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Alyssa Pettet and Allie Waters are playing soccer at Holy Cross

Allie Waters and Alyssa Pettet
Alyssa started for Holy Cross

(Worcester MA) The first adjective that came out of their mouths was, “awesome.”

I met with Alyssa Pettet (Amesbury) and Allie Waters (Newburyport) this afternoon after the Holy Cross/Navy women’s soccer match.

Both girls are freshmen on the team.

I had seen Alyssa and Allie play plenty of soccer in the Cape Ann League and wondered how they were doing at the college level.

That “awesome” in the first paragraph was in response to my, “How are things going?” question.

Instead of trying to summarize what they told me, I will let them speak for themselves.

“How are things going?”

Alyssa: “It’s awesome.  I love it here.  I’m having lots of fun.”

Allie: “The team and the community here are awesome.  It’s definitely a huge transition from club to college.  The level of play is a lot higher.”

Allie pre-game

“How did you get to come to Holy Cross?”

Alyssa: “I started talking to their coach in January of my freshman year.  Then I committed in July.  I have been in contact for a long time.  I am excited to be here.  I loved the community here and the beautiful campus.  It’s a great academic school and they play high-level soccer.”

Allie: “I got here through communications between my club coaches and the coaches here.  The prior coach saw me at a couple of showcase games.  I committed here February of my junior year.”

“How are things going academically?”

Alyssa: “Academically, it is definitely a transition.  It is a prestigious school. I haven’t gotten any grades yet.  I’ve been balancing the academics with soccer.  I think I’m figuring it out. We have academic chats with the assistant coaches every week.  It’s a good thing.”

Allie: “It’s a lot fewer actual hours of school.  In high school you sit eight hours in the classroom. For me, I have two classes a day at a top of 1 ½ hours each.  In soccer season, they set you up with a strict schedule so that you know to get things done.  Out-of-season will not be the time to procrastinate.”

Pause in the on-field action

“Have you been home at all?”

Allie: “We drove back together to watch our high school teams.  We had fall break so there were no classes here, so we had the time.  I watched Newburyport versus Rockport.  It made me want to be out there.  I have so many memories on the field.”

Alyssa: “I saw Amesbury against Triton.  It was great to see the team at our game against Boston University.  It is cool how supportive everyone has been.”

“How about the soccer facility here?”

Alyssa: “The facility is beautiful. They really maintain this place.  It’s a little bit nicer than Cashman!”

Allie (3) on the sidelines

Allie: “It’s weird playing on grass.  I was used to playing on turf in club and high school.  It has been an adjustment.”

Alyssa started for the Crusaders and played the first twenty minutes.  Allie didn’t get into the game.

Holy Cross (1-14-1) has struggled in the very tough Patriot League.

“Every game is a battle,” said Alyssa, “and it’s awesome to be part of it.”

The Crusaders had a tough, 1-0, loss to Navy today.  The Midshipmen are 10-5-3 and have been an impressive 5-0-1 in their last six matches.

Navy freshman Alexa Riddle scored her seventh goal of the season today in the 16th minute of the first half.  She took a long pass and broke in behind the Holy Cross defense.  Alexa nearly had another goal in the final seven minutes of the game.

Alexa Riddle breaks in
Alexa Riddle shoots
Navy celebrates the only goal of the game

The Crusaders had chances.  In fact, Cerys Balmer had a penalty kick with thirteen minutes remaining in the game.  The PK attempt went wide left.

Cerys Balmer’s penalty kick goes wide left

“Not winning as much as high school is a mental battle,” said Allie.  “In the end it will make us stronger.  There will be a huge time of development in the off-season.”

Holy Cross is blessed to have Alyssa Pettet and Allie Waters within their student body.  Now if they can just start winning some games!

Thanks to Charles Bare and Delaney O’Brien for arranging my visit today.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Alyssa on the ground
Allie in practice
Alyssa (16) defends
Find Alyssa
Find Alyssa

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Ipswich finds enough defense to hold Newburyport to 0-0 tie in Cape Ann League girls soccer

Allie Waters and Lauryn Whynott battle for control.

Maddy Farris was busy in the Ipswich net

(Newburyport MA) I don’t know the last time Ipswich girls soccer tied or won a game against Newburyport.

I do know from Mascores that the last time the Tigers scored a goal against the Clippers was in 2012.

Ipswich didn’t end the scoring drought tonight, but they did play enough defense to earn a 0-0 tie with Newburyport.

“Newburyport is a good team,” said Ipswich coach Dave Wood afterwards, “and this is a great result for us.”

Dana Farardeau defends Anna Affolter

Things weren’t so upbeat on the Newburyport side post-game.

“We had plenty of chances especially early, but we just didn’t finish,” said NHS coach Kevin Sheridan.

Just three minutes into the game the Clippers (4-2-3) had a sequence with four quality shots and no return.  Credit Ipswich goalie Maddy Farris for being where she needed to be during the barrage of NHS shots.

“Their goalie was very good,” said Coach Sheridan.  “She stopped some crosses and she also was able to hold onto some long-range high shots.”

Over and over senior Allie Waters facilitated Newburyport setups by getting by Ipswich defenders and finding teammates for good looks.  She also had several quality shots on net.

Allie Waters and Carter King

But that first goal never came for the home team.

And because the Tigers (3-4-2) survived the first half they gained confidence and did a better job of limiting the NHS scoring chances in the second half.

“We could have gone into the second half up 2-0,” explained Coach Sheridan.  “It would have been a different game in the second half if that had happened.”

But it didn’t happen, and the Tigers were able to put some shots on Newburyport’s second-half goalie Gabby Loughran.  Lauren Waters and Carter King had the best chances.

The Clippers never stopped having chances but on this extremely cold (30’s & windy) Monday evening they couldn’t finish.

Izzy Kirby and Colby Filosa

“We did have some chances in the second half,” recalled Coach Wood.  “We finally started working the ball to the outside and then across.  We just didn’t get on the end of any of them.”

Some of that Ipswich offense was generated by senior Lauren Waters.  “It was a great last away game for her.”

Ipswich will close with Amesbury at home on Wednesday.

Coach Wood cited the defense of Lauryn Whynott: “It was her best game all year.  She was aggressive and she was willing to carry the ball out of the back which she’s not always willing to do.  She had faith in her first touch.  They gave her space, and she took advantage of it.”

This was a game in which there appeared to be plenty of open space in the middle of the field.  Allie Waters, Deidre McElhinney, and Carter King found opportunities to flash some nifty dribbling skills in those spaces.

Deidre McElhinney

Coach Sheridan: “We had some quality play tonight.  It just didn’t result in a goal.  We have a great group and I’m super proud of them.  I want them to finish the season on a high note on Wednesday against Lynnfield.”

Junior Katie Gallagher may have had the best Clippers scoring opportunity early in the second quarter.  The strong-footed defender blasted a long kick just under the crossbar, but Ipswich GK Maddy Farris jumped to snag it.

The cold in this game was real.  Add a steady wind to the low temps and only the truly committed lasted the whole game.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

This story will appear on my McClelland Miscellanea blog and the link will be on my Twitter account (McClellandPeter).  Individual pictures will show up on Instagram (McClellandMiscellanea).

Carter King chased by Allie Waters

Lucy Harmon and Shannon Harrington

Katie Gallagher between Lauren Waters and Olivia Novello

Allie Waters chased by Dana Falardeau and Jennie Tarr

Lauryn Whynott

Allie Waters defended by Jennie Tarr

Lauren Waters chased by Anna Affolter

Katie Gallagher and Colby Filosa

Carter King






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Girls soccer happens! Newburyport 1 North Reading 0

Deidre McElhinney chased by Sophia Galuppo

Mattie DeFeo and Norah McElhinney celebrate Newburyport’s goal in the 3rd quarter

(Newburyport MA) “If we had to play with our shoes tied together, we probably would have,” according to Newburyport girls soccer coach Kevin Sheridan.

And that pretty well summed up the attitude of today’s participants.  Whatever it takes to play!

“We were just happy to be playing,” said North Reading coach Sean Killeen.  “The Cape Ann League and the principals have done a nice job to make it happen for the kids.”

I talked to both officials pre-game to get a sense of how the game might go.

One of them said that without tournaments and playoffs that the games this season would be more like “friendly” games.

The other official gave me a 3-page copy of the MIAA soccer rules for 2020.  “It will be an adjustment for us and the teams.  Several teams had scrimmages in which referees came in so that everyone could get used to the new rules.”

There actually was a lot of “normal” soccer played.  “I thought it went pretty well with all the rule changes,” added Coach Killeen.  “It looked like a regular soccer game for a lot of it.”

Samantha Magner chased by Norah McElhinney

Newburyport came away the winner, 1-0, on a sunny, Saturday afternoon in the season opener for both teams at Newburyport.

The games are now played in quarters instead of halves.

Mattie DeFeo’s goal in the third quarter spelled the difference.

The NHS senior had a long run toward the goal after an excellent outlet pass/set up by junior Katie Gallagher.

“The entry pass split my two central defenders,” recalled Coach Killeen.  “The scorer ended up with a good look and she put it where she needed to.”

Olivia Vasquez (5) watched by Katie Gallagher (22)

“Katie (Gallagher) had a monster game,” added Coach Sheridan.  “She played the entire game without any mask breaks.”

“The goal and the assist couldn’t have happened to two better kids, in my opinion,” said Coach Sheridan.

Coach Sheridan used a different goalie each half: “We have two great goalies (senior Anneliese Truesdale & sophomore Gabby Loughran) and both of them deserve to play.”

Both of the Clippers’ GK’s were called on to make tough saves.

“We never got too comfortable and that was to North Reading’s credit,” added Coach Sheridan.

Newburyport GK Gabby Loughran saves in front of Madison DiNapoli

Coach Killeen was disappointed that his Hornets didn’t collect any goals.  “We need to calm down a little bit in the finishing third.  As we build our chemistry, I think we’ll be in a good place.”

“It was a good start for us considering we’ve had no scrimmages,” said Coach Sheridan.  “We could have been better connecting on passes.  I thought we played better in the second half.”

Senior Julia Thorstad was solid in net for NR.

Senior Allie Waters is back playing for Newburyport this season.  Allie has already committed to playing at Holy Cross next season.  Next Saturday, at Amesbury, Allie will play against Alyssa Pettet who has also committed to Holy Cross in 2021.

Anne MacLellan (12) and Allie Waters (21)

Both Katie Gallagher and NR’s Katelyn Gorgenyi had threatening long-range shots in this game.

Coach Sheridan regarding sophomore Deidre McElhinney: “She plays with such poise and control in the middle of the field.”

Gabby Waters has joined the Clippers after playing at Berwick Academy previously.

The hardest rule change to get used to was the second whistle.  Soccer is usually free flowing, but that rule forced players to distance themselves before a 2nd whistle would blow resuming play.

Coach Killeen probably summarized the game atmosphere best: “The kids were good despite some confusion.  It was a lot of fun.”

Stehlin Stadium is an excellent place for a soccer game.  I was limited to the stands but even from there I could get a good look at the action.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

I will post the game story on McClelland Miscellanea.  I also plan to post pictures on my Instagram account (McclellandMiscelleanea).

Newburyport celebrates win

looking for control

collision course

Shot by Katelyn Gorgenyi (11)

Newburyport GK Gabby Loughran pressured by Madison DiNapoli

loose ball

Newburyport coach Kevin Sheridan

Julia Thorstad saves with Norah McElhinney nearby

Samantha Magner (9) and Molly Webster (19) in front of NR GK Julia Thorstad

Anna Affolter tries to get away from Samantha Magner

NR coach Sean Killeen at halftime

Madison DiNapoli (22) and Maddy Felts (15)

Marykate Lundy (17) tries to get control

Captains meet

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