented the choice she decided to make. 

The first four books of the New Testament have numerous stories of Jesus interacting with the Phoebe’s of His time.  He healed, comforted, and blessed many that had troubles that seemed insurmountable.  We face no trouble that He cannot help us get through in our day as well. 

 If you see the limitations of secular solutions then now is the time for you to try God. 

How is that done? First, understand that God is perfect and you are not.  Sounds obvious but some folks get hung up there.  In addition, because of your lifetime of imperfections of all types (small and large), you deserve to end up separated from God.  However, God loved you and sent Jesus to die (Good Friday) for the punishment you deserved because of your imperfections. 

Making God your ultimate life support takes three steps: (1) admit to God that you are imperfect, (2) believe that Jesus died to cover your imperfections, and (3) give your life to God.

Do those things and you will be adding Someone to your life that will never leave you no matter what the circumstances.  He will be there in the mountains of life and the valleys. 

There is a story in the Bible about a foolish man and a wise man.  The foolish man built his house on the sand.  The wise man built his house on a rock.  When the storms came, one house collapsed and the other did not.

You know that life will produce storms for you and your family.  Is your ultimate security and their ultimate security in something solid enough to make it through?

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