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Masconomet runs away from Newburyport 62-32 in girls basketball

Nicole Femino (14 points) breaks in alone

Nicole Femino (14 points) breaks in alone

Hannah Kiernan (12 points) takes and makes a difficult shot.

Hannah Kiernan (12 points) takes and makes a difficult shot.

(Newburyport) After losing badly to the cream of Division 3 (Pentucket) on Friday, Newburyport hoped for a better outing against Masconomet.

Didn’t happen.

Masco (6-2) ran away from the Clippers, 62-32, on Monday night at Newburyport.

“Ran away” is a good description because the Chieftains put fastbreak after fastbreak on the cold shooting home team.  The Clippers (3-4) got caught numerous times chasing offensive rebounds instead of getting back on defense.

When Masco wasn’t getting layups (they had fourteen) they were getting foul shots (they had twenty-eight).

The Chieftains made eighteen free throws.

Aly Leahy tries to split two Chieftain defenders

Aly Leahy tries to split two Chieftain defenders

Aly Leahy of Newburyport opened the scoring with a free throw.  Nicole Femino (14 points) matched that and then sent Hannah Kiernan (12 points) off on a breakaway layup.  Hannah’s basket gave Masco the lead (3-1) for good.

Masco led, 14-6, after one quarter and doubled it to, 28-12, at halftime.

The Chieftains started the second half with a 12-4 run over 3 ½ minutes to increase their lead to, 40-16.  Sophomore Meghan Collins (8 points) scored the first two baskets, one on a nice spin move.

During the last 12 ½ minutes of the game Newburyport was only outscored, 22-16, but this was not a night in which a late rally materialized.

Janelle Shea blocks the shot of Mary Pettigrew

Janelle Shea blocks the shot of Mary Pettigrew

There was no point in the game where the Clippers were able to put more than four points together in a row.  Cold shooting was part of it but the Chieftains were defending well inside – Newburyport scored four layups in the game.

On the other hand, because of the frequency of layups, Masco ran points together. On seven different occasions they scored at least six points in a row.

Lilly Donovan (9 points) paced Newburyport.  She hit a three in the first quarter that went off the backboard.

Casey Barlow (8 points) was credited with a basket when her attempt at a pass under the basket was deflected in off a Masconomet player.

Coach Bob Romeo of Masco was deep into his bench late in the first half.  He ended up having eleven different players score.

Amy Sullivan defends

Amy Sullivan defends

You have to feel sorry for Newburyport.  What a killer schedule!  They have just finished playing Ipswich, Pentucket, and now Masconomet.  Next game (Thursday) they host Ipswich in a league game.  Ipswich and Pentucket are undefeated.  Masco is a Division One team that gave both of those teams a run for their money before losing to them.

Molly Rowe (Bentley) and Joe Clancy (Merrimack) were in the house.

Masco’s next game will be hosting Amesbury on Wednesday night.

Finding information on Cape Ann League teams is a serious challenge.  One helpful site is www.calscores.com.  There you’ll find schedules, scores, and standings.

Details about teams can be very illusive.  However, that is no longer true regarding the Lady Chieftains.  Click on this link and see what I mean.

Masco box score

Newburyport box score

(All of the pictures above and below enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Aly Leahy shoots in traffic

Aly Leahy shoots in traffic

Casey Barlow defends

Casey Barlow defends

Jaycie Triandafilou pressures Meghan Collins

Jaycie Triandafilou pressures Meghan Collins

Sarah Lang (23)

Sarah Lang (23)

Rebecca Kell heads for the hoop

Rebecca Kell heads for the hoop

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Belmont defeats Newburyport in overtime 1-0 to gain Division 2 North girls soccer finals

Julia Russo lines up this overtime corner kick that led to the game winner

The collision in front that produced the game winner by Olivia Lyons

(Lynn) It was sweet revenge for the Belmont Marauders girls soccer team.

Just over a year ago, Belmont was knocked out in the Division 2 North quarterfinals by Newburyport at Newburyport.

This time it was the Marauders getting a 1-0 overtime win over the Clippers to move on to the D2 North finals on Monday afternoon (3PM) back at Manning Field in Lynn.

Senior Olivia Lyons kicked in the winner late in the first overtime off of a well-placed corner kick by Julia Russo.  Julia’s corner kick and about seven or eight players ended up at the same spot at the same time. The heavy traffic gave  Clipper goalie Lilly Donovan no chance to get to the ball.

Katie Gorenflo (24) goes over Marauder goalie Maria-Alice Menatas

The Saturday morning game featured sunny skies and quite a few chances for either team to score.  Sometimes in games where goals aren’t scored for all of regulation, the play is in the middle of the field.  Not this one.  There were frequent “ooh’s” and “ah’s” as either great last-ditch defense or a late misconnection kept both nets clean through 80+ minutes.

#8 seed Belmont (13-3-3) has now won six straight.

#4 seed Newburyport (15-3-2) will lose two seniors, Katie Gorenflo and Jackie Krusemark.  Both girls were 2012 Cape Ann League All-Stars.  However, there is plenty of Clipper talent coming back, including Carly Brand.  Carly was injured in the off-season and didn’t play all season.  She was one of the top players in the CAL as a sophomore in 2011.

Belmont senior Olivia Lyons scored the winning goal in overtime

One thing I have noticed about tournament play is that by-and-large the referees allow more physical contact.  That seemed to help Belmont.  They were much more aggressive.

The key player in the Belmont win was Julia Russo.  The senior midfielder was very much the dominating player in the middle of the field.  Her main contribution, however, was on direct kicks and corner kicks.  Julia often kicked the ball with force and put it in an area where scoring chances might evolve.  That was indeed what happened in the overtime goal.

The Clippers could only wish that midfielder Hannah Martin hadn’t graduated in June.  Hannah had the same knack, as Julia, to make every direct kick dangerous.  Hannah, in fact, scored on a direct kick in the Clippers 2-1 win over Belmont on November 8th of 2011 in the quarterfinals game.

Gabby Joyal picked up a yellow card in overtime.

Aly Leahy went out with an injury with nine minutes left in regulation but returned five minutes later after getting her ankle wrapped.

The 10AM start didn’t discourage the public address announcer from reminding us that pizza and nachos were available at the concession stand.  Doughnuts and coffee might have had a better chance!

I did appreciate the PA announcer telling who the goal scorer was in overtime.  With the number of players milling around in front it would have been anyone’s guess otherwise.

(The pictures above and below enlarge if you click on them.)

Jaycie Triandafilou (19) with Olivia Lyons in pursuit.

Delaney Bartol (20) and Gabby Joyal (10)

Jaycie Triandafilou looks for a shot in front

traffic in the Newburyport end

Jackie Krusemark

Belmont celebration

Olivia Lyons (22) and Maryam Moshrefi (21) eye the ball

Alexandra Cellucci (15) and Amy Sullivan close on a ball

Julia Russo

BHS goalie Maria-Alice Menatas makes a save in traffic

Clipper bench wear

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Newburyport Gets By Pentucket 2-1 in Girls Soccer to Reach Quarter Finals

Carly Brand (11) heads the ball into the net past Pentucket goalie Sam Bomba.

Leigh McNamara had the Pentucket goal.

(Newburyport) The Newburyport Clippers defeated Pentucket, 2-1, in the First Round of the Division 2 North girls soccer tournament on Sunday afternoon at sunny Cherry Hill Field.

Carly Brand’s head-in on Hannah Martin’s direct kick, three minutes into the second half, proved to be the game winner.

The Clippers (14-2-3) face Belmont (9th seed – 10-4-3) in the Quarter Finals on Tuesday at 2PM back again at Cherry Hill. Belmont played at home last year as the #1 seed and took out the Clippers.

The Sachems (7-7-5) figured to be tired (they had beaten North Reading on the road the day before) and overmatched by Newburyport (the Clippers had defeated them 3-0 in October).  Someone forgot to tell Pentucket about this.

Down 2-0 early in the second half, the Sachems finally got a goal 32:20 into the half as Leigh McNamara was on the scoring end of a pass from Maddy Torissi in close to NHS goalie Lilly McNamara.

Unfortunately, for Pentucket they weren’t able to muster a serious threat thereafter.  They will probably wonder for some time about the disallowed goal (offsides) that was headed in at the twenty-minute mark.  Put that goal on the board with the Leigh McNamara goal and who knows what would have happened down the stretch.

Julia Kipp (2) and Jaycie Triandafilou (19) watch the shot of Liza Twomey go into the net past the PHS goalie.

Liza Twomey notched the Clippers’ first goal thirty-five minutes into the first.  Two things about the Newburyport forwards are that they are fast and persistent.  In this case it was “fast” that did the trick as Liza started about midfield with the ball and raced by the Sachem defenders for an open shot from the right on PHS goalie Sam Bomba.

Newburyport’s second goal featured probably the most dangerous player in the Cape Ann League taking direct kicks – Hannah Martin.  She can hit the ball hard and she’s usually going to have the ball be close to the net.  This time the direct kick came from just up from the corner kick flag to the right of the goal.  Carly broke for the far corner just as the ball was kicked and was in perfect position to head Hannah’s kick past Sam Bomba.

Once Pentucket fell behind they attempted to press the attack.  The Clippers ended up with some excellent scoring opportunities (Kerry Johnson & Jaycie Triandafilou) but defender Sarah Higgins and goalie Sam Bomba denied a third goal.

The weather was in the mid-50s with some wind.  The crowd was sizable although it was hard to tell when the crowd is relegated to one side.

This was only the second time I have been kept away from the goal line.  I probably would have missed Carly’s head-in if I had been located where I wanted to be.

Haley DesRosiers gets a yellow card.

Haley DesRosiers surprised me in the second half by giving Meghan Corbett a two-hander that dropped the Clipper captain to the ground.  Less surprising was the yellow card Haley got and the escort by the official to the sideline.

PHS coach Greg Scruton got in the way of a ball going out of bounds and put on a bit of a juggling show.  I’m told he was quite a player at Gordon College.

(I take my own pictures and collect my own information.  The mistakes are mine.)  Click on any of the pictures to enlarge them to normal size.

Sam Bomba robs Jaycie Triandafilou

Kerry Johnson shot

Sarah Higgins & Liza Twomey

Alex Moore

Carly Brand

NHS cross over

Hannah Martin

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Newburyport Dominates Tewksbury 2-0 in Girls Soccer

Jaycie Triandafilou (19) fires shot that resulted in the second Clipper goal.

(Newburyport)  The Tewksbury girls soccer team has already qualified for post-season play in 2011 but they didn’t get any of the 18 points they needed (2 for a win – 1 for a tie) from Newburyport.  On Saturday night, the Redman were defeated by the Clippers for the second time this season.

First half action in front of Tewksbury net.

This was non-league play (Tewksbury is from the Merrimack Valley Conference) but against a worthy 9-4 opponent (now 9-5),  the home team looked awfully good under the lights at World War Stadium on Saturday night.

The final score was 2-0 but, as is the case in many low scoring soccer games, that final score was not indicative of how the game went.  To nutshell it: Newburyport dominated the first half with no scoring to show for it.  In the second half, Tewksbury was more competitive early on but when the Clippers tallied twice in 3+ minutes, between 15:15 and 18:30, the win/loss part was settled.

Newburyport (11-2-2) short-passed the visitors to death.  The Clippers were willing to pass laterally to keep control rather than forcing “home-run” long passes where opponents were set up.  Tewksbury, on the other hand,  had little success putting passes together especially in the first half but they did have elusive Alyson Spencer and Nicole Chaet (both MVC 2010 All-Stars) to impress with one-on-one maneuvers.

Hannah Martin (15) and Nicole Chaet (17)

Nicole unleashed the Redmen’s best shot, 6 ½ minutes into the second half in a tie game.  Her well-struck bullet from the middle cleared the crossbar above NHS goalie Lilly Donavan’s head by about a foot.  The Redmen had other chances but none as dangerous as that one.

As I wrote earlier, the Clippers were not lacking in scoring chances whether from in close or long range during both halves. Their scoreboard changers came in the second half.

The first Newburyport goal (15:15) was on a header by senior Meghan Corbett.  The scoring play started with sophomore Carly Brand taking a corner kick from the Tewksbury goalie’s right.  The Clippers who had gathered back away from the goalie broke to a variety of places as Carly’s kick was in the air.  The kick sailed into the middle above the penalty kick spot.  Meghan was there uncovered and directed a header past the goalie’s left.

Carly Brand – her corner kick set up first goal.

3+ minutes later the Clippers added their second goal.  It won’t be one that Tewksbury goalie (Rebecca Davies – MVC All-Star in 2010 – six shutouts in 2011) remembers fondly.  Newburyport had dangerous Hannah Martin taking a direct kick. Her kick produced a juicy rebound for Jaycie Triandafilou beyond the penalty shot area.  Jaycie left her feet and blasted a left-footed, one-hopper that went through Rebecca’s legs.

Those two goals were enough in this one.

With the win Newburyport bounces back from a 3-2 loss to Georgetown in their previous game.  The Clippers next game is versus Masco (3:45PM) on October 25th (Tuesday) at Cherry Hill.

Watching a soccer game at World War Stadium has plenty of advantages.  First, the elevated sight line is better than looking over or around folks standing next to you along the sidelines.  Second, there is an active scoreboard to keep everyone aware of time and score.  Third, on this evening, the announcer gave goal scorers – that sure helped me on the Clippers’ two goals!

NHS senior Hannah Martin continues to impress.  She controls the ball so much in the midfield area.  Any direct kicks she takes are dangerous.  I have also noticed that anytime she dribbles left in goal-scoring areas she has the strong left foot to fire a shot back to the goalie’s far side.

A junior varsity game preceded the varsity game.  It was refreshing to see/hear the Tewksbury varsity players in the stands actively cheering on their less-experienced teammates.

Tewksbury’s next game is October 25th (Tuesday) hosting Dracut at 3:30PM.

(I take my own pictures and collect my own information.  I own the results.)  Clicking on pictures enlarges them.

pressure on Tewksbury goalie

blurry view of first Clipper goal

pregame stadium sky

Caitlin OConnor (16)

Shannon Tinkham (27) & Meaghan Bouthot (7)

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Newburyport Easily Defeats North Reading 5-0 in Girls Soccer

Sarah Casey (18) lines up a shot as Kristen Landry (17) and Emily Schille (15) defend. Sarah scored the third Newburyport goal in the first half.

(Newburyport) The Clipper soccer girls easily defeated North Reading, 5-0, on Thursday afternoon at Cherry Hill Field in a Cape Ann League game.

Hannah Martin (15) scored the first Clipper goal.

Watching what I saw of the game (first half), it was hard to imagine that the Hornets (3-3) had only lost 1-0 to Newburyport (6-1) on September 13th at North Reading.

There was very little time spent in the Newburyport end.  Clipper goalie Lily Donovan was not tested, in fact she never touched the ball.  Hornet advances into the other end were long range or down the sidelines.  Good scoring chances never happened.

I saw only half of the game because it started raining near the end of the half.  I got under the trees hoping the rain would end.  I heard the rumbling of thunder at halftime and headed home.  NHS led, 3-0, at the time and I was quite confident that I would read in the Newburyport Daily News that they had won…..and they did.

The Clipper threats started early in this one and never stopped while I was there.

A Hornet hand ball set Hannah Martin up for a direct kick in the first minute.  The CAL All-Leaguer’s shot hit the top crossbar.

Carly Brand (11) dribbles toward the net with teammate Maryam Moshrefi (21) nearby. Both girls scored goals in the 5-0 victory.

Hannah finally scored at the 16-minute mark as she took a pass from Jaycie Triandafilou on the left side and fired a left foot shot over the head of NR goalie Miss Patalano.

Fourteen minutes later Hannah used another direct kick to set up teammate Carly Brand for goal #2.

With less than two minutes left, the ball got into the box from the side and Sarah Casey came down the middle and kneed the ball into the net for Newburyport‘s third goal.

North Reading’s returning CAL All-Leaguer, Jessie Valenti, was at the game but I don’t think she played…..at least in the first half.

There was only one ball girl available.  That had NHS coach Robb Gonnam retrieving shots off the bench side that went into the woods.  I am sure this wasn’t part of his game strategy!

This was my first look at the Clippers and they looked awfully good at least in this half.  Hannah Martin controls the center of the field and was very dangerous on direct kicks.  Alyssa Leahy controlled the deep third of the field.  Nicole Galer was elusive with the ball – several times defenders ran at her and she just pulled the ball away and moved on.  These girls were all Cape Ann League award winners in 2010.

(I take my own pictures and collect my own stat……..with the help of the Newburyport Daily News.  I strive to be fair and accurate.)

Clicking on the pictures enlarges them to normal size.

Jessie Valenti

Jaycie Trianafilou (19) looks for a rebound from NR goalie Missy Patalano.

Amy Sullivan dribbles toward the North Reading net.

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Newburyport girls soccer wins tourney opener 2-0 versus Bedford

Hannah Martin (#15) and Clipper coach Robb Gonnam (left)

(Newburyport) The Lady Clippers (11-4-4) took out the Bedford Buccaneers (9-5-4), 2-0, at cold, windy Cherry Hill Field on Monday afternoon in the first round of the Divsion 2 North state tournament.

The crosswinds didn’t seem to bother either team.  I am not sure the spectators weren’t bothered, however.

Coach Robb Gonnam’s team (seeded #8) scored in each half but had to survive several golden Buc opportunities in the second half to advance.

The Buc’s (seeded #9) second half chances were thwarted by a combination of Bedford doorstep miskicks and the clutch saves of Clipper senior goalie Eleni Kacher. The Cape Ann League All-Leaguer survived some shaky moments before recording the shutout.

Another CAL All-Leaguer, junior Hannah Martin, drilled a long-range, left-footed rocket from the middle of the field over the head of the Bedford goalie after a pass from Amy Sullivan to break the scoreless deadlock in the first half.

Hannah was the best player on the field in my opinion.  Her ability to use either foot was noticeable especially on goal kicks.

The Bucs had several near-goals in the second half (mentioned above) before Jaycie Triandafilou sealed things for the home team.  A ball came across the goal from the left side to Jaycie on the right side. The freshman converted the in-close, open look at the Bedford goal.

In 2008 Newburyport got past Dual County Bedford on the same field on its way to the state championship.

Newburyport next plays the winner of #1 seed Belmont and Pentucket.

Clippers celebrate opening round win.

(All observations from this game are made without interviewing either coach or having access to stats at the game.  I apologize in advance if there are any errors.)