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Hurricane Sandy – 2012

Every now and then the godless among us are confronted with a situation in which they can see that their future is not in their own hands.  They are confronted by Someone bigger, who they generally choose to ignore.

That Someone (God) wants to have a relationship with them, but He is unable to have it with them because they are imperfect and He is perfect.  The good news (Gospel) is that Jesus died for their imperfections. If they will just believe that He died for them then they are saved from eternal separation from Him.

Then when the storms of life come along they will know that He is with them no matter what happens.  Blessed assurance!

Mark 4:39-41

39 – He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!”  Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.

40 – He said to his disciples, “Why are you so afraid?  Do you still have no faith?”

41 – They were terrified and asked each other, “Who is this?  Even the wind and the waves obey him!”

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Newburyport boys win the 2012 Cape Ann League cross country championship

Sophomore Nick Carleo (Newburyport) in charge from start to finish in CAL championship xc meet.

(Hamilton)  The Newburyport boys cross country team captured the Cape Ann League cross country championship on a very pleasant Saturday morning at Bradley Palmer State Park.

The Clippers had plenty of reason to fear the challenge of their arch-rival Masconomet.  The Chieftains had only lost by five points (25-30) in a CAL meet at the same location on October 15th.

This time, however, the spread was wider (37-46) for Newburyport.

Nick Carleo runs alone to the finish line.

Last year Alex Sullivan (North Andover) ran alone to victory.  This time around it was sophomore Nick Carleo (Newburyport) doing the same thing.

Nick (15:44) had a nineteen second lead at the finish line over Matt Gillis (16:03) of Hamilton-Wenham.  That’s a significant spread in the 3.1 mile Bradley Palmer course.

Nick led from the very early going.  There are state meets ahead and it will be interesting to see how he does against some of the state’s best.

Newburyport won Division 5 last year and Masco coach Pat Mahoney was quoted saying, “that they should win it again this year.”

Max Vye (19th)

A key performer for the victorious Clippers was senior Max Vye.  I saw Max win the JV meet last year.  In today’s meet Max finished 19th.  However, he was Newburyport’s fifth finisher, ahead of two Masco runners and that made a difference in the final point totals.

(Last year I arrived at this event at 10AM because that was when it was scheduled to start.  That enabled me to watch both the JVs races.  This year I figured I’d skip those races and get there at 11AM for the two varsity races.  Silly me!  The varsity races did start at 10AM.  I’ll assume the JV events started at 9AM.  Who knows what might happen next year!)

This site has the official 2012 Cape Ann League XC championship results.

This is a look at the lead runners before they went by the starting line for the second time and some of the early finishers:

Nick Carleo (1st)

Matt Gillis (2nd)

Joe Santo (3rd)

Harry Kent (4th)

Marco Caserta (5th)

Chris Orlando (6th)

Mike Riddle (7th), Joe Molvar (8th)

Jake Moorman (9th)

Will Davis (11th)

sophomore Alex Demeule (12th)

Michael Gilfeather (17th)

Matt Gillis (778), Joe Santo (1184), Harry Kent (1024)

Chris Orlando (1179) and Marco Caserta (993)


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Masco defeats Newburyport 2-1 in girls soccer denying Clippers CAL title

Lexi Sheehan of Masco puts her foot into the game-winner.

Kaleigh White, Claudia Marsh (22), and Lexi Sheehan celebrate the first Chieftain goal.

(Topsfield) Neither team needed the game to qualify for the state tournament but visiting Newburyport was playing for a share of the Cape Ann League Division 1 title.

Masconomet (11-3-1) played the spoiler role defeating the Clippers, 2-1, on a sunny Thursday afternoon in their final home game of the regular season.

Newburyport (12-2-2) entered the game sharing the top spot with Hamilton-Wenham.  But the Newburyport loss combined with HW’s win over Pentucket (5-0) gave the CAL D1 title to the Generals with a 13-1-2 record.

Surprisingly, this game went from a lengthy defensive struggle to a shootout in the final six minutes.

With six minutes left, Claudia Marsh set up teammate Lexi Sheehan for a header for Masco’s first goal. Four minutes later Lexi Sheehan was back for a second goal after dribbling down the middle and blasting a shot past NHS goalie Lilly Donovan to her left.

Newburyport came right back with a top-shelf goal by Jaycie Triantafillou a minute later, in the last minute of the game, but the Clippers didn‘t have time to threaten to tie the game.

first half scramble in Masconomet end

Masco and Newburyport had played to a 1-1 tie on September 25th and after watching sixty minutes of scoreless play in this game I suspected that a 0-0 tie was a strong possibility.

Both teams had returning CAL award-winners on defense.  No question that Paige Pratt (Masco) and Aly Leahy (Newburyport) play the last-defender position extremely well.  So there were shots in the first sixty minutes but mostly long range tries.

Katie Gorenflo did get in for a close one seventeen minutes into the second half but Masco goalie Nancy Palermo was able to smother the attempt.

The one that will haunt the Clippers, when they recall this game, was a shot by Jaycie Triandofilou twenty-five minutes into the second half.  Jaycie struck a hard shot that hit the crossbar and went straight down in front.  Masco was somehow able to clear the rebound and keep the visitors off the board.

The key to the Chieftains first goal was the sideline run by senior Claudia Marsh.  She was able to get space and send a hard shot toward the front of the net.  NHS goalie Lilly Donovan was set up close to the goal-line protecting for a shot directly on net.  When the shot/pass was sent out away from the goal-line, Claudia’s teammate (Lexi Sheehan) was able to move in and head it past Lilly before she could get out to catch it.

Now down by a goal and only six minutes left, the Clippers quickly put a couple of shots on MHS goalie Nancy Palermo moving more players into the offensive end.

However, when the Chieftains were able to get control, they set out on a long run toward the NHS goal.  Lexi Sheehan covered a lot of ground down the middle and was able to get away a clear shot from in close for the game winner with two minutes left.

Jaycie came back with a quick answer but it was too little too late.

Newburyport finishes its regular season on Monday (weather permitting?) against Tewksbury at home.  Masco finishes tomorrow at North Reading.

Both Masco and Newburyport are tireless.  There were many long runs in this game.

Paige Pratt (16) sets to take a direct kick.

One aspect that needs work on both teams are direct kicks.  There were at least sixteen taken, by my unofficial count, during the game and not one of them turned into any kind of threat.  Way too many of them missed the goal entirely and some of the kicks were taken from very close range.  Maybe I was spoiled by watching Hannah Martin kick them in recent years for Newburyport.

Missing for Newburyport (as she has been all season) was Carly Brand.  The junior was injured in March and has just been cleared to practice.  She was on the Clipper bench for this one.

The last time I was at the Masco soccer field (last year) the Chieftain boys defeated Lincoln-Sudbury in a tournament shootout prompting one of the most dangerous student stampedes I’ve seen.

There were three soccer games going on at the same time.  I saw a few JV soccer balls escape onto the varsity field but no confusion resulted.

There was a scoreboard at Masco………but it didn’t work.

The sun was tough down one end for Lilly Donovan in the first half and for Nancy Palermo for part of the second half.  The sun, however, was not a factor in any of the goals.

(All of the pictures enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Paige Pratt

Delaney Bartol

Lilly Donovan

Masco goalie Nancy Palermo reaches for a high shot.

Lilly Donovan makes a catch in front of Lexi Sheehan (8) and Dominique Anderson (21)

Maryam Moshrefi, Kaleigh White, Bella Palma

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Pentucket defeats Newburyport 3-2 in boys soccer to win ALS Cup

Matt Farrell scores the first goal of the game on a header past NHS goalie Matt Canning.

(Newburyport) A fast start gave Pentucket the ALS Cup and a 3-2 win over Newburyport in boys soccer at World War Stadium on a warm Tuesday afternoon.

Pentucket (12-2-2) had goals by Matt Farrell and Zack Chapman in the first eight minutes and led at the half, 2-0.

Tom Graham lines up his 12th goal of the season early in the second half.

Tom Graham put the Clippers within one (2-1) early in the second half but Matt Farrell converted a long run down the left sidelines five minutes later to restore the two-goal edge.  Jordy Steelman tallied the second NHS score in the last minute but there wasn’t time for Newburyport to get a shot at the equalizer.

Newburyport (9-5-2) had lost the previous meeting with Pentucket, 3-1, on September 21st.

Less than two minutes in the Cape Ann League’s top goal scorer (Matt Farrell) headed a shot past NHS goalie Matt Canning.  The Clippers defense reacted slowly to a ball in their space and Matt Farrell took advantage.

NHS coach Shawn Bleau called an immediate timeout and issued a full-blown wakeup call to his Clippers.

Unfortunately, six minutes later there was more defensive trouble in front of the Clipper net. Sachem Zack Chapman was able to get a clean straightaway look at a rebound of Matt Farrell’s shot to give Pentucket a 2-0 lead.

The rest of the 40-minute half was almost all Newburyport.  By my unofficial count, the Clippers had eighteen shots either on net or near the net.  Two of the best were heading setups by Adam Traxler to King Shema and Jordy Steelman.

Trevor Collins hit the crossbar with this late first-half shot.

Right at the end of the half Pentucket’s Trevor Collins broke in from the left but his clean look grazed off the crossbar.

Newburyport’s first goal came off of a terrific setup by junior Adam Traxler four minutes into the second half.  Adam drew a crowd (as he usually does) at midfield and was able to lob a pass over the defense.  Teammate Tom Graham registered his 12th goal after collecting the pass and firing a low shot past Pentucket’s second half goalie, Cody Sedler.  Logan Sherwood was in net for the first half.

Matt Farrell ruined Newburyport’s hopes of getting any closer five minutes later with a strong individual effort.  The talented senior made nearly a half-field run down the left side and beat goalie Matt Canning inside the strong-side post. Matt Farrell is the Cape Ann League’s top goal scorer now with fifteen for the season.

Both teams had corner kicks (4 for Pentucket/ 3 for Newburyport) the rest of the way.  Newburyport brought goalie Matt Canning up to do a throw-in during the last five minutes which went wide.

Jordy Steelman (10) shoots and scores as defender Ben Craig races to catch up.

In the last minute Jordy Steelman dribbled down the middle by several Pentucket defenders for a score to tighten things to 3-2.  Pentucket was able to dominate the rest of the time as Matt Farrell hit the crossbar close to the end of the game.

Matt Farrell ended with two goals and an assist.  He also was given plenty of rest by PHS coach Chris Langlois.  By my count he was on the sidelines for eighteen minutes.  That number gave me an idea of Pentucket’s depth.

Matt may be the leading scorer in the CAL but the most dangerous player in the league could well be Adam Traxler.  He put serious pressure on the PHS defense numerous times.  His assist on Tom Graham’s goal was one of the best you’ll see.

The ALS Cup is a fundraiser for former NHS student Brent Paulhus who has the disease.

Matt Cote (15) heads a shot toward the Pentucket goal in the second half.

Both Pentucket and Newburyport have the points to qualify for the postseason tournament.  Both have two regular season games left this week.  Next for Pentucket is a road game with Hamilton-Wenham on Thursday.  Newburyport gets Masconomet at home on the same day.

World War Stadium is a great place to watch a game at.  The spectators are close to the field with an elevated view.  The only issue appears to be the limited space on the team sidelines.

Teams that have uniforms with numbers only on the back (I’m looking at you, Pentucket!) have no idea how difficult that makes it to identify players in pictures.

(Pictures enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Pentucket goalie Cody Sedler congratulates Adam Traxler afterwards.

Matt Canning

Matt Farrell dribbles past John Spears (24)

Alex Salah shields Matt Farrell away from goalie Matt Canning.

Jordy Steelman

Adam Traxler (5) challenges Ben Craig for the ball

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Amesbury defeats Lynnfield 2-0 to stay undefeated in girls soccer

Hannah Zannini takes a shot. The AHS senior scored both goals for the undefeated Indians.

Janine Fatal takes one of her five hard shots.

(Amesbury)  The undefeated Amesbury Indians played without the Cape Ann League’s top scorer (Megan Cullen) and faced a desperate opponent.

Neither mattered as the Amesbury girls soccer team defeated Lynnfield, 2-0, at Cashman School on a sunny/windy Monday afternoon.

Amesbury (13-0-2) have won seven straight since their tie with Hamilton-Wenham on October 1st.

Megan Cullen (17 goals/9 assists) warmed up but did not play.  Maybe her absence has something to do with the fact that Amesbury has a spot in the tournament and already owns the CAL Division 2 title.

The Indians have two regular season games left – Tuesday (Georgetown) and Thursday (Rockport).  You have to like the Indians chances of going undefeated.  They have already defeated the Royals (5-0) and the Vikings (8-2).

Lynnfield (5-7-4) will now need to win their last two games (Rockport & Ipswich) to make the tournament.

The Pioneers’ desperation made this game of interest plus the fact that on September 19th Lynnfield had narrowly lost to Amesbury, 3-2.  But in this one, the home team never let the visitors mount much of an attack.

With Megan sidelined, teammate Hannah Zannini cashed two goals (her 14th and 15th) in the first nineteen minutes of play and that was all that Amesbury needed.

Loose ball in front after a Lynnfield corner kick.

Amesbury had seventeen other shots in the direction of the Lynnfield goal. Lynnfield had a shot off of a corner kick in the first half and a flurry of several shots in the second half.  Paige MacEachern had a strong bid for Lynnfield in the second half but AHS goalie Sarah Abraham finished with her fifth shutout.

Hannah’s first goal (I saw it from the other end!) was set up by Natalie Dawes.  Hannah got in close on the right side.

The second scoring shot was from straight away and it zipped over the left shoulder of LHS goalie Hannah Travers.

Amanda Martin (12) tries to get past Ali Johnson (5).

After watching Amesbury play a good opponent for eighty minutes it’s easy to see why they have been so good this season.
(1) First of all, they rarely turn the ball over.  If an opponent rushed at them they used the, “Lucy-Charlie-Brown-football-trick.”  They would pull the ball back and let the opponent fly by.  Taylor Tagliente and Erin Leary are two of the best defenders you’ll see.
(2) Second is Janine Fatal at midfield.  The AHS senior had marvelous control in midfield traffic with speed and dribbling.  And you talk about a hard shot from long distance.  She had five of them in this game and fortunately for the Pioneers none of them were on target.
(3) Third is the overall team speed of Amesbury.  They seemed a half step faster then Lynnfield over most of the field.

Lynnfield’s positional defense was quite good after the two goals.  Even if players were beaten there were always teammates to help further down the field.  Trust me, Amesbury did not go into any defensive shell over the last sixty-one minutes of soccer.

(The pictures above and below enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Hannah Zannini gets pregame advice

Dayle DiTullio clears for Lynnfield

Emily Martin (16) takes a shot

Amanda Martin (12) closes in on Lynnfield goalie Paige Ciavarro

Natalie Dawes gets in on Lynnfield goalie Hannah Travers.

Hannah Zannini tries to get the ball from Abby Petras (19)

Sam Filipe

AHS coach Cathy Berry at halftime

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Woodland stuns undefeated Shead, 6-3, in boys soccer

Woodland seniors honored – (from left to right) JJ Ruane, Nathan Lozier, Clay White, James Lee, Jake Hoops, Wyatt Cox, and Hunter Snowman

Tyler Cochran (10) puts Woodland ahead for good in the second half.

(Baileyville ME)  The Woodland Dragons (7-5) scored five goals in the second half and handed the Shead Tigers (9-1-2) their first loss of the season, 6-3, on Friday afternoon in Class D East boys soccer.

Shead had defeated Woodland, 4-3, in double overtime on September 26th.  The two teams are scheduled to meet again on the last game of the regular season at Eastport.

It was the last home game for the seven Dragon seniors and they were honored before the game.  Many of the players had family members on hand and that may have played a part in enabling Woodland to hold together after the undefeated visitors tied the score, 3-3, with 16 ½ minutes left.

Woodland coach Steve Lincoln directs JJ Ruane.

A key switch by Dragon coach Steve Lincoln occurred shortly after Nick Barnes penalty kick tied the score and boy did it ever pay off!

The Woodland coach moved his son Damon to the right side of the forward line and Tyler Cochran to the left side of that same line.  And would you believe that less than ten minutes later, the Dragons had two goals from Tyler and another from Damon in their new positions.

Those three goals put Woodland in front, 6-3, with less than six minutes left.  A couple of minutes later Shead coach Rod Ampungan cleared his bench.

Two things this game had in quantity were bugs and scoring chances.  Very unofficially I had Woodland for twenty-eight shots and Shead for twenty-four.  Any number of times players on both sides had clean looks.  Also, there were thirteen corner kicks and several of the goals were scored that way.

Both teams were on the board in the first three minutes of the game.  Shead’s Will Urquehart headed in Brennin Consalvi’s corner kick (38:46) before Jake Hoops (10th goal) put in a rebound (37:01) for the Dragons.

Surprisingly the score stayed tied (1-1) for the rest of the first half although both teams came close with goal post hits.

The Dragons tallied twice in the first ten minutes of the second half.  Damon Lincoln (15th goal) headed in a corner kick and a minute later Jake Hoops (11th goal) drove home a rebound.

Nick Barnes penalty kick heads for the corner

A lesser team that Shead might have folded after the quick two-goal deficit on the road but instead the Tigers rallied to tie the score.  From my length-of-the-field view it looked as if John Cushing beat Dragon goalie James Lee with a header.  The tying goal was a penalty shot off a Wyatt Cox’s hand ball.  Nick Barnes (15 goals) took the PK and beat James Lee to his left at 16:26.

Now you wondered what Woodland would do.  The momentum certainly had shifted to Shead and they had come in undefeated.

But Tyler Cochran’s sliding re-direction on the far post gave the Dragons the advantage for good at 13:40.

After Tyler’s goal, the visiting Tigers put all kinds of pressure on Dragon goalie James Lee over the next four minutes.  John Cushing had an excellent scoring chance but his shot went wide.

At 8:07 Tyler Cochran got his 12th goal on an assist from Jake Hoops to give the Dragons some breathing room.

2 ½ minutes later Damon Lincoln (16th) re-directed a shot past Shead’s beleaguered goalie Ryan Eylar to finish the scoring.

Ryan came in with five shutouts but had to wonder where his defense was in this one.

I was at the same location last year for the Calais/Woodland girls game and don’t recall that there was any scoreboard.  It sure helps when you’re trying to keep track of things.

Last night’s rain left a few puddles on the field.

Woodland’s next game is on October 9th at Southern Aroostook.  Shead will next play at Machias on October 10th.  The Tigers have tied Machias twice.

(The pictures above and below enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Damon Lincoln (9) slips between Joe Barnes (7) and Kinap Bassett (15).

James Lee

Action in front of the Woodland net

Will Urquehart

Nick Barnes (10) rips off a shot as Wyatt Cox (13) and Will Urquehart (1) look on

Jake Hoops

Tyler Cochran

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