2011 Yankee Homecoming Race Winners: Justin Freeman, Lesley Hocking, Tim Murtagh, Kirsten Kasper

Justin Freeman (New Hampton NH) wins the 51st Yankee Homecoming 10 mile race in 52:18 in Newburyport

One mile into the 5K race - Aldous Strother (#2173), Daniel Blouin (#2339), Tim Murtagh (#521) and Kevin Alliette (#2895) - Tim ended up 1st, Kevin 2nd, Aldous 3rd, and Daniel 4th

(Newburyport MA) The usual large turnout plus some unusually cooler temperatures made a nice setting for runners and spectators at the 51st annual 5K/10M Yankee Homecoming racing events on Tuesday night.

Tim Murtagh (Rowley/Connecticut College) held off Kevin Alliette (Methuen/UMassLowell) to take the 5K race.  Later, it was Justin Freeman (New Hampton NH/Bates) cruising to victory in the 10 mile event.

I was positioned at the one-mile mark (in front of the Cushing Museum) to see the early part of both races.  It was a good place to be because the front-runners there turned out to be in a similar position later.  The first four finishers in the 5K were in a pack in the front at one mile.

The slight exception to being in front early was 10-mile winner Justin Freeman.  He was back in 6th there but explained later in the Newburyport News article that he had messed himself up in two previous races here by going out too fast.

Leaders one mile into 10M: Joseph Koech (#3092), Bryan Morseman (#2738), Joseph Ekuom (#3091) and Matthew Manning (#418) -

It was a surprise that the cooler (for August – 70s) weather didn’t produce some sort of record times.  Maybe the field wasn’t as strong as it has been in the past??

Chris Suprin and Keith Conway of Newburyport High School ran well early in the 5K and Chris was around to pick up 6th place at the end.  Keith was 12th.

Pat Rich of South Hamilton was 5th in the 10 miler.  He has been involved in the high school track programs at Hamilton-Wenham and Ipswich.

Greg Krathwohl of Ipswich High and Middlebury College (VT) finished eleventh in the 10M.

Joseph Navas came in eighth in the 10M.  I learned from his wife, while waiting for the runners to arrive at the finish line, that he had proposed to her at the finish line of the Boston Marathon and that they had gone on their honeymoon to New York so that he could run in the New York Marathon.

Newburyport High School runners Keith Conway (#2058) finished 12th and Chris Suprin (#187) finished 6th.

Lesley Hocking from Dover (NH) was the first woman finisher in the 10M while Kirsten Kasper from North Andover (would former Bruins’ coach Steve Kasper be her father??) led the women in the 5K.

Other pictures I took at the races.  By the way, I’m not a professional photographer.  If anyone is interested in a copy of a picture I will be glad to email it to you free of charge.

Joseph Navas 8th 10M

Pat Rich 5th 10M

Joseph Koech 4th 10M

Bryan Morseman 3rd 10M

Jim Johnson 2nd 10M

Aldous Strother and Tim Murtagh 5K

Dana Bradshaw 5K pushing carriage

James Bradbury 5K

Hannah/Thayer Phipps - 5K

Benjamin St. Lawrence 5K

Greg Krathwohl - 11th 10M

Joseph Navas - 8th 10M

Justin Freeman

Lesley Hocking - 10M woman winner

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