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Chip Sherman’s Penalty Kick in 2nd Overtime Sends Masconomet Past Medford in Division 1 North Semi-Finals Boys Soccer

(Lynn) It took penalty kicks for Masconomet to get past Acton-Boxborough in the quarter-finals and it took a Chip Sherman penalty kick in the second overtime to oust Medford in the semi-finals on Friday morning at Manning Field in Division 1 North boys soccer.

#6 Masco (15-3-3) will face #16 Billerica (12-5-6) in the D1 North finals at noon back at Manning Field.

Let my pictures and captions take you through what happened two minutes into the second overtime to end the scoreless tie.

Chip Sherman cuts back on defenders Gilbert Simas and Matheus Anastacio and heads for loose ball.

Chip Sherman, with ball on right foot, breaks in on commited goalie Bryan Peguero as the referee gets a clear view of the action.

Chip Sherman (6) shifts ball to left foot as goalie Bryan Peguero trips him.

Chip Sherman sets up for PK as Medford players question the referee.

Chip Sherman (6) moves in on penalty kick.

Masco players rush to their fans with Bryan Peguero down in foreground.

John Dumbuya – Mustang scoring threat

A very important part of the Chieftain victory was the way that Wes Shrewsbury marked John Dumbuya of Medford.  In the Mustangs two wins in the tournament and in games during the Greater Boston League season, the talented senior has gotten past multiple defenders for goals.  In this one, he got loose at the six-minute mark of the first half, dribbled into the middle and struck a shot that may have put a dent in the top crossbar over Masco goalie Derek Grammer’s head.  At that point, I began to figure John for a goal or two before the game ended………but that didn’t happen.  Wes Shrewsbury defended better thereafter, not letting John ever get into a shooting position the rest of the way.

Keeyon Olia of Masco had a golden chance in the first half.  He had lots of net to shoot at from the left.

Medford coach Mike Petrides claimed afterwards that Chip had taken a dive on the OT penalty call and that the referee should have let it go.  However, in my picture the referee has a very good look at the play.  Bryan Peguero was down and out and Chip had shifted the ball to his left foot just about to shoot at an open net.  Bryan had no choice but to take out Chip’s right leg to trip him and at least temporarily prevent the goal.

In the penalty-shots round versus Acton-Boxborough, Chip was the Chieftains’ first shooter.

The Mustangs had many good players.  The thing I noticed especially were their defenders.  They didn’t panic to pressure and used teammates.  On the other end, I was surprised that big threat John Dumbuya wasn’t in the middle of the field more.  He might have lost Wes Shrewsbury in traffic occasionally or at least drawn some direct kicks.  Instead, John camped out on the right wing waiting for the action to come to him making it easier for Wes to deny him the ball.

Derek Grammer (green shirt) first half save

Masco goalie Derek Grammer made several saves in traffic during regulation.

Medford coach Mike Petrides was let go from coaching this past April but was reinstated late in July after significant support from players and parents came forward.

I rode to this 10AM game in rain which didn’t last.  The sun came out during the game and a crosswind persisted throughout toward the spectator’s grandstand.

Manning Field is an excellent spot for tournament soccer.  There is plenty of parking, seats, bathrooms, and pizza.

(I collect my own information and take my own pictures.  I apologize in advance for any errors.)

The pictures in this entry will all enlarge when you click on them.

Jameson Semerzier (4) & Chip Sherman (6)

Keeyon Olia (9) open net chance

Adam Grammer (1) & Masco coach Dave Mitchell (red stripe)

John Dumbuya (11) and Wes Shrewsbury (10)

Tighe VanLenten (11) heads over Erik Baptiste (9)

Derek Grammer

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