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Masconomet runs away from Newburyport 62-32 in girls basketball

Nicole Femino (14 points) breaks in alone

Nicole Femino (14 points) breaks in alone

Hannah Kiernan (12 points) takes and makes a difficult shot.

Hannah Kiernan (12 points) takes and makes a difficult shot.

(Newburyport) After losing badly to the cream of Division 3 (Pentucket) on Friday, Newburyport hoped for a better outing against Masconomet.

Didn’t happen.

Masco (6-2) ran away from the Clippers, 62-32, on Monday night at Newburyport.

“Ran away” is a good description because the Chieftains put fastbreak after fastbreak on the cold shooting home team.  The Clippers (3-4) got caught numerous times chasing offensive rebounds instead of getting back on defense.

When Masco wasn’t getting layups (they had fourteen) they were getting foul shots (they had twenty-eight).

The Chieftains made eighteen free throws.

Aly Leahy tries to split two Chieftain defenders

Aly Leahy tries to split two Chieftain defenders

Aly Leahy of Newburyport opened the scoring with a free throw.  Nicole Femino (14 points) matched that and then sent Hannah Kiernan (12 points) off on a breakaway layup.  Hannah’s basket gave Masco the lead (3-1) for good.

Masco led, 14-6, after one quarter and doubled it to, 28-12, at halftime.

The Chieftains started the second half with a 12-4 run over 3 ½ minutes to increase their lead to, 40-16.  Sophomore Meghan Collins (8 points) scored the first two baskets, one on a nice spin move.

During the last 12 ½ minutes of the game Newburyport was only outscored, 22-16, but this was not a night in which a late rally materialized.

Janelle Shea blocks the shot of Mary Pettigrew

Janelle Shea blocks the shot of Mary Pettigrew

There was no point in the game where the Clippers were able to put more than four points together in a row.  Cold shooting was part of it but the Chieftains were defending well inside – Newburyport scored four layups in the game.

On the other hand, because of the frequency of layups, Masco ran points together. On seven different occasions they scored at least six points in a row.

Lilly Donovan (9 points) paced Newburyport.  She hit a three in the first quarter that went off the backboard.

Casey Barlow (8 points) was credited with a basket when her attempt at a pass under the basket was deflected in off a Masconomet player.

Coach Bob Romeo of Masco was deep into his bench late in the first half.  He ended up having eleven different players score.

Amy Sullivan defends

Amy Sullivan defends

You have to feel sorry for Newburyport.  What a killer schedule!  They have just finished playing Ipswich, Pentucket, and now Masconomet.  Next game (Thursday) they host Ipswich in a league game.  Ipswich and Pentucket are undefeated.  Masco is a Division One team that gave both of those teams a run for their money before losing to them.

Molly Rowe (Bentley) and Joe Clancy (Merrimack) were in the house.

Masco’s next game will be hosting Amesbury on Wednesday night.

Finding information on Cape Ann League teams is a serious challenge.  One helpful site is www.calscores.com.  There you’ll find schedules, scores, and standings.

Details about teams can be very illusive.  However, that is no longer true regarding the Lady Chieftains.  Click on this link and see what I mean.

Masco box score

Newburyport box score

(All of the pictures above and below enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Aly Leahy shoots in traffic

Aly Leahy shoots in traffic

Casey Barlow defends

Casey Barlow defends

Jaycie Triandafilou pressures Meghan Collins

Jaycie Triandafilou pressures Meghan Collins

Sarah Lang (23)

Sarah Lang (23)

Rebecca Kell heads for the hoop

Rebecca Kell heads for the hoop

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Newburyport wins opener 39-23 over Amesbury in girls basketball

Lilly Donovan (17 points) gets in for two

Lilly Donovan (16 points) gets in for two

Mary Pettigrew (11 points) at the line

Mary Pettigrew (11 points) at the line

(Newburyport)  This wasn’t pretty to watch from a style standpoint but I’m sure the Newburyport girls will take the win they got in their opener, 39-23, over Amesbury on Tuesday night at NHS.

Both teams feature athletes from fall sports and you could see that the transition to basketball was a work in progress.

By my unofficial figuring, there were forty-six turnovers in this thirty-two minute game! Both teams had twenty-three miscues.  It seemed obvious that at this early date in the season the defenses (both played man-to-man) were far ahead of the offenses.  Those on hand saw too much dribbling and too many ill-advised passes.

No three’s were made by either team although plenty were taken.

Sarah Abraham (24) and Emily Pettigrew (10 battle

Sarah Abraham (24) and Emily Pettigrew (10) battle

Amesbury (0-1) had all sorts of trouble generating any offense except in the third quarter.  The Indians went through almost the entire second quarter without scoring a single point.

Newburyport won this game because of the play of Lilly Donovan (16 points) and Mary Pettigrew (11 points). That twosome worked together to create scoring opportunities for each other on several occasions.  Both made individual moves inside to produce points for the Clippers.

Newburyport (1-0) broke out of a 2-2 tie in the first quarter with a run of eight straight featuring a converted rebound by Lilly, two layups by Mary, and two free throws by Aly Leahy.

Later starting later in the first quarter the Clippers would string twelve unanswered together to get a commanding 22-6 advantage late in the second quarter.  Newburyport collected those twelve points via converted rebounds by newcomers Emily Pettigrew (freshman) and Morgan Johnston (sophomore), two layups by Lilly, a jumper by Emily, and a driving layup by Casey Barlow.

Lilly Donovan defended by Emily Martin

Lilly Donovan defended by Emily Martin

Only a last-minute drive by Emily Martin kept the Indians from being shut out entirely in the second quarter.  Newburyport led, 22-8, at the half.

Amesbury’s best quarter was the third.  They actually outscored the Clippers, 10-8.  Producing points for the Indians were Janine Fatal with a layup, followed by two inside scores from freshman Megan Reid, and a converted rebound and layup by Sarah Abraham.

The Clippers iced the game early in the final quarter as a Mary Pettigrew free throw, followed by two more freebies by Lilly Donovan, and a Lilly basket assisted by Mary put the home team in front, 35-18, with five minutes left.

Plenty of reserves saw action the rest of the way.

Sarah Abraham launches a three

Sarah Abraham launches a three

Sarah Abraham was Amesbury’s high scorer with six points.

Newburyport is coming off a 14-7 in 2011-12 while Amesbury was 1-18 last year.

Beth Castantini, 2012 NHS grad, was in the house.  She is now playing basketball for UMass Dartmouth.

There were several folks in the house with clipboards including one from Pentucket and two from Hamilton-Wenham.  They just happened to be in the neighborhood??

I thought that the lighting at the Newburyport gym was much better than it was last year.

(The pictures above and below enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Mary Pettigrew and Courtney Borkowski battle

Mary Pettigrew and Courtney Borkowski battle

Aly Leahy

Aly Leahy

Lea Tomasz defends Amanda Martin

Lea Tomasz defends Amanda Martin

Rebecca Kell shoots over Megan Reid from the corner

Rebecca Kell shoots over Megan Reid from the corner

Emily Williams

Emily Williams

Freshman Emily Pettigrew shoots inside

Freshman Emily Pettigrew shoots inside

Amy Sullivan heads for the hoop

Amy Sullivan heads for the hoop

Jaycie Triandafilou gets in close

Jaycie Triandafilou gets in close

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Masco defeats Newburyport 2-1 in girls soccer denying Clippers CAL title

Lexi Sheehan of Masco puts her foot into the game-winner.

Kaleigh White, Claudia Marsh (22), and Lexi Sheehan celebrate the first Chieftain goal.

(Topsfield) Neither team needed the game to qualify for the state tournament but visiting Newburyport was playing for a share of the Cape Ann League Division 1 title.

Masconomet (11-3-1) played the spoiler role defeating the Clippers, 2-1, on a sunny Thursday afternoon in their final home game of the regular season.

Newburyport (12-2-2) entered the game sharing the top spot with Hamilton-Wenham.  But the Newburyport loss combined with HW’s win over Pentucket (5-0) gave the CAL D1 title to the Generals with a 13-1-2 record.

Surprisingly, this game went from a lengthy defensive struggle to a shootout in the final six minutes.

With six minutes left, Claudia Marsh set up teammate Lexi Sheehan for a header for Masco’s first goal. Four minutes later Lexi Sheehan was back for a second goal after dribbling down the middle and blasting a shot past NHS goalie Lilly Donovan to her left.

Newburyport came right back with a top-shelf goal by Jaycie Triantafillou a minute later, in the last minute of the game, but the Clippers didn‘t have time to threaten to tie the game.

first half scramble in Masconomet end

Masco and Newburyport had played to a 1-1 tie on September 25th and after watching sixty minutes of scoreless play in this game I suspected that a 0-0 tie was a strong possibility.

Both teams had returning CAL award-winners on defense.  No question that Paige Pratt (Masco) and Aly Leahy (Newburyport) play the last-defender position extremely well.  So there were shots in the first sixty minutes but mostly long range tries.

Katie Gorenflo did get in for a close one seventeen minutes into the second half but Masco goalie Nancy Palermo was able to smother the attempt.

The one that will haunt the Clippers, when they recall this game, was a shot by Jaycie Triandofilou twenty-five minutes into the second half.  Jaycie struck a hard shot that hit the crossbar and went straight down in front.  Masco was somehow able to clear the rebound and keep the visitors off the board.

The key to the Chieftains first goal was the sideline run by senior Claudia Marsh.  She was able to get space and send a hard shot toward the front of the net.  NHS goalie Lilly Donovan was set up close to the goal-line protecting for a shot directly on net.  When the shot/pass was sent out away from the goal-line, Claudia’s teammate (Lexi Sheehan) was able to move in and head it past Lilly before she could get out to catch it.

Now down by a goal and only six minutes left, the Clippers quickly put a couple of shots on MHS goalie Nancy Palermo moving more players into the offensive end.

However, when the Chieftains were able to get control, they set out on a long run toward the NHS goal.  Lexi Sheehan covered a lot of ground down the middle and was able to get away a clear shot from in close for the game winner with two minutes left.

Jaycie came back with a quick answer but it was too little too late.

Newburyport finishes its regular season on Monday (weather permitting?) against Tewksbury at home.  Masco finishes tomorrow at North Reading.

Both Masco and Newburyport are tireless.  There were many long runs in this game.

Paige Pratt (16) sets to take a direct kick.

One aspect that needs work on both teams are direct kicks.  There were at least sixteen taken, by my unofficial count, during the game and not one of them turned into any kind of threat.  Way too many of them missed the goal entirely and some of the kicks were taken from very close range.  Maybe I was spoiled by watching Hannah Martin kick them in recent years for Newburyport.

Missing for Newburyport (as she has been all season) was Carly Brand.  The junior was injured in March and has just been cleared to practice.  She was on the Clipper bench for this one.

The last time I was at the Masco soccer field (last year) the Chieftain boys defeated Lincoln-Sudbury in a tournament shootout prompting one of the most dangerous student stampedes I’ve seen.

There were three soccer games going on at the same time.  I saw a few JV soccer balls escape onto the varsity field but no confusion resulted.

There was a scoreboard at Masco………but it didn’t work.

The sun was tough down one end for Lilly Donovan in the first half and for Nancy Palermo for part of the second half.  The sun, however, was not a factor in any of the goals.

(All of the pictures enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Paige Pratt

Delaney Bartol

Lilly Donovan

Masco goalie Nancy Palermo reaches for a high shot.

Lilly Donovan makes a catch in front of Lexi Sheehan (8) and Dominique Anderson (21)

Maryam Moshrefi, Kaleigh White, Bella Palma

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North Andover starts fast and never looks back in 47-36 win over Newburyport in girls basketball

Morgan Lumb (22 points) launches a triple. She made four of them in the game.

(Newburyport)  North Andover started NASCAR fast and left Newburyport in the distant dust while cruising to a 47-36 win at NHS on Friday night.

NHS senior sign

Prior to the Newburyport’s final regular-season home game, the Clippers recognized their three seniors (Beth Castantini, Molly Rowe, and Cady Bennett) and their parents. That was the last celebrating the home team would do.

The Knights shut down Newburyport for the opening six minutes and were up twelve zip.  NA hit the Clippers hard on both ends.  Their trapping and scrapping wrecked any kind of flow toward Clipper scoring opportunities while on offense their passing and cutting gave great looks.

NHS coach Gregg Dollas went through two quick timeouts with the volume in the huddle much louder in the second one.

After the noisy timeout the Clippers put in their best six minutes of play in the game.  They outscored the visitors, 16-7, and trailed only, 19-16, with four minutes to go in the first half.  The key to the good play was getting points from seven different players.  Meri Adsit had an old-fashioned 3-point play assisted by Molly Rowe to highlight the Clipper surge.  As the points rolled up, it was North Andover coach Susan Breen using a timeout to try and cool off Newburyport.

Leah Chittick (12 points) flies in for a layup.

And did the Clippers cool off.  It was like the disastrous beginning of this game all over again.  NA rattled off seven straight to end the first half (26-16) and their run wasn’t finished.

The third quarter saw NA’s Morgan Lumb put on an awfully good Brooke Stewart (Masco) impersonation, dropping fifteen of her game-high twenty-two points on the stunned Clippers.  There were three triples, a nifty spin down the lane, a turnover turned into a layup, and two free throws.  Dazzling display by the junior!

The Clippers found themselves behind, 43-21, after three quarters.

The final score of some games is misleading and this is certainly one of them.  NA got up, 45-21, fifteen seconds into the last quarter and didn’t get any more points until the very end, as liberal substituting kicked in for both teams.  The Clippers put together a collection of fourteen unanswered points but never got closer than ten.

Senior Beth Castantini (10 points) heavily defended by MacKenzie Mello

Newburyport (11-6) has all road games left starting Monday night with arguably the best team in the league, Pentucket, at Pentucket.  The Clippers have now lost three straight and need to find some positive traction before the Division 3 state tournament starts.

North Andover (10-6) qualified for the Division 2 state tournament with the win over Newburyport.  Their record is a bit deceiving since they lost to the best girls’ team in the state (Andover) twice this season.  The Knights next game is versus Triton at home on Tuesday night.

Freshman Leah Chittick had twelve points for the Knights.

Beth Castantini (10 points) led the Clipper scorers.  Lilly Donovan had six points and had the unenviable task of chasing Morgan Lumb around for a good part of the night.

I had hoped to get a picture of the seniors with their parents but it just didn’t work out.

North Andover boxscore

Newburyport boxscore

(All the pictures above and below enlarge significantly if you click on them.)

Morgan Lumb

Rebecca Kell shoots

Senior Cady Bennett

Aly Leahy and Leah Chittick

Alex Medlock defends

Senior Molly Rowe

Pam Coufos breaks away

loose ball

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Newburyport Survives Belmont Rally in Girls Soccer 1-0 to Reach D2 North Semis

NHS goalie Lilly Donovan chases ball to her right that would go off the goal post in the last minute of regulation.

Kerry Johnson (4) heads in the game winner as Liza Twomey gets tangled up with BHS goalie Nina Perrotta.

(Newburyport) A year ago the Belmont Marauders girls soccer team defeated the Newburyport Clippers, 1-0, in the Division 2 North quarter finals at Belmont.

This time around, with a change of locations, it was the Clippers besting the Marauders, 2-1, at Cherry Hill Field in Newburyport on sunny Tuesday afternoon.

The victory gets Newburyport to the D2 North semifinals with Gloucester on Thursday (7:30PM) at Woburn High School.

The Clippers (15-2-3) picked up their two goals in the first half and had to hold on for dear life in the second half as Belmont (10-7-2) came incredibly close to getting all the way back.

The constant pressure Newburyport attackers put on defenders paid off big-time in the last ten minutes of the first half as two direct kicks (by Hannah Martin) turned into goals.

Hannah Martin direct kick bounces over goalie for first Clipper goal.

Maryam Moshrefi drew the penalty that led to Hannah Martin’s direct-kick goal at 30:43.  BHS goalie Nina Perrotta had Clippers coming at her as Hannah’s kick took an astro-turf bounce into the net.

Later, Liza Twomey was taken down by Belmont’s Izzy Goldstein for another goal-resulting direct kick by Hannah Martin.  This time the BHS goalie got tangled up (What is goalie interference?) with Clipper Liza Twomey and a rebound was left that Kerry Johnson put home at 38:00.

That lead looked safe for the longest time in the second half.  Things seemed to change, however, when Maryam Moshrefi inadvertently kicked the BHS goalie in the head.  Belmont coach Paul Graham, who had been riding the far side official a good part of the game, was infuriated by the lack of a call.  His persistence earned him a yellow card at 25:51 of the forty minute second half.

Three minutes later it was the Marauders’ persistence in the offensive end that turned up something good for them – Aly Leahy got called for a hand ball in the box.

Izzy Goldstein (6) finds the right corner with her second half penalty kick.

Izzy Goldstein took the resulting penalty kick and beat NHS goalie Lilly Donovan with a shot just inside the right goalpost.
So with 11 ½ minutes left, Belmont only trailed, 2-1, and they pressed in with numbers every time they had the ball in the Newburyport end.

The, “Remember when,” sequence from this game was in the last minute of regulation as Belmont attacked from the right side.  I was too far away to name one of the Marauder players involved but I did see Emma Teach rip a direct kick toward the Newburyport goal. A rebound resulted close to the goal, and a second shot from in close went past Lilly Donovan off the far goal post and off to the left with twenty-four seconds left.  I saw the final BHS shooter afterwards with her hands on her head in amazement/disappointment that the shot hadn’t gone in.  But it hadn’t and time ran out for Belmont.

Carly Brand heads out a Marauder shot in the first half.

Carly Brand headed out a near-goal in the first half.

Belmont wore shirts with numbers on both sides and their names on the back of the shirt…..a photographer’s delight.  Then there was Pentucket, two days ago, with numbers only on the back.

Ideal weather conditions for November 8th……..temps in the 60’s with hardly a breeze.

(I take my own pictures and write my own commentary.  I own any mistake.)  All the pictures will enlarge if you click on them.

Emma Teach (22) & Aly Leahy (1)

scramble in the Newburyport end in the first half

Izzy Goldstein eyes ball in the air near Clipper goal in the second half

loose ball in the Belmont end in the second half

Maryam Moshrefi inadvertantly kicks the Belmont goalie.

BHS coach Paul Graham gets yellow card.

Charlotte Alexander

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Ipswich Girls Soccer Team Ties Newburyport 0-0 to Gain Advantage in CAL Division 2

Ipswich clinches at least a tie in CAL Division 2 at Newburyport.

Hannah Martin (15) sends one of many potentially dangerous direct kicks toward the Ipswich goal.

(Newburyport)  The Ipswich girls soccer team was the one celebrating after their evening (0-0) match with Newburyport on Tuesday night at World War Stadium……….and they didn’t even score a goal or win the game.  But what they did was at least assure themselves of a tie for the Cape Ann League Division 2 championship.

Ipswich (8-0-3) now has 19 league points (2 points for a win – 1 point for a tie) with one game left  –  Georgetown away at 3:45PM on Wednesday.  Newburyport (8-1-3) also has 19 league points but their regular season is over.

Therefore, a Tiger win or tie versus the Royals and they have the CAL D2 title to themselves. An Ipswich loss and they end up sharing the top spot with Newburyport.

The Clippers only league loss was to Georgetown (3-2) so Ipswich will certainly not have an easy afternoon of soccer versus the Royals.

Courtney Long launches a testing direct kick for Ipswich.

The two most dangerous players on the field were Hannah Martin and Courtney Long.  These players took all of their team’s direct kicks.  Both could put up the distance to send shots into scoring areas.  That none were finished off for goals by either team was a surprise to me.

Clipper Carly Brand shadowed 14-goal scorer Hannah Weagle and that was effective defensively.  However, that strategy left Carly out of the flow around the goal when the long direct kicks came that way.  Carly had a goal last game versus Amesbury on a header off of a Hannah Martin direct kick.

The best Tiger chance was on a corner kick fifteen minutes into the second half.  Shannon McFayden took the kick and delivered it right on Clipper goalie Lilly Donovan just as Tiger Katie Glaubitz got there.  A pretty good collision resulted but Lilly held her ground and the goal was prevented.

Katie Glaubitz collides with Clipper goalie Lilly Donovan in the second half.

Newburyport’s chances weren’t so much shots but near-shots.  Their normal short passing game seemed to vanish when they got into the offensive end so there were few, if any, set ups for clean looks and shots.

This game was more physical than most.  Several Ipswich girls went down after contact but returned to play later.

Ipswich (12-1-4 including non-league games) has now gone fourteen straight games without a loss.  Newburyport (13-2-3 overall) is undefeated in thirteen of their last fourteen games.

The tournament pairings are ahead.  Ipswich will be competing in Division 3 while Newburyport is in Division 2.  Both teams fell to the eventual North divisional winners in 2010.  I was at the Ipswich loss to Weston at Fraser Field in Lynn.

Ipswich coach Nancy Waddell explained to me before the game that the seedings for the tournament can be tough.  Her reasoning was that D3 teams in strong conferences get losses against higher division opponents and get seeded low.  They turn out to be tough early opponents for top seeds in D3.

I still think that World War Stadium is a terrific site for a soccer game for spectators.  I’m told, however, that the Clipper team would prefer Cherry Hill so the tourney games could well be over there.  Apparently that field is wider.

(I take my own pictures and collect my own information.  I own any mistakes.)  Click on the pictures and they become normal size.

Julia Kipp (2) Lizzy Barbarisi (14)

second half action in front of Ipswich net

Aly Leahy (1) Hannah Martin (15)

NHS goalie Lilly Donovan

Carly Brand (11) Maddie Howe (10) Masey Zegarowski (1)

Sarah Casey (18) heads

Tiger goalie Molly Markos chases shot.

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Sophomores Lead Newburyport Past Amesbury 2-0 in Girls Soccer on Senior Night

Carly Brand (11) and Maryam Moshrefi (21) gang up on Erin Leary (13). Both Clipper sophomores scored goals.

(Newburyport) Newburyport defeated Amesbury, 2-0, in girls soccer on Friday afternoon at chilly World War Stadium.

Clipper seniors with families.

It was Senior Night and seven Clippers were honored before the game started.

Newburyport (13-2-2) has excellent seniors but in this one it was the sophomores who came up big.

In goal, sophomore Lilly Donovan collected her ninth shutout of the season.  She wasn’t tested nearly as severely as Amesbury goalie Sarah Abraham was but she made the saves when she had to.

Carly Brand (11) has just redirected a Hannah Martin direct kick past Amesbury goalie Sarah Abraham.

Sophomore Carly Brand scored Newburyport’s first goal (24:55) when from in front she slightly altered the direction of teammate Hannah Martin’s direct kick past Sarah Abraham.

Later, Carly broke down the middle and spotted, another sophomore, teammate Maryam Moshrefi, open on the right wing.  A quick pass gave Maryam space and time to line up and fire a blast from the right that sailed over the AHS goalie’s head.

Both those scores came in the first half.  The one that really did in the Indians was the Maryam’s goal (39:10) which went in with less than a minute until halftime.  A one-goal game and anything can happen.  Two goals and a team has to sustain some offense.  On this day, Amesbury (8-5-4) was content to try for the home-run play and just couldn’t get a long pass to connect.  Amesbury’s best scoring chances were in the first half.  Janine Fatal drilled a shot from the middle over the top of the net and 5 ½ minutes later Hannah Zannini picked up a Lilly Donovan drop but couldn’t finish with a shot on net.

Hannah Martin (15) threatens with header.

The Clippers had good chances in both halves.  Two of the better ones were Hannah Martin’s header that went just wide in the first half and Jaycie Triandafilou nearly getting off a shot when she was in close in the second half.

The Newburyport win avenges a loss to Amesbury (1-0) at Amesbury on September 21st.

Since that loss thirteen games ago, Newburyport has been 10-1-2.  Amesbury since then has been 6-5-3.

Both teams are tourney bound.  They will each finish their regular season on Monday (October 31st).  Newburyport hosts Ipswich while Amesbury travels to Tewksbury for 3:45PM games.

Amesbury had plenty of speed while Newburyport had plenty of size.

Erin Leary

Erin Leary may well have been Amesbury’s best player in this game. The junior turned back numerous Clipper threats.

Whitney Whitlow was introduced but wasn’t at the game.  She is a captain and a returning CAL All-Star.

With Game Seven of the World Series tonight and a significant snowstorm scheduled for tomorrow night there was plenty of additional excitement in the air.

(I take my own pictures and collect my own stats.  I own the mistakes.)  Pictures enlarge to normal size if you click on them.

Amanda Martin & Nicki Galer

Jaycie Triandafilou looks to head as goalie approaches.

Meghan Corbett

Nicki Galer

Sarah Abraham

senior signs

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Newburyport Easily Defeats North Reading 5-0 in Girls Soccer

Sarah Casey (18) lines up a shot as Kristen Landry (17) and Emily Schille (15) defend. Sarah scored the third Newburyport goal in the first half.

(Newburyport) The Clipper soccer girls easily defeated North Reading, 5-0, on Thursday afternoon at Cherry Hill Field in a Cape Ann League game.

Hannah Martin (15) scored the first Clipper goal.

Watching what I saw of the game (first half), it was hard to imagine that the Hornets (3-3) had only lost 1-0 to Newburyport (6-1) on September 13th at North Reading.

There was very little time spent in the Newburyport end.  Clipper goalie Lily Donovan was not tested, in fact she never touched the ball.  Hornet advances into the other end were long range or down the sidelines.  Good scoring chances never happened.

I saw only half of the game because it started raining near the end of the half.  I got under the trees hoping the rain would end.  I heard the rumbling of thunder at halftime and headed home.  NHS led, 3-0, at the time and I was quite confident that I would read in the Newburyport Daily News that they had won…..and they did.

The Clipper threats started early in this one and never stopped while I was there.

A Hornet hand ball set Hannah Martin up for a direct kick in the first minute.  The CAL All-Leaguer’s shot hit the top crossbar.

Carly Brand (11) dribbles toward the net with teammate Maryam Moshrefi (21) nearby. Both girls scored goals in the 5-0 victory.

Hannah finally scored at the 16-minute mark as she took a pass from Jaycie Triandafilou on the left side and fired a left foot shot over the head of NR goalie Miss Patalano.

Fourteen minutes later Hannah used another direct kick to set up teammate Carly Brand for goal #2.

With less than two minutes left, the ball got into the box from the side and Sarah Casey came down the middle and kneed the ball into the net for Newburyport‘s third goal.

North Reading’s returning CAL All-Leaguer, Jessie Valenti, was at the game but I don’t think she played…..at least in the first half.

There was only one ball girl available.  That had NHS coach Robb Gonnam retrieving shots off the bench side that went into the woods.  I am sure this wasn’t part of his game strategy!

This was my first look at the Clippers and they looked awfully good at least in this half.  Hannah Martin controls the center of the field and was very dangerous on direct kicks.  Alyssa Leahy controlled the deep third of the field.  Nicole Galer was elusive with the ball – several times defenders ran at her and she just pulled the ball away and moved on.  These girls were all Cape Ann League award winners in 2010.

(I take my own pictures and collect my own stat……..with the help of the Newburyport Daily News.  I strive to be fair and accurate.)

Clicking on the pictures enlarges them to normal size.

Jessie Valenti

Jaycie Trianafilou (19) looks for a rebound from NR goalie Missy Patalano.

Amy Sullivan dribbles toward the North Reading net.

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