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Are you worried about the rising coronavirus cases and deaths?

Scared yet?

How can you help but not be!

Every day another set of numbers.

And every day those numbers include more deaths and more coronavirus cases.

It’s depressing. It’s discouraging.

What will it take to get those two numbers under control?

Avoid everyone?

Stay inside?

But for how long?

The upturning numbers won’t stop upturning.

Will it be days? Weeks? Or even months?

Who knows?

Let me offer some good news. Let me offer some hope. Some encouragement.

Those numbers we’ve been seeing may mean something positive.

I will now post some data. Please, don’t quit reading. There’s a positive to be found. Here’s the data:

March 8       22 deaths                541 cases                4.06%

March 9       26 deaths                704 cases                3.69%

March 10    30 deaths                 994 cases                3.01%

March 11     38 deaths                1295 cases                2.95%

March 12    42 deaths               1695 cases                2.52%

March 13    49 deaths               2247 cases                2.27%

March 14    57 deaths               2954 cases                1.93%

March 15    68 deaths               3680 cases                1.84%

If you look at the information, you’ll see that the deaths and the cases are indeed rising. As we’ve been told and told!

BUT then there’s the third number. That number is the percentage of fatalities on each day.

Are you seeing that this number is going DOWN?

More cases BUT less fatalities.

What’s going on there?

Could it be that on the early dates those being tested were mostly there because of symptoms?

Could it also be that, as the days passed, more people were tested because of their association despite having no symptoms?

Marcus Smart of the Celtics played a game against the Utah Jazz recently. Several days later, a Jazz player had symptoms and tested positive.

Then because of association, Marcus and the other Celtics were tested. They were tested without symptoms. Marcus tested positive. He was then quarantined and as far as I’ve heard has not exhibited any symptoms.

I’m guessing that the number of those likely to be tested because of association will increase. Some like, Marcus Smart, will not only be tested but will turn up positive without symptoms.

They will be on the case list but not on the fatality list.

What do the numbers suggest? The percentage of deaths from the coronavirus is declining. We need not panic over the cases/death total as long as the death percentage continues to decline.


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Marcus Smart for Nerlens Noel?

This deal is being proposed by CBS Sports.  I’ve seen worse!

Boston Celtics

  • Marcus Smart for Nerlens Noel

Some people are very high on Smart’s potential. In many ways, he’s a lot like Noel — a lights-out defender with elite potential on that end, but a serious project on the offensive end. Smart, in fact, had the worst two-year shooting start to a career in NBA history, but he’s a better offensive weapon than you’d assume and did show flashes of a work-in-progress jumper in the playoffs.

From the Sixers’ perspective, this addresses their perimeter issues, and while you could argue you’re selling low on Noel here, you could also argue you’d be buying low on Smart. For Boston, it would be all about roster flexibility.

The Celtics are guard-heavy at the moment, and adding Noel would give them one of the best defensive frontcourts in basketball (if not the best) with Jae Crowder, Noel and Horford. Also, he’d be a great lob partner for guys like Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley to use in the pick-and-roll. You can play Noel with Kelly Olynyk, as well, to cover up Olynyk’s defensive issues.

Look, it’s not a perfect deal for either side, but it’s not bad at all. It’s something both sides should be thinking about right now. It could end up yielding great value both ways in a win-win down the road.


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