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Lake Region defeats Fryeburg Academy 1-0 in girls soccer

Margo Tremblay lines up a direct free kick

(Fryeburg) Sometimes the coach knows best.

Margo Tremblay congratulated

It seemed to work out that way in Friday afternoon’s girls soccer game between Lake Region and Fryeburg Academy.

The Lakers won the game 1-0.

Margo Tremblay scored the eventual game-winner on a direct free kick with less than three minutes left in the first half.

“The girls wanted to run a play that we’ve been working on,” said LR coach Peter Webb afterwards.  “It’s a side play that goes around the wall.  They looked at me and I said, ‘Put it on net,’ because Margo (Tremblay) can put it there every time.”

Margo’s shot turned out to be quite remarkable.  She chipped the ball over the Raiders wall and it hit the under part of the crossbar behind FA goalie Maya Meehan.  Down the ball went from there and into the net behind Maya.

“Coach (Webb) said at halftime that he thought I could make it so that’s why he had me take it,” explained Margo post-game.

Eden True just missed

Aside from Margo’s goal, the home team Raiders had the best scoring chances.

“I think that they had only one good shot on goal,” said FA coach Dave Hart afterwards, “and that was the one that went in.”

This was the season opener for both teams.

The weather was “typical” early fall Maine weather…….40’s when you wake up and in the 70’s in the afternoon when you’re playing/watching a soccer game.

Both coaches substituted freely because of the heat.  There were several moments of confusion as players acclimated themselves to new positions.

“We were in a lot of positions we aren’t normally in,” said Margo, “so it was hard adjusting.”

“We got tired, and people got out of position,” said Coach Webb.  “We had people in positions they weren’t used to.”

Emily Rock dives for loose ball

Hard-luck FA had the best chances to get on the board.  Their golden opportunities fell short because of LR goalie Emily Rock, the goal frames, and in-front misfires.

“Their goalie has good hands,” said FA coach Dave Hart.  “She made it harder for us today.”

“We did have some good shots,” he added. “Some off the frame.  Some off the posts.”

“The posts helped me once or twice,” said Lake Region goalie Emily Rock with a smile afterwards.  “Sometimes they helped a lot!”

Both coaches commended the efforts of their respective teams. 

Finding some shade

“Overall, we’re happy with our first performance,” said Coach Hart.

Battle for the ball

“The effort was there,” said Coach Webb.  “We’ve only had a couple of preseason games to work with.”

Emily Rock: “I love being in goal.  I appreciate my field players so much.  I’m a very vocal goalie, I’d say.  Kaylie Goodwin has the best touch on the ball and she’s only a sophomore.  I plan to play softball in college in state for the in-state tuition.  If someone wanted me to play soccer, however, I wouldn’t be opposed.”

Coach Webb: “Emily is a senior.  She is solid and she kept us in this game today.”

Margo Tremblay: “Emily is amazing.  She’s the whole reason we do good.  She always has the most positive attitude which really helps us in the games.”

(I am working these days as a MaxPreps photographer.  I took plenty of pictures from today’s game that aren’t in this blog entry.  They will be posted eventually in the MaxPreps section for both schools.  Check them out.  I am also on Instagram (McClelland Miscellanea).  Some of the pictures on this blog will be directed to players on that site.)


Fryeburg Academy wall

Ball in the middle

Bella Smith (16) heads a corner kick

Kayli Goodwin

Raiders pregame

Lakers pregame

Emma Keaton

Emily Rock

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Ava Giacobba (4 goals) leads York to 9-1 win over Fryeburg Academy

Senior Ava Giacobba (5) found space in the Fryeburg Academy end
Ella Boissonneault splits two defenders

(Fryeburg ME) Labor Day was a holiday for most of us.

Not the York Wildcats girls soccer team.

“We worked on finishing yesterday and put it into practice today,” said York coach Nick Hanlon following a convincing, 9-1, win over Fryeburg Academy.

It was the home opener for the Raiders (0-1) and things certainly didn’t go the way they hoped.

“There are a lot of things we have to work on,” admitted FA coach Dave Hart afterwards.

Senior Ava Giacobba had a big afternoon for the Wildcats (2-0) getting two goals in each half.

“We have been working hard in practice,” she said.  “We have really improved.”

York coach Nick Hanlon

“The girls have dedicated a lot of time even on their own when we didn’t get to play at all in games as a group,” explained Coach Hanlon.  “They also played in a league apart from the school.  In the summer they were coming out 3-4 times a week to play.”

All that work seemed evident this afternoon.  The Wildcats had a clear advantage in time of possession because of their movement to space and the accurate passes from teammates that found them in the open space.

York had very few long passes, just a series of connections.  The Raiders ended up doing a lot of chasing as they tried to reclaim possession.  When FA over-committed the Wildcats took advantage.

“We seized our opportunities,” said Coach Hanlon.

Ava Giacobba’s first two goals were on break-ins. Both happened in the first 2 ½ minutes and came on rebounds.

Alexis Osterhaus (two goals)

“They scored twice early,” recalled Coach Hart.  “It’s hard to rebound from that.”

Freshman Alexis Osterhaus had the other two York first-half goals.

In the first one, Alexis intercepted a short goal-kick and returned it right back on FA goalie Ginger Priestman.  In the second one, Alexis put in her own rebound.

Sophomore Ana Maillett got Fryeburg on the board with 3 ½ minutes remaining in the first half.

“Ana was in the right place at the right time,” said Coach Hart.

Ana Maillett scored for the Raiders

The Wildcats had a comfortable 4-1 halftime lead, but they used the halftime to set some goals for the second half.

“We wanted to score on a corner kick,” said Coach Hanlon, “and we wanted to have a couple of series where we were connecting 10-12 passes together.”

Mission accomplished on both counts.

Ava Giacobba scored her third goal on a long shot into the upper left corner.

Ava’s fourth goal was set up by Chloe Bourque’s corner kick (27:24).  Chloe’s CK ended up in the middle and Ava headed it in.

Battle for control

Those two goals boosted the Wildcats advantage to, 6-1.

The rest of the way, York had goals from Ava Fontaine, Shea Haseltine, and Emily Rainforth. 

Besides the goal-scoring, the Wildcats did string multiple connecting passes together as they had hoped to do.

“We’re trying to improve half-by-half and game-by-game,” said Coach Hanlon.

“We had our good moments,” said Coach Hart.  “We knew that they were a strong team but I’m not going to let our girls off the hook.  We’ll work on improving organizationally and defensively.”

York goalkeeper Allie MacDonald had a very quiet afternoon in net.  Ginger Priestman, however, faced a host of tough shots in both halves as the Raiders goalie.

Ginger Priestman

Ava Giacobba: “It feels great to be back out playing with my best friends.”

Perfect weather for playing/watching soccer.

Coach Hart is in his first season at FA.  He coached boys soccer at Kennett High School for seven years.

Covering high school sports in the early part of a season is almost always an adventure for those of us attempting it.  Why?  Rosters.  Coaches aren’t certain of their players, so they delay putting a roster together, or a roster is set up early and changes are added or subtracted without an update.  I got one roster today at the game, while an online roster (from the Western Maine site) for the other team was missing a girl who scored a goal today. *The “missing girl” has now been identified (Ava Fontaine) thanks to help from the York Athletic Department.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Alexis Osterhaus and Allison Southwick
Emily Rainforth goal celebrated
Loose ball in the Fryeburg Academy end that Ava Fontaine (25) turned into a goal
Alexis Osterhaus chased by Ana Maillett
Emily Rainforth between Phoebe Sartory and Ana Maillett
Allison Southwick
Ava Giacobba and Chloe Bourque
Chloe Bourque chases a loose ball
Goal scorers Alexis Osterhaus, Ava Giacobba, and Shea Haseltine
Shea Haseltine
Ava Giacobba and Emily Chaine
Chloe Bourque and Brooke Emery
Ava Giacobba and Katie McIntyre
Ava Giacobba lines up a shot

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