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Connecticut Shocker: Naugatuck 14, Ansonia 7

Naugatuck coach Chris Anderson with the NVL trophy
Coach Anderson gets a ride

(Ansonia CT) In eleven years you can build up a ton of frustration.

But when it ends, the elation is notable.

The Naugatuck faithful poured onto the Jarvis Stadium field after the Greyhounds stunned Ansonia, 14-7, on Thanksgiving Day.

“We don’t own the NVL (Naugatuck Valley League) anymore,” surmised Ansonia coach Tom Brockett afterwards.  “We just got beat.”

Mikey Deitelbaum had the game winner

In the last 103 meetings against NVL opposition, the Chargers had “owned” the league.  But no longer.

The last NVL win against Ansonia was exactly eleven years ago.

The behavior of the Naugatuck afterwards said a lot about the stifled pain they had in falling short year after year.  Everyone was hugging someone.  Greyhounds’ coach Chris Anderson was up on the players’ shoulders. 

Comparable for me was the American League playoffs in 2004 against the Yankees.  Down three games to one with a lengthy history of losses to New York, the four-win recovery was about as sweet (for me) as it will ever get. What happened after that is a faded memory, but that playoff win over the Yankees will never die.

Darell McKnight

And I’m sure that many will recall today’s game in a similar light even though it was only a regular-season event. 

There are playoffs ahead this week for both teams.  Class L Naugatuck (#2 seed) will host Masuk on Tuesday night.  Class S Ansonia (#3 seed) gets Seymour on Tuesday night.

After today’s victory, the Greyhounds (9-1) will enter the playoffs as the NVL champions.

The NVL title was the prize for the winner of today’s game.  Ansonia (9-1) was certainly the favorite. Both reporters from the Connecticut Post picked them. Despite Naugatuck’s impressive record, you knew their history against Ansonia.

Ansonia coach Tom Brockett

The last time the teams met on Thanksgiving (2019) it turned into a 52-8 Ansonia rout.

The Chargers also had a nine-game win streak going against Naugatuck.  The game was at Ansonia.  No reason to expect a Chargers’ surprise.

But it happened.


“Our coaches had a great game plan for us,” explained Naugatuck senior Mikey Deitelbaum afterwards.  “We left everything we had on the field.”

Turnovers plagued Ansonia

Mikey had a remarkable game for the Greyhounds. Some of his highlights: scored the game winner in the 4th quarter, recovered a fumble in the 4th quarter, snapped on punts.

“It’s crazy to think that it has been so long since they were beaten in the league,” added Mikey. “For us to be the one to beat them is pretty remarkable.”

To win this game, Naugatuck had to be almost perfect.  And that they were.

Chris Kaminski chased by Arron Barnes (68)

Ansonia needed to be off their usual game for Naugatuck to have a chance.  And they definitely were that.

“What we did today really surprised me,” said Coach Brockett.  “What Naugy did, didn’t surprise me. They’re a good football team.”

No fumbles, interceptions, costly penalties for the visitors.  For the home team? Multiples in each area.

When Ansonia had its act together, they marched seventy-five yards in the last five minutes of the first half to a touchdown.

Ansonia QB Chris Kaminski under pressure

Key play in the drive was a catch-and-run by star tailback Darell McKnight. 

Quarterback Chris Kaminski plowed in from a yard away after Dave Cassetti nearly scored the play before.

Ansonia’s halftime lead (7-0) was significant because, despite numerous miscues, they were leading.  Also, Ansonia’s defense was able to stuff all three of Naugatuck’s first-half possessions on fourth downs.

Ansonia gang tackles

“We knew that this game would be won on the defensive end,” said Mikey Deitelbaum.  “We allowed a first-half score off a lot of mistakes.  In the second half, we fixed those mistakes.  We shut down the run and made them a little uncomfortable and took the game from there.”

The combination of Naugatuck’s upgraded defense and a continuation of Ansonia mistakes keyed the final result.

“They made plays,” said Coach Brockett, “and we didn’t.  We dropped balls all over the place.  We roughed a punter.  We couldn’t have been any sloppier.  You play like that, and you deserve to lose.”

Carlos Pinto (66) sends Jett Hall (30) flying

In Naugatuck’s productive second half, they used big plays on their first two possessions to produce points.

Meanwhile, Ansonia had THREE fumbles on their first second-half possession, and a long run called back because of a penalty.

Sophomore Jett Hall was huge in the two Greyhounds’ scores.

On Naugatuck’s first touchdown, Jett turned the right corner and outran three Ansonia defenders fifty-two yards to the end zone.

Jett Hall turns the right end
Jett Hall pulls away from the Ansonia defenders
Jett Hall near the end zone

The extra-point kick evened things.

Jett Hall looks to pass

Next possession, Ansonia continued with its miscue tendencies.  Two more fumbles, a dropped pass, and a snap over the quarterback’s head, ruined this possession for the Chargers.

The Greyhounds followed with the game winner.

Jett Hall, the runner, keyed the touchdown on the previous possession.  On the game-winning possession, which stretched into the 4th quarter, we saw Jett the passer. 

Naugatuck QB Jibree Bartell rolled left and handed off to Jett going the other direction.  The trickery enabled Jett to set himself and get off a pass to 6-5 Aidan Robertson.

Just as the ball reached Aidan, the defender slipped eliminating a battle in the air.  Aidan wasn’t tackled until the play covered forty-nine yards to set Naugatuck up at the Ansonia 12.

Ansonia defender slips as ball reaches Aidan Robertson (1)
Aidan Robertson (1) gained yards after the catch

On the first play after the productive flea flicker, Mikey Deitelbaum entered a big hole up the middle and reached the end zone.

Mikey Deitelbaum carries tackler (8) into end zone

The EP gave Naugatuck a, 14-7, lead with eight minutes remaining.

Plenty of time left for Ansonia but their luck continued to be very bad.  Their final two possessions ended in turnovers (fumble and interception).

Dave Bien interception

The interception, by Dave Bien in the final minute, put the Greyhounds into kneel-down territory and the celebrations began for Naugatuck.

A frustrated Coach Brockett certainly had it right afterwards when he said, “We didn’t take advantage of opportunities.”

“Ansonia is a great team,” said Mikey Deitelbaum.  “They’ll always be a great team. To beat them you have to leave it all out there, and we did.”

I was very impressed with Ansonia defenders Carlos Pinto and Alex Romanowski.

Carlos Pinto (66) and Darell McKnight (9) pregame

Mikey scored three touchdowns in their win over Woodland on November 12th.

Naugatuck coach Chris Anderson had two state champions while coaching Woodland.  Chris was also an All-State player at Derby.

The Greyhounds have qualified for the playoffs four times since 2010.  They haven’t, however, won a playoff game since 1993. Maybe this year?

Coach Tom Brockett has led Ansonia to the playoffs in all fifteen years of his being head coach there.

Jett Hall (30) sweeps right

In the Naugatuck/Ansonia Thanksgiving series, the Chargers have seventy-six wins, thirty-five losses, and ten ties.

The atmosphere at today’s game was special.  There was a lot at stake, and you could feel it.

Weather was perfect with temperatures close to fifty degrees with plenty of sunshine.

Continue to wonder why team rosters are so hard to find.  There was a program but only Ansonia had a roster in it.  Trying to identify players shouldn’t have to be such an adventure IMO.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Chris Kaminski passes
Greyhound interception
Stopping the Chargers running game in the second half
Jett Hall touchdown celebrated
Chance Conklin (3) ready to make a tackle
Dave Cassetti swarmed
Alex Romanowski
Mikey Deitelbaum (38) finds hole up the middle for game winner
Darell McKnight

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Brookline tops Newton North 2-1 in 2nd OT

Brookline gets the win in second overtime
Brookline team with trophy

(Lynn MA) He wasn’t where he was supposed to be……and the Brookline Warriors boys’ soccer team can be thankful for that.

Brookline (#9 seed) won the Division 1 title yesterday at Manning Field in Lynn, 2-1, in the second overtime over Newton North (#3 seed).

Both teams are from the Bay State Conference.

Brookline, with the victory, notches its first boys’ soccer title.

Isaac Hoffess put a knee to an incoming ball from Julian Gravereaux to end the game in the final two minutes of the second overtime.

Toby Prabhu-Schlosser

The tense struggle, however, might never have reached OT if not for Brookline senior Toby Prabhu-Schlosser.

Toby is part of the Brookline defense, not offense.  He plays back.  He protects. But with a one-goal deficit and a season on the line, Toby felt a need to be elsewhere.

“Normally, I stay back but there wasn’t much time left,” said Toby afterwards.  “It was kind of an impulse on my end.”

Toby became an extra body in the box area and, as it turned out, was one more body than the Tigers’ defense could account for.

“My left wing (Rafael Matta) played me in the middle,” recalled Toby. “I didn’t feel a man on my back, so I turned toward the goal.  I saw the top corner open, and I just went for it.”

Matty Gillen (17) on the run

Toby hit the open top corner and, with 6:48 left in regulation, Brookline was even (1-1) with Newton North.

“I don’t think I was supposed to be there, but Coach (Beaulieu-Jones) wasn’t mad about it,” added Toby with a laugh.

I detected no madness from Coach Beaulieu-Jones post-game: “Toby has been really defensive this year.  That was probably the first real shot he’s taken this year.  It was a missile into the far corner.”

Action in the box

In every previous post-season game, the Warriors (14-3-6) had won by only one goal each time.  They were used to the tight finishes.

Brookline entered today’s title game with a scoreless tie and a 2-1 win against Newton North this season.

“We came back in the regular season when they (Newton North) scored with eight minutes left,” recalled Warriors’ goalie Max Kuriyel afterwards.  “We knew we could do it.”

Marc Hiranandani and GK Max Kuriyel

The Warriors needed a comeback after Rialto Janeiro put the Tigers up, 1-0, sixteen minutes into the second half.

Rialto and teammate Marc Hiranandani generated pressure in the Brookline end on numerous occasions.

The only breakthrough, however, was Rialto’s second-half tally.

“(Will) Rooney put a shot on and I deflected it,” said GK Max Kuriyel.  “The ball came off the post and Rialto got it by me.  It was a rebound and nothing I could do.”

Rialto Janeiro (7) gives Newton North the lead in the second half

Max did lunge for a save attempt, but the ball was past him.

The Tigers’ lead held up until Toby Prabhu-Schlosser evened things seventeen minutes later.

Both teams threatened in the first fifteen-minute overtime.  Will Rooney had the best chance and did everything but score in that first OT on a shot from the left from close in.

There were corner kicks and free kicks in both overtimes that could have led to an ending in this one, but they didn’t.

Isaac Heffess had the game winner

Recalling the game winner, Issac Heffess said, “Julian (Gravereaux) had the ball.  I knew he had good technique, so I started making a run toward the goal.  The ball came to me, and I kneed it over the keeper.”

There was actually no time for Isaac to do anything but knee the ball.  “I was in very close when I got the ball.  He (the keeper) came out and I think was a little bit hesitant so I had a chance to get a knee on it……..and it bounced in.”

“It was crazy,” added Isaac.  “It still hasn’t settled in that we’ve won.  It feels great.”

“Isaac has been a humble star for us,” said Coach Beaulieu-Jones.  “All he needs is a moment.”

Oscar Kulkarni splits defenders Matty Gillen (17) and Emiliano Gisholt (8)

“Once Isaac got in there, I knew he was going to finish,” said Max Kuriyel.

Isaac is committed to UNH next year.

Max Kuriyel: “I really started to focus after their goal and the saves started coming.  I knew that I had to do it for my boys in the back line.  They’ve played so well all season.”

Coach Beaulieu-Jones: “We’ve played each other several times.  We suspected that those games might be a preview of the state title game.  Newton North transitions faster than any team in the state.  That makes them extremely dangerous. Every time we played them has been tight. Either team could have won today.”

Isaac Heffess and Andrew Nielsen

The weather was cold but not too cold.

Terrific crowd.  I have been to Manning Field many times and I don’t recall a crowd this size.  Lots of students with plenty of chanting and enthusiasm.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Brookline captains with trophy
Action in front of the Brookline goal
Will Rooney (10) has a corner to shoot at
Emiliano Gisholt and Eamon Boshell
Newton North celebrates goal
Toby Prabhu-Schlosser (10) celebrates his goal
Evan Guttell (7) and Akash Sahadevan (11)
Emiliano Gisholt

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North Reading reaches D5 Super Bowl after 31-14 win over Pentucket

Matt Guidebeck (8) and Ryan McCullough (7) celebrate a 4th quarter TD

(Lynn MA) North Reading has been averaging nearly forty points per game.

Ryan McCullough had two long punt returns

When they only had six points at halftime versus Pentucket tonight at Manning Field, you had to suspect that a scoring storm was coming.

And it did.

The Hornets (10-1) big second half gave them a, 31-14, win over Pentucket.  It also gave North Reading (#1 seed) a berth in the Division 5 Super Bowl against Swampscott (#2 seed) at Gillette Stadium in December.

Chase Dwight (4) scored twice

“I’m so happy to get a chance to play at Gillette,” said NR quarterback Alex Carucci afterwards.

Alex ran for one score and passed for another.

The Hornets had scored four times this season on their very first play from scrimmage.

Didn’t happen tonight.  However, the first time North Reading had the ball in the second half came on a punt return. 

Ryan McCullough (7) returned this punt for a 78-yard touchdown
Johnny Igoe (20) chased by Anthony Pino (79)

Ryan McCullough went seventy-eight yards with that return to give the Hornets the lead for good.

“I was just trying to take it to the house,” recalled Ryan.  “I thank my punt-return teammates.  There was a wall there.”

Pentucket (#4 seed) was still in this one early in the fourth quarter (17-14) after Chase Dwight’s second short-yardage touchdown.

The Sachems (8-3) were able to get the ball back with a chance to pull ahead.

Ryan McCullough and Paul Parachojuk battle

Credit the NR defense.  They forced another punt.

Ryan McCullough was again on the punt receiving end and again had good blocking.

“I nearly had a second touchdown but #11 (Paul Parachojuk) caught me,” said Ryan.

Ryan’s 42-yard return set up the Hornets at the Pentucket five. 

From there, quarterback Alex Carucci rolled left looking to pass.  Nothing there, so he crossed the field to the right side and connected with Matt Guidebeck for the score.

“It was a broken play,” said Alex.  “I just tried to make something happen. Fortunately, my receivers got open for me.”

Matt Guidebeck and John Jennings

“I was in the slot on the right,” recalled Matt Guidebeck.  “It was a scramble and we had worked all this week on what to do.  I moved around until a found a spot to stay.”

“Alex (Carucci) is a smart player,” said NR coach Ed Blum.  “When he’s had to scramble, he’s been able to make some plays.”

Matt Guidebeck’s touchdown reception and his kicking conversion put North Reading ahead, 24-14, with five minutes left in the game.

Craig Rubino’s interception ended Pentucket’s next possession and North Reading was home free.

Ryan McGuire (1) interception

Two second-half interceptions (Ryan McGuire & Craig Rubino) and Ryan McCullough’s two punt returns were keys to the win.

“A couple of big plays really swung it in the second half,” said Pentucket coach Dan Leary.  “North Reading makes you play all three phases of the game and defend the field.”

Not to be lost among all the “highlight” plays was the rushing of sophomore Will Batten (26 carries – 158 yards).

“Will put up some big numbers in the weight room last year,” said Coach Blum.  “He’s been huge for us in this run.”

Will scored his 20th touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Will Batten (6) scores
Alex Carucci scores after a fake handoff to Will Batten

North Reading scored first.  Pentucket got a heavy dose of Will Batten right down to their two-yard line.  A fake to Will by QB Alex Carucci allowed Alex to score unnoticed.

“Will is a great player and they were keying on him,” said Alex afterwards.  “I think they had eleven guys on him and no one on me.”

Pentucket answered with a touchdown greatly aided by a pass interference call.  Chase Dwight, who spent most of the game either passing or running, plunged across from a yard away.  Henry Hartford’s kick put Pentucket in front, 7-6.

Brandon Lee after a catch

The Sachems held that lead at halftime, but things changed in the second half.

“I told the team at halftime that they had to believe in everything they had done,” said Coach Blum.  “We knew that we would face some adversity.”

Coach Leary: “I was proud of our effort.”

Ryan McCullough: “It is an amazing feeling to finally get this done.  #4 (Chase Dwight) is a big, strong runner with a huge arm.”

Will Batten (6) breaks loose

Alex Carucci: “We were a little bit sloppy tonight.  I know that we can play a lot better.”

Coach Blum: “Ryan (McCullough) trusted the blockers and made some good cuts on those punt returns.”

Pentucket lost to North Reading eight weeks ago (September 24th), 20-0.

Both North Reading and Pentucket lost to Amesbury this season.

John Jennings (13) makes a tackle

Che Condon had four catches for 111 yards.

Matt Guidebeck kicked a 26-yard field goal in the third quarter.

The Hornets have now won five straight.

North Reading 0  6  11  14  – 31

Pentucket         0  7    0     7  – 14

(All the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Sam Morelli (52) and Teddy Suny (77) get after Chase Dwight (4)
Alex Carucci looks to pass to Ryan McCullough (7)
Chase Dwight (4) scores his first touchdown
Alex Carucci (5)

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Newton North’s Tony Oliveiro gets OT game winner versus Concord-Carlisle in D1 semis

Newton North Tigers celebrate Division 1 semifinal win over Concord-Carlisle
Rialto Janairo (7) and Kaden Lewis (27)

(Lynn MA) “I don’t know what I’m feeling right now.”

“Everything’s going through my head.”

Newton North senior Tony Oliveiro had just scored the game winner in the Division 1 state semifinals on Wednesday night.

The overtime winner at Fraser Field in Lynn sends the Tigers (16-2-4) to the finals on Saturday at the same place.

The opponent for the #3 seed will be a familiar Bay State Conference opponent…..Brookline.

The Warriors (13-3-5) have a win and a tie against Newton North this season.  Should be a good one.

Tony Oliveiro’s goal broke the scoreless tie 3+ minutes into the first overtime.

“You knew that someone was going to rise to the occasion,” said NN coach Roy Dow afterwards.  “I was glad it was someone on our team and not theirs.”

Concord-Carlisle (11-5-5) was the #18 seed and the underdog throughout their four tournament matches. But thanks, in part, to a magical run by Patriots’ goalie Ben Wasserman, had stayed alive.

Some of that magic continued in this game early in the second half.  Rialto Janairo had a clean look and launched a hard shot.  Ben was leaning left, but at the last split-second stuck out his right foot to deflect Rialto’s shot.

Concord-Carlisle GK Ben Wasserman sticks out right foot for a big save

“Tonight he (Ben Wasserman) saved a for-sure goal,” said teammate Carl Headges afterwards.

Tigers’ goalie Henry Baker had six saves.  Most of them were in the first half.

“The ball was sitting in their end most of the overtime,” recalled Henry.  “I didn’t have much to do, and that was good for me.”

Soccer is a team game and Tony Oliveiro was quick to point that out in my brief interview with him afterwards: “What a ride.  What a team.  What a team.  I’m so proud of this team.”

The throw-in by junior Matty Gillen on the game winner was where it needed to be.

“We were trying to exploit some space that they gave us,” said Coach Dow.  “We were finally able to do it.”

Tony Oliveiro established position on his defender to receive the bouncing throw-in.

Instead of trying to settle the ball, Tony opted to flip the ball up (and over) the defender.

Tony Oliveiro flips the ball over the defender

That maneuver worked. Tony found space and the ball behind the defender with GK Ben Wasserman ahead.

Tony Oliveiro finds space and gets off a shot

Tony got off a quick shot to Ben’s left that also went by another defender guarding the goal.

Tony Oliveiro’s shots goes into the left corner

When Tony’s shot went into the left corner the reactions were different to the extreme.

The effect of the game winner sets in on both sides
Newton North GK Henry Baker makes save

“I just saw the ball bouncing in,” said Newton North goalie Henry Baker.  “It struck Tony’s foot and I was waiting for the ball to hit the back of the net.  When it did, I started running down all the way to the corner.”

“I was a little bit behind the ball,” recalled Carl Headges.  “I did see it pretty well.  He (Tony Oliveiro) had a good touch.  It was an impressive goal.”

“He’s got some abilities,” added Coach Dow of Tony Oliveiro, “and it came through in a big moment in a big way.”

Tony Oliveiro had missed the three previous Newton North tournament games because of a concussion. He did not play the entire game tonight…..and that may have helped him at the end.

Carl Headges

“We were picking and choosing moments to give guys rest,” said Coach Dow.

Carl Headges regarding the tough loss: “We’ve got to keep our heads high.  We weren’t an over-matched team.  It certainly wasn’t the goalie’s fault.  It’s a team effort.  Ben (Wasserman) has been so big for us.”

The weather was cold but not too cold.

Rialto Janairo, Will Rooney, Danilo Talisayon, and Tony Oliveiro, were Bay State Conference All-Stars.  Will Rooney was the league MVP.

Both schools had student fans in the seats providing plenty of cheering and chanting.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Theo Hofman
Danilo Talisayon (6) and Brady Poor (13)
Action on a corner kick
Akash Sahadevan (11) and Ash Niemann (10)
Emiliano Gisholt (8) and Desmond Simon (20)
Liam Harrinton (9)
Danilo Talisayon (6) and Desmond Simon (20)
Theo Hofman
Ash Niemann CC and Will Rooney NN
Daniel Jaffe set to head
Danilo Talisayon
Andrew Nielsen

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Swampscott reaches Final Four with 2-1 win over Triton

Swampscott reaches the Final Four in Division Three field hockey
Big Blue celebrates

(Byfield MA) Swampscott edged #4 Triton, 2-1, on Saturday morning to gain the Division 3 state semi-finals.

The Big Blue (13-5-3) will face the #1 seed (Sandwich) on Wednesday night (7PM) at Norwell High School.

Sydney Marshall provided the game winner for #5 Swampscott in the third quarter assisted by Isabella Modica.

Both teams knew each other well.

“We had never played them before,” said Swampscott coach Courtney Russo, “but this is our fourth time this season.”

An earlier scrimmage was followed by two games in October.  Triton won the first meeting (2-1) and tied the second (1-1).

“We played them a couple of times,” said Coach Donna Andersen of Triton.  “It could have gone either way today.  We knew it would be close.”

Brooke Waters’ goal in the first quarter was answered by Maddie Hillick’s goal in the second quarter.

Sydney Marshall’s game winner, in the third quarter (3:50), came just after Triton had done everything but score down the other end.

Nicolette Fraser (25) stops a Triton shot in front
Maddie Hillick (9) takes a second shot
Crowd gathers in front of Swampscott net

“Isabella (Modica) had a great shot into the circle that went right to me,” recalled Sydney of her game winner.  “I was able to hit it off the right post and it went in.  I was in the right spot at the right time.”

Sydney Marshall (23) takes the shot
Sydney Marshall celebrates the goal
Sydney Marshall celebrates with teammates

The pattern was set for the Vikings (14-4-3) to get an answering goal.  But that, however, didn’t happen this morning.

“We struggled to play a full sixty minutes of intense field hockey,” said Coach Andersen.  “We had our moments, and we did play spurts of good hockey.  At the end of the day, however, we didn’t maintain it.”

The Big Blue scored their first goal at 3:02 of the first quarter.

“Our first goal was set up by a shot from Isabella Modica,” explained Coach Russo.  “She (Isabella) hit it in, and Brooke Waters knocked it in.  She took a nice strong shot in the center.”

Brooke Waters (13) takes the shot
Team celebrates the Brooke Waters’ goal
Brooke Waters with the ball

Early in the second quarter, Triton pulled even off a corner at 12:31.

“Our goal by Maddie (Hillick) was well executed,” said Coach Andersen.  “The insert was good as was the hit off it.  Maddie collected the rebound, protected the ball and put it away.”

Maddie Hillick (9) shot from the left
Triton team celebrates Maddie Hillick’s goal
Maddie Hillick gets the ball
Paige Leavitt (2)

“Their corners are very strong,” said Coach Russo.  “We wanted to eliminate some of them.”

The Vikings had five corners (by my count) during the game.  Swampscott had one corner.

“I wanted to see more corners out of us,” added Coach Russo.  “It was nice, however, to see us get two goals that weren’t on corners.”

Sydney Marshall’s goal in the third quarter impacted the way things went thereafter.

“It’s not the end of the world if you get scored on,” said Coach Andersen, “but in this game the momentum shifted, and we weren’t able to get it back again.”

Isabella Modica had a part in both Swampscott goals

“I was a little worried that going into the fourth quarter with the lead, might cause us to play defensively, to play it safe,” said Coach Ruffo.  “But it didn’t happen.  I’m proud of them and pleased.”

The Vikings did have a near miss in that last quarter off a corner.  The shot taken hit Swampscott goalie Chloe Rakauskas’ pads and stayed out of the net.

Coach Andersen: “What hurts the most is that this was an upset.  They’re #5 and we’re #4.  If we had lost in the Final Four, it would be where we’re supposed to be.”

Remarkable weather with non-stop sun and reasonable temperatures. 

(I haven’t covered a lot of field hockey and find the violations confusing.  I hear plenty of whistles and frequently wonder what caused the whistle.  But the game immediately moves on, without explanations, and I must admit that I like the pace of play.)

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Triton near miss in the fourth quarter
Swampscott ready to defend a corner
Loose stick
Triton shot goes wide
Ally Pugh
Sammy Kelly and Coco Clopton
Olivia Passalacqua (4) and Coco Clopton (5)
Ball in the middle

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Lynn English defeats Newburyport 28-7 to win fifth straight

Nolan Mulcahy (53) brings down Newburyport quarterback Finn Sullivan
Niko Silverio (50) and Brady Ford (73)

(Newburyport MA) The Lynn English Bulldogs (5-6) are on a roll.

Yes, they have six losses but the last one was on October 1st.

LE has now won five straight adding Newburyport to the list, 28-7, at Stehlin Stadium Thursday night.

It was the last home game for the Clippers (4-6).

Newburyport visits Amesbury on Thanksgiving Day.

The Clippers put three straight wins together early in the season but have struggled with five losses in their last six games.

In tonight’s game, Newburyport trailed only, 14-7, early in the fourth quarter after a Finn Sullivan 15-yard scramble and extra-point kick.

Bulldogs quarterback Jesse Maggs

But the Bulldogs responded with points on each of their next two possessions to seal the win.

One of the keys to the Bulldogs’ win was their ability to contain quarterback Finn Sullivan.  Finn’s running has been crucial to the NHS offense all season.  Lynn English shut that part down except for the 15-yard touchdown scramble early in the final quarter.

Meanwhile, LE showed the ability to run and pass.

Midway through the opening quarter, Newburyport junior Aidan Blunt deflected a pass in the end zone to keep freshman Edwin Castro from putting Lynn English on the scoreboard.

First LE touchdown celebrated

Lynn English would not be denied. They started a drive at their own thirty-eight, late in the first quarter, that paid off at 9:02 in the second quarter.

Mixing passing, running, and a fumble recovery (Edwin Castro) the Bulldogs reached the Newburyport 18.

QB Jesse Maggs then found Edwin Castro yards behind his nearest defender for an 18-yard score.  Clipper Angus Webster broke up the 2-point conversion attempt, but LE had a, 6-0, lead.

The Bulldogs put another threatening drive together in the second quarter aided by a major penalty on the Clippers.  However, QB Jesse Maggs fumbled and Angus Webster recovered at the Newburyport 17 with less than two minutes left.

The rest of the second quarter the Clippers showed an excellent passing attack.  There was protection and the sidelines routes were nicely executed.  But the clock was the problem.

Newburyport reached the LE 22 with time for one last play.  The Bulldogs’ defense responded as sophomore Mitchell Purter brought the pressure and sacked QB Finn Sullivan to end the half.

Wes Chandler (89 yards)

Lynn English padded their lead in the third quarter.  The key to LE’s second scoring drive was catches by senior Shea Palmer. Shea’s second catch was a leaper along the right sidelines that reached the Newburyport 14.

Senior Wes Chandler (89 yards) broke left, cut back and scored untouched.  Wes also ran in the two-point conversion.  LE now led, 14-0, with four minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter.

The Clippers needed a big break to get back in the game and the Lynn English coaching staff supplied it.

Located deep in their own territory (28-yard-line) on fourth down, the Bulldogs decided to go for it.  (I’m thinking the two-touchdown lead and significant confidence in their running game may have been the motivation.)  Anyhow, QG Jesse Maggs tried and failed to get the one yard needed, setting Newburyport up at the LE 28.

QB Finn Sullivan (155 yards passing) passed to sophomore Sean Miles to get NHS to the L15 and scrambled in from there.

Finn Sullivan off on his 15-yard touchdown run
Finn Sullivan dives into the end zone

The Clippers were now only behind, 14-7, with most of the final quarter ahead of them.  Could they tighten up the defense and get closer?

Unfortunately, for the home team, the defense couldn’t get it done.

Ernie Panias runs away from the Clippers defense to score his 2nd touchdown of the half

The Bulldogs had size on their line and had already picked up quality yards running or passing. 

Sophomore Ernie Panias started the third scoring drive with a 20-yard run and then the QB Jesse Maggs to Wes Chandler connection clicked twice to reach the Newburyport 2.

Ernie Panias covered the last two yards at 9:43. Wes Chandler rushed for the 2-point conversion.  LE was now in front, 22-7.

Jack Hadden

The Clippers took a 4th down gamble on their next possession, and like the Bulldogs, came up empty.  Sophomore Kane Brennan was stopped in his tracks by the Bulldogs defense to set them up at the Newburyport 42.

Lynn English capitalized on the good field position two minutes later.  Ernie Panias went in off the right side standing up.  The two-point conversion (Lionel Rivera) was stopped.  LE was in command, 28-7, with 6:40 left.

Credit the Clippers.  The game was essentially over but that didn’t stop them from putting a solid drive together.  A key play was a catch by junior Jack Hadden getting Newburyport to the one-yard-line.

However, a pass interference call against the Clippers in the end zone frustrated the golden scoring chance.

Lynn English    0  6  8  14 – 28

Newburyport  0  0  0    7  –  7

I noted a tremendous difference in the atmosphere at the stadium from Wednesday night (boys soccer tourney game) and Thursday night (football game).  Weekday, non-tournament games can reduce the crowd to close friends and family.

Finn Sullivan passed for 155 yards

The weather was cool but not cold.

Lynn English is in the Northeastern Conference and Division Three.

Newburyport is in the Cape Ann League and Division Five.

Bulldogs’ quarterback Jesse Maggs reminded me of Pentucket’s Chase Dwight.  Both are big, strong, and faster than you suspect.

(I wasn’t intending to write this game up.  I planned to cover it with a few pictures, which I did on my Twitter account (McClellandPeter).  When I realized that there was no local coverage (at all) I decided to put this story together.  I didn’t talk to coaches and players afterwards.  Those interactions are important, and it would have helped me to have had them.)

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Ball on the ground
Ernie Panias (7) and Jeff Thurston (9)
Robert Merenda (67), Nolan Mulcahy (53), Finn Sullivan (10)
Ernie Panias (7) has blockers in front
Logan Jones (3), Josh McDonald (4), Jack Hadden (6), and Ernie Panias (7) battle in the end zone

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Newburyport gains D3 final eight with 1-0 win over North Reading

Newburyport celebrates 1-0 win over North Reading
The Clippers goal came early in the 2nd half

(Newburyport MA) The Newburyport Clippers had lost to North Reading on October 25th.

It was their only loss (so far) this season.

That history played a part in Newburyport’s 1-0 win over North Reading tonight.

“We came out ready to play,” said Coach Shaw Bleau. “We carried the momentum, finally got a goal, and held them off.”

“The last time we played them we took our only loss,” recalled Max Gagnon.  “We wanted revenge.”

Playing with more determination was one thing but the key to the Clippers’ win tonight was neutralizing Hornets’ standout junior Josh Stanieich.

NR goalie Kieran Gorgenyi had a busy night

“They (Newburyport) did a great job of taking away what we like to do,” said NR coach Mark Bisognano.  “They took away our best player (Josh Stanieich).  They man-marked him out of the game.  It was good strategy.  It’s what I would have tried to do against us.”

Coach Bleau identified that player doing the marking.  It was junior Will Thoreson.

“Will stayed all over him,” said Coach Bleau.  “He marked him as best he could right out of the game.”

Will told me that he had been assigned to mark other players before tonight.

“It’s kind of my trademark now,” Will said.  “It’s pretty much a basketball defense.  I have to see the ball and the man at the same time.”

Josh Stanieich warranted all the attention because his goal had beaten the Clippers on October 25th.  Also, Josh had the game winner in North Reading’s tournament win.

Will Acquaviva (8) about to set up the Newburyport goal
Liam Rodger (2) and James Forest-Hay (12)

Will’s defense helped limit Josh to just one shot.

“He had one clean shot early on and it went 15’ over the bar,” said Will.  “That was the only one he had.”

The Clippers (18-1-1) applied plenty of pressure on the Hornets (10-5-3).

Every throw-in by senior Jack Fehlner landed in the box area and kept NR goalie Kieran Gorgenyi very busy.

The Clippers weren’t shy about substituting, either. 

“We kept putting in subs to keep the pressure on,” said Coach Bleau.  “We stayed after it.”

Newburyport got its only goal two minutes into the second half.

Will Acquaviva put a cross in front of the North Reading goal and it was deflected in off a Hornets’ defender.

Trouble in front of the Hornets net

“You let a guy get to the end line and you’re in a lot of trouble as a defender,” said Coach Bisognano recalling the goal.  “He (Will Acquaviva) hit a good smart ball across the face of the goal, and it ended up in the back of our net.”

Will Acquaviva was quite certain that teammate Caelen Twitchell would have gotten the goal if the defender hadn’t deflected it.

“I was coming to the near post on the right side and the goalie was there,” said Will.  “I cut it back past him and Caelan (Twitchell) was there.  The defender didn’t have many options.  If he didn’t touch it, Caelan would have.”

“You keep pressuring a team and hope you’ll get a break and I think that we got one on that goal,” said Coach Bleau.

Newburyport goalie Owen Tahnk up for a second-half save
Graham Smith (2) and Josh Stanieich (14)

The Hornets turned up the pressure after the Newburyport goal.

“We created a few chances late when it became desperate times,” said Coach Bisognano.

“North Reading gave us our only loss this season,” said Coach Bleau.  “They defend really well.  They’re very organized and dangerous at the same time.  We knew that we couldn’t go to sleep on them.”

#6 Newburyport will travel Saturday to face #3 Norwell at 5PM.

“Coach (Bleau) saw Norwell play the other night,” said Max Gagnon.

The Clippers are 10-0-1 at home.  The tie was with Pentucket.

Max Gagnon

Good crowd with active support for both teams.

Will Thoreson: “He (Josh Stanieich) tries to beat you one-on-one.  I tried to keep him to his weak foot.”

Coach Bisognano: “I’m glad that we have a Cape Ann representative in the final eight.  Of course, I hoped it would be us!  We thought that we had another shot at an upset.”

Jack Fehlner: (He has committed to play baseball at Roanoke College.) “My sister goes to James Madison in Virginia. When we moved her in, I went to a prospect camp down there.  I met the Roanoke coach.  I toured the campus and liked it down there.”

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Coach Shawn Bleau and Brady O’Donnell
Will Acquaviva (8) and Max Gulino (20)
Henry Acton (6) elevates
Kevin Doble
Henry Acton
Ronan Brown
Newburyport celebrates goal before it goes up on the scoreboard
Clippers’ goal celebration
Kevin Doble and Brady O’Donnell
Adam Bovee (3)
Action in the box in front of the North Reading goal
Cody Cannalonga (24) and Jack Fehlner (20)
Jason Emerson (4) and Will Acquaviva (8)
Nate Miller (13) and Brady O’Donnell (9)

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Bow takes NH DII title 2-1 in OT over Pembroke

Bow Falcons – 2021 DII state champions
NH DII trophy raised by Bow Falcons

(Exeter NH) “You take your eyes off them for just a couple of seconds, and you get punished,” said Pembroke Academy coach Jess Kaufman-Desrochers afterwards.

The Spartans coach was referencing the LaPerle twins of Bow.

In the New Hampshire Division II girls’ soccer final this afternoon, Bella and Lyndsey were the difference-makers in the Bow Falcons, 2-1 win in overtime.

Bella scored in the closing seconds of regulation to get the game into overtime. At 2:20 of overtime, her sister Lyndsey drove home the game winner.

“The LaPerles are feisty, fast, and aggressive players,” added the Pembroke coach, “and we knew we needed to watch them.”

Cierra Hill scored the Pembroke goal

Pembroke (18-1) scored eleven minutes into the second half (Cierra Hill) to give the Spartans a, 1-0, lead.

The play throughout the game was back-and-forth, and grueling.  There were hardly any substitutions.  There was plenty for both fan sections to cheer about………and be concerned about.

The Bow goalie (Cailyn Benson) and the Pembroke goalie (Brooke Davison) were tested and tried on numerous occasions and drew ooh’s and aah’s from the crowd.

That one Pembroke goal got larger and larger as the time ran down. 

At the five-minute mark, the scoreboard clock in the stadium stopped ticking down. Thereafter, only the referee knew the exact time left.

“There was time added because one of their players was injured,” said Lyndsey LaPerle afterwards.  “That’s why the time left was so confusing.”

“Is there time to score?” and “How much longer will the defense have to hold?” were the questions that ran through my head as the five minutes left started to feel like twenty minutes.

“We never gave up,” said Bow coach Jay Vogt afterwards.  “We talked before the game about needing to believe all the time.”

In the closing minute of regulation, Bella LaPerle got the ball on the right. The BHS junior turned and shot through two Pembroke players and into the left side of the Spartans’ goal to tie the score.

Bella LaPerle (2) shoots through two Pembroke defenders
Bella LaPerle goal heads to left corner

There was a five-minute break before sudden-death overtime.  That rest may have benefitted the speedy Falcons.

At 2:20 of OT, Lyndsey LaPerle received a pass in front from Elena Jay and buried a shot just inside the near post to win the game.

Lyndsey LaPerle (white shirt) drives the game winner just inside the post

“I was probably at the eighteen,” explained Lyndsey post-game. “Elena Jay passed it to me.  I turned on my defender, saw an opening, and shot it.”

Falcons begin to celebrate

“Crazy,” was Coach Vogt’s initial description of the Lyndsey game-winner.

Then he added, “She turned and put her left foot on it.  She didn’t try to kill it.  She just tried to place it into the corner.  She’s been scoring all year for us.”

The loss was extremely tough for Pembroke to take.  Why?  They came within seconds of winning their first girls soccer title.

Bow (18-1) has now won girls’ soccer titles six times.  The most recent being in 2017.

I was quite certain going in that today’s matchup would be a good one.  Bow’s only loss was to undefeated Pembroke. 

Pembroke goalie Brooke Davison ready for a header

In that October 15th game, Pembroke’s Britney Hill scored in the last three seconds to give the Spartans a 3-2 victory.

“This will make up for our loss to them,” said Coach Vogt, “because we won a state championship.

The Pembroke goal in the second half was on a well-executed corner kick. Senior Adrienne Dorr’s CK went beyond the front of the Bow goal directly to senior Cierra Hill.  Cierra headed the ball back perfectly into the top shelf on the right.

Coach Kaufman-Desrochers: “It’s tough when just a couple of seconds decides it for you.  We tried to maintain possession.  The last eighty-three days have been really special.  It’s hard to end it like this.”

Coach Vogt: “Pembroke is a tremendous team.  We knew they’d put pressure on us.  We had to believe that we could figure it out.”

LaPerle twins: “It’s an incredible feeling to win this.  We’re exhausted…..but it was fun.”

Beautiful weather this afternoon.  Temperatures in the 50’s with non-stop sunshine.

Nice setup at Bill Ball Stadium at Exeter High School.  Great turf field and plenty of seating.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Pembroke coach Jess Kaufman-Desrochers, Britney Hill, Cierra Hill with trophy
Katelyn Armstrong (10) and Kelly Harris (14)
Grace Simmons (Pembroke) and Lyndsey LaPerle (Bow)
Cailyn Benson (Bow) saves on the ground
Near score by Elena Jay (5)
Cierra Hill (2) header off Adrienne Dorr’s corner kick
Cierra Hill’s header goes into the Bow net
Loose ball in the Pembroke end
Lexana Farr (17) moves in for a shot
Pembroke free kick sails to Bow GK Cailyn Benson
Bailey Gatchell (6) sails over Bow GK Cailyn Benson
Sydney Roberge (16) and Hannah Picott (5)
Adrienne Dorr pre-game
Cierra Hill and Adrienne Dorr celebrate Pembroke goal

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Windham takes Class A title 3-1 over Brunswick

Windham – Class A champions
Windham raises the Gold Ball

(Waterboro ME) The style of play wasn’t what the coach wanted.

“We like to play a passing game, a possession game on the ground,” said Windham coach Deb LeBel afterwards.  “Today, we were just clearing it to give us a sense of relief.”

The shaky technique aside, Windham did defeat Brunswick, 3-1, and capture the Class A title today at Massabesic High School.

The undefeated Eagles (19-0) scored three times in the last seventeen minutes of the first half and that was enough to gain their first title in seven years.

Brunswick (15-3) got a goal midway through the second half and had some chances to get closer, but it didn’t happen on this sunny morning.

“I thought we played very well in the second half,” said Brunswick coach Martyn Davison post-game.  “The first half killed us a little bit.”

Abbey Thornton had two goals for Eagles

Abbey Thornton (2) and Sarah Talon (1) had the goals for Windham while Logan Brown scored for Brunswick.

Abbey and Sarah worked together on the first Eagles’ goal. It came off a corner kick at 16:22.

“We’ve scored a lot on corner kicks this season,” recalled Coach LeBel.  “We’ve scored a ton on headers.  Sarah (Talon) is super-tall and can place it.”

“On the first goal I had a great ball from Sarah (Talon),” said Abbey Thornton.  “We’ve been able to do that the whole season.”

Freshman Stella Jarvais didn’t get any credit on the goal, but she took the corner kick.  Stella put the ball right where Sarah (Talon) could elevate and head the ball.

Sarah’s header kept the ball going toward the front of the net where Abbey Thornton was waiting to head the ball into the Brunswick net.

Here are a series of pictures to show what that goal looked like:

Just over five minutes later (11:07), the Eagles had a second goal.

And just like the first goal, a key participant doesn’t make it to the official scoring summary.  But she’ll make it here!

Junior Ashley Clark brought the ball down the left sidelines quite a distance before passing ahead to teammate Emily Talbot.

Emily sent a hard shot toward the net and Sarah Talon was able to deflect it in.

“I wasn’t expecting it to go in,” admitted Sarah afterwards, “I just wanted to get a foot on it.”

Sarah Talon scores 2nd Windham goal

But in it went and Windham led, 2-0.

Junior Abbey Thornton is a center midfielder who made All-Conference as a freshman. 

“Abbey creates turnovers,” said Coach LeBel.  “Sometimes she thinks that if she doesn’t score, she’s not contributing. What she does best is stopping the ball and getting our offense going the other way.”

In the last minute of the first half, Abbey intercepted a pass, but she wasn’t at midfield.  She was over to the right and closer to the Brunswick goal.  Abbey knew what to do with the interception.

Abbey Thornton (9) shoots the 3rd goal

“I had an open shot, and I took it,” said Abbey.  The quick shot sailed into the upper left corner of the Brunswick goal and the Windham lead was now, 3-0.

Abbey’s second score was Windham’s 100th goal of the season.

The Dragons (15-3) shut out Windham in the second half. 

“Our second half was tremendous,” said Coach Davison.  “We could have had a couple of goals.  We knew that they would score.  We needed to capitalize on our chances.”

The Dragons did capitalize once in the second half.

And again (third time) a contributor to a goal is left off the score sheet. 

Logan Brown’s goal off a direct kick was listed as unassisted.  Logan, however, ended up with the direct kick because freshman Lexi Morin drew a penalty on her defender.

“It was a great shot by Logan,” said Coach Davison.  “She’s done that all year.  It was tough for the keeper with the sun in her eyes.”

The Dragons celebrate Logan Brown’s goal off a direct kick

Logan’s goal was at 19:41. Plenty of time left for Brunswick to get closer.

Windham, however, had the next scoring chance…..a penalty kick.  Junior Ashley Clark drew the penalty.

Abbey Thornton took the shot and sent it wide with 16:14 remaining.

Windham’s Logan Brown had a corner kick at the eight-minute mark and the Dragons nearly scored a minute later.

The ball, on the close call, was loose and the goalie Eliza Trafford was on the ground. At the last second, however, Windham senior captain Amelia Mortero came from the left to clear the ball away.

Amelia Mortero (17) clears the ball away from in front of Windham net
Brunswick captains with plaque

Sarah Talon: “We knew what we had to do, and we were really excited to be here.  Our mindset on the first day of preseason was to get here….and we did.  It feels good to get the Gold Ball back for Coach LeBel.  Our coaches really care for us.”

Coach Davison: “Windham is a great team.  I’m really proud of what our girls did.”

Abbey Thornton: “We’ve worked hard together.  We connect passes and play for each other.  It was fun this year.  We’re a big family.”

Coach LeBel: “The kids have worked really hard all season.  They are extremely unselfish.  Brunswick is very talented.  I liked that they continued playing right to the end.”

Windham goalie Eliza Trafford

Brunswick lost to Camden Hills and Bangor during the regular season and then came back to beat both in the tournament.

The referee had to get after the Windham student section in the second half……and they deserved it.  Credit to those kids thereafter, because they switched to their best behavior for the rest of the game.

The weather got better as the game went on.  Arrived and it was 30 degrees.  When I left it was in the low 50’s.  The sun never left.

Nice turf field at Massabesic.  Plenty of seating available on both sides.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Brunswick coach Martyn Davison and daughter Emily
Lady Eagles celebrate
Sarah Talon (12) elevates for a header
Lexi Morin (9) and Kayla Flanders (11)
Abbey Thornton and Sarah Talon celebrate 3rd goal
Brunswick goalie Sophia Morin
Emily Talbot had an assist.
Riley McAllaster
Sarah Talon celebrates her goal
Kynli Van Leer (7) and Elizabeth Talbot (10)
Shannon Flanagan (13) chases Abbey Thornton (9)
Molly Taub (10) and Kyla Harvie (34)
Windham Lady Eagles – Class A champions

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Triton VB advances after sweeping Norton

Triton volleyball wins its first playoff game in school history

(Byfield MA) The first volleyball playoff game ever for the Triton Vikings turned out to be a big success.

Mia Berardino (14 kills) hits into two Norton blockers

Triton defeated Norton in three straight sets.

The game scores were 25-20, 25-17, and 25-16.

“We had a lot of energy but there were nerves,” recalled Triton senior Molly Kimball, “but we settled down.”

The Vikings (11-8) went down 9-13 in Game One and needed a timeout to keep that game from getting away from them.

Triton came out of the timeout, ran eight unanswered points, and were on their way to a three-set sweep of the Norton Lancers.

Senior Mia Berardino connected the Vikings slow start to the schedule.  “It’s hard to play three games a week and then go days without playing,” she said.

Molly Kimball (8)

But the Vikings did get plenty of practice time and it showed tonight.

“We worked on a lot of different things in practice,” said Coach Bob Van Etten afterwards. “We worked on the right side especially and tonight Brianna (Welch) had her best game of the season.”

Brianna finished with six kills and two assists.

Junior Chloe Carter did her best to keep the Lancers in each of the sets with several kills.

Norton (8-10) was tied with Triton at 13-13 in Game Two and 8-8 in the final game but couldn’t keep pace thereafter in either of them.

“We were working with a new lineup,” said Norton coach Kelly Allen.  “We had players coming back from injuries.”

The Lancers lost a key player (Lexi Fleming) during tonight’s match.

“Lexi was injured last season and was coming back from surgery,” added Coach Allen.  “A block tonight irritated her shoulder.”

Kate Andy (5) reaches for a ball

Lexi and her teammate Kate Andy were Tri-Valley League All-Stars last year.

Molly Kimball was a key to the Vikings win with twenty-two assists.

Her setups for Mia Berardino (Stonehill commit) always get the home crowd’s attention. Mia had fourteen kills.

The hard hits are impressive, but Mia has also learned that points can be had by just dropping the ball into an open space.  On the very first play of Game One, Mia was nicely set up for a spike but instead pulled back and dropped a shot into the Norton middle for a point.

Triton has now won seven of their last eight games. They’re in the Round of 16 and will play Tuesday.

“I thought we played well today,” said junior Grace Romine afterwards.  “Bri (Welch) did a nice job with her hitting.”

Mia Berardino made sure that there weren’t any letups after Triton had won the first two sets.  “We’ve been in matches where we win the first two sets and then get relaxed,” she said.  “I insisted that everyone stay focused and win that third game.”

Brianna Welch spikes

Sophomore Kendall Liebert led Triton with five blocks.

I was impressed with the play of Norton’s Sophia Santangelo and Fiona LaCamera.

Mia Berardino: “Tonight was fun.  My parents came and a lot of my friends were here too.”

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Brianna Welch (21) at the net
Mia Berardino serves
Mia Berardino spikes
Mia Berardino gets a hard hit from the second row
Sophia Santangelo (6) and Fiona LaCamera (7) at the net
Sophia Santangelo (6) returns
Mia Berardino up to spike
Chloe Carter (13) returns
Trinity Cole returns
Kendall Liebert blocks
Grace Romine
Molly Kimball

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