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Lake Region defeats Fryeburg Academy 1-0 in girls soccer

Margo Tremblay lines up a direct free kick

(Fryeburg) Sometimes the coach knows best.

Margo Tremblay congratulated

It seemed to work out that way in Friday afternoon’s girls soccer game between Lake Region and Fryeburg Academy.

The Lakers won the game 1-0.

Margo Tremblay scored the eventual game-winner on a direct free kick with less than three minutes left in the first half.

“The girls wanted to run a play that we’ve been working on,” said LR coach Peter Webb afterwards.  “It’s a side play that goes around the wall.  They looked at me and I said, ‘Put it on net,’ because Margo (Tremblay) can put it there every time.”

Margo’s shot turned out to be quite remarkable.  She chipped the ball over the Raiders wall and it hit the under part of the crossbar behind FA goalie Maya Meehan.  Down the ball went from there and into the net behind Maya.

“Coach (Webb) said at halftime that he thought I could make it so that’s why he had me take it,” explained Margo post-game.

Eden True just missed

Aside from Margo’s goal, the home team Raiders had the best scoring chances.

“I think that they had only one good shot on goal,” said FA coach Dave Hart afterwards, “and that was the one that went in.”

This was the season opener for both teams.

The weather was “typical” early fall Maine weather…….40’s when you wake up and in the 70’s in the afternoon when you’re playing/watching a soccer game.

Both coaches substituted freely because of the heat.  There were several moments of confusion as players acclimated themselves to new positions.

“We were in a lot of positions we aren’t normally in,” said Margo, “so it was hard adjusting.”

“We got tired, and people got out of position,” said Coach Webb.  “We had people in positions they weren’t used to.”

Emily Rock dives for loose ball

Hard-luck FA had the best chances to get on the board.  Their golden opportunities fell short because of LR goalie Emily Rock, the goal frames, and in-front misfires.

“Their goalie has good hands,” said FA coach Dave Hart.  “She made it harder for us today.”

“We did have some good shots,” he added. “Some off the frame.  Some off the posts.”

“The posts helped me once or twice,” said Lake Region goalie Emily Rock with a smile afterwards.  “Sometimes they helped a lot!”

Both coaches commended the efforts of their respective teams. 

Finding some shade

“Overall, we’re happy with our first performance,” said Coach Hart.

Battle for the ball

“The effort was there,” said Coach Webb.  “We’ve only had a couple of preseason games to work with.”

Emily Rock: “I love being in goal.  I appreciate my field players so much.  I’m a very vocal goalie, I’d say.  Kaylie Goodwin has the best touch on the ball and she’s only a sophomore.  I plan to play softball in college in state for the in-state tuition.  If someone wanted me to play soccer, however, I wouldn’t be opposed.”

Coach Webb: “Emily is a senior.  She is solid and she kept us in this game today.”

Margo Tremblay: “Emily is amazing.  She’s the whole reason we do good.  She always has the most positive attitude which really helps us in the games.”

(I am working these days as a MaxPreps photographer.  I took plenty of pictures from today’s game that aren’t in this blog entry.  They will be posted eventually in the MaxPreps section for both schools.  Check them out.  I am also on Instagram (McClelland Miscellanea).  Some of the pictures on this blog will be directed to players on that site.)


Fryeburg Academy wall

Ball in the middle

Bella Smith (16) heads a corner kick

Kayli Goodwin

Raiders pregame

Lakers pregame

Emma Keaton

Emily Rock

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Fryeburg Academy downs Westbrook 26-8

Fryeburg Academy sophomore Gunnar Saunders passed for two touchdowns and rushed for another.
FA struggled with long snaps

(Fryeburg ME) This was hardly a smooth win for Fryeburg Academy.

There were fumbles and play-wrecking long snaps.

But the Raiders (2-1) still prevailed over formerly undefeated Westbrook, 26-8, on a very warm Saturday afternoon.

Quarterback Gunnar Saunders led the Raiders.  The FA sophomore rushed for one score and passed to Caleb Micklon for two others.  Gunnar also connected with Caleb for a two-point conversion.

“We were smacked around last week by Cape Elizabeth,” said Gunnar.  “We prepared hard this week knowing that Westbrook would be a tough opponent.”

The Raiders had a 20-0 halftime lead.

“We came out strong,” said Caleb Micklon post-game.  “We were ready.  Our coaches work us hard, and it paid off today.”

Dave Anderson and Brian Dorsett

The Blazers picked up a touchdown in the final quarter but struggled to gain yards most of the game.

“Fryeburg Academy is really good,” said Westbrook coach Brian Dorsett afterwards.  “They established the line of scrimmage and blew us off the ball a little bit.”

It certainly hurt the Blazers to be without starting QB Carter Dow.  “He had a little bit of illness, and he is getting some treatment today,” said Coach Dorsett.

The Blazers went with sophomore Tom Lewis at quarterback. “He did the best he could,” said Coach Dorsett.

Hayden Fox had runs for first downs in every FA scoring drive

Tom had a 31-yard touchdown run in the final quarter.

Fryeburg Academy may not have been flawless, but they made plenty of big plays to offset the glitches.

The Raiders running game, led by Hayden Fox and Caleb Micklon, was very effective.

“They kept blitzing, but we picked it up and still could run the ball,” said FA coach Dave Anderson afterwards.

Quarterback Gunnar Saunders was able to scoop up, jump for, or quickly retrieve the numerous errant long snaps and turn most of them into positive yardage.

Caleb Micklon scored two TDs

“We’re figuring out the snapping situation,” said Gunnar with a smile.

“We were in a funk snapping today and couldn’t get out of it,” said Coach Anderson.  “Hopefully, it won’t happen in a key situation moving forward.”

“We recovered from most of the bad snaps today, but we may not be as lucky against a good Wells team next week,” added Coach Anderson.

The Raiders lost the ball on their first possession but scored on their second possession.

The home team had two first-down-producing runs from Hayden Fox and a scrambling one from Gunnar Saunders.  A face-mask call against the Blazers put FA on the Westbrook seventeen.

Gunnar Saunders connected with Caleb Micklon in the right corner of the end zone at 2:42. The extra-points pass attempt was intercepted.

Tom Lewis (8) heads for the end zone

“He’s a great quarterback,” said Caleb of Gunnar.  “We practice a lot, and we click really well.”

Fryeburg’s next possession started in the second quarter. 

A 22-yard run by Hayden Fox got FA out of their own end.  Runs by Liam Quinn and Gunnar Saunders moved the Raiders deep into Blazers’ territory.

Two fumbles later, Fryeburg was in a fourth-and-goal situation from the Westbrook five. 

Same play.  Same result.  Different corner.

Liam Quinn scores from 4 yards out

“We run those in practice,” recalled Gunnar.  “Caleb is a good receiver.  He’s fast and I put it in the right spot, and he caught it.”

“The idea is to drive the defender to the inside and try to get open,” explained Caleb.

“We thought they gave us that stick-and-corner route,” said Coach Anderson.  “The defender bit and we threw a nice ball.  Gunnar made a nice read and threw it early.”

FA tried to pass again for the extra points, but Tom Lewis broke up the pass.

Fryeburg had a 12-0 lead.

Bobby Hallam (8) chases a fumble

They would build on that lead shortly.

A Blazers fumble (recovered by Will Hallam) set up FA at the Westbrook 29.

Gunnar Saunder passed to Jordan Zerner for a first down and Hayden Fox ran for a first down.  From the Westbrook four, Liam Quinn went off left guard for the score.

For the extra points, Gunnar passed to Caleb Micklon in the left flat and he took it in from there. 

Fryeburg Academy led 20-0 at halftime.

Jordan Dutton set up FA’s final touchdown with an interception. 

Hayden Fox had yet another run for a first down in a Raiders scoring drive.

The high snaps put FA in a fourth down situation from the Westbrook five.

Gunnar Saunders rolled left and went into the end zone untouched.

Dylan Anderson runs back a fumble

“I saw the open lane and I had to take it,” said Gunnar.

The extra-points rush failed but Fryeburg Academy had a comfortable, 26-0, lead with eleven minutes left in the game.

Credit Westbrook.  It was hot (80’s) and they were certainly tired, but they rallied to put points on the board.

Gavin Turner ran for a first down for the Blazers and then quarterback Tom Lewis turned the left corner and scored from thirty-one yards out.

“It was a quarterback keeper,” recalled Coach Dorsett.  “He reads the defensive end.  Jackson Young and Stevie White had key blocks.”

Dyland Anderson (74)

Tom Lewis connected with Aidan Taylor or the two-point conversion.

Most entertaining play of the game?  It had to be Westbrook’s defensive lineman Dylan Anderson picking up a Fryeburg fumble and taking off with it late in the game.  Dylan is big and probably not the fastest runner on the team but off he went with a convoy of blockers around him. He didn’t reach the end zone, but he certainly excited the Westbrook team.

“Dylan’s a senior and he made a good play,” said Coach Dorsett.  “I’m sure he’ll remember the play for a long time.”

Westbrook has York away next week.

Ben Eugley tackles Gunnar Saunders

“We’ll learn from today’s loss,” said Coach Dorsett.  “We have to get better with our alignment assignments.”

Westbrook used to be in Class B but after losing fifteen in a row by an average of thirty-six points, petitioned to move down to Class C and that is where they now are.

It turned into a hot afternoon.

Plenty of fan support on both sides.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Battle in the air between Westbrook’s Aidan Taylor and FA’s Caleb Micklon and Gabe McKenney
Loose ball – Bronson Damon and Gunnar Saunders
Tom Lewis tackled by Charles Campbell
Gunnar Saunders (12) points to Caleb Micklon (9) after touchdown
Hayden Fox had a big afternoon rushing
Gunnar Saunders rolls right to pass
Caleb Reid battles Jordan Dutton
Cam Johnson tackled by Caleb Reid
Luke Morrison chases Caleb Micklon
Loose ball
Aidan Taylor and Austin Warren battle over an extra points pass
Caleb Micklon sweeps right

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Ava Giacobba (4 goals) leads York to 9-1 win over Fryeburg Academy

Senior Ava Giacobba (5) found space in the Fryeburg Academy end
Ella Boissonneault splits two defenders

(Fryeburg ME) Labor Day was a holiday for most of us.

Not the York Wildcats girls soccer team.

“We worked on finishing yesterday and put it into practice today,” said York coach Nick Hanlon following a convincing, 9-1, win over Fryeburg Academy.

It was the home opener for the Raiders (0-1) and things certainly didn’t go the way they hoped.

“There are a lot of things we have to work on,” admitted FA coach Dave Hart afterwards.

Senior Ava Giacobba had a big afternoon for the Wildcats (2-0) getting two goals in each half.

“We have been working hard in practice,” she said.  “We have really improved.”

York coach Nick Hanlon

“The girls have dedicated a lot of time even on their own when we didn’t get to play at all in games as a group,” explained Coach Hanlon.  “They also played in a league apart from the school.  In the summer they were coming out 3-4 times a week to play.”

All that work seemed evident this afternoon.  The Wildcats had a clear advantage in time of possession because of their movement to space and the accurate passes from teammates that found them in the open space.

York had very few long passes, just a series of connections.  The Raiders ended up doing a lot of chasing as they tried to reclaim possession.  When FA over-committed the Wildcats took advantage.

“We seized our opportunities,” said Coach Hanlon.

Ava Giacobba’s first two goals were on break-ins. Both happened in the first 2 ½ minutes and came on rebounds.

Alexis Osterhaus (two goals)

“They scored twice early,” recalled Coach Hart.  “It’s hard to rebound from that.”

Freshman Alexis Osterhaus had the other two York first-half goals.

In the first one, Alexis intercepted a short goal-kick and returned it right back on FA goalie Ginger Priestman.  In the second one, Alexis put in her own rebound.

Sophomore Ana Maillett got Fryeburg on the board with 3 ½ minutes remaining in the first half.

“Ana was in the right place at the right time,” said Coach Hart.

Ana Maillett scored for the Raiders

The Wildcats had a comfortable 4-1 halftime lead, but they used the halftime to set some goals for the second half.

“We wanted to score on a corner kick,” said Coach Hanlon, “and we wanted to have a couple of series where we were connecting 10-12 passes together.”

Mission accomplished on both counts.

Ava Giacobba scored her third goal on a long shot into the upper left corner.

Ava’s fourth goal was set up by Chloe Bourque’s corner kick (27:24).  Chloe’s CK ended up in the middle and Ava headed it in.

Battle for control

Those two goals boosted the Wildcats advantage to, 6-1.

The rest of the way, York had goals from Ava Fontaine, Shea Haseltine, and Emily Rainforth. 

Besides the goal-scoring, the Wildcats did string multiple connecting passes together as they had hoped to do.

“We’re trying to improve half-by-half and game-by-game,” said Coach Hanlon.

“We had our good moments,” said Coach Hart.  “We knew that they were a strong team but I’m not going to let our girls off the hook.  We’ll work on improving organizationally and defensively.”

York goalkeeper Allie MacDonald had a very quiet afternoon in net.  Ginger Priestman, however, faced a host of tough shots in both halves as the Raiders goalie.

Ginger Priestman

Ava Giacobba: “It feels great to be back out playing with my best friends.”

Perfect weather for playing/watching soccer.

Coach Hart is in his first season at FA.  He coached boys soccer at Kennett High School for seven years.

Covering high school sports in the early part of a season is almost always an adventure for those of us attempting it.  Why?  Rosters.  Coaches aren’t certain of their players, so they delay putting a roster together, or a roster is set up early and changes are added or subtracted without an update.  I got one roster today at the game, while an online roster (from the Western Maine site) for the other team was missing a girl who scored a goal today. *The “missing girl” has now been identified (Ava Fontaine) thanks to help from the York Athletic Department.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Alexis Osterhaus and Allison Southwick
Emily Rainforth goal celebrated
Loose ball in the Fryeburg Academy end that Ava Fontaine (25) turned into a goal
Alexis Osterhaus chased by Ana Maillett
Emily Rainforth between Phoebe Sartory and Ana Maillett
Allison Southwick
Ava Giacobba and Chloe Bourque
Chloe Bourque chases a loose ball
Goal scorers Alexis Osterhaus, Ava Giacobba, and Shea Haseltine
Shea Haseltine
Ava Giacobba and Emily Chaine
Chloe Bourque and Brooke Emery
Ava Giacobba and Katie McIntyre
Ava Giacobba lines up a shot

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Fryeburg Academy overwhelms Mt. Ararat 49-7

Fryeburg’s Isaak McKenney with blocker Reese Kneissler

Cal Southwick (20) sacks Mt. Ararat quarterback Nolan Blessington in the first quarter

(Fryeburg ME) Anytime a team causes the adjusted timing rule to kick in, they’re having a good day.

And that was the way it was for Fryeburg Academy as they overwhelmed Mt. Ararat, 49-7, on a sunny/warm Saturday afternoon.

“Any time you can have balance like we did today, it puts defenses in a difficult situation,” said Coach Dave Turner afterwards.

The 1-2 Eagles struggled on both sides of the ball. Blame it on the 70-0 trouncing by Kennebunk last week?  “There was no carryover from that loss,” according to Co-Head Coach Matt Haskell.  “We had a good week of practice.”

The Class C South Raiders (2-1) did almost everything right all afternoon. Very noticeable was their hole-opening and pass protecting.

Nate Knapp escapes the final Eagles tackler

That protection gave FA quarterback Oscar Saunders time to beat Mt. Ararat defenders deep twice in the first quarter.  Senior Nate Knapp was on the receiving end of both scores.

In the second quarter that good blocking keyed a persistent ground game that led to rushing scores by Cal Southwick and QB Oscar Saunders.

A wonderful half of offense and shut-down defense gave the home team a 27-0 halftime advantage.

“They had two big plays over the top at the beginning,” recalled Coach Haskell.  “We were in a zone and they had time to get behind our defenders.”

The Class B South Eagles didn’t make it any easier on themselves by contributing two first-half turnovers.  Raiders Dawson Jones (interception) and Jack Campbell (fumble recovery) capitalized for Fryeburg.

Quarterback Oscar Saunders had plenty of time behind blockers Kempton Maillett (55) and Josh Frye (73)

“We were after a certain matchup on the two passing touchdowns and we got them,” remembered Coach Turner.  “We had very good pass protection on both plays.”

The adjusted timing rule was activated late in the third quarter.  It goes into effect when a team gets down by 35 points in the second half.  The clock only stops thereafter on timeouts, injuries, penalties, and scores.

A two-yard plunge (Cal Southwick) and extra point (Eddie Thurston) made it 34-0.  Later in the 3rd period Liam Harriman intercepted a Nolan Blessington pass and then he was rewarded with a two-yard carry to the end zone.

Austin Damon tallied the Eagles touchdown in the final quarter

Now up, 41-0, the timing rule was activated.  Believe me, things started moving a lot faster for the rest of that quarter.

However, in the first minute of the final quarter Mt. Ararat QB Nolan Blessington connected with senior Austin Damon and suddenly the score was 41-7.  That deactivated the timing rule.

Next series senior Liam Chisari zigged and zagged his way past would-be Eagles tacklers to boost FA back to the timing rule range, 49-7, with 9 ½ minutes left.  That turned out to be the final score.

Coach Matt Haskell: “Fryeburg really limited our offense.  They absolutely shut down the outside.  They applied good pressure on defense.  They changed the looks of where they were coming from and even when we had time their coverage was good.”

Liam Chisari dodged several Eagles on his way to a score

I asked Coach Haskell about how the Co-Head Coach thing had come about and how it was working.  “The head coach resigned the second week of preseason.  On an interim basis, the offensive coordinator and the defensive coordinator are running the team together.  I think it’s working out okay.”

The team from Topsham was 5-11 over the past two seasons.

Some sort of serious situation on Route 302 today.  Coming from Bridgton on that route I was detoured into Lovell at Shawnee Peak.  Later, during the end of the football game, two Fryeburg rescue vehicles went by the football field with sirens on.  Life isn’t all fun and games!

Sophomore Eddie Thurston kicked four extra points.  His first try was blocked by Austin Damon.

Nice crowd on hand.  Plenty of sun for everyone!

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Nate Knapp beats Hunter Lohr for the first FA touchdown

Liam Chisari scores with Kyle Graffam hanging on

Relaxed atmosphere along the FA sidelines

Eddie Thurston (65) kicked four extra points

Dawson Jones returns an interception

Junior Cal Southwick

Cal Southwick uses a block by Dawson Jones

Cal Southwick scored twice

Cal Southwick (20) escapes Austin Damon (34)

Tucker Buzzell (50)led an excellent Raiders defense today.

Reese Kneissler (51) is part of the pressure on QB Nolan Blessington

Oscar Saunders grabs a face mask.

Oscar Saunders (11) find a huge hole

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Lisbon holds off Fryeburg Academy 36-14

Isaiah Thompson (28) scored three times for Lisbon

Lisbon, led by QB Lucas Francis, had a three-touchdown lead early in the second half

(Fryeburg ME) Momentum can change.

And it sure did on a sunny afternoon/evening of Friday high school football.

The visiting Lisbon Greyhounds had, what appeared to be, a comfortable 22-0 lead over the home Fryeburg Academy Raiders two minutes into the second half.

“The kids played hard the whole game,” recalled FA coach Dave Turner afterwards.

It was his team’s defense that put the brakes on the Lisbon domination.  In two straight second-half possessions the Raiders’ defense created fumbles by Lisbon quarterback Lucas Francis.  Those cough-ups led directly and then indirectly to Fryeburg scores.

Tucker Buzzell (50) returned a fumble for a touchdown

It was an ugly three minutes of football for the visitors, as the D3 South Raiders were now only down, 22-14, with 1:40 left in the third quarter.

Momentum, however, is a funny thing.  It can come, and it can go.  And that’s what happened.

“They got some momentum in the second half,” said Lisbon coach Chris Kates, “but we were able to get it back.”

On the Greyhounds next possession, after consecutive FA scores, senior Isaiah Thompson (3 touchdowns) struck from midfield.  Isaiah started right and then cut back into the middle.  He found a ton of daylight and scored as he looked around for FA pursuit.

The D4 South team from Lisbon Falls had a two-touchdown lead back (28-14) early in the final quarter and finished strong.

Lucas Francis threw for a touchdown and ran for another one.

Quarterback Lucas Francis (Sun Journal Player-of-Year last season) added a touchdown and a 2-point rush to close the scoring.

“I think that our conditioning helped,” said Lucas after the game.  “We didn’t take any days off. (Some schools cancelled practices because of the heat.) We were in full pads every day.”

Coach Kates also referenced his team’s conditioning: “Out conditioning enabled us to be physical up front against a strong FA defensive front.  We opened some big holes for our backs.”  (Several of my pictures reveal the size of the running room that Lucas and Isaiah found on occasion.)

Fryeburg coach Dave Turner faulted his team’s execution for the loss.  “We made way too many mistakes.  We missed open guys and we had a lot of turnovers.”

Isaiah Thompson finds an open field ahead

Coach Turner said that the Lisbon secondary played a key role in the loss. “We had receivers open, but their defensive backs were very fast to the ball.”

That poor execution Coach Turner referred to bit FA early.  In the middle of a scoreless first quarter, Raiders wide receiver Nathan Knapp got behind the Lisbon defense.  Quarterback Oscar Saunders hit the senior in stride and in Nathan went for a touchdown.  Not so fast!  Nathan had lined up incorrectly and instead of six points the Raiders were assessed a five-yard penalty.

Nathan Knapp turned defender three minutes into the second quarter and intercepted a pass intended for Isaac Burnell on the FA 5.

Robbie Dick holds up an interception.

Unable to get anywhere, FA was forced to punt, and a nice Daytona McIver runback set up Lisbon on the FA 29.  Several plays later Isaiah Thompson tore off right tackle 20 yards to the end zone.  QB Lucas Francis rushed right for 2-points.

On Fryeburg’s next possession, tall and talented Hunter Job intercepted a pass.  An immediate strike by Lisbon followed.  Junior Robbie Dick ran under a beautifully thrown pass by Lucas to score.  Fittingly the 2-point conversion was another connection between Lucas and Robbie.  The visitors had vaulted to a 16-0 lead in the first half.

The Lisbon momentum carried into the second half.  Another interception (Colin Houle) set the Greyhounds up in Fryeburg territory.  Isaiah quickly followed strong blocking for a 36-yard score.  The rush failed but Lisbon was in charge, 22-0, two minutes into the second half.

Calvin Southwick tackled by Lucas Francis

However, two Lisbon fumbles later, FA was back in the game.  Linebacker Tucker Buzzell picked up a fumble and went fifty yards to the EZ.  Later it was teammate Jack Campbell making a recovery that led eventually to QB Oscar Saunders’ 3-yard score.  Eddie Thurston kicked both extra points.  We now had ourselves a ballgame!  But not for long.

Isaiah Thompson took Lisbon’s next possession in for a score to break the momentum.  The Lisbon defense, especially the secondary, kept the home team contained.

A final TD by Lucas Francis finished off the Raiders.

This was the opener for both teams.

Lucas Francis swarmed by the FA defense

Lisbon was 7-2 last season.  “This was the first time we’ve played a Class C team since we moved to Class D,” explained Lucas.  “It feels good to take down a contender from that division.”

Coach Turner was disappointed with the loss but was also optimistic about the future: “We executed poorly but we played hard.  The execution can be remedied with practice.  When we play well, we’re a pretty good team.”

FA captain Tucker Buzzell was impressive.  Coach Turner called him, “relentless.”  Tucker ran a fumble back for a touchdown to turn the momentum FA’s way.  In the second half, he kicked off and then made a touchdown-preventing tackle on that play.

Jaycob Lindgren (11) returns a kickoff

I always imagine high school games being quick.  No TV timeouts and the other delays we tolerate with televised games.  This, however, turned into a long game time-wise.  Halftime was twenty minutes long.  There were “water break” timeouts and there were plenty of clock-stopping passes.  It took as long as an NFL game!  But I whine!

Good crowd considering the 3-day weekend ahead.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering why a game held on Friday doesn’t get coverage until Monday night.  One of my problems was the pictures I took.  I had all sorts of trouble getting them set up for a blog entry.  Days and hours later I think I’ve figured things out.  I also like to wait until someone with actual stats does a story so that I can use some numbers to back things up.  Google revealed nothing but the score.  The Bridgton News story won’t be out until Thursday.

(All of the pictures above and below should enlarge if you click on them.)

Battle in the trenches

Cam Bourget (33) and Nathan Knapp (3)

Daytona McIver catches in front of Nathan Knapp

Hunter Job blocks a pass

Hunter Job

Isaiah Thompson (28) celebrates with teammates

Isaiah Thompson

Isaiah Thompson (28) finds a hole

Lucas Francis (5) finds an opening

Lucas Francis

Oscar Saunders (11) and Riley Quatrano (8) chase a pass






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Leavitt stays undefeated in Class C South with 17-14 win over Fryeburg Academy

Leavitt’s Eli Lind steps into a successful 26-yard field goal

Nothing but open field for Jason Chisari (TD, 112 yards) in the first quarter

(Fryeburg ME) On a very hot afternoon it was crucial to stay cool.  (I enjoyed the shade of pine trees before the game and during halftime.)

The Fryeburg Academy Raiders (3-1) lost their cool in the second quarter and in the process set up visiting Leavitt (4-0) for what turned out to be a decisive field goal.

The final was 17-14 with all the points coming in the first half and Leavitt is now the only undefeated team in Division C South.

Caleb Bowen set up the first Leavitt score with a leaping 36-yard pass reception

Senior Caleb Bowen tallied both Hornets’ touchdowns on short passes (9,2 yards) from quarterback Tim Albert.

Seniors Jared Chisari and Scott Parker scored untouched TDs for Fryeburg.

Jared answered Leavitt’s grinding first touchdown with a first-play dash around the right side that covered sixty-nine yards.

As the first half was in its final minute, Scott Parker, lined up on the left side and broke about as free as you can get into the Hornets secondary.  QB Oscar Saunders put the pass where it needed to be and teammate Scott took a lonely route to the Leavitt end zone.

Those were the touchdowns.  Both teams had the weapons to put up points but the heat was a key factor in the scoreless second half.

The heat got both teams but it really was the FA penalties that cost them this game.  In the second half, the Raiders had a first-down pass to Scott Parker called back, a 67-yard TD run by Jared Chisari called back, and a pass interference call on Scott Parker to extend Leavitt’s final possession.  And that wasn’t even the most costly of the Raiders’ rule violations.

FA Coach Dave Turner’s team ran into three straight unsportsmanlike conduct penalties

The most costly?  A collection of three penalties in a row.  In the second quarter, the Hornets started at the Fryeburg 41 after a Caleb Eklund punt.  And that’s when the trouble started for the Raiders.  Junior Josh Frye complained about an earlier penalty long enough to get an unsportsmanlike penalty.  FA coach Dave Turner stepped in to defend his player and also earned the same penalty.  When the FA coach persisted, he was assessed a second unsportsmanlike penalty.  When the flags stopped flying, the visitors had remarkable field position (Fryeburg 11) after those thirty yards of penalties.

Leavitt didn’t turn the gift into seven points but they did get three as Eli Lind connected from twenty-six yards out to give the Hornets a 17-7 lead with 2:42 remaining in the first half.

Credit FA for bouncing back during the remaining time in the half to get the Scott Parker score but the Raiders would never get back the three points that were set up by the unsportsmanlike penalties.

Leavitt’s first score was at the end of 5 ½ minute drive to open the game.  The big play in the march was a lofted pass by senior Tim Albert that Caleb Bowen outleaped Ryan Hewes for.  That catch set the Hornets up on the Fryeburg 4.

Jared Chisari tries to fend off Bryce Hudson

Jared Chisari showed terrific speed in FA’s quick response to the Leavitt TD.  Once Jared broke into the secondary there was no pursuit anywhere to be seen.  Jared was on his own the final forty yards of a 69-yard run.

On the Hornets next possession, they put together a 68-yard drive to regain the lead.  The key play this time was a nice slant pass from Tim Albert to junior Oren Shaw that put Leavitt at the FA 4.  Tim avoided the Fryeburg rush, bought time, and found Caleb Bowen several plays later for his second TD from the FA2.

Eli Lind delivered kicks for Leavitt after both scores.  Eddie Thurston did the same for Fryeburg after their two scores.

Eli Lind kicked what turned out to be the winning field goal

The winning field goal was interesting because in the series prior to it, in the second quarter, Hornets’ coach Mike Hathaway had opted to pass the ball on 4th down from the FA 2.  After the trio of penalties in the next series Coach Hathaway went for the three and Eli Lind delivered.  The kick barely got over the crossbar but it counted big-time ultimately.

Best player on the field may have been FA linebacker Tucker Buzzell.  His tackle count had to have been large.  He was also the FA center on offense, so on the hottest of hot days there wasn’t much time to rest.

Allen Peabody intercepted a pass intended for Scott Parker in the second quarter.

Fryeburg QB Oscar Saunders recovered a high snap in the second quarter deep in his own territory.

Punter Caleb Eklund tried a fake punt in the 3rd quarter but Leavitt’s Cole Morin kept the play from working.

Cody Gullikson recovered a Hornet’s fumble in the final quarter.

Junior Brad Moreau turned the left corner for a first down late in the game that was good for a first down and allowed Leavitt to run out the clock and leave with a 3-point victory.

Good crowd on hand for both sides.

Surprised that there was no charge for anyone to watch the game.  Being from Massachusetts, I expected otherwise.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Oscar Saunders had a touchdown pass in the first half

Cody Gullikson (7) comes up with a fumble recovery

FA quarterback (12) faces Leavitt defensive lineman Riley Parmenter (75)

Scott Parker pleads his case

Cole Morin (2) and Scott Parker (33) battle for a pass

Caleb Bowen scored two touchdowns

Brad Moreau (31) flies for a first down late in the game

Quarterback Tim Albert (two TD passes)

Scott Parker after scoring touchdown

Scott Parker runs uncovered into the end zone in the second quarter

Jared Chisari (22) gets blocks from Josh Frye (73), Tucker Buzzell (50), and Cody Gullikson (7)

Allen Peabody runs back an interception

Leavitt QB Tim Albert sets up behind linemen Nolan Cabral (54), Cole Melanson (50), and Riley Parmenter (75)

Eli Lind nails one of his two extra points as Will Krug skies in an attempted block



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Freeport flies past Fryeburg Academy 8-1

Kalie Eastman (5) and Allison Greuel (4) track a loose ball

Taylor Rinaldi (two goals) gets into a shot against Sharlah Mae Day

(Fryeburg ME) Freeport ended a two-game losing streak in convincing fashion with an 8-1 win over Fryeburg Academy on sunny Tuesday afternoon.

Six Falcons scored and everyone played in an afternoon of golden chances for the visitors.

Senior Taylor Rinaldi and junior Allison Greuel each had two tallies for Freeport (2-2).

Sophomore Kayla Willard had the Raiders goal late in the second half off a direct kick rebound.

Winless FA (0-4) struggled to get shots.  Freeport was patient in their own end with short passes.  Freshman goalie Carly Intraversato was passed to frequently and her presence up the field lessened the area the defense in front of her had to cover.

Becca Cameron (9) in the middle

The freshman goalie down the other end (Morgan Fusco) faced a ton of good-look attempts by Freeport.  It was the numerous ways that the Falcons got into those juicy scoring situations that impressed me.  I saw the straight away blast (Becca Cameron), the dribble into an open space (Taylor Rinaldi), and unselfish passing in very close (Catriona Gould, Allison Greul).

The Falcons collected four goals in the first half (Taylor Rinaldi (2), Becca Cameron, Catriona Gould), and four in the second half (Allison Greul (2), Lindsay Routhier, Bailey Davis).

The goals by Catriona and Bailey were registered in the last minute of each half.


Taylor’s two goals were collected in the first ten minutes of the game.  The 4-year starter dribbled in for a clean look on the first and drilled the second from long range under the crossbar.

Another 4-year starter (Becca Cameron) was a standout in the middle of the field and put a charge into a long shot that GK Morgan Fusco never had a chance on in the first half.

Twice in the second half Falcons’ team members gave up excellent scoring opportunities from very close to set up teammates for open-net shots.  That’s unselfishness!  Last year’s team high scorer (Catriona Gould) did it for Allison Greul and then Allison did the same thing for Lindsay Routhier.

Freshman Luna Barrionuevo

Despite the lopsided result, senior Kalie Eastman and freshman Luna Barrionuevo played well for the Raiders.  Kalie started the game on defense but was moved to offense late in the first half.  Both she and Luna disregarded the score and hustled to create openings for teammates all afternoon.

Beautiful weather with plenty of sunshine.

Freeport won a first-ever victory over Cape Elizabeth to start this season.  Losses to Class B South toughies Greeley and Yarmouth (defending champs) followed.

Fryeburg has struggled on defense since the get-go.  They have been outscored 33-2 in their four losses.

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Catriona Gould takes a shot

Freeport goalie Carly Intraversato

Loose ball in the Raiders end

Allison Greuel sets to fire a goal

Taylor Rinaldi (2) and Nicole DePaolo (3)

Jessica Driscoll (10) battles with Victoria Hayes (8)

Bailey Davis (5) lines up the 8th Freeport goal

Taylor Rinaldi

Becca Cameron

Catriona Gould (21) and Kalie Eastman (5)

Becca Cameron on the move

Raiders GK Morgan Fusco skies to tip a shot

Loose ball in the Fryeburg end



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Mckenna Smith pitches Old Town to Class B softball title

Mckenna Smith – 19 K’s and an RBI for Old Town

Mckenna checks on the pitch called.

(Standish ME) Mckenna Smith.

Where do you begin in describing her part in Old Town’s 2-0 victory over Fryeburg Academy in such an important game?

The obvious would be her NINETEEN strikeouts.  In a seven-inning softball game there are only twenty-one outs!  One of the other two outs was a popup caught by Mckenna.

The other out?  Great catch by Coyotes left fielder Jannessa Brown in the Raiders’ 3rd inning.  A shot by Fryeburg’s Mackenzie Buzzell looked headed for the base of the LF fence but Jannessa sprinted straight back and was tall enough to make the grab.  With a runner (Grace Condon) on first there might have been a FA run without Jannessa’s catch.

The Raiders (16-4) could have used that run because they had just fallen behind by two runs in the top of OT’s tainted third inning.

Old Town’s third-inning runs were both unearned.  After a bloop single to right by Natalie St. Louis, Morgan Love reached on a drop in right by Chloe Coen.  Natalie raced to third on that play with no outs.  Morgan then took second uncontested putting two Coyotes in scoring position with no outs.  Mckenna Smith hit a sacrifice fly to RF scoring Natalie and getting Morgan to 3B.

Morgan Love scores the second Coyotes run

Key play warning!  Olivia Albert struck out but the ball was dropped by FA catcher Makayla Cooper forcing her to throw to first to get the out.  OT junior Morgan Love alertly broke from third on Makayla’s throw and beat Kaylee Emery’s relay home giving Old Town a huge second run.

Those would be the only runs reigning Class B champion Old Town (18-2) would get but they were enough with Mckenna’s assortment of pitches working.  From where I was watching (press box), it was the rise that did in Fryeburg.  Many of FA’s swings-and-misses were on pitches that ended up shoulder height.

Old Town won the game and all that but it would be a shame to overlook the pitching of the Raiders’ Nicole Bennett.  The FA senior did not give up an earned run and had nine strikeouts.  Nicole surrendered seven hits but stranded eight Coyotes in a strong effort.  Delete the two misplays in the 2-run Old Town third and the late innings would have been a lot more tense.

Nicole Bennett struck out nine Coyotes and did not give up an earned run

Though down by two runs, I kept waiting for FA to put a rally together as they had against #1 seed Wells in a 4-run miracle final inning in the South title game.  But junior Mckenna Smith would have none of it.

Certainly a remarkable playoff run for Old Town.  They did not allow a run in any of the four tournament games.

Mackenzie Buzzell, Kaylee Emery, and Chloe Coen had the hits for Fryeburg.

Versus Fryeburg Academy, Mckenna struck out seven batters in a row during one stretch and later six in a row during another stretch.

Mckenna had 128 strikeouts in 61 innings during the regular season.

Old Town now has three softball titles since 2012.

Shortstop Olivia Albert pitched for Old Town in last year’s title game against York and had a home run.

Fryeburg Academy senior Mackenzie Buzzell was injured sliding into second base in the first inning.

Lauren Gasaway and Olivia Albert each had two hits for the Coyotes.  Mckenna Smith had the first of OT’s seven hits.

LF Jannessa Brown robs Mackenzie Buzzell in the 3rd inning

Last time I saw Fryeburg softball was in 2012 when they defeated Greely 8-1 to take the Class B South championship.

Good crowd from Old Town on hand.  Why?  The OT baseball team was scheduled to also play at St. Joseph’s later in the afternoon.

Mckenna was given signals from the dugout by assistant coach Adam Boucher.  She would check her wristband after each signal and several infielders did too.  When I saw Mckenna looking at her wrist I couldn’t help but think of Celtic Isaiah Thomas and his routine of looking at his imaginary watch during “Isaiah” time.  No question it was “Mckenna time” on this afternoon!

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Old Town – 2017 Maine Class B softball champions

Morgan Love and Mckenna Smith

OT coach Jenn Plourde gives Mckenna Smith the ball used on the final pitch

Fryeburg Academy seniors – Alexandria Fraize, Mackenzie Buzzell, Makayla Cooper, and Nicole Bennett

Old Town celebrating begins after the final out

Freshman Jannessa Brown

Shortstop Tina LeBlanc sets to throw to first base

Shortstop Tina LeBlanc awaits throw as Olivia Albert slides into 2B

Natalie St. Louis celebrates the first OT run with teammate Lauren Gasaway

RF Chloe Coen drops a fly ball in the 2-run Old Town 3rd inning

Brooke Juneau drops a ball in LF

RF Chloe Coen makes a nice catch to end the first inning OT threat




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Late goal gets Gray-New Gloucester past Fryeburg Academy 3-2 in girls’ soccer

Emma Woods (#8) redirects the game-winner for Gray-New Gloucester with 3.5 seconds left

Emma Woods (#8) redirects the game-winner for Gray-New Gloucester with 3.5 seconds left

Maria Valente set up a goal and scored one

Maria Valente set up a goal and scored one

(Fryeburg ME) In the midst of the Fryeburg Fair and some fine foliage a pretty good girls’ soccer game broke out.

Visiting Gray-New Gloucester took the lead for the third and final time with 3.5 seconds left to defeat Fryeburg Academy, 3-2, on a cloudy Tuesday afternoon of Western Maine Conference Class B soccer.

Freshman Emma Woods headed in the game-winner off of a throw-in by senior Maria Valente in the closing seconds.

It was a tough loss for the (2-4-2) Raiders.  The home team was scored on early in each half but recovered each time.  Kaylin Delaney’s penalty kick produced the final tie with less than five minutes left in the game.

With no overtime period played during the regular season, both teams pressed for the win in the final minutes.  In the closing minute, GNG’s Kaelyn Woods kept the ball in play down the right sidelines before the Raiders kicked the ball out-of-bounds with under fifteen seconds remaining.  Maria Valente had to really hustle to get from her defensive spot to the throw-in attempt.  She did and had the ball  in the air with few seconds left.  The ball came into the near-side of the box area with plenty of steam on it.  Emma Woods leaped high and redirected Maria’s throw-in to the far corner of the goal.

Sarah Giggey had two assists on corner kicks

Sarah Giggey had two assists on corner kicks

This was Emma’s second goal of the game and 8th of the 2014 season.  Maria’s assist was her 5th of the season and her 5th assist against FA over the past three seasons.

Gray-New Gloucester (4-4) had two of their goals set up by junior Sarah Giggey’s corner kicks.

Both goalies (GNG-Zoe Adams, FA-Makayla Cooper) faced numerous dangerous shots.  The most dangerous, of the dangerous, were long rips by the Raiders’ Esme Hernendez.

Esme did get a goal (14:15) in the first half.  A throw-in by Lexi L’Heureux-Carland from the left was headed by Kaylin Delaney and the ball reached Esme alone in front.  Esme applied the finishing touch.

Emma Woods headed in the opening goal of the game (33:07).  The freshman was parked in the middle and GK Makayla Cooper was centered in the net.  Emma was able to head the ball down and past Makayla to the FA goalie’s left.

The Patriots clicked early (36:22) in the second half.  Sarah Giggey sent a corner kick in from the left that found Maria Valente in traffic near the far post for yet another headed goal.

Julia Quinn dribbles ahead

Julia Quinn dribbles ahead

As the minutes wound down in the second half the Raiders turned up the pressure, especially Julia Quinn and Anna Manahor, and got what they needed at 4:52………….a penalty shot.

From where I was standing it looked as if defender Caitlin Holmquist got a hand on the ball in the box.

Kaylin Delaney took the PK and scored with a shot that went in on the left after caroming off the goal post.

Later Emma Woods, from Maria Valente, would collect the game-winner giving GNG their sixth straight victory over Fryeburg Academy.

Both teams resume play on Thursday at 6PM.  FA will be at Wells while GNG will host Poland.

Emily Hotham and Julia Quinn

Emily Hotham and Julia Quinn

A key to the victory for GNG was the return of senior Emily Hotham to the Patriots defense.  I am not certain when the injured defender returned but I saw the Patriots without her in their loss to Lake Region.  Her presence this afternoon made a difference.

I like to arrive at games at least a half-hour early.  Good thing this afternoon since the scheduled 3:30PM start turned out to be a 3PM start.

If you’re a defender and the pressure is on, it is usually a good idea to kick the ball out of bounds.  This gives the defense a chance to set up in front of the goalie.  That strategy can backfire, however, when a team plays Gray-New Gloucester.  Why?  Because Maria Valente takes the sideline throw-ins for GNG and is strong enough to throw the ball into the box almost every time.  Granted the defense is organized but so also is the Patriots offense.  With plenty of bodies in the area and the ball in the air, bad things can happen, and they did today for FA in the closing seconds.

Erasme Herendez (22) alone in front

Erasme Herendez (22) alone in front

The speed and hustle of Ori Inirio was noticeable.  Some forwards run hard when the ball in near them and then trot or walk.  Not Ori, she seemed to run from end to end.  She had a couple of pretty good chances as a result.

(I can add/subtract with this blog so if I messed up something let me know and I will change it.)

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

loose ball

loose ball

Emma Woods (8) nods in the first Patriots goal

Emma Woods (8) nods in the first Patriots goal

Ashley Moreau and Lexi LHeureux-Carland

Ashley Moreau and Lexi LHeureux-Carland

victory celebrating begins

victory celebrating begins

Kaylin Delaney takes a penalty shot

Kaylin Delaney takes a penalty shot

Erasme Hernendez and Kiersten Stritch

Erasme Hernendez and Kiersten Stritch

GNG goalie Zoe Adams jumps for a save

GNG goalie Zoe Adams jumps for a save

Izzy Detroy, Maria Valente, and Emma Woods celebrate a goal

Izzy Detroy, Maria Valente, and Emma Woods celebrate a goal

Maria Valente (18) in position to head in a goal

Maria Valente (18) in position to head in a goal

loose ball

loose ball

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Julia Quinn (4 goals) leads Fryeburg Academy past North Yarmouth 5-2 in girls soccer

Junior Julia Quinn netted four goals in the Raiders win

Junior Julia Quinn netted four goals in the Raiders win

NYA goalie Scout Fischman tries to stop Anna Manahor

NYA goalie Scout Fischman tries to stop Anna Manahor

(Fryeburg ME)  The drought is officially over……the goal-scoring drought, that is.

The Fryeburg Academy girl’s soccer team displayed plenty of scoring ability as they defeated North Yarmouth Academy, 5-2, on a sunny Thursday afternoon.

Junior Julia Quinn had a career game with four goals, pacing the Raiders (1-2-1) to their first win of the season.

North Yarmouth (0-5) may still be winless but they were able to walk away with their first two goals (Emily Baker & Isabelle See) of the season.

FA had the wind and the sun in their favor in the first half and relentlessly attacked the Panthers side of the field.

Julia Quinn drives home her first goal despite close guarding by Emily Baker

Julia Quinn drives home her first goal despite close guarding by Emily Baker

Julia Quinn notched a goal early despite heavy defense by Emily Baker as she dribbled down the middle.  Somehow Julia found space for a shot that beat NYA goalie Scout Fischman to her left at 32:46.

Eleven-plus minutes later Julia broke in from the right under less pressure, took a hard shot, got the rebound and had Goal #2.

Julia’s other two goals, one in the first half and the other in the second half, were off of terrific setups by teammates Mackenzie Buzzell and Esme Hernendez.

Julia was in perfect position (to the goalie’s right) both times to head in the high crosses of Mackenzie and Esme.

Emily Baker (#29) drives home a penalty kick

Emily Baker (#29) drives home a penalty kick

After three straight Raiders’ goals the Panthers were awarded a penalty kick.  Emily Baker took the PK and fired a low shot past FA goalie Makayla Cooper.

The 4th Fryeburg goal of the first half went to junior Anna Manahor.  Katherine Parker set up Anna in very close to goal.  Anna shot, got her own rebound, and scored.

Ori Inirio heads wide

Ori Inirio heads wide

It was 4-1 after a half.

Two minutes into the second half Julia Quinn built the lead to 5-1.

With twelve minutes remaining in the game, sophomore Isabelle See intercepted a Raiders’ clearout and put a low shot past GK Makayla Cooper.

Snake-bitten throughout this game was Raiders junior Ori Inirio.  If she wasn’t being robbed by goalie Scout Fischman, her shots were going just wide.  Ori had a header that just missed.

The next game for both teams will be on Saturday.  FA visits Poland (11AM) while NYA hosts Old Orchard (10AM)

Isabelle See and Lexi LHeureux-Carland

Isabelle See and Lexi LHeureux-Carland

The Raiders had beaten North Yarmouth only once in the previous five years.

The Panthers were 7-5-2 in 2013.  The loss of Alex Wahlstrom (transferred) has hurt the 2014 squad.  The team dressed only thirteen players for the FA game.

The Raiders were 3-7-4 in 2013.  Only three players graduated off of that team and there are no seniors on the 2014 squad.

Junior Emily Baker made the Western Maine Conference first team in 2013.  She has a powerful left foot and handles the ball with confidence.

FA scored ten goals in all of 2013 getting five of them against Old Orchard.

Fryeburg is Class B while NYA is Class C.

captains meet

captains meet

The Panthers were Class C state champions for five straight seasons (2002-2007).

Ali Fraize and Lexi L’Heureux-Carland were impressive defenders.

The Raiders forwards led by Julia Quinn were aggressive to the ball and passed well.

(I can add or subtract from this blog so if there is a need to do that, let me know.)

(All of the pictures above and below will enlarge considerably if you click on them.)

Julia Quinn (#5) heads in a second-half goal

Julia Quinn (#5) heads in a second-half goal

FA goalie Makayla Cooper

FA goalie Makayla Cooper



Nora Laprise and Charlotte Collins

Nora Laprise and Charlotte Collins

Isabelle See shoots

Isabelle See shoots

Emily Baker

Emily Baker

Sage Boivin in position for a header

Sage Boivin in position for a header

Mackenzie Buzzell

Mackenzie Buzzell

Esme Hernendez

Esme Hernendez

NYA goalie Scout Fischman

NYA goalie Scout Fischman

Julia Quinn heads home a first-half goal

Julia Quinn heads home a first-half goal

Adrienne Tracy

Adrienne Tracy

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