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Woodland stuns undefeated Shead, 6-3, in boys soccer

Woodland seniors honored – (from left to right) JJ Ruane, Nathan Lozier, Clay White, James Lee, Jake Hoops, Wyatt Cox, and Hunter Snowman

Tyler Cochran (10) puts Woodland ahead for good in the second half.

(Baileyville ME)  The Woodland Dragons (7-5) scored five goals in the second half and handed the Shead Tigers (9-1-2) their first loss of the season, 6-3, on Friday afternoon in Class D East boys soccer.

Shead had defeated Woodland, 4-3, in double overtime on September 26th.  The two teams are scheduled to meet again on the last game of the regular season at Eastport.

It was the last home game for the seven Dragon seniors and they were honored before the game.  Many of the players had family members on hand and that may have played a part in enabling Woodland to hold together after the undefeated visitors tied the score, 3-3, with 16 ½ minutes left.

Woodland coach Steve Lincoln directs JJ Ruane.

A key switch by Dragon coach Steve Lincoln occurred shortly after Nick Barnes penalty kick tied the score and boy did it ever pay off!

The Woodland coach moved his son Damon to the right side of the forward line and Tyler Cochran to the left side of that same line.  And would you believe that less than ten minutes later, the Dragons had two goals from Tyler and another from Damon in their new positions.

Those three goals put Woodland in front, 6-3, with less than six minutes left.  A couple of minutes later Shead coach Rod Ampungan cleared his bench.

Two things this game had in quantity were bugs and scoring chances.  Very unofficially I had Woodland for twenty-eight shots and Shead for twenty-four.  Any number of times players on both sides had clean looks.  Also, there were thirteen corner kicks and several of the goals were scored that way.

Both teams were on the board in the first three minutes of the game.  Shead’s Will Urquehart headed in Brennin Consalvi’s corner kick (38:46) before Jake Hoops (10th goal) put in a rebound (37:01) for the Dragons.

Surprisingly the score stayed tied (1-1) for the rest of the first half although both teams came close with goal post hits.

The Dragons tallied twice in the first ten minutes of the second half.  Damon Lincoln (15th goal) headed in a corner kick and a minute later Jake Hoops (11th goal) drove home a rebound.

Nick Barnes penalty kick heads for the corner

A lesser team that Shead might have folded after the quick two-goal deficit on the road but instead the Tigers rallied to tie the score.  From my length-of-the-field view it looked as if John Cushing beat Dragon goalie James Lee with a header.  The tying goal was a penalty shot off a Wyatt Cox’s hand ball.  Nick Barnes (15 goals) took the PK and beat James Lee to his left at 16:26.

Now you wondered what Woodland would do.  The momentum certainly had shifted to Shead and they had come in undefeated.

But Tyler Cochran’s sliding re-direction on the far post gave the Dragons the advantage for good at 13:40.

After Tyler’s goal, the visiting Tigers put all kinds of pressure on Dragon goalie James Lee over the next four minutes.  John Cushing had an excellent scoring chance but his shot went wide.

At 8:07 Tyler Cochran got his 12th goal on an assist from Jake Hoops to give the Dragons some breathing room.

2 ½ minutes later Damon Lincoln (16th) re-directed a shot past Shead’s beleaguered goalie Ryan Eylar to finish the scoring.

Ryan came in with five shutouts but had to wonder where his defense was in this one.

I was at the same location last year for the Calais/Woodland girls game and don’t recall that there was any scoreboard.  It sure helps when you’re trying to keep track of things.

Last night’s rain left a few puddles on the field.

Woodland’s next game is on October 9th at Southern Aroostook.  Shead will next play at Machias on October 10th.  The Tigers have tied Machias twice.

(The pictures above and below enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Damon Lincoln (9) slips between Joe Barnes (7) and Kinap Bassett (15).

James Lee

Action in front of the Woodland net

Will Urquehart

Nick Barnes (10) rips off a shot as Wyatt Cox (13) and Will Urquehart (1) look on

Jake Hoops

Tyler Cochran

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