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Sydney Hancock penalty kick gives Lake Region a 1-0 win over Sacopee Valley in girls soccer

Sydney Hancock fires a penalty kick left past Sacopee Valley goalie Emily Colbert in the second half.

Laker goalie Sarah Hancock has the ball go off her back but she recovered before Hawk attackers Courtney Ryan and Morgan Carpenter could capitalize late in the second half.

(Naples ME) Sydney Hancock’s successful, second-half penalty kick turned out to be the difference as the Lake Region Lakers defeated the Sacopee Valley Hawks, 1-0,  on a muggy Saturday afternoon of girls soccer.

Sydney tallied the game winner with seven minutes left lining her shot to Hawk goalie Emily Colbert’s left.

Credit teammate Kiersten Eldridge for sending Sydney to the penalty-shot line.  Kiersten retrieved a rebound and dribbled into some open space on her right and launched a shot that hit the hands of Sacopee defender Kristen Lyle in the penalty area.  That set up the shot that decided this game.

You had to feel badly for Sacopee Valley (2-4-1) because they absolutely dominated Lake Region (2-2-1) for most of the first half and came away empty.  Laker goalie Sarah Hancock handled thirteen shots (by my figuring).  There also was a blast by Hawk Courtney Ryan that hit the crossbar.

Kasey Huntress (left) Brooke Totman (right)

Junior Brooke Totman had a number of threatening shots for the team from Hiram in the first half.

This game was much more even in the second half.  The Lakers had ten shots while Sacopee Valley had seven.

Scoring chances?  Several.

The Lakers’ Tiana-Jo Carter lined up a shot from straightaway with eleven minutes left that rocked the crossbar.  It was easily the hardest shot of the day.

Later, after Sydney Hancock’s penalty kick goal, the Hawks came verrrrry close to tying the game.  Traffic in the box prevented Sarah Hancock from seeing a ball that hit her in the back (note picture) and started rolling toward the goal.  Freshmen Courtney Ryan and Morgan Carpenter were close by but couldn’t get to the loose ball before Sarah smothered it with 4:15 left.

Class C Sacopee Valley’s next game is home on September 25th (5PM) against Buckfield.

The Class B Lakers are back in action on the road (September 24th – 6PM) at Cape Elizabeth.

This was my first time seeing girls soccer in Maine.  I covered some Western Maine softball playoff action at St. Joseph’s in June.

Sydney Hancock (4) ,Lexi Crawford (5), Brooke Totman (9)

No question that the best player on the field was the Lakers’ Sydney Hancock.  The senior was a Western Maine all-stater last year.  She was fast and, despite special coverage, broke loose frequently.

Trying to find any information on the 2012 Sacopee Valley team was a Google impossibility.  But if you went back to 2010, it was an entirely different story because that was the year Coach Kevin Murphy’s team went 16-1-1 and defeated Fort Kent to win the Class C state title.

With only two seniors on his starting eleven, Coach Murphy may have some sort of special team in 2013.

I love going to a soccer game where there is a functioning scoreboard.

I’m sure that everyone knows that “Sacopee” gets its name because it is located in between the Saco River and the Ossipee River.  Well if you didn’t, now you do!

(All of the pictures above and below enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Sydney Hancock (4), Jade Jordan (7)

Kiersten Eldridge

Hawk coach Kevin Murphy

post-game celebration

Kayla Gray (6), Amie Worcester (20), Ali Kepler (17)

Kayla Brown (3), Breanna Wilkensen (19)

Laker goalie Sarah Hancock

Hannah Perkins (12), Devynn Turner (23), Courtney Ryan (15)

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Whittier rallies to defeat Ipswich, 20-18, in overtime football

Wildcat Jesus Sanchez (4) sweeps to the corner for the game-winning, two-point conversion

Henry Sacco scores a nine-yard touchdown for Ipswich in the second quarter.

(Haverhill) If you’re looking for a game with plusses and minuses for both teams, this was the one.

However, in the end it was Whittier coming away with the biggest plus defeating Ipswich in overtime, 20-18, on a lovely Saturday morning/afternoon in Haverhill.

Both teams had been trounced in their openers (Ipswich lost to Pingree 34-7.…Whittier was belted by Stoneham 34-6) and have never played each other before.

Ipswich (0-2) came in with experience (fifteen seniors) while Whittier (1-1) had a roster loaded with underclass athletes.

Ipswich was excellent in the first half getting a 12-0 halftime advantage.  Whittier had those two touchdowns back midway through the final quarter and nearly won the game in the last second.  A blocked field goal attempt on the final play of regulation sent this one to OT.

In overtime a team gets four downs from the 10 yard line.  New this year is that if a team scores, they must go for a two-point conversion.

In their overtime series, Ipswich ran Derek Chamberlain off right tackle three straight times.  He reached the two yard line on the first, scored on the second, and was stopped short by Jake McCartney on the two-point conversion try.  This put Ipswich up 18-12.

Justin Reyes catches a TD pass from Connor Bradley in overtime

In OT, Whittier fumbled the first snap and fortunately (for them) senior Sam King made the recovery.  Next play QB Connor Bradley lofted a “jump ball” pass to leaper Justin Reyes over two defenders to tie the score.

On the game-deciding extra point, sophomore Jesus Sanchez swept right into the corner to win the game for Whittier.  (Whittier had tried that same play after their first score in the third quarter and it had been stopped cold.)

Ipswich tallied on two straight possessions in the second quarter.  Wingback Henry Sacco finished a 71-yard drive with a score from fifteen yards out for the first touchdown.  Derek Chamberlain (eighty-six yards in fourteen carries) ended a 55-yard drive from nine yards rushing over right tackle to give Ipswich a 12-0 advantage.

Watching the two Tiger extra-point attempts I recalled a quote from Ipswich Coach Ted Flaherty in the Ipswich Chronicle – “We do some unusual things on special teams.”  No sign of a center anywhere in either attempt.  On one try the ball went back to reserve QB Eddie Flaherty and the other to QB Kyle Blomster.  Both wanted to pass but a block and a sack ruined the attempts at trickery.

In that first half Whittier spent most of the time on defense.  On offense they had a couple of first downs and never seriously threatened to score.  They did try a couple of “jump ball” passes to Justin Reyes and Jaylin Deveau but couldn’t connect.

Ipswich failed to capitalize on their first possession in the third quarter and in my opinion this was the turning point in the game.

During that possession the Tigers had a long run (40+ yards) by Derek Chamberlain called back on a hold (Chris McCormack).  The Tigers recovered from that setback when Kyle Barber broke loose for 23 yards and Wildcat Brandon Lyons added fifteen yards for a hit out of bounds.

Ipswich was now first and ten from the Whittier 17.  They would reach the ten before getting a delay of game penalty and seeing Kyle Blomster’s 4th down pass sail over the head of Nate Glaster.

Jaylin Deveau (behind 83) finishes an 85-yard TD run in the third quarter

Turning point?  You bet as Whittier took over and on the first play Jaylin Deveau cut through the line on the right and headed down the sidelines for an electrifying 85-yard score with 2:59 left in the third quarter.  The extra point rush attempt by Jesus Sanchez failed but the momentum had swung to the Wildcats.

Next possession, early in the final quarter, Ipswich had Whittier pinned back at midfield with a 4th-and-16. However, defensive back Nate Glaster got caught watching the quarterback (Connor Bradley) as Brandon Lyons raced ten yards behind him.  Connor’s pass was on target and Brandon scored easily to tie the score with 6:28 left.

Nate Glaster (hands raised) block extra point attempt

Ralph Francesconi’s kick attempt was blocked by Nate Glaster to keep the score tied at 12.

On their next possession, Tiger Kyle Barber tried (unsuccessfully) to pass instead of punt on fourth down and Whittier was able to take over on their own 46 with four minutes left.

They would get down to the Tiger five before a big defensive play by Andy Connor pushed the Wildcats back to the ten.  Ralph Francesconi’s game-winning field goal attempt from there was blocked as time ran out.

Ipswich hosts Triton on Friday night (7PM) while Whittier will travel to Georgetown on Saturday afternoon (1PM).

Connor Bradley (eight of fourteen passes -142 yards) and Brandon Lyons connected on a touchdown pass in the Stoneham loss in the Whittier opener.

The acoustics at Whittier were excellent and the booming voice of Wildcat coach Kevin Bradley was hard to miss.  His best material was directed at the officials – “Every time we have you it’s flag city.”  He did seem to talk the officials out of a pass interference call in the final quarter.

My GPS is good but when the bridge across from West Newbury to Haverhill is closed things got interesting.  I ended up taking a side trip almost to Building 19 to get across the Merrimac River.

(All of the pictures above and below enlarge significantly if you click on them.)

Kyle Blomster hands off to Kyle Barber as Ben ONeil (63) leads the blocking

Jake McCartney (3) stops Derek Chamberlain (40) in two-point overtime try

Nate Glaster nearly scores over Doug Angus

Doug Angus tackles Nate Glaster

Derek Chamberlain (14 carries – 86 yards) breaks loose

Brandon Lyons beats Nate Glaster for a Wildcat TD

Derek Chamberlain scores in overtime

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How I recovered the lost password and email address for my WordPress blog

If you now have this problem, I know your pain!

August 21st I prepared an entry and when I tried to log in my password didn’t work.  I have been blogging daily for years so I knew that the password was right.

I decided to wait a while figuring that maybe it was some glitch with WordPress.  Nothing changed.

I then decided to try and get another password but suddenly realized that the email address that goes with the blog is one I no longer use.  I would not be able to retrieve a password that way.

I attempted to get the internet provider to restore that email address so that I could use it.  They tried but while they could enable me to send from that email address they were never able to allow me to receive an email.  So that was a frustrating dead end.

Trying to get help from WordPress was even more frustrating.  My instincts were to go into their forums and ask for a solution from the forum members.  However, without a working password you can’t get into the forums!

I also noticed on their home site that only members with upgrades could get any support from WordPress.  I contemplated upgrading but again without a password you can’t get anywhere.

I tried Google searches but the suggestions I found there for my problem were too technical or looked like some sort of hacking.  I wasn’t that desperate!

What worked?  I went into one of the WordPress home pages and found a topic entitled, “suspended blogs.”  I thought that maybe I had written something on one of my four blogs that had crossed some WordPress line.

More important, I figured that if I could get some live-body response from someone working for WordPress I could explain the problem I was having and get their help.  Well, that is exactly what happened.

I had to provide proof that I was the owner of the blog to get them to enable me to be able to log in.  The confirmation happened when I got from PayPal a transaction number for a payment I had made to WordPress last November to upgrade to No-Ads.

I was unable to blog for two weeks.  If you’re a daily blogger as I am that seemed like two years!  However, it did give me time to reflect on changes I would make in my blogging habits if I was able to do it again.  (I actually decided to give up one of my blogs entirely.)

I asked my WordPress helper Erica, after I was back blogging (September 4th), if there was a better route that I could have taken to solve my “no-password, no-email address” fiasco.  Below is part of the answer she sent me:

Hi Peter,

Thank you so much for sending your feedback on your experience. I’m sorry that you had a difficult time and for any frustration.

In terms of contacting support when you cannot log into your account, your best option is to search in the support forums for a direct email to or to temporarily create a new username that you can use to post in the forums. While the latter option requires more steps, it is also likely to be the fastest as support will see your question if you post in the Staff Answers forum.

We are always in the process of changing and updating the support experience at, so it’s likely you will see changes around this in the future. Along the same lines, in terms of proving your account ownership, there may be other methods for doing so in the future as well. In the meantime, I do really appreciate your patience along the way and know that you can send us a direct email at any time.


Erica | Automattic

I hope this helps any out there struggling with this problem.

God bless!

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