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Newburyport Boys and Hamilton-Wenham Girls Remain Undefeated in Cross Country

Two of the best cross country coaches around (Don Hennigar & Steve Sawyer) matched up at Maudslay State Park and both came away with a reason to smile.

(Newburyport) Two of the best, and I’m not just writing about the coaches, won easily at Maudslay State Park on a pleasant Wednesday afternoon in Cape Ann League cross country competition.

Chris Suprin (16:02) surged down the stretch to nip teammate Keith Conway for the win.

Don Hennigar’s undefeated Newburyport boys team (4-0) stayed that way capturing the first five spots.  Steve Sawyer’s undefeated Hamilton-Wenham girls team (4-0) crossed the finish line in a six-member, first place blanket. Thanks to HW athletic secretary Dianne Bucco for identifying the girls in the picture for me.

HW stuck the Clipper boys with their only regular season loss in 2010.

Chris Suprin’s late race surge was enough to edge teammate Keith Conway for first place by a second – 16:01.

(Left-to-Right) Clair Pacione, Emily Weigand, Meg Blatchford, Emily Horgan, Kerry Phelan, and Sarah Duffy finish together.

The HW girls finished in what looked like a normal workout mode with no effort made to lunge ahead late.  The official gave the six HW girls the finishing cards and told them to sort out the order of finish among themselves.

(I collect my own information and take my own pictures.  I make a serious attempt to be accurate.  Mistakes can happen.) Clicking on a picture will increase its viewing size.

Kevin Rutigliano (14th)

Jack Blatchford (9th)

Dan Von Staats (8th)

Michael Allara (7th)

Matt Gillis (6th)

Chris Orlando (5th)

Nick Carleo (4th)

Joe Santo (3rd)

Kiley Knowlton (7th)

Kelly Conway (9th)

Erin Carroll (10th)

Kristin Mackey (12th)

Madeline Moore (13th)

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Newburyport Sweeps North Andover in Cross Country

Kiley Knowlton (20:40) wins the girls race

Alex Sullivan leads North Andover.

(Newburyport) The undefeated Newburyport (3-0) boys came at North Andover (2-1) in a bunch on Maudslay State Park’s 3-mile course and defeated the visitors, 22-35, in cross country on Wednesday afternoon in Cape Ann League competition.

(left to right) Chris Suprin, Keith Conway, and Joe Santo sweep 2-4 together.

NA‘s Alex Sullivan (16:00) easily won the event but had to wait over a minute before 6th place teammate (Greg Macarthur – 17:07) arrived.  Meanwhile, Clipper runners Chris Suprin, Keith Conway, Joe Santo, and Nick Carleo took places 2-5.  Sophomore Chris Orlando completed the Newburyport scoring with an 8th place finish.

The Newburyport Clipper girls (2-1) took out NA (2-1), 23-34, sweeping the first three spots.

Clipper senior Kiley Knowlton (20:40) finished alone.  Forty seconds later teammates Kelly Conway and Erin Carroll were in.  Getting those first three spots was crucial because the Knights covered 4-7, led by Danielle Poto.  Newburyport’s Sarah Jacqz (8th) and Rachel Rikeman (9th) ended the NA streak of runners.

Kelly Conway (right) and Erin Carroll (left) take 2nd and 3rd.

Danielle Poto (4th)

The Hamilton-Wenham Generals are Newburyport’s next opponent next Wednesday at Maudslay.

This was the first cross country meet I’ve been to at the state park.  The temperature’s were probably too high for the runners’ liking but comfortable for those of us watching.  For some reason the meet started nearly an hour late but that just seemed to increase the interaction time among runners and among spectators. I was pleasantly surprised that bugs weren’t an issue.

(I try to be accurate in these accounts.  Spelling matters to me.  Identifying runners accurately matters to me.  Mistakes are unintentional.)

Clicking on any of the pictures enlarges them.

boys start

Sarah Jacqz (8th) followed by Rachel Rikeman (9th)

NA coach Rick DelleChiaie (in blue)

Girls start

Kiera McManus (5th)

Nick Carleo (5th)

Chris Orlando (8th)

NHS coach Don Hennigar

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Hamilton-Wenham sweeps at the 2010 Cape Ann League Cross Country Championships

Alison Lanois (HW) takes girls title after finishing second in 2009


Kieran Kinnare (Ipswich) continues undefeated with a win at the Cape Ann League championships


(Topsfield) The Newburyport boys cross country team was dominating (taking the first seven places) but that was in the Cape Ann League JV championships at sunny, cool (low 50s), breezy Bradley Palmer Park on Saturday morning.

At the varsity level, however, the Clippers (11-1) had to settle for another second to Hamilton-Wenham (12-0) – 51-62.  HW had won an earlier matchup, 23-32, at Patton Park on September 29th.

The HW girls were winners in convincing fashion…….as they’ve been all season.  In this undefeated season, the Generals were 1-5 in eight of their twelve victories.  Today they were 1-4-7-8-9 which was more than enough for the CAL championship.

Alison Lanois was the winner (as pictured above) and the makeup of the top four finishers was in place by the time the runners passed the starting line area for the first time.  The picture shows Alison (#1133), Kerry Phelan (#1140), Sarah Kieran (#1186) and a hidden Rebecca Morse (#1973) all bunched together.  Later there would be separation as the gap at the finish shows between Alison and Rebecca.

Kelly Conway(21st) was the first Newburyport runner to appear.

Kieran Kinnare won easily and early.  His next challenge will be in the Division 2 state meet in two weeks.

Clipper Chris Suprin finished 3rd (after 9th last year) but the rest of the Newburyport Five were 12-14-16-17.

There was plenty to like about the Newburyport boys in the junior varsity event.  They took the first seven places with Gopal Yalla leading the way.

This site has complete 2010 Cape Ann League cross country championship results.

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