Working With Columns in an Excel Spreadsheet

(I learned how to set up columns on an Excel spreadsheet.  I include it on my blog so that I will have it available for future reference.  Maybe it will also help others who are using Excel and trying to set up columns.)

(1) Inserting a new column

Click on the title of the column where you want the new column to be.

In INSERT click on COLUMN.

(2) Making a formula for a column

Click in the first cell under the title of the column you’re working on.

Start the formula with ( = ) then follow the address ( M2 ) of the cell that starts the formula.

Follow with ( – ) for minus and then add the address of the cell that is doing the minusing. 

Press ENTER.

This will give you a result in that cell of the subtracting that went on.

On the bottom right of the cell with the subtracting result in it, is a small square. 

It can be dragged down the column so that the formula works in all the cells in the three columns involved.

(3) Moving an established column to another place

Highlight the column and in EDIT click on CUT.

Click the column you want the column moved to.


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