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2017 Harrison Old Home Days Grand Parade

Young participant in the 2017 Harrison Old Home Days parade

Veterans on parade

(Harrison ME) It is the question that separates the first-timers from the veterans: “Is that it?”

The first-timer to the Grand Parade at Harrison’s Old Home Days is never prepared for the length of this parade.

Come a little late and you find that the percentage of the parade missed is surprisingly significant.

This year’s edition lasted fifteen minutes.  That was all of it!

And I enjoyed it.

Eagle overhead

I also enjoyed checking out geese parading, a young man jumping into Long Lake, and catching an eagle overhead while waiting for the parade to start.  What an area!

The parade wasted no time with the minimum of frills.

On a hot Saturday afternoon, with Long Lake rippling nearby, an uncomplicated collection of representations was perfect.

Fire equipment is a staple.  I always like to get a picture of little ones riding up front.

In a non-election year there were no politicians to be found.  Funny how they find time in election years to attend.

No sign of the Kora little cars this year.  I’m starting to think that they come every other year.

Volunteer marching band

I was impressed with the volunteer band.  The sound was good and they looked like they were enjoying themselves.

Camp Wigwam was on hand with a nifty assortment of water guns.  My camera did not get fired at which spared the camp a possible lawsuit…..just kidding.

Averill Davis continued his string of appearances with his Woody.

Brian and his John Deere tractor were back in the parade.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Parade heads toward downtown Harrison

Girls afloat

Talent on the street

Camp Wigwam counselor

Water in the air

Brian with his John Deere tractor

Averill Davis


Volunteer drummer

Volunteer drummer

clarinet player

Stirred up Long Lake

Jumping into Harrison Bay

Geese in parade


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2015 Harrison Old Home Days Parade

Military on the move at teh 2015 Harrison Old Home Days Parade

Military on the move at the 2015 Harrison Old Home Days Parade

Young Engine 5 rider

Young Engine 5 rider

(Harrison ME) I have to admit that I used to go for the candy………but now I go to take pictures.

I viewed the 2015 edition of the Old Home Days Parade this afternoon and collected pictures from the event. Temperatures in the 80’s probably limited the number of spectators, at least in the Harrison boat launch area.

If you weren’t there these pictures are what you missed. If you were there, here are my pictures of what you saw.

One thing I made sure I did was to time the length of the parade. Today’s was nineteen minutes. You snooze you lose!

There were four specific things about today’s parade that caught my attention; (1) there was no music, (2) almost no candy, (3) no tractors, and (4) there were no sirens. Plenty of fire trucks, however.

The four missing pieces caught me by surprise because they have always been parts of previous parades.

I guessed that things were different for the 2015 edition of the parade when I noticed that there were no signs on Route 117 alerting drivers that a parade was going to happen. That may have been an oversight.

First place antique auto

First place antique auto

A number of antique cars traveled the parade route. One couple displayed a plaque declaring their vehicle the 2015 antique auto winner.

I caught a couple of youngsters riding in prominent spots in fire engines.

I wonder how many years Averill Davis has had his car in the parade?

Kids with squirt guns and me with my camera. What could go wrong? That’s why camps have counselors! “Let’s use common sense when we see someone with a camera,” directed one Camp Wigwam counselor.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)hp-A20-Ryan-Holthp-A21-girls-with-ponieshp-A22-lady-getting-cart-ridehp-A23-man-pony-carthp-A24-Harrison-7hp-A25-Harrison-6hp-A26-guy-bikinghp-A13-cartoon-characters

State rep Phyllis Ginzler

State rep Phyllis Ginzler


Dale McDaniels

Dale McDaniels


Averill Davis

Averill Davis



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